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Startup to Growth, LLC

Startup to Growth, LLC educates prospective and existing small business owners through in-person and online mastermind groups, 1-1 counseling & peer groups

[10/11/19]   So I was recently reminded of a truism that has helped me through much of life....moving forward by doing a little is better than doing nothing. I am trying a new planning platform, and I am definitely not at 100%. BUT it is better than doing nothing!
Thanks, Ray, at W3 Consulting for your insight!


A project downtown Ionia has been working on all year is now a reality. Pretty exciting! Thanks, YCD Electronics!

Downtown Ionia now has Free WiFi for visitors "on the bricks"! This is a project we have talked about all year, and now it is a reality! Thank you, YCD Electronics for making this happen. Read all about it and learn how to connect.
#IoniaFreeWiFi #FTOTB #DowntownIonia #YCDGetConnected

5 Ways to Go Green in Your Small Business

Hey small business owners, are you ready to be gentle with Mother Earth??!! Every little bit helps. Check out 5 Way to Go Green in Your Small Business. It's doable! Going green is not just a fad; it's smart business. These five ideas for going green will not only help the environment but your business, too.

The MicroSchool Solution

As you prepare for the new school year, check out IndED Academies in Leesburg. Butch Porter has built an amazing MicroSchool solution.

The families of IndED have addressed the conundrum of an affordable, high-quality, personalized education head on: it’s called a “MicroSchool”… This is done ...

Thanks, Ray, for reminding me of this quote! Just as true now as it was then....maybe more so??!!

Monday Mojo. Funny how Community Development and Small Business Education/Coaching/Consulting are so closely tied! Enjoy these pics from my gig in Ionia in Community Development. This event came out of my work in Ionia with a newly formed downtown group. This is a fun expansion line for Startup to Growth...combining my small business expertise with community development needs in my hometown and HAVING FUN at the same time. #ilovemygig #startuptogrowth #communitydevelopment #smallbusinesscoach #startupcoach

Some more photos from 1st Thursday On The Bricks!

See you right back downtown in September!

Happy Friday Celebration Thought - how are YOU celebrating your victories this week? "Winners take the time to relish their work, knowing that scaling the mountain is what makes the view from the top so exhilarating." Dennis Waitley

[07/22/19]   Don't like Mondays? You've survived 100% of them so far. Happy Monday!

Startup to Growth, LLC's cover photo

[03/15/19]   Your business is a reflection of you. Make it the best it can be! ~Startup to Growth

[02/10/19]   Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. ~ Jim Roh

"Growth is the only evidence of life." ~ John Henry Newman. Food for thought as we prepare for 2019. Have you set your growth goals yet? Join us for Five-Year Life Plan, Create It and Live It NOW! classes beginning in January. 25% Off through Cyber Monday. Details at BTW, Ever Changing River is the Life Coaching arm of Startup to Growth. Head on over and "Like" our FB Page. Read through past posts for a treasure trove of inspiration!

"Growth is the only evidence of life." ~ John Henry Newman. Sometimes we alone are aware of our growth, and it's gentle. Sometimes growth just hits us in the face, and there really is no way around it. Either way, it's okay. Growth is is your pathway to your future life. Embrace it, get through it, & live the life you were meant to live. Food for thought as we prepare for 2019!

[11/25/18]   "The new year will soon stand before us. What chapter will you write? What goals will you set to make that chapter R E A L, to make it part of your life?" ~ Robin, Startup to Growth, LLC

Tip: Small Business Owners, WHAT SPECIAL CAN YOU OFFER for Black Friday, Shop Small, and Cyber Monday? Percent off? Free shipping? Something whacky to get them into your shop/business? WHAT SPECIAL CAN YOU OFFER? Why is this important? If you could see an annual heat map of shopping behavior, it would be Red Hot between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's not too late to increase your sales for 2018!

Ray Sidney-Smith on LinkedIn

Thank you, Raymond R. Sidney-Smith, for the opportunity to be your guest on Web and BeyondCast, Do I Really Need a Business Plan? All your podcasts contain great information and tips for small business owners. Check them out, FB small business owners! October 16, 2018: Ray Sidney-Smith posted an article on LinkedIn

008 Branding 101 for Small Business - Web and BeyondCast

Attention: Branding 101 for Small Business Podcast. I would like to give a shout-out to my friend and colleague, Raymond R. Sidney-Smith, President at W3 Consulting. I was his guest last week on Web and BeyondCast, recording a podcast on business plans - what are they, do small businesses really need them, and what do you do after you have completed yours. I'll let you know when the episode airs. In the meantime, check out Branding 101 for Small Business podcast. #smallbusiness #smallbusinesspodcasts Welcome to Season 1, Episode 8, "Branding 101 for Small Business," of Web and BeyondCast. What is Branding? Why Should Small Business owners care?

Thanks, Kristen at AdroitInsights for this latest blog at Loudoun Small Business Blog, The Feel Felt Found Sales Strategy! #smallbusiness #loudounsmallbusiness

free small business consultation

Do you need help with a business challenge? If you are serious about growing your business, schedule a free consult and let's work together to find your solution! Schedule your free consultation if you are serious about growing your business, want to do better in the next 12 months than you did in the last 12, and want to stop wasting time and money. Talk with an experienced small business expert who has helped thousands of businesses from launch to growth. M...

small business mastermind groups

Why should you bother with a small business mastermind group? Here's some food for thought. Part 2 will be published shortly. If you are serious about growing your business, consider joining a mastermind group. What are they and why should you even bother? This article defines what a mastermind group is, and gives several reasons for how you, as a small business owner, can benefit

[09/14/18]   I admit I'm a quote junkie, and I use them often with my small business coaching clients. I simply love how quotes inspire and focus people, including me. Here's one for life: "The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best” ~ Epictetus

Speaking to Build Your Brand & Business

Two awesome speakers, Katie Nelson of Sales UpRising and Jennifer Dalton of BrandMirror. "If speaking is an important part of your goals for 2018 and 2019 but you have been unsure of how to get started, join Jen and Katie to get unstuck move your business forward now." I highly recommend this workshop! Join Katie Nelson of Sales UpRising and Jen Dalton of BrandMirror to gain actionable insights when it comes to speaking to build your brand and business. With hundreds of talks between them, Jen and Katie will share three key strategies for how to leverage speaking to drive market share and revenue....

[09/04/18]   Tired after the long holiday weekend? Shake it off! Move forward today, no matter what! "If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr.

[07/24/18]   Pressure will burst pipes and it will form diamonds. How do you use pressure?

Sen. Kaine pulls out a bottle of Loudoun-based Catoctin Creek whiskey during Senate Hearing on International Trade

Even Small Businesses Need to Be PR Savvy. This is food for thought. It is NOT a political post, but a PR for small business owners post. I recently published a guest post by Ami Neiberger-Miller, APR, MA about a Purcellville, VA small business that did not have a PR plan. I'm highlighting another small company, in the same small Virginia town of Purcellville, that does. Again, I am not trying to make a political statement. I am saying that Scott Harris and Rebecca Harris have a PR plan and were able to respond quickly when their product hit the national stage. Well, done, Catoctin Creek Distilling Company! Check out Ami's Crisis PR blog Senator Kane story: #smallbusiness #businessplanning Purcellville's Catoctin Creek Distillery found itself on the national stage at a United State Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Thursday morning.

Ambassador meeting! Great to see Geoff Crawley, Dave Jones, Jerri Young Wiseman, Colleen Dee Tiberius Shumaker, Dennis Shefski, Abby Moreau, Mitch Sproul, Tony Howard, and others! I snagged a pic with Kelly Keyser-Thompson! Fun AND productive meeting for Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce. Yes, it was a bad hair day for me....but amazing friends. And that makes it worthwhile.

Networking at Net 2.0 today! Thanks Melody Pagé-Ferry and Bahar Picariello. And Colleen Dee Tiberius Shumaker, the Paul Davis facility is as amazing as ever. Super place to network. Patrice Andes DeHaven, wonderful to see you and so many others today!

[07/02/18]   What business goals do you want to achieve in the next month? How about personal goals? Does one have priority over the other? If you don't want to post your answers here, PM me. Thanks!

[06/26/18]   I participated in my first-ever GW Alum virtual networking event. I LOVED it! Well worth my time and effort. I met some very interesting and talented people. If your university provides this type of networking experience, check it out. It is a valuable tool to expand your network in a meaningful way. #networking #gwu #virtualnetworks

[06/25/18]   Curious...was this a Growth Monday for you? Benjamin Franklin said, "Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." My goal is always continual growth and progress, but some days I hit the mark more than others. This was a Growth Monday for me. I hope it was for you, too!

Love this quote by Vincent van Gogh "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." If you want to silence your inner voice saying you cannot start a business, silence it! Learn how to start a business in our online/live/instructor-led seminar, June 28th. Make this summer count! (Photos on Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons).

Small Businesses Seeking Higher Growth Regret Not Investing In Marketing Sooner

A 5/1/18 article on small business. A key point? “Entrepreneurs must invest more into marketing early in their businesses' lifespan.” Great read. Businesses surveyed said they had put 7 percent into marketing their first year; they should have put in 28 percent, they said.

[06/12/18]   Only Dove chocolate candy could say this..."Everyone has a happy ending. If you're not happy, it's not the end." ~Dove chocolate candy foil wrapper saying. Really???!! I'm open to your thoughts on this one!

[06/07/18]   I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." ~ Jimmy Dean
Small business owners are constantly adjusting their sails. It's just smart business!

Michigan Wizard of Oz Festival

Startup to Growth has been having some fun creating FB Posts for the 5th Annual Michigan Wizard of Oz Festival, being held Jun 8 and 9, 2018, at the Ionia Fairgrounds in Michigan. It was selected as one of Michigan's Top Ten Small Town Festivals to Visit in 2017. So much local enthusiasm and support goes into this event! Small town living at its best! Costume and Cackling Contests, and a Footbridge March with the Wicked Witch and the Winki Soldier, Lunch with Glinda (the good witch!), and a marketplace with arts, crafts, repurposed and vintage items, antiques and food. Also a vintage travel trailer show, and so much more. Each day there is a showing of the original 1939 movie in the historic Ionia Theatre for the original price of twenty-five cents. Fun job...someone has to do it! :)

The Wicked Witch, complete with green skin (oh, my!), character Gail Gesselman, (she'll get you, you pretties!) Watch this video and see the Wicked Witch chase the other characters with her trusty broomstick! Meet all of our characters at the 2018 5th Annual Michigan Wizard of Oz Festival June 8th and 9th, 10 AM to 6 PM, at the Ionia Fairgrounds. Thanks to David McCord and Annette McCord for your videography skills, and to the Ionia County Historical Society for the use of the John and Harriet Blanchard House Historical Marker for filming! It is perfect!

20 Great Small Business Magazines Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Do you believe education stops when you graduate? I'm curious...are you a lifelong learner? Here's a list of small business magazines. The ONE magazine I read every month was on the list, but not at the top. How about you? For those interested in small business, are there any on the list you read regularly? Some you want to add? I’d love to hear your favorites. Regardless of your industry, here's the question: What do you do to keep yourself current AND broaden your perspectives? Ever wanted some advice or a little inspiration to keep driving your business forward? These small business magazines will help.

small business coach

"Business 'is like riding a bicycle. Either you keep moving or you fall down.'" Combo quote, John Wright and Napoleon Hill. Still true today. But moving where? Do you have a "pedaling plan"? Small Business Coach-Is it right for me? Whether you are starting or growing your business, an experienced coach can make a huge difference in your success.

[05/18/18]   Is anyone else happy it's Friday??!! What has been your best biz accomplishment this week? Just wonderin'!

[05/10/18]   "Every strike brings me closer to the next home run." ~ Babe Ruth. Take it from a baseball great and keep swinging your bat! Even if you slice air this time, keep practicing, keep exploring, keep doing, keep learning, keep adjusting...your home run will happen. FYI, Babe Ruth began his career as a pitcher. He adjusted his course when it made sense.

[05/09/18]   When I have days where time seems to slip away, I use a timer to help me focus. I set it for 10 minutes. When it beeps, I pull up out of the rabbit hole and decide if I want more time on that project or not. Great way to focus.~ Startup to Growth, LLC #startuptogrowth #smallbiztip

[05/07/18]   "Don't let others derail you. It's Monday. Focus. Get it done!" ~ Startup to Growth, LLC.
Small Biz Tip of the Day

emotions a startup small business owner feels

Just starting out on your small business journey? Welcome to a roller coaster ride of emotions. Read what they are and how they can help you launch and grow your company!! (exclamation point intentional, by the way!!!!!!) The emotions a startup small business owner feels in the beginning often include excitement, hope, determination and a bit of fear. Many feel empowered. Some feel peace. Curiosity plays a role, too.

Loudoun Small Business - Small Business Bloggers in Loudoun County, Virginia community is growing! Look for blogs soon from CPA and CFO experts, plus new leadership blog by Ann Ball! We are exploring PR experts, attorneys and more marketing submissions! And we have new tech blogs. All bloggers will meet virtually in a Bloggers Meet and Greet in late May, early June. Pretty exciting! This free resource is at YOUR fingertips. Let me know if you have questions by emailing me, your Community Ambassador, at [email protected].

The birds are everywhere this spring. A reminder to listen to the birds sing and embrace hope. As a small business owner, you can achieve more with hope (and a business plan...just sayin'!). At Startup to Growth, we work with owners to create their business plans and so much more. We are your support system in starting and growing your business.

Business Plan Boot Camp, Session 1 of 5, Instructor Led Online/Video Conference - Startup to Growth, LLC

"In reality, the most mediocre idea acted upon is far more valuable than a flash of genius that resides only in your mind." by Napoleon Hill. Most of my clients have ideas that are heads-and-shoulders above mediocre, AND they put them into action. Join us for our Business Plan Boot Camp, beginning May 9th. Remote Access, Instructor Led. Get This One Done! Join us Wed.'s, 6-8:30 PM, May 9 through June 6th! 05/09/2018 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm - Wednesdays, May 9, 16, 23, 30, and June 6, 2018 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM Early Bird Special: $250 for 5 classes + 1 Month Library, if accepted/pay before 5/6/18 (11:59 PM) General: $275 for 5 classes, if accepted/pay from 5/7/18 to 5/8/18 (11:59 [...]

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