Seasonal Employment Alliance

The Seasonal Employment Alliance (SEA) primary focus is the application of persistent grassroots advocacy of Congress and the Trump Administration. SEA will spearhead the grassroots efforts to communicate to Congress the critical labor needs of employers

Mission: The Seasonal Employment Alliance is a not-for-profit association dedicated to improving the dependability, efficiency and long-term viability of a seasonal, non-immigrant guest worker program for non-agricultural employers.

Seasonal Employment Alliance

It's hard to not get emotional listening to this story.

The H2B program affects you, too. Large H2B employers like Kevin's company and small "mom & pop" businesses in your town commonly donate time and resources to fund equipment for your children's sports leagues, food desert programs, Christmas gifts for underprivileged children, and charities like Habitat For Humanity. These companies employ hundreds of thousands of Americans as well. Sadly, the charitable contributions are the first item to be cut when a local company loses their labor force because of the H2B nonimmigrant worker visas. The second thing they cut are permanent American jobs.

Please watch and learn about the reality of the H2B program before you make an opinion. As you'll see in this video, it's easy to get inaccurate information when our own lawmakers aren't exactly clear on the H2B program.

We respect all opinions, but it's your duty to ensure your opinion is based on facts. We hope this helps.


Seasonal Employment Alliance

The narrative about the H2B program wages seems to be mostly negative. It's so inconsistent that even our legislators seem a bit confused about the rules of the program.

The purpose of this video is to share facts about the H2B program so that you can formulate your opinion based on the real information.

We urge you to watch this video, re-examine this factual information, and try to remain open to formulating, or re-formulating an opinion on the H2B nonimmigrant worker visa program.

Seasonal Employment Alliance

This is a great place to start open dialogue and make sure that before anyone formulates their opinion, which we respect either way, they have accurate information.

Sometimes American workers and businesses suffer greatly as a result of the aftermath from a government policy. Often times this is a result of a program that was written intelligently and was effective in its infancy, but is now outdated or even obsolete.

When this scenario happens, it's quite common for our legislators to defend and even fight for the spirit and original intention of the policy. After all, that's how they remember it. However, they're often unaware of the real-time societal and economic changes that have now created an opposite outcome from their intention with the initial program.

The H2B visa program is now adversely impacting the American people. It's negatively affecting the workers and businesses who are currently involved with the H2B program. Their jobs and businesses are literally on line, subject to a "lottery" for available labor. It's indirectly affecting the American people who benefit from the work, employment, and charity of H2B businesses and workers.

Unless Congress eliminates the cap on H2B visas, thousands of American companies, big and small, who employ hundreds of thousands of American workers full-time, will go out of business.

The H2B program which is not immigration (but often confused with immigration even by our own Congress) is a program that allows eligible, highly-regulated employers to bring temporary nonimmigrant workers to the US for limited periods of time when there is a shortage of American workers to fill these jobs.

H2B jobs are temporary jobs. Would you be interested in obtaining a temporary job when you already have permanent employment? Additionally, as our society continues to evolve, less and less Americans are interested in hard labor jobs, digging holes out in the sun, when there are far more comfortable desk jobs available.

These are real stories from real Americans who are interested in relaying the truth to us, the American people, as well as our Congress.

This is real.

Things have changed.

If the H2B program doesn't change with the times, throngs of American workers will lose their jobs. Businesses will shut down. Charity from these businesses will stop. Taxes will stop being paid. government buildings will stop being built. Creation of infrastructure like bridges, roads, schools buildings and public playgrounds will grind to a snail's pace.

Lives will be ruined.

We need to increase the temporary visa cap and reevaluate the obsolete pieces of this legislature.

We need your help

Please help us spread the word and comment #ScrapTheCap on this post before sharing it.

Seasonal Employment Alliance

Would you be searching for a temporary job if you have full time employment?

Would you be interested in a hard-labor job like outside landscaping if you currently have more comfortable employment?

Thousands of American workers are in danger of losing their jobs if the outdated rules of the H2B program are not updated by Congress to work properly in today's economy.

We need to increase the temporary visa cap and reevaluate the obsolete pieces of this legislature.

We need your help

Please help us by commenting #ScrapTheCap on this post before sharing it.

Thank you.

Seasonal Employment Alliance

Have you seen this yet.

Try not to cry...😥

Why is our government ruining this man's business??

I can't believe this is happening right now.


In case you didn't know H2B is a nonimmigrant Visa (NIV) as opposed to permanent resident which is an immigrant Visa (IV).

Seasonal Employment Alliance's cover photo

Seasonal Employment Alliance

Thank you to all the employers who attended our Fly-In last week. The constant and relentless pressure is making a difference.

The House DHS appropriations bill remains our best vehicle for substantial cap relief. We need to triple down now to ensure that substantial cap relief gets included!

Crab on Over to the SEA Summer Seafood Event Made Possible by America’s H-2B Program.

Where: Outside of The Capitol Hill Club, 300 First St SE, Washington, DC 20003

When: Wednesday, July 11th, 11:30 AM- 1:30 PM

You will not want to miss this special event. Come help educate the media and Members of Congress and their staff on the need to raise the H-2B cap and to the severe economic harm the H-2B cap is having on small, seasonal businesses.

The U.S. labor shortage is reaching a critical point

Everyone, even severe immigration restrictionists, are starting to realize that the labor shortage is a major problem.

Logic leads one to the conclusion that in a booming economy seasonal businesses should have the most difficult time finding labor. In a roaring economy, there are ample, full-time, year-round jobs available for U.S. workers.

This is great but Congress must allow seasonal employers to bring in temporary, non-immigrant guest-workers.

The time has never been better for Congress to raise the cap AND protect current users of the program. The lack of cap relief is slowing down the economy. America’s labor shortage is approaching epidemic proportions, and it could be employers who end up paying.

Seasonal Employer testimonial- Mike Wheeler, Tri State Enterprise, Flatwoods, KY

Here is yet another small business in America's heartland whose future viability is at risk because of the H-2B visa cap.

Shouldn't employers, like Mike Wheeler, be rewarded for doing it the right way for 15+ years by hiring Americans first then when he cannot find a sufficient number of U.S. workers, using the H-2B visa program? Instead, he and his U.S. workers are working 70+ hours a week just to try to hang on.

We have heard from a few of our skeptics on the Hill and in the Administration that they do not believe that the #H2B cap is causing economic harm.

Maybe they should pay a visit to Lindy's Seafood on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, a mere two hours away from the nation's capital.

- their sales are down $721,000 compared to 2017;
- salaries for U.S. workers are $127,000 less than at this point in 2017.

The H-2B cap is devastating family owned businesses and the U.S. workers these companies employ.

Heading into the 2019 Appropriations process, now is the time for Congress to substantially raise the #H2B cap and protect employers, like Lindy's Seafood, who have been playing by the rules for years.

Another H2B employer struggling with out workers

Here is yet another H2B employer who is hurting without their H2B workers. The lack of H2B workers is forcing their year-round workforce to work non-stop to keep their business running. Their US workers are working themselves to exhaustion to cover current contracts when they should be focused on building and expanding their business and hiring more US workers. It is time to #saveh2b and fix the program for employers who are playing by the rules! U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown Senator Rob Portman Mike Turner

Singing Hills Struggles without H2B workers

This is what it looks like when you don't have your #h2b workers and refuse to hire illegals. It's TIME for Congress to fix/improve the program so that companies don't have to forfeit a million+ dollars in contracts and struggle to stay open. #saveh2b @SenCoryGardner @SenBennetCO

No one to spread the mulch: Landscapers contend with foreign worker shortage

We have heard that many Members of Congress and officials in the government do not believe that the H-2B cap is causing severe economic harm. Here is an article that explains that a small business that has been in business almost 50 years is closing their doors because of the lack of labor.

Congress needs to #fixH2B. How many more family businesses must close before Congress and the Administration fix #H2B? Over nearly 50 years, LMS Greenhouse & Nursery grew into a sprawling landscaping company with 10 full-time employees growing flowers and trees in a 15-acre ...

Secretary Acosta on Twitter

Secretary Acosta tweets that U.S. job openings exceed the number of job seekers. Yet DHS, upon consulting with DOL, determined only 15,000 H-2B visas should be released despite the fact that a certification from DOL means that DOL has acknowledged that no U.S. workers could be found for those positions. How does this make sense? Petty politics is forcing U.S. small businesses to close. Infuriating! #saveH2B “America has the highest number of job openings ever, and for the first time there are more job openings than job seekers. #500Days @POTUS”

Thank you to all who attended the SEA Annual Meeting in Chicago last week. We could not have had a successful meeting with out everyone's involvement and participation. Thank you to the agents, employers, and presenters for your contributions to the meeting. We have a lot of work to do to #saveh2b

[05/31/18]   The US economy is booming and a byproduct of this is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find Americans willing to work seasonal positions. This is the benefit of a tight labor market. Now Congress and the Administration must allow seasonal employers to hire guest-workers when they cannot find a sufficient number of U.S. workers. Time for a fresh approach! #saveH2B

Crab crisis: Maryland seafood industry loses 40 percent of work force in visa lottery

Is your friend/neighbor aware that it may be tough to find a MD crab-cake at your favorite seafood restaurant this summer?

Changing the public perception starts with telling member of your community how they are going to be affected by the lack of H-2B workers. This is an example that is easy to explain. #saveh2b #releasetehvisas #savesmallbusinesses

9:28 AM - 21 May 2018 By Scott Dance

[05/21/18]   The Omnibus spending bill was signed by @realDonaldTrump on March 23. It has been 8 weeks since DHS received the authority to release additional #h2b visas. US employers need workers NOW! @SecNielsen needs to speed the process up as companies are CLOSING! #saveh2b

Seasonal Employment Alliance – H-2B seasonal guest-worker program

SEA is working hard to improve the long term viability of the #H2b program. Our primary purpose is to increase the number of #H2B program participants involved in our political advocacy efforts. Employers who want to get involved should visit

[05/09/18]   A stronger economy increases demand for seasonal services/goods i.e. landscaping/nursery/hospitality etc. The stronger the economy the greater the disposable income of US citizens. The result is that many Americans are more inclined to spend for services previously passed on or self-provided (weekends spent working in the yard/garden, clearing the thicket and brush around the garage, repairing the leaky roof or remodeling the guest bathroom) and/or choosing to spend the weekend on leisure activities.

As the US economy improves and the number of full-time, year-round jobs increase the US worker pool for seasonal jobs drops.The result is a labor shortage in seasonal industries: landscaping, nursery, reforestation, seafood, etc. What is the solution to this conundrum? The #H2B program!

Congress must increase the #H2B cap so that employers have access to legal workers in a thriving economy.

Maryland crab industry loses nearly half of workforce in visa lottery

Do you like Maryland crab-cakes? I do but due to lack of #H2b workers there is going to be a shortage of MD crab meat this summer. SAD! Lack of H-2B visas is not only hurting crab producers but also consumers! SIMPLE FIX! @realDonaldTrump should release the 69,320 visas he is authorized to release. #saveh2b The crab industry in Maryland is facing a severe labor shortage as the Trump administration tightens its controls on temporary worker visas. With crab season looming, nearly half of the Eastern Shore's crab&n

[05/02/18]   The #H2B cap threatens small, multi-generational family businesses. Many are pillars of their local communities and due to the H-2B cap, they are being forced to shut their doors because of the lack of labor. @realDonaldTrump you can SAVE them! #releasethevisas and #saveh2b.

[05/01/18]   @realDonaldTrump understands need for more #h2b workers, they will save US companies and JOBS! @SecNielsen @DHSgov planing to only release 15,000 of 68,000+ available? Time for the GOVT. to stop picking winners and losers, who has a biz and who doesn't. #releasethevisas #saveh2b

[04/30/18]   Happy #SmallBusinessWeek to all the small business across our country. Too bad many small business are struggling due to lack of #h2b workers, will they survive? Best way to help them is for @DHSgov @SecNielsen to #releasethevisas all 68,000 of them! #saveh2b

[04/30/18]   SEA's very own Gray Delany had an interview on @NoSpinNews with @BillOReilly discussing the #h2b program and the urgency of immediate cap relief. Subscribers to the program can watch the interview tonight, show starts at 7pm eastern.

[04/26/18]   Unemployment VERY LOW, demand for workers VERY HIGH! Companies can't find enough workers! Seasonal businesses have been hit hard by depleted seasonal labor pool, might close for GOOD! @realDonaldTrump grow the economy, save US jobs and companies #saveh2b #releasethevisas

Small businesses suffer when Trump and Congress play politics with migrant workers | Editorial - Philly

Excellent editorial from the @PhillyInquirer, "Look at how Congress and the White House are mishandling the #H2B immigration program for migrant workers. It’s a glowing example of two-faced politics." Amen! #saveH2B #releasethevisas Homeland Security, with the blessing of Congress, raised the limit to 129,000 for this year. But it has slowed granting visas to a snail's pace, which makes the higher ceiling meaningless.

[04/23/18]   Everyday, the Seasonal Employment Alliance hears gut-wrenching stories from employers who are planning on shutting their doors and closing for good because of a lack of workers. The solution is simple and needs to happen NOW! #releasethevisas #saveh2b #saveUScompanies

Hire American? Without foreign workers, a Chesco garden business could wither - Philly

Many business are struggling to survive, a lot will have to close. SAD! The solution is simple but @DHSgov @SecNielsen @SecretaryAcosta need to act now. #releasethevisas #saveh2b As spring slips away, LeBoutillier's crew is stuck on the other side of the border with Mexico, their passage mired in Homeland Security limbo.

As warm weather nears, visa limits worry area landscapers, roofers in need of workers

The labor problems facing many US business with high seasonal demand for services are staggering. Companies in Pittsburgh are struggling to meet demand without #H2B workers. Can they survive and keep US workers employed? Why risk it! #saveH2B Rich Barna is in the unusual position of dreading the warm weather. The founder of Green Leaf Landscape and Lawn Care in Whitehall is missing about half ...

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Seasonal Employer testimonial- Mike Wheeler, Tri State Enterprise, Flatwoods, KY
Another H2B employer struggling with out workers
Singing Hills Struggles without H2B workers


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General information

The Seasonal Employment Alliance was founded in 2017 as the successor to the Small and Seasonal Business Legal Center. SSBLC was founded in 2015 with the mission of promoting the H-2B program’s viability as an effective resource for seasonal employers. The SSBLC Board and many members of the greater H-2B community determined that a strategic shift was needed to make better progress toward a long term sustainable and viable H-2B guest worker program. SSBLC is now known as the Seasonal Employment Alliance (SEA). SEA’s primary focus is the application of persistent grassroots advocacy of Congress and the Trump Administration. SEA will spearhead the grassroots efforts to communicate to Congress the critical labor needs of our members, including driving and arranging Hill meetings with SEA member’s Representatives, summarizing and disseminating the intelligence gained back to our members, and importantly – driving the appropriate follow up with every member of Congress. SEA will also create and maintain a comprehensive database that will track these efforts. This information will allow us to better hold our Members of Congress accountable and will more precisely direct our lobbying activities. Our revamped organization, and the H-2B industry, will now have a dedicated, first-class support team whose sole focus will be the application of persistent, grassroots oriented H-2B advocacy. Significantly increasing H-2B program user participation in our advocacy efforts is a priority for our new organization and is essential to achieving both short-term and long-term program reforms including cap relief.
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