Total Equine Veterinary Associates

Total Equine Veterinary Associates


My favorite vet Sallie Hyman, microchipping one of my horses during fall immunisations morning. I love that I can depend on her, and even when I'm not there, my herd are safe and well taken care of.
Thank you Total Equine Veterinary Associates for taking such great care of our equine babies. Swollen eye this morning with unknown trauma. Thank you Dr. Joyce
What I like about Jay is he always gives you options on treatments, from your can do this yourself or I really need to come treat and everything in between, He doesn't mind discussing price options and I really appreciate that. And if we decide that I'm going to try to treat myself, he tells me what to look for and when I need to call him back. I appreciate you Jay!
A big Thank you to Total Equine Veterinary Associates for your Diagnosis and aggressive treatment for ulcers on my Mare, Hunter. The follow-up Scoping today showed the ulcers were basically gone although she will be on some dietary changes in the future. And they did this scoping procedure at our barn. Thank you Dr Jay Joyce and Tori for you help today.
Can I just tell anyone who needs an Equine Vet, that my horses 10 of them have the best. Dr Hyman is the epitome of what a compassionate vet should be. When you call, she is right there.
These vets explain everything that they are doing as they are doing it. They take their time to talk through options, next steps and are quick to follow up to an email inquiry or text. Dr. Joyce and his team have taken excellent care of my two geldings and are infinitely patient with my questions. The office is very organized, bills in a timely fashion and reaches out when I've forgotten to schedule a routine wellness exam. Can't say enough about them -- Caesar and Henry love you guys!
Gearing up for the holidays!
First CDI jog done! Thanks guys!

Total Equine Veterinary Associates was conceived to take equine care to the next level, and to distinguish itself as a veterinary practice committed to customized service.

With our seamless, transparent transition from Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates’ Equine Division to Total Equine, we will offer enhanced services such as: • Dedicated, personal care matched to your horse’s needs • Horse-knowledgeable, equine-specific staff • Prompt and expanded client communications (including e-mail and texting) • Continued educational seminars; and new topics in 2011 • Direct appointment scheduling • Cutting-edge care— adding VersaTron Shockwave Therapy and Mobile Blood work • “Go Green”— paperless practice (on-farm electronic invoice, e-mail billing & reminders) • Revised price structure, with reduced prices for certain services With Blue Ridge’s support, you may continue to pick-up refills/medications in Purcellville 24/7. Just call Total Equine for the refill, and I will drop it off there. Likewise, I will maintain a small inventory of commonly used emergency/urgent medications at Blue Ridge Vets for dispensing (like single doses of Banamine or SMZs). I am excited to bring you Total Equine, and I have absolute confidence that your equine veterinary needs will be fully met, and your expectations for care exceeded. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your continued support. Sincerely, Dr. Jay Joyce

Mission: I understand that your horse has a team of caretakers: owner, rider, trainer, barn manager, farrier, veterinarian and barn staff. I am proud to be part of this team, ensuring the maximum health and performance of your horse.

Need an at-home horse education webinar?

Check out the May Equine Wellness Webinar Series sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Equine Health!

Follow the links below to register and learn about a new topic every Wednesday night in May. Random draws for great prizes throughout the talk!

To register for the webinar click on the links below. You must register for each webinar separately:

MAY 13, 2020, 7:00 PM: Health Concerns for the Aging Horse

MAY 20, 2020, 7:00 PM: Equine Asthma

MAY 27, 2020, 7:00 PM: Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome

Learn more about Boehringer Ingelheim Equine Health

Last-minute notice on a webinar series. Thursday evenings for 7 weeks. I cannot imagine it not being helpful at some point for every farm owner or manager.

Extension agents from Albemarle, Fauquier and Loudoun County have teamed to develop and present a webinar series focused on horse pasture management scheduled Thursday May 7th (7PM) and each subsequent through Thursday June 18th. The webinars provide 30 minutes of information followed by 30 minutes of questions/discussion.

Participants must register in advance:
The programs are free.

May 7 - 7pm: Horse Pasture Basics
May 14 - 7 pm: The Soil in Your Pasture
May 21 - 7 pm: Horse Pasture Weeds
May 28 - 7 pm: Horse Grazing Management
June 4 - 7 pm: Pasture Renovation
June 11 - 7 pm: Pasture Establishment
June 18 - 7 pm: Grasses & Legumes For Horse Pastures

How to recognize sacroiliac pain in your horse

Helpful. And TEVA has a variety of treatment options for this condition ranging from ultrasound guided injections to ProPulse Versatron Shockwave (not a less powerful, less effective knock off) to cold laser to Prostride and beyond.

Also, we work with you on other important ancillary considerations as needed like hind shoes changes, training/exercise discussions, acupuncture, saddle fit conversations and more.

It can be more complex than a simple inject and go.

video about how to recognize sacroiliac pain in your horse

Coronavirus Horse Race

I couldn't help it. This is the perfect combo of horses and Covid. Jay

Always a fun day at the race track!

Big thank you to our thoughtful clients. Harriet W. and Victoria M.

Harriet knows we wash and hand sanitize a thousand times a day, so she brought us her favorite healing hand lotion. Sweet. The chalky powder from dentals is really drying out Elizabeth's and my hands. Thank you!

Victoria made a contribution to TEVA specifically for the purchase of PPE supplies a few weeks ago. So we scored 4 huge Purell jugs (one for each vet truck and the office) and 4 big bags of face masks. I happened to see Victoria's horse today (she stayed home) but her mare wasn't really amused by my antics.

And I couldn't resist adding a couple more photos for fun.

Big thank you to all of you-- all of TEVA's clients. Every one of you has kept to the script, maintained distance, and remained thoughtful and considerate throughout this challenge period. We're all doing the best we can for each other.

If you find yourself needing help, whether it's financially or mentally, horse related or not, we want to help you in whatever way we can. Just reach out and we'll take care of you from there.

Total Equine Veterinary Associates remains open, available, and healthy so we may provide essential preventative, emergency and urgent care services for your horses.

Be well,
Jay, Sallie, and Elizabeth

Hi TEVA family! Let’s be honest, the last couple of months have been stressful from the pandemic. We want to hear what you are doing to decrease stress, anxiety, and practice self care. I have started doing virtual wine and paint nights with my family on Saturday’s I am off call. I’ll definitely be keeping my day job 😉 (I don’t see a professional painting career happening haha), but it has been a great way to see my family and do something creative.... and drink wine 🍷 😆.

As always, we are here for your horses 24/7!

Please comment below 👇, let’s see what everyone has been doing!

Dr. C

Essential TEVA Zebra Services.

Even Zebra get hoof abscesses. An abscess is a generally random event, all hoofstock are susceptible.

Last week, just like regular horses, this zebra became sore on its foot. Zebra are wild animals and unsafe to approach if they are not extremely sedated or unconscious.

All went well. The zebra was darted by Jake of the Park as I closely monitored. A gooey, stinky, pus-filled abscess was opened and drained, medications given, and the zebra allowed to safely and uneventfully wake up and rejoin the herd.

Total Equine Veterinary Associates remains open and available 24/7. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU AND YOUR HORSE (and zebra ).

As for small businesses, when we clear ourselves of Covid, please visit and overspend at places like Leesburg Animal Park that must still operate at full staff with feed and care expenses while ordered to remain100% closed to the public.

As an "essential service", TEVA continues to make both your and our safety a priority. TEVA veterinarians and staff are currently open and available, 24/7, for your horses.

We will see patients for emergency, urgent and preventative appointments. Don't ever feel that you've lost us, or we won't come. Be certain that we will be there when you need us.

We need to temporarily modify our on-farm protocols. Let's help each other by laying down some simple farm call rules like:

1. Remain a Fathom apart - me from you, you from me. Yes, it's awkward cause we do like you, and you like us. Let's show the strength of our relationship by being apart. We can come back together even closer at our Fall visit.

2. We'll always disenfect ourselves before and after our visit. We would like you to do the same. We also disinfect our equipment between visits.

3. We prefer that you leave your horse in a stall, you remain in your home or the other end of the barn, and we'll call you as needed. We can do many appointments physically alone but like to have you on the phone to discuss our decisions and treatments options.

4. If there is even a remote chance that you or a family member is sick or exposed, let us know. You won't get charged a missed farm call fee if you wave us off for safety concerns. Conversely, if any of our staff become sick or exposed, we will let you know.

5. Telemedine options are available.

And other items:

6. Extended payment plans remain an option on a case by case basis. We do need to keep receiving payments. I'm fond of our team, and I need to take care of them and their families too. Continued cash flow is needed to buy medications, avoid lay-offs, and be prepared for equine emergencies.

7. We've cut back on a couple elective procedures that consume too much PPE (personal protective equipment) like surgical gloves, gowns, masks, etc. We want to leave this equipment for people hospital needs. We'll let you know if your requested procedure falls into that postponable category.

8. "Angel Fund" - we may start a fund to help families whose horse needs immediate care but unemployment and unfortunate circumstance may preclude good care options or necessitate euthanasia when it normally wouldn't. We want to help these horses and families.

9. Like many small businesses, we've instituted telework and office time-sharing plans to reduce the number of staff in the office at the same time. This may sometimes cause delays in invoicing, medication refills, and other administive matters, but never a delay in veterinary care. Please plan ahead for med refills and remain understanding.

TEVA is committed to keeping you, your horses, and our staff safe and healthy in this uncertain time (which may prove even more challenging and prolonged).

Ever vigilant,
Dr Jay Joyce, Dr Sallie Hyman and Dr Elizabeth Coppelman

Veterinary practices may remain open as "essential services" through any shutdown of the state or federal government. TEVA will remain 100% available to you for both preventative and emergency services.

As there can be grave or negative consequences to missing preventative services like rabies and core environmental vaccines, veterinary dentistry, lameness, and Coggins, we believe that these services should not be postponed as possible on a case-by-case basis.

Please take a look at this infographic, and we can continue to come to the farm as long as we both remain at a 6-foot distance, provide services either alone or with only one person present.

Additionally, as possible, our long-established Telemedicine options remain available for patients that we have seen in the last 12 months.

We will remain available to you and your horse. If at any point you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Dr Joyce


Healthy for Life means you too!

I have decided to postpone tonight's Healthy for Life Seminar until Thursday April 30th - same time, same place, different date. I can't gather 80+ people in a classroom while schools and borders are closing. Please understand that this is not an easy decision to postpone. Hopefully soon, life will return to normal for all of us.

TEVA will remain open and on-call 24/7 no matter what. Regular appointments will continue. If you choose, many appointments may be performed with just the vet and horse in a stall to minimize person-to-person contact. Our mobile equine veterinarians remain 100% committed to serving you and your horse.

And on a personal note, from our family to yours, we wish you good health and minimal disruption in the months ahead.

Dr Jay Joyce and the TEVA Team

Healthy for Life Monthly News for February

Healthy for Life Monthly News for February

What is an "RLP"?

A Regional Limb Perfusion or "RLP" is a treatment method involving the intravenous (IV) delivery of concentrated, targeted antibiotics to a severe lower limb injury with infection or infection potential. With this technique, very high levels of antibiotics can be achieved locally without the harmful effects of high oral and injectable doses. TEVA veterinarians perform this procedure on the farm using standing sedation. The doctor places a tourniquet to the limb above where thel injection is to be performed, allowing the antibiotic to stay local to the affected limb. A RLP is considered minimally invasive and typically takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Depending on the severity of the injury or infection, additional RLP treatments may be needed. The Regional Limb Perfusion is a highly useful medical technique we bring to your farm that can help improve prognosis, shorten recovery time, and provide a positive outcome for your equine companion. TEVA vets keep your horse healthy for life.

[02/27/20]   A quick poll question for our facebook family of followers to answer... Did you know that TEVA Clients (with accounts in good standing) are NEVER charged emergency fees for after hours or weekend emergency calls when seen by a TEVA vet?

It’s another full house tonight for our Healthy for Life seminar! Dr. Sallie Hyman is presenting Lameness and Performance along with Holistic treatment options!

Top 3 Reasons We Are Outstanding in Our Field

Every so often, our team stops to ask, what sets TEVA apart from other equine veterinary practices? The internal responses among us always flow freely and in fair quantity, but how we view our practice pales in comparison to our reputation among our growing family of clients.

What sets us apart in the eyes of our clients?

Our clients list these as the top 3:

Our unwavering compassion – In times of emotional duress, TEVA veterinarians go above and beyond to provide emotional support for clients. Loss of life, human or animal, is tragic – TEVA doctors and staff understand this and assist in every way possible. From messages and calls of support to delayed billing for grievous situations, we believe in the power of kindness.

Our total health approach – It includes preventive care, overall preservation of soundness, maintenance of chronic illness, and acute treatment of injury. We encourage the total health of the horse to be approached through a cooperative effort among owner, lessee, rider, farrier, groom, trainer, transporter, and veterinarian. This ensures the best care plan is not only developed, but also delivered.

Our referral level work provided on the farm – We save our clients time and money by bringing referral level medicine and technology to the farm. Many surgical procedures, advanced diagnostic tests, and progressive medical treatments can be safely and effectively done on site to prevent the need for trailering in Loudoun traffic and paying additional fees for unnecessary hospital stays.

We’re proud of our commitment to excellence in everything we do – from exceptional equine care to superior client service. We keep horses Healthy for Life.

Join us THIS THURSDAY! TEVA Lameness Seminar with a TWIST!

Join us THIS THURSDAY! TEVA Lameness Seminar with a TWIST!

Proud to sponsor the VADA/NOVA Annual Awards and Volunteer Recognition Banquet with a donated Silent Auction prize basket valued at $150+ It includes a gift certificate for a free EL2 Lameness Locator computerized gait analysis from TEVA and a few other items as well! Congratulations to all the award winners and volunteers for another year of VADA/NOVA success!

TEVA is proud to sponsor local equestrian groups and events throughout our community. Have an upcoming event? Let’s chat!

The Total Equine State of the Practice Update has Arrived

The 2019/2020 Total Equine State of the Practice Update has Arrived! Read more for the highlights of last year and what's coming in 2020!

What is an "SAA TEST"?

An Equine Serum Amyloid A (SAA) blood test is a quick stallside blood test that is 50 times more sensitive at detecting infections than traditional tools. The test is able to identify cases of infection that even standard lab tests don't pick up on by measuring "SAA" - a protein produced in response to infection. The test can indicate the severity of an infection and how the body is coping with it, allowing our TEVA medical team to manage cases with faster response times!

Spotlight - Total Equine Veterinary Associates | Northern Virginia Working Equitation

Thank you @novawe for the thoughtful profile and write up. We are really are pleased to be with you from your beginning, and I'm looking forward to many years together both as a rider and vet to many of the horses. Total Equine Veterinary Associates is a Business Member of Northern Virginia Working Equitation.

Join us NEXT WEEK! TEVA Lameness Seminar with a TWIST!

Join us NEXT WEEK! TEVA Lameness Seminar with a TWIST!

Don't forget! The I♥NOVAWE Online Auction runs through tomorrow! Bid on your favorite items, services, lessons, tack and more!

Dr. Coppelman has returned!

You may not have realized that she was away studying for a few weeks. Vet school for 4 years, internship for a year, surgery residency for 3 years, masters degree, faculty surgeon for a year, peer-reviewed published, and now surgery board exams done. E has spent the last 5 weeks intensely studying an enormous amount of literature to prepare for this last phase of surgery board exams. We locked her in the library and don't let her out. (Yes! Dr Hyman did the same thing years ago for her internal medicine board certification).

Dr Coppelman is so knowledgeable and so excited about teaching... She'll teach anyone or anything that will listen, even this fella.

E, keep on learning and keep on teaching. We're glad to have you back full time. And all of TEVA awaits results in 6 weeks, but more importantly, everyone needs to know and understand the incredible brain power that our surgeon and internist bring everyday to every farm for every horse and client.

TEVA brings it! Experience, expertise, high tech, teaching, and a genuine desire to keep your horses healthy for life.

Total Equine Veterinary Associates

[02/10/20]   The NOVAWE Benefit Auction has begun! Many amazing items and services for you to bid on, including an EL2 Lameness Locator gift certificate from us, private riding lessons from sought after local professionals, plus tack and equipment, home decor, exercise equipment and much, much more!

The I♥NOVAWE Auction February 10-12 is NOVAWE’s main fundraiser this year. Stephanie Jennings, owner of Professional Horse Services, has generously donated auction services to benefit NOVAWE. We received donations of over 60 wonderful items and many services — register to Bid at and ask your friends and barn-mates to bid, February 10-12.

TEVA is a founding business member of NOVAWE and we encourage all of clients, family, and friends to get involved!

Our Story

Excellence in Equine Health and Performance

Total Equine Veterinary Associates (TEVA) is a full-service, 100% mobile veterinary practice dedicated to providing the most advanced on-farm veterinary care throughout Northern Virginia and portions of Maryland. Combining state-of-the art technology with cutting edge medicine to deliver diagnoses and effective treatment plans, TEVA continues to revolutionize the client experience and mobile equine care for horses at all stages of life and activity level.

Total Equine Veterinary Associates was founded on the principles of education, integrity, compassion and preventive care with the ultimate mission of keeping horses healthy for life. Our business was conceived to take equine care to the next level, and to distinguish itself as a veterinary practice committed to customized service.

TEVA is headquartered at the Morven Park Equestrian Center in Leesburg, Virginia. Everyone is invited to stop in and meet our team or attend one of our educational seminars and experience how TEVA is different from other equine practices.

Want your business to be the top-listed Clinic in Leesburg?

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