Virginia Spine and Sports Orthopaedics

Virginia Spine and Sports Orthopaedics

General Orthopaedics with sub-specialty in adult spine surgery.

Our reputation is for compassionate and successful treatment of our patients. Some problems respond to a program of physical therapy, medication, injections and bracing, while others require surgery with minimally invasive means. Our goal is to restore our patients to the highest degree of function while utilizing state of the art technology. We are committed to your quick return to an active and productive life.

Can Too Much Vitamin B Increase Hip Fracture Risk? - Docwire News A recent study evaluated the relationship between intake of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 and risk of hip fracture among postmenopausal women.

Alternative Therapies for Arthritis: How Yoga and Tai Chi may help - Docwire News Activities like yoga and tai chi—when performed safely—could have benefits beyond possible disease treatment for Arthritis Patients

Lower Back Stress Fracture (Isthmic Spondylolysis): What to Expect A lower back stress fracture, or isthmic spondylolysis, is often found in young athletes. Learn what to expect when managing pain from this condition.

Neck Strengthening Exercises Strengthening exercises for the neck can help support the spine and make posture easier to hold and the occurrence of pain to be less frequent.

Immediate Treatment for a Back Muscle Strain Here are treatments to try when you pull a lower back muscle.

Video: Why Do My Joints Crack? Crepitus is the term that describes any cracking, grinding or crunching sensation that occurs when a joint moves. These are the 3 common causes of joint crepitus.

Sciatica Exercises for Sciatica Pain Relief Learn proven sciatica exercises to relieve sciatica pain caused by various low back conditions, along with complete exercise instructions and illustrations.

When Is Surgery Necessary for a Broken Collarbone? Clavicle fractures are most commonly treated with noninvasive measures, but some are better treated with surgery. Learn more about when surgery is the best option.

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ICYMI | As part of the eMedicare initiative, Medicare has launched “What’s Covered"–a new app that lets people quickly see whether Medicare covers a specific medical item or service.

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Google review of Virginia Spine and Sports Orthopaedics by John J ★★★★★ "In 2015 I had my C5, 6 and 7 fused together after a football injury progressively got worse. After surgery and presently, I’ve felt the best I have felt in my life. Fast forward to 2019, my wife had major surgery on her lower back. After being in pain two years and other alternati...

Anatomy of the Spine

Animation courtesy Visual Health Solutions, Inc.

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What Really Causes Muscle Spasms and Cramps? A muscle spasm or cramp is a painful involuntary contraction that can stop athletes in their tracks. Here's how to deal with cramping muscles.

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What to Know About Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Sacroiliac joint fusion is a procedure that patients can elect to have if nonsurgical treatment is unsuccessful in treating SI joint pain.

[06/07/18]   Do you have unused or expired medications?
Leesburg Police Department and Loudoun Sheriff's Office now have permanent Medication Disposal Boxes!
The boxes are located in the lobbies of these stations. No questions asked.

You may drop off:
- prescriptions
- Prescription Patches
- Prescription Ointments
- Over the counter medications
- Vitamins
- Samples
- Medications for pets

The following are NOT accepted:
- Thermometers
- Hydrogen Peroxide
- Inhalers
- Aerosol Cans
- Ointments, lotions or liquids
- Medication from Businesses
- Needles (sharps)

Leesburg Public Safety Center (Leesburg P.D.)
65 Plaza Street NE, Leesburg

Dulles South Public Safety Center
25216 Loudoun County Parkway, Chantilly

Eastern Loudoun Station
46620 East Frederick Dr, Sterling

University Station
45299 Research Place #100, Ashburn

Western Loudoun Sheriff Station
47 W. Loudoun Street, Round Hill

Inova Loudoun Hospital Center
South Hospital Entrance near the concierge desk
44045 Riverside Pkwy, Leesburg

11 Chronic Pain Control Techniques There are eleven specific imagery and chronic pain control techniques that are effective for pain control, such as mental analgesia, positive imagery and moving the pain.


Give us a call and we would be happy to help you. A broken bone or strained muscle can be painful to cope with. Learn more about the common joint, muscle, and nerve conditions you may be experiencing.

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Do You Need an MRI before Starting PT? You may feel that diagnostic studies are needed to get an accurate diagnosis of your condition. But is that really true? Find out here.

Why an X-Ray Is the First Step in Assessing Knee Pain When evaluating your pain, your doctor may take knee X-rays. Here's how the results can help determine the cause of and treatment for your knee pain.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Shoulder Joint The shoulder joint is the connection between the chest and the upper extremity. Three bones come together at the shoulder joint.

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Do PRP Injections Stimulate Faster Healing? Platelet rich plasma, PRP, is a treatment to accelerate healing for patients with conditions including tendonitis, arthritis, and other injuries.

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Va. board creates new opioid prescription guidelines Virginia’s Board of Medicine has approved new emergency regulations that will give it authority to specifically regulate the prescribing of opioids for pain.

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6 Important Halloween Safety Tips for Families This Halloween, don't forget to keep some key Halloween safety tips in mind to keep everyone safe and healthy while having fun.

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Bone Basics for National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month Understand the basics of bone health and your best nutritional and lifestyle bets for reducing your risk of osteoporosis.

Pinpointing the Cause of Your Shoulder Pain Shoulder pain and weakness are symptoms that can result from injury or conditions that give rise to inflammation and the deterioration of the rotator cuff.

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Top Things to Ask Your Child When They Are Injured When a child is injured, it is important to guide them through the pain. A child is often scared and confused. Learn some common questions to ask your child when they are injured in this video.

Early Morning Back Stretches That Will Make You Feel Great Early morning back pain may be relieved or at least reduced with a few simple exercises. Learn more.

Easy Moves to Help Relieve Tension and Pain in Your Neck If neck pain and muscle tension around your cervical spine gets worse when you work at computer, drive or get stressed, try these easy moves.

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Trigger Finger Stenosing tenosynovitis is commonly known as trigger finger. The tendons that bend the fingers glide easily with the help of pulleys. These pulleys hold the tendons close to the bone. This is similar to how a line is held on a fishing rod. This condition occurs when the pulley becomes too thick, so…

Doctors are refusing to operate on smokers. Here’s why the trend will grow. Surgeons are increasingly advising patients to stop smoking, lose weight or take other measures to improve their health – and reduce the risk of complications – before undergoing elective spine or joint replacement surgery.

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