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Summer Salad | For Goodness Sake Natural Foods

guys not gonna lie this might be one of the most fire salads i have ever made..sO deLIsH SUMMAH SALAD Welcome, friends! So happy to be sharing with you all this week! I just want to encourage everyone who is fighting for that daily gratitude and presence(not always easy) and also continuing to press on towards their dreamsRead more

hi friends! school is out, and vacation vibes abound! here are some traveling tips written by Erika at one of my favourite brands E V E R: YIREH! it is super important to not only be mindful of sustainable living in our every day life, but also while on holiday!

i have linked some amazing summer products in the comments that are also ethical and sustainable! ps, Beautycounter just became Leaping Bunny Certified! WAHOO

(photos from YIREH, Beautycounter and cocokind)

For Goodness Sake Natural Foods

get in on this goodness😏


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guys it has been such a crazy couple of days but i have been taking intentional soulfuel time and it has been really lovely. anyway! my product feature tonight is actually a lil group of makeups that is what got me started with Beautycounter! makeup was definitely the hardest switch for me to make to cleaner, because i couldnt find anything that worked!! Flawless in Five is that solution! take this lil quiz and check your colors out! i am also open to doing simple makeovers for anyone who wants to try before they buy! message me for info☺️ ps! sale ends tomorrow night! spend $125 get two free sunscreeeens😍

featured product 5.24: GLOW SHIMMER OIL. idk bout y’all but this girl tryna have a serious sparkle EVERY DAY. i got the shimmer in my soul, and the shimmer on my skin. tbh, soulshine=way more important HOWEVER your skin needs some of this moisturizing heavenly love right now. jojoba, sesame and grapeseed deliver on that glow alllll day and minerals are used to make it shine (non-nano of course!) one of my client’s review: “AMAZING.” enough said. link below.

you guys— i went strawberry picking today and it was absolutely delightful; kept hilarious by a certain sister (Cosette,) and my juicy babies got all strawberried out. we are hype to make cashew milk ICE CREEEEAM with them(will post recipe here in a few days—once made😉)!! but the real reason i am here(other than to show you pics of my sweet lil faves) is to let you all know about the sweet promo Beautycounter is running right now! lets keep it simple. from now until Memorial day (heyo there are some SWEEEET sales this weekend i am loving it), you can spend $125 and get two sunscreens FREEEEEE. say whaaaaat. see photo for deets! i will link some of my faves below (maybe get a couple friends and go in on an order together?) and will be doing a lil product feature post every day until the sale is over! looking for even more of a way to save?! hit a girl up and i can help you out! xo

hi my beautiful friends! Summer is right around the corner and using clean products is just as important as staying hydrated! As your pores open up to sweat, guess what goes back in? The products on your skin! if you have any questions about switching to safer, drop me a message here! i have loads of options for all price ranges and skin care needs. in the meantimeeee Beautycounter has an AMAZING promo starting tomorrow and I have a product round up of my fave glowy summer loves! Message me your email and I will send you the info!

pictured below: Charcoal Cleansing Bar--great for removing chlorine(a neurotoxin) from skin and hair; can hold up to 100x it's weight in toxins; makes ya smell nice and be squeaky clean (without dehydrating you)

blessings and be well! x

did you know cold showers are hugely beneficial for your health? ramp up your immune system and give yourself some tough love (we all need it):

Busting myths about becoming a Beautycounter Consultant

This is a really great take on what I do with Beautycounter. I feel supported and loved, and like I am supporting and loving a company that is doing so much good in the world. I am at peace with putting as much or as little time as I can into this; there is no pressure. Having two littles is tough and wonderful, and to be able to supplement my family income in this way, and as a health coach is such a blessing. Flexibility is a true gift. On the heels of recent marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements, I decided now is a good time to address the business of Beautycounter. There are many questions and concerns folks have about Beautycounter as a…

[04/29/19]   hi friends! wanted to pop on and remind you that my little Earth day deal closes tomorrow! If you are interested in placing an order or have any questions//need suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. If you need help choosing proper makeup tones or skin care tailored to you, I am happy to help!!

EARTH DAY DEAL: Any order placed of $75 or more will receive a free half hour of health coaching with me.

A Toast To Waffles! | For Goodness Sake Natural Foods

guys im pretttttyyyy hype about these delish and easy breakfast waffles! anyone for a brunchie make-your-own-kinda-waffle bar?!

pc: me A Toast To Waffles! Hey friends! How is your week going?! It is totally crazy that tomorrow is FRIDAY. It really is a great reminder that the years go fast and the days go slow and to make the mostRead more

i truly believe that we have a responsibility to take care of our home and those on it-ESPECIALLY our loved ones. by taking a simple step such as bringing reusable grocery bags to the store or buying clean (no pun intended lol) soap and lotion for your precious littles is truly making a huge difference. when you purchase higher quality, it last longer and works better. make economic choices that align with your values and your life will reflect it!! it‘s a beautiful thing. any purchase made this glorious Easter week in honor of Jesus Rising/Earth Day that is over $75 will receive a half hour of health coaching with me--in person, over the phone/email or video chat! happy shopping//planet loving!

[04/15/19]   hi friends! lil bb reminder that the Beautycounter 15% off sale ends tonight! snag your faves while you can :) xo

As you all know, I am passionate about all things ethical and sustainable and really do try my best to put my beliefs into practice in any way I can. One of the ways I have found my voice is through Beautycounter. I cannot be timid anymore and only speak my truth to my close friends. We are gifted with a voice and some dollars, and I intend to use mine to the best of my ability! Vote with your dollar peeps. It is time to makes moves. NOT TODAY, CARCINOGENS.
Here are some ideas for switching out some of our most toxic products for cleaner ones!
1. Sunscreen: Beautycounter makes a non-nano, reef-safe mineral-based sunscreen. You can purchase this in a mist or cream. I have used and know a plethora of natural and clean sunscreens-- never have I seen one that has antioxidants! Love.
a. 6.7oz Countersun Cream Sunscreen (the larger size) will be $33.15 with the 15% discount!
b. 6oz Countersun Mist Sunscreen is $30.60 with the discount!
2. Mascara: Because tbh why oh why would you want toxins IN YOUR EYEBALLS. My fave is the Volumizing Mascara, $24.65 with this discount! While supplies last! Anddd no flaking or smudging. Works like Chanel, acts like plants. I accept. Y'all know I loveeee my lashes.
3. Foundation: My most purchased product so far is the Tint Skin foundation. Even clients who don't wear foundation will buy this and LOVE it. It is light, buildable and smells nice (all from natural plant sources! no Fragrance to be seen!) There is an even lighter foundation with SPF in it as well, called Dew Skin. So lush.
a. Tint Skin Foundation, $35.70 with discount.
b. Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage, $38.25 with discount!

Link in comments!

Paleo Chocolate Cake | For Goodness Sake Natural Foods

idk about you, but the fact that Spring is actually here calls for cake. no? just me? I'll leave this here in case you change your mind...😏 Hi friends! Hope you all are having a beautiful week! I am so excited about this week’s blog post. Today I bring to you something so delightful it will be hard not to eat for every meal. To be completelyRead more

I am SO grateful to everyone who has ordered from me thus far. It really means the world to me-- you all supporting me on my mission of stewarding our planet and loving on its people. Seriously, such a gift. Just a little reminder my raffle for my time expires on the 31st, so if there was something you were sitting on, make some moves my friends! I am so excited to connect with you. See my last post for deets! Winners will be PMed by meee.

✨🌻💫✨Friends! In honor of the last week of March, I am doing something I have never done before! I am going to raffle off my time !! I am so excited to do this because it means connecting with more of you! Any purchase of Beautycounter products (DM me for best ways to save and get the most bang for your buck) See deeets below✨🌻💫✨
$125+=entered to win ✨GRAND PRIZE✨: an hour and a half of my time (worth $150!!!)
$100-$124= entered to win 💫First Prize💫 : an hour of my time (worth $100!!)
$50-$99= entered to win 🌻Second Prize🌻 : a half hour of my time (worth $50!)
any purchase lower than $50 will be entered to win runner up: a 15 min consultation at For Goodness Sake Natural Foods.
You can use this time however you choose! We can grocery shop, do a pantry clean out, a health history, meal prep or work out! 💪🏼

pc: me// Kayleigh Lockhart Photography

super important! flush your system ouuttt.

Happy Monday! Feelin’ the post St. Patties blues? We got you. Help your body detox and recover with a few of our favorite remedies! 🌱 Greens! So good for liver detox and putting minerals and vitamins back in your body. 💦 Water! Seems obvious but it’s so important to drink a ton of water to re-hydrate. It’ll help with energy too! ⚡️ CBD oil! This stuff will nip any nausea/head aches in the bud. 🍗 Protein! It can help put a halt to the muscle catabolism that a night of too much booze brings about. Happy hydrating!
#fgsleesburg #shoplocal #stpatricksday #hangovercure

“What do you do first thing when you wake up? If you take immediate intentional time to set the tone of your day, I applaud you. I try, I really do. But suddenly, I am scrolling Instagram or Facebook to wake myself up, checking my notifications as if somehow my self-worth will be found in the amount of likes I have when I open my eyes. I am not discounting social media for its ability to connect people, and build businesses, but our mornings (or lives) should not revolve around it.” see the rest of my blog post here and let me know what ya think! xo

i worry so much about offending people. i am SO conscious of how every word and intonation comes out of my mouth. it is absolutely exhausting. sometimes it even prohibits me from being myself! what is that about? gross. it’s easy to be confident and “carefree” behind a screen, but when it comes down to it, i need to check myself and make sure i’m being truthful. i was recently told by the wisest man i know(@heisnoble888 ) that if your heart’s intentions are right, pure, kind and loving: you don’t need to worry about offending. it wasn’t your intention. speak your truth! SPEAK THE TRUTH. as long as there is love, there is confidence. there is freedom. this caption has absolutely nothing to do with pancakes. ENJOY✨💫#paleopancakes #sweetsweetstacks

i worry so much about offending people. i am SO conscious of how every word and intonation comes out of my mouth. it is absolutely exhausting. sometimes it even prohibits me from being myself! what is that about? gross. it’s easy to be confident and “carefree” behind a screen, but when it comes down to it, i need to check myself and make sure i’m being truthful. i was recently told by the wisest man i know(@heisnoble888 ) that if your heart’s intentions are right, pure, kind and loving: you don’t need to worry about offending. it wasn’t your intention. speak your truth! SPEAK THE TRUTH. as long as there is love, there is confidence. there is freedom. this caption has absolutely nothing to do with pancakes. ENJOY✨💫#paleopancakes #sweetsweetstacks

guys these are too good to beet true!! let me know what you think (or come over and bake with me!)

Chloë is whipping up some magic yet again in this week’s blog. This time in the form of a grain free, refined sugar free, dairy free, vegan, PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHUNK BEET COOKIE! Click the link below for the recipe! 😍

[03/08/19]   anddddd Laura LaRock is the winner of this month's lipstick raffle! congrats babe! you won a beautiful 9 to 5 Color Intense lipstick from Beautycounter! i think i want to do a little #lippielove raffle every month! what colors would you all want to see raffled off? comment below! x

Spring Showers | For Goodness Sake Natural Foods

got plans to stay in this weekend? use what you have on hand and make one of these beauties! good for your bod and good for your soulllll.
pc: me

hi friends! last night to enter in my raffle for this delish lippie! treat your lips like a kweeen and our earth too when you choose clean! (no minimum $ amount when you purchase.) just try swapping out one product for a better option! every lil step makes a difference. whether that's eating more veggies, drinking more water, taking more time for yourself, choosing to shop secondhand! whatever it is, we can all do our part.

I am here to tell you that your voice matters.

Speak up for what you are passionate about—voting with our dollar for genuine ways to change our planet and the people on it is SO important. As most of you know, health and fitness is my fiercest love (besides Jesus//famo)—helping people live their highest quality life. Being a health coach, this is a part of my daily! I am so blessed to speak about and enact change for what I love!
Let’s chat holistic health. We will eat well, drink water, sleep, exercise and not give a second thought to what we are putting on our biggest organ— OUR SKIN. I know from personal experience! I had everything down pat but I could not give up my makeup. Anything natural I tried was garbage, (except for the recent release of cocokind highlighters which I love), would melt off my face, or make me look all sorts of weird, cakey colors. UNTIL: BEAUTYCOUNTERRRRRRR. Oh, yes! Another convert and it’s me. This company is sweeping the nation with their love for people, planet and HIGH QUALITY MAKEUP THAT. WORKS.
As most of you know, I am married to an INCREDIBLE man, who happens to be African American. I am enormously blessed by this interracial relationship in so many ways but one that is very close to my heart is the fact that it has heightened my awareness to the lack of inclusivity in makeup and fitness. Part of the reason I joined Beautycounter is because I can confidently say that they are hyper aware of this, and have made beautiful products for every skin tone.
For me, my skin feels lovely, and I have achieved the “dewy skin” of high school days—never thought I’d see that again. My eyes aren’t bloodshot 25/8 and I am not eating lead every time I wear lipstick.
Look good, feel good, AVOID CARCINOGENS and weird chemicals that mess up your gut. Yes and Amen, my friends. I love you peeps, and I want your insides and outs to be crazy glow. Even if you just switch ONE of your everyday products out, it makes a huge difference.
Hit me up with questions, concerns, or if you want me to do a demo on you: [email protected]

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