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I don’t do Tinder so I thought I’d change things up a bit...
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Gradually getting back to running with my favorite walk/run guru Jeff Galloway’s Easy 5K Program. Today was my 1st long run of 3.3 miles. I started out with a 1:1 min walk:run ratio and got in 1.1 miles outside running to the gym before it got dark. Then planned to finish the run on the treadmill. I kept thinking it was taking a really long time to get to mile 2 but I was enjoying my new electronic exercise music by Bicep (love the name!)...I was really getting fatigued so I changed the ratio & the pace... It wasn’t until after 30 mins when the treadmill automatically kicked in to Cool Down mode that I realized my GPS wasn’t working correctly indoors 😫 And I still needed to walk/run back home! Cheers to 1 hour and 5 mins of constant motion and not-quite-so-accurate exercise apps! May need to treat myself to some well deserved therapy tomorrow! 🤪🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
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Motivation is the first step. But momentum is the force that moves mountains. How do you bridge the gap between having motivation and really gaining MOMENTUM? For me, the key is to just keep moving, even when the motivation may not be there.
Just. Keep. Moving.
Photo creds to @michelecrutchfieldyoga
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Super sobering stats from a recent study published in Journal of Pain this month.
🧐 “We outlined in a representative sample of Americans what treatments are being prescribed for new cases of likely chronic musculoskeletal pain. Opioid prescription was double that of physical therapy.”
🤨 This is unacceptable. Apparently physicians have not been adequately trained in non-pharmacological approaches to pain relief. They don’t know that research supports the use of physical therapy early for musculoskeletal pain. Choose PT 1st! If your doctor doesn’t mention it...insist on it! #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #opioidcrisis #opioidcrisisawareness #opioidcrisisprevention #getpt1st #getmdt1st #mckenziemdt #mechanicaldiagnosisandtherapy #movementismedicine

Emily Ledford Fitness & Nutrition, LLC

This woman is AMAZING! Her strength (both physical & otherwise) has always been inspiring to me!
Way to go Emily! And hey, thanks for the shout out! 😄👏🏻🦵🏻

200 lb back squat for the first time in my life! Shout out to Scudder Physical Therapy for teaching me MANY things about knee rehab over the years (in my case choosing NOT to have surgery)—and I’m able to get strong and move well- pain free!!

...and after just a few telehealth sessions and two suggested stretches, she relieved my pain in less than a week!”
😄👶🏼 J.A, Ashburn VA
💙Another happy patient brought to you by #scudderphysicaltherapy #telephyzio #womenshealth #pelvicpt #pregnancypain #lowbackpain #lowbackpainrelief #mckenziemdt #mechanicaldiagnosisandtherapy

Jason Ward PT

Here, my colleague Jason Ward, who led the PT mission groups to Peru that I travelled with, explains the effectiveness of the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) or the McKenzie Method.

He shows some great patient testimonials that are very similar to words I have heard from many of my own patients.

If you are in Virginia or Maryland, and dealing with neck/headache, back or any joint pain, reach out to me. I can help you using the same, simple, yet highly effective evaulation and treatment method called MDT! Both telehealth and in-person sessions are available! If you are in Tennesee, reach out to Jason!

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Treat Your Own....
🤟🏻 Shoulder
👉🏻 Knee
...and now, introducing HIP!
The principles of Mechanical Diagnostic Therapy, or the McKenzie Method, can be applied to pretty much any anatomical joint of the human body. If you are one to take an active approach to addressing your joint aches and pains, check out these “TYO...” books. And if that doesn’t resolve things, reach out for a #telephyzio evaluation & treatment by #scudderphysicaltherapy! If you are currently located somewhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia or in the State of Maryland, I can help you over the Internet, in your own home. Give it a try! Check out my website: link in bio.
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I am grateful for the times like now that I have that extra “umph” to get myself back on track.
My goal is to return to health & fitness levels I have achieved in the past, and for a number of reasons, had wandered away from. I’ve done it before, I know I can do it again!
I am using some of the wonderful technologies and information we have available to us these days to help me achieve these goals, some extra umph-ers, including my #fitbit, #noom, #jeffgallowaymethod, #emilyledfordfitness workouts, #flowyoga, #yoga6, #greenheartjuice and #myfitnesspal.
Stay tuned for progress updates!
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90 minutes of vinyasa yoga in a 90 degree room, completing 90% of the class to burn 90 (x4) calories, restoring my ability to sit on the floor with my back & knees straight and hips bent to a 90 degree angle. I like that number today.
PS: thanks to my daughter @efscudder for taking me with her and making it look 90x easy! 😘 #scudderphysicaltherapy #yoga #vinyasa #yogawithyourdaughter #90 #flowyoga #leesburgva #loudouncounty #healthy #holidays

A Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Seasons Greetings to all my #scudderphysicaltherapy friends! Enjoy celebrations with your loved ones! #christmas #happy #healthy #holidays

I learned this today from a client whose primary language is Chinese. We call it frozen shoulder. They call it 五十年代的肩膀 or “fifties shoulder”. This employee jokingly told me she could not have fifties shoulder because she is now 51! Her bilateral shoulder, upper back and neck discomfort did begin about a year ago, but is much better in just the last few days using simple retraction & extension movements of the neck (also known as chin tucks and head backwards bends). Adjusting her monitors higher and positioning her chair lumbar support has made a big difference too. Fortunately for her, she is right; she does not have “fifties shoulder” but a rapidly reversible mechanical derangement of the lower cervical spine, which can occur at any age, but certainly is more prevalent in the middle age range. The good news is that movement and changing aggravating postures can help, no matter how old you are, or what country you hail from. Mechanical pain is a universal thing, and movement can make a WORLD of difference! 🎎🏮🎏
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Opposite movements can make the holidays a little brighter! If you are doing a lot of bending forward (most of us do), stand and lean backwards a few times, moving as far in to the range as you feel comfortable. Similarly, if you are doing a lot of standing and reaching overhead, take a break and round your trunk forward a few times. Opposite movements are small solutions that can make a big difference! #scudderphysicaltherapy #oppositemovements #healthyholidays #healthyfortheholidays

When a special person whom your career allowed you to care for over an 8-year span shows up in the Christmas parade, driving a cool adaptive horse-drawn carriage = holiday happiness!! 🤶🏻❤️🐴🎄
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Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers - Naperville

I am thankful to my Chicago-area colleague Mary Donohue Rachford, PT for posting this:

Take a moment to comment below on what you are grateful for this week. Your brain will appreciate it!!

This office worker had been exercising for months to strengthen his core, trying get rid of back, groin, hip and leg pain. In one 30-minute session we figured out the one simple movement that was missing from his routine. Two weeks later and he has been pain free since that first day. This is the beauty of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. #scudderphysical #telephyzio #mckenziemdt #movementmatters #directionofmotion #simplemovement #lowbackpain #sciatica

First, do no harm.
I stand by this oath.
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Happy Thanksgiving from Scudder Physical Therapy! What a great place for an active, outdoor TG morning! Grateful for that...and for all of you. 🦃❤️🦃❤️

I’m pretty sure he’s thanking me for letting him run off leash on the beach. You’re welcome buddy! 🐾🐾
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I’ve been asked why I started a telehealth physical therapy practice, aka TelePhyzio by Scudder Physical Therapy. Well, a recent presentation by the CEO of CBInsights, a prominent tech market research company, indicates that healthcare is being disrupted and technology companies are leading the revolution (think Amazon, Google, and evening Best Buy!). Physical Therapy, along with other traditional health care services, are evolving as I write, and will soon never be quite the same. High value healthcare delivered non-traditionally is the current focus, and that’s what I deliver. I am just riding the wave of change while I can! See the $31B bubble in the 2nd slide? That’s telehealth.
Uh huh...yes.
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If you responded “No” to this survey, you are correct.😧
I actually tell some of my patients, who show a directional preference for flexion (bending forward), to go ahead & slouch a bit! 😳
Some spines need to round forward to keep mechanical pain under control. However, “some” means fewer than 20%. Chances are very high, around 80%, that if you are having low back or neck pain, it is due to spending more time than not repeatedly bending forward or sitting in a rounded forward position. 🙄
The body needs a break and movement or movement/positioning in the opposite or extended direction can help! A lot!! 🤗
Reach out to me if you need help figuring out which direction of movement or posture is what your body needs. Link in bio, of course 😉
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Is Couch Potato on your Thanksgiving menu this year?
If you get low back or neck stiffness when sitting in the couch potato position, take a break and stand up, walk around, and maybe even look up at the ceiling and do a few standing back bends. Movement breaks can make a big difference! Even #riothelabdog knows this 😊
Keep spine pain out of your holiday plans!
But, if you do need help, reach out to me! If you are travelling & not home, I can still help you with a TelePhyzio session! See link in bio.
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Congratulations to all high school volleyball players on your club tryouts results!
As a former collegiate player, club & high school coach and volleyball Mom, I know the game. As a physical therapist, I know how to get injured players back on the court!
Do you know the top three most prevalent volleyball injuries?
Just ASK:
🏐A =ankle (usually lateral sprain from landing on fellow player’s foot)
🏐S= Shoulder (often diagnosed as rotator cuff tendinitis, tear or SLAP lesion)
🏐K=knee (jumpers knee, meniscus tear or ACL injury)
Are you dealing with one of these problems? Or any other joint or back/neck pain? Let me know how I can help you or your volleyballer get back in the game!
I can come to you, via the Internet, and get you started on the right path to playing again!🏐
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Thinking of a special veteran today, my father William J. Voegeli, who served in the US Navy during World War II. We recently found a shoebox full of all the letters he sent home to his family during his time of service on the USS Appalachian from Dec 1943 to May 1946. As a young 18-20 year old, his letters clearly told of how much he missed being home with his family. One letter, dated Nov 9, 1945, told of the 75 minute excursion that he and a group of fellow radio techs took to Nagasaki, just 3 months after the atomic bombings there. He included a hand-drawn map of the area, and later sent photos of what they had seen. “All of this was flat, and when I say flat, I mean just that. Here and there stood machinery, but most everything was leveled to rubble....Only one bomb did all this, remember!”
My father died in 1994, at the age of 69, of a glioblastoma (brain tumor). He and his oncologist wondered if his presence in Nagasaki soon after the atomic bombings there contributed to his demise. Whatever the case may be, we are all proud of him and his service during World War II. A heartfelt thank you to all our veterans today!
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Take away message: MRI tells the truth, but not the whole truth. It CANNOT tell you if any “abnormal” finding is the source of your pain. 🤔
Repeated movement testing with careful monitoring of symptoms, as in the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy assessment system, is a much less costly way to determine mechanical causes of musculoskeletal pain! 🤕
See your MDT PT or chiro before getting that MRI. They can help you determine if an MRI or X-ray is needed to rule out a red flag condition (ie, fracture, infection or tumor); or if an imaging study is likely unnecessary and how movement in the right direction can relieve your pain. 🙂
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Hey Friends! Can you show #scudderphysicaltherapy and #telephyzio some ❤️❤️❤️ today? TIA!! 😄🥰👏🏻
(PS, I’ll return the favor...!)

Accomplishment is so empowering.
Let me help you accomplish your musculoskeletal health goals!
We’ll both feel empowered. 🤩💪🏻
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Happy Halloween #loudouncounty! 🎃🎃🎃
Trick or Treat: guess where I took this Boomerang and win a Robin McKenzie Treat Your Own Back or Treat Your Own Neck book from #scudderphysicaltherapy!
1️⃣ Like this post
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3️⃣ Post your guess! (Hint: I ❤️❤️❤️ pumpkin pie!)
Winner will be announced at 8pm EDT on Halloween night!
Scary good luck!
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Could the McKenzie Method help with your back?

Check out today's Good Morning America segment on the McKenzie Method!
This is what I do as a McKenzie Institute Certified Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy provider! Let me help YOU too. Schedule a TelePhyzio session with Scudder Physical Therapy today!

Also, get the truth on three common myths about treating back pain.

Welcome to Scudder Physical Therapy!

Telephyzio by Scudder Physical Therapy is the first and only telehealth-based pain relief delivery model in Loudoun County, Virginia. I help patients with a variety of musculoskeletal pain issues--low back, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, hip, even ankle/foot and wrist/hand problems. Patients in Virginia and Maryland are evaluated and treated online, when and where they want, in the comfort of their own homes, or even in their work places. Each session is individualized to the patient, as a 60- or 30-minute one-on-one session with me, a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Using the McKenzie method to evaluate how movement effects pain behavior, I then coach patients to use simple movements and posture changes to relieve pain and prevent recurrence.

I am the owner and sole practicioner of Scudder Physical Therapy. The majority of my 30-year career practicing physical therapy has been spent in Northern Virginia. I have gained a wide range of experiences in outpatient orthopedics using various treatment methods. I became Certified in the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT or the McKenzie method) in 2003 and have been using that approach to patient care very successfully ever since. It is one of the most efficient and evidence-based approaches to evaluate the source of musculoskeletal pain, which then leads directly to a movement-based treatment protocol. Empowering patients to treat themselves, with my coaching, is the cornerstone of the success of this method ( To maintain my certification, I attended twice yearly continuing education courses and seminars, from which I always return with more knowledge and skill in relieving patients from pain.

While working as a school-based PT for Loudoun County Schools, I served for four years as the head coach for the Broad Run High School JV and Varsity volleyball teams. I also coached with local club teams over a 10 year period, and served as the Movement and Conditioning Coach for Virginia Elite Volleyball Club in 2008 as well. I love working with volleyball players!

I have been blessed with opportunities to help people around the globe. While living temporarily in Morocco I worked with disabled orphans. During a two-year stay in South Africa I earned an Honorary Physiotherapist license, working with cancer patients in a public hospital. More recently, I have travelled to Peru twice on week-long medical mission trips with Mechanical Care Everywhere, a MDT-focused humanitarian mission underserved Peruvian patients at free clinics are treated using the MDT method only, empowering them to care for themselves.

I enjoy an active lifestyle including biking, kettlebell training and playing volleyball. In my quiet moments I enjoy hiking and travelling with my husband and our rescue dog Rio, visiting our three grown daughters and two Cavapoo granddogs whenver we can.

I look forward to meeting you, and hearing your story!

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