Total Equine Veterinary Associates

Total Equine Veterinary Associates

Total Equine Veterinary Associates was conceived to take equine care to the next level, and to distinguish itself as a veterinary practice committed to customized service.

With our seamless, transparent transition from Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates’ Equine Division to Total Equine, we will offer enhanced services such as: • Dedicated, personal care matched to your horse’s needs • Horse-knowledgeable, equine-specific staff • Prompt and expanded client communications (including e-mail and texting) • Continued educational seminars; and new topics in 2011 • Direct appointment scheduling • Cutting-edge care— adding VersaTron Shockwave Therapy and Mobile Blood work • “Go Green”— paperless practice (on-farm electronic invoice, e-mail billing & reminders) • Revised price structure, with reduced prices for certain services With Blue Ridge’s support, you may continue to pick-up refills/medications in Purcellville 24/7. Just call Total Equine for the refill, and I will drop it off there. Likewise, I will maintain a small inventory of commonly used emergency/urgent medications at Blue Ridge Vets for dispensing (like single doses of Banamine or SMZs). I am excited to bring you Total Equine, and I have absolute confidence that your equine veterinary needs will be fully met, and your expectations for care exceeded. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your continued support. Sincerely, Dr. Jay Joyce

Mission: I understand that your horse has a team of caretakers: owner, rider, trainer, barn manager, farrier, veterinarian and barn staff. I am proud to be part of this team, ensuring the maximum health and performance of your horse.

TEVA Named as Rutledge Farm Platinum Sponsor

Have you seen our latest news?

[07/26/19]   It is an absolute honor and pleasure for our practice to support today's youth in their equine endeavors. As part of this year's Loudoun County Fair, we are pleased to sponsor rider Alexis Musselman in the "Gambler's Choice" horse competition being held tomorrow.

The competition entails horseback riders navigating a series of jumps or trail obstacles (elements) while attempting to acquire as many points as possible within a specific amount of time. Each element is assigned a point value and degree of difficulty based on sponsor donations.


How to care for a draft horse | Hello Homestead

It is always such an honor when one of our exceptional TEVA doctors is asked for their professional opinion and knowledge to be used for media purposes and articles. Dr. Sallie Hyman was recently interviewed by Julia Bayly about the unique needs of draft horse care for - Read the article here! On horse-powered farms and homesteads, draft horses are used for heavy work. Here's how to care for a draft horse.

TEVA Named as Rutledge Farm Platinum Sponsor

TEVA Named as Rutledge Farm Platinum Sponsor

New TEVA staff on board means lots of opportunities for learning! Your TEVA admin team (Claudia Berrio, Tori Socia, and Katie Cofer) along with TEVA ambulance pro, Rebecca Toone, recently held an internal training session so everyone could become knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the TEVA ambulance, the equipment on board, and the basics of loading and trailering down and injured horses.

The TEVA ambulance is available for event and show support, medical transport from your farm to EMC (or other local hospital), and even for non-medical taxi transport if you don't have your own trailer! As always, feel free to call or text our office or drop us a message here for more information!

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Rutledge Farm Sessions Welcomes Back Total Equine Veterinary Associates as 2019 Sponsor

Dr Sallie Hyman, Dr Elizabeth Coppelman and Dr Jay Joyce will be attending and supporting these outstanding sessions. Come over, say hi, and let's talk about your horse and what TEVA can do for you. Total Equine Veterinary Associates

Morning, noon, and night - TEVA vets are committed to keeping your horses healthy for life. Dr. Elizabeth Coppelman is shown below administering a regional limb perfusion (local infiltration of antibiotics to the distal limb) and repairing a heel bulb laceration by lamp light! As a reminder,TEVA clients are NEVER charged emergency fees when seen by TEVA vets! (Photos posted with owner permission.)

A truly great run. Bromont is amazing- an Eventer's mecca. But qualifying at Bromont is tough. The Pan American Games eluded us this cycle, so we will return better than ever over the next several years.

As veterinarian, I've had the pleasure to work on and directly manage this remarkable athlete, Cami. It really is both professionally and personally rewarding to maintain and treat her as needed thru the ups and downs of this journey. And my ultimate reward is to present soundly to the Grand Jury on Day 1, and leave the competition both healthy and sound.

And as veterinarian, I've also been working closely with amazing veterinarians around the USA coordinating and collaborating on diagnostics and treatments. I continue to be introduced to new techniques and soundness strategies to bring home to our TEVA athletes (and it's all reasonable).

And even more as veterinarian, I've made networking connections with some of the highest-level vet performance leaders in our industry. And while we are a small team, we are running toe-to-toe in the same divisions as the prospects for Team USA, Australian, and Canada so I get to see and interact with several world-renown vets.

Monique summed it up best here:
"... What an amazing experience this has been for us. Sadly it wasn’t the clean run we needed and it will mean we won’t make the Pan Ams this cycle. We always knew it was an ambitious plan to get to the level competently in 4 months after only beginning my Eventing career just over a year and a half ago but I felt I had to give it my all to try and we did just that. We made it through 19 of 24 fences on a challenging but amazing course and both came away with some great experience which will help us improve and come back stronger. A huge thank you to my amazing husband and kids and family , especially Wayne, Julie, Paula and Jay for coming here to support us. A big thanks to Clayton and Lisa and all at Fredericks Equestrian especially Molly and Charlie. A huge congrats to April Simmonds and thanks to her parents for adopting me😀 Thank you Alicia and Missie for driving here to see us. Are we disappointed? Yes very but are we done? That’s a definite no. We are just starting!❤️ 🇧🇧 "

Monique's indomitable spirit and drive to break new ground for Barbados is applaudable, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to Monique's mission and Barbados' equestrians.

- Dr Jay

Bromont! An amazing field of riders and horses.

Qualifying score in dressage. Cross country Saturday, then jumping Sunday. The road to the Pan Am's continues. 🇧🇧🐎

Waaaaaay to early to Dulles for flight to Bromont. Super excited to be a part of Team Barbados 🇧🇧 in this last 3* Eventing 🐴qualifying round for the Pan American Games in Lima Peru in July.

I'll have my own pictures tomorrow and thru the weekend. First FEI jog happening now 🤞. At the moment, feeling hopeful and excited for Monique Archer and Cami as we near the competition!

From Rutledge Farm yesterday to Bromont, Quebec today. It usually isn't like this. Total Equine Veterinary Associates

A plus tard,
Dr Jay

A beautiful day for a fantastic clinic. TEVA on site and sponsoring the 2019 Masterclass Medalist Series at Rutledge Farm. We had food and drinks for riders and auditors as well as some nice talks with several clients attending. A personal highlight: about 30 minutes of private time with Peter Wylde just chatting about everything from farm ownership/chores to athlete housing at Games like Pan Am's and Olympics before the event started. Great to meet up with Phelps Media Group @event clinics.

- Dr Jay

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Great day at Jersey Fresh! I was fortunate enough to spend the day with my favorite Bajan (Barbados) mare Cami and Monique as they continue their qualifications for the Pan American Games in Lima Peru this summer. I was able to sneak away today from the practice in support of Barbados Eventing (actually it is my job as her veterinarian to preserve soundness, identify potential risks and early lamenesses, and address issues proactively before they become problems).

Monique and Cami are doing very well at the 3* level. The acceptance Jog and dressage are behind them, and the stadium jumping and cross-country are this coming Saturday. (Saddened that I cannot stay through Saturday as our daughter has her first official archery tournament in Richmond).

I know many of the extended Total Equine family watched last summer as the Barbados Eventing Team (and me as team veterinarian) took Bronze in the Caribbean and Central American Games in Bogota. These qualifiers are natural progression for qualification to the Pan Americans. So all of the new Barbados equestrian fans in Virginia can continue to watch this tiny island's big journey.

I will update this post Saturday afternoon when we get the full results of the competition.

- Dr Jay Joyce

And PS, BEST WISHES to Dr. Elizabeth Coppelman for completing her first year with Total Equine Veterinary Associates. Her experience as a surgeon, lameness guru, needle-sticking acupuncturist, horseman, and really great person has been a blessing and we are super happy that she has made Total Equine her home.

Your TEVA office team is spending their Sunday in Old Town Alexandria attending the Ultimate One-Day Team Seminar - “It’s What’s Up Front That Counts” with Mark Opperman. Just another way we are making sure we deliver the absolute best client experience for you from start to finish!

Christie, Katie, and Claudia are learning lots to bring back to the practice.

Our best wishes and congratulations to Ampara Visser and James Hopenfeld! May you enjoy a lifetime of happiness!

Our first April baby of 2019! Sheikha Hala Arafa was born last night to dam Haalani at Arafa Arabians of the Nile. This adorable baby is a Straight Egyptian filly!

Equine Veterinary Journal

The results of a pilot study on the effects of rider weight on equine performance have been published in Equine Veterinary Education. Find out more

Good morning from the awesome Morven Park International Equestrian Center! Here again as the Show Veterinarian for the 2019 Spring Horse Trials. It's shaping to be a wonderful day. The weather is good, the horses are healthy, and there's a positive vibe in the air. Looking forward to seeing the competition, and many many friends showing. Total Equine Veterinary Associates Morven Park International Equestrian Center

Tonight we are enjoying the evening at Stone Tower Winery for the LCEA Annual Expo with 50 or so equestrian businesses and open to the entire equestrian community! It’s free to attend and we are here until 9! Come on out and say hi, plus enter to win some great prizes!!!
With Jay Joyce and Sallie Hyman

American Association of Equine Practitioners

In 2018 the Equine Disease Communication Center reported 232 cases of West Nile Virus, the majority of which were in unvaccinated horses. To protect your horse, talk to your veterinarian about an appropriate vaccination schedule for this core vaccine.

Surprise! You've got a TEVA Doctor in Your Pocket!

Did You Know? You have a doctor in your pocket!!! Total Equine Veterinary Associates has officially launched a new TELEMEDICINE service!

We love all the funny conversation hearts that The Farm House has come up with this year! Happy Valentine's Day to all of our clients, family, and friends today! We ❤️ you all for allowing us to do what we LOVE!

So, let's see who is really paying attention today.... POST IN THE COMMENTS BELOW what phrase would be on YOUR OWN PERSONAL horsey-related heart candy! We'll pick a winner tomorrow morning for a great TEVA prize!

We are your equestrian Valentine's gift destination! We know what riders want.

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Total Equine Veterinary Associates practice owner Dr. Jay Joyce recently released his annual State of the Practice announcement. Each year, he takes time for thoughtful reflection on the past year and an insightful look into changes for the coming year. This year, we had to release the announcement in two emails - there were just too many great topics to share to fit in one!

The highlights of 2018 included growing our team and expanding our services; achievements and accolades combined with education; protecting our young athletes and how we're helping to prevent veteran suicide.

We also included some pretty interesting tidbits, like how many syringes we used in 2018 and how many miles our veterinarian team added to our fleet of fully equipped trucks.

Read our 2018 Highlights Here:

The 2019 Road Map looks bright and promising. While we continue to expand our office team to bring you the best customer experience in the industry, we're also adding other great things like telemedicine services. In our efforts to keep your horses healthy for life, we're adding a vaccine to our fall package, continuing with our seminars, and have expanded our professional partnerships... oh, and Dr. Joyce is off to Peru this summer as well.

Read all about our 2019 Road Map in Part 2 of the State of the Practice announcement here:

If you'd like to sign up for our email news and updates, and help keep your horse healthy for life - just submit your information in our online form, and we'll add you to our news list!

This is not easy for me to admit – but a cow intimidated me today – okay, I was a little scared.

Loose angry cow with big horns in Leesburg today. TEVA got the call from Loudoun County Animal Services and Leesburg Police to dart a loose cow in a downtown Leesburg neighborhood. A horned Dexter cow was loose. Last year, on the same farm, another Dexter cow mauled a handler and the handler was helicoptered to the ER. These can be mean, feral cows.

Anyway, TEVA has a dart gun and a vet (me) who spent time in Africa darting rhino, zebra, buffalo, lion and many other wildlife for research and disease control. Not to mention, local zebra that get loose, local bulls, and now, we can add loose Dexter cow to the list.

My trusted assistant (wife Paula) and I raced out to help before the cow got more agitated and ran around the city putting people and automobiles in danger. After some assessing and coordinating with the LCAS Officers, police, and the cows' owners, we decided darting and moving her back into the pasture or stock trailer was the best plan. All attempts to approach her closer than about 20 yards ended in her aggressively charging, then running away.

I wish I had a dart rifle with longer range instead of my dart pistol. Knowing that this cow would love to gore me, and I’m not as fast as I once was, Paula edged the vet truck closer to the cow while I crouched alongside the cab. Then at the nearest moment before the cow bolted away or at us, about 20 yards, I took the shot – and missed right over her back. Drat! Paula loaded another dart while the Dexter settled into another spot. Paula rolled up on her again, and pow, the second shot hit her fleshy hip.

She immediately started running to escape us (sorta funny to watch a slightly drunk cow run at full speed), then amazingly she jumped back into her pasture. She rocked back on her hind legs, and clumsily lobed herself over the wire fence (even funnier at this point). Even Paula commented that our horse Zuko could not clear that wire fence from the stand still. Regardless, the Dexter was now safely back in her pasture. 5 minutes later, she collapsed asleep when the sedative kicked in fully.

Mission accomplished. She was back in her pasture safely, no harm or damage to the general public, and we didn’t have to drag her into her pasture. Win-win-win.

Anyway, it was great to work again with LCAS and the Leesburg PD. Both have always had the best, most professional team members that help us vets in every way. Thank you LCAS and LPD for the combined success of getting Ms. Dexter home safely.

Dr. Jay

Despite a weather-induced date change, our first Healthy for Life Seminar of 2019 was a huge success... to the tune of nearly 100 participants! Colic - The #1 Killer of Horses proved to be a great topic to kick off the year! For those of you who couldn't attend, we've included some quick resources here:

More than 100 in attendance at tonight’s full house Healthy For Life Colic seminar! Such great turnout in an important topic!

Fortunately, our only casualty of the morning cold. My trusted companion of more than 19 years. We listened to so many hearts together, so many colics, raspy lungs, gut sounds, even some pregnant housewife's baby bumps. Poor rubber stethoscope snapped in the bitter cold of 4 below. He was just 1 year from retirement. RIP old friend.

We Understand Horse Care is NOT Optional!

Horses provide us with great therapy... but for many furloughed government employees, horse therapy sometimes comes with a scary price during difficult times. We understand the uncertainty of today's world, and we don't want horse owners in our region delaying necessary or emergent care at the risk of a horse's health.

We all know horses don't choose the time of day or day of the week they present with a dreaded colic, a bleeding laceration, or an unresolving lameness issue requiring veterinary intervention. While we always waive emergency and weekend fees (for clients in good standing) to get your horse the care he needs without the added stress of additional fees, we are prepared to add an extra layer of sensitivity for our family of furloughed workers. We are willing to provide assistance and resources for clients affected by the shutdown and will discuss options directly with individual clients on a case by case basis, as no two horse care situations are alike. Expanded client benefits may include waiving late fees and interest charges, payment extensions, and discounted services. We're here to keep your horses healthy for life, and we care about our clients. Without your support, we couldn't continue doing what we love every day.

Call us, let's talk. Let's figure out how to keep your horse healthy for life with the least amount of stress to you!

Dr. Jay Joyce and Your TEVA Team

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