Gracie James Clothing

Gracie James Clothing

Gracie James is women's boutique with clothing & accessories you can't find anywhere else in Northern VA! We have a classic vibe with a little boho flair!

We are a fashion forward, affordable boutique for women! We have two ways to at and in our Fashion Truck located in Northern Virginia! Follow us to see where the truck will be next and you can message us to book a private event! We get new arrivals weekly so be sure to follow us for updates!

Alright folks, this is it! We are closing and everything must go. If you are in LOUDOUN COUNTY, Virginia, your Friday night plans have been made! Here are the details...
When: Friday, March 15th (4-7pm)
Where: GJ Headquarters (email us for address)
Email: [email protected]
Everything is $1, $5, $10 and $20! This is your final chance to shop clothing and accessories from us and snag some amazing deals!

Happy Monday! I’ve had several customers reach out recently who missed our big announcement in January. Gracie James is now CLOSED. We sold the truck to a great home (in Michigan) and I decided to take a much needed break. Thank you to everyone who shopped with us and supported my dream over the years! 💕 You can look back to read the full post but I wanted to be sure to let you know that I am stepping away from the business to be with my family. Working all week (with my full time job) and all weekend just wasn’t working for my family (or my stress levels). 😉 Sometimes stepping away from something you love is just what you needed. I know many of you have said I am crazy to walk away... I know it comes from a good place because you loved shopping with us 💕but I also know, deep down, it was the right thing. I started this for my kids and chose to walk away for them as well. Who knows what the future will bring but for now, I’m just enjoying life and living it to the fullest! 💕Local Loudoun County gals, stayed tuned for one last HUGE open house sale coming soon! Much love! 💕

Make sure to stop in today for Chicks Picks February Flash sale! So many great vendors are having BLOWOUT sales...including us, Gracie James! This is our final sale and everything is $30 and under!!!!

Alright ladies! Who’s ready for our HUGE closing sale?! Everything is ready to go at Chick’s Picks FEBRUARY FLASH SALE! Come shop Friday and Saturday at St. Matthews in sterling! ❤️ @ St Matthews Episcopal Church

Come shop the FINAL SALE FOR GRACIE JAMES and many other Chick’s Picks FAVS, this weekend!
Friday, February 8th 9-5
Roaming Coyote Lunch Truck 11-1
Saturday, February 9th 9-5
Drop Kids while you Shop!
St. Matt's Kids Valentine Craft 10-12
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
201 E Frederick Dr, Sterling, VA 20164
Enter Around Back

Loved meeting all these amazing women last night! #shopgraciejames #gjfashiontruck

Fun little set up last night at @communitychurch women’s event! Thanks for having us!

Come see us tonight at Community Church ! This is our last truck event and we can’t wait to see you there!

#Repost Community Church with @get_repost
Tomorrow night is our Women’s Connected Event! You won’t want to miss it!
Doors open at 6pm
Event starts at 7pm
Go to the link in Community Church BIO to register for this FREE event.

We are so excited to be at @communitychurch tonight (weather permitting 🤞) for their women’s event! Come spend some time with some amazing, encouraging women and do a little shopping too! #shopgraciejames #gjfashiontruck

2018 was pretty darn awesome! Cheers 2019 and all the adventures to come! 🥂

Happy New Year ya’ll! I am reflecting on 2018 this morning and had to say thank you to all of you. What an amazing year it’s been! This has been one of the busiest, most rewarding and fun years we’ve ever had! As a business we’ve grown in ways we never thought possible. We have been at the top of our game this year, no doubt! This fall, I started to get a feeling, deep down in my gut, that it was time to close Gracie James. Sometimes, God (or your intuition) speaks so loudly but you refuse to listen because you have goals and dreams and…..excuses, reasons why you DON’T WANT TO LISTEN. What happened next is that He showed me. I said “no” to all but two events this holiday season. Instead, I spent Saturday mornings with my 3 1/2 year old coloring and playing playdough. My son made the travel hockey team this fall so we started spending weekends watching his hockey games (a lot of hockey games 😉) and we made cookies and laughed more than we had in a long time. I watched as my daughter laughed and danced and played dress up all with me right by her side. She wants me (and only me) to do everything with her and for the first time I was able to say YES, without hesitation, when she asked me to color with her.

As many of you know, I started Gracie James when I was pregnant with my Hattie Grace. I had always wanted to own my own store and something about knowing I was having a daughter motivated me like nothing had before. I wasn’t going to tell her to follow her dreams, I was going to SHOW her. I did just that. I went to market in NY, bought for the spring of the first year of her life and came out running. My creativity finally had a place to go and I was in love. After my kids went to bed, I processed orders, updated the website, placed orders and scheduled social media posts. When I started the truck, I loved interacting with customers in person and knew this was the way my business was going to grow. What no one saw is that I had a very high pressure medical sales job on top of all this. I have worked in that field since moving to DC in 2007 when I couldn’t find anything in fashion. It is an amazing career, and although stressful at times, it allows me to be at all my kids functions and pick them up from school. It allows me to be my own boss in some ways and it is an amazing career to be in.

In the beginning of 2017, I was laid off from my medical sales job. This was the first time I had ever been laid off and took it as a sign that I needed to slow down. I spent my days home with Hattie and picked Watson up from school each day. I worked on Gracie James during the day and watched it continue to grow. I worked on own personal development and learned so much about myself. I could talk about this for days but to keep this somewhat short, I learned that I had to listen more. If I sat still, truly still, and listened, all the answers were there. I already knew what to do because it was there, always. While working on me, I also stayed focussed on my ultimate goal, to open my own brick and mortar store and I kept looking for that perfect location (as I had been for years).
Well, God had other plans. About 6 months after I was laid off, I was offered an amazing opportunity with a somewhat new company in the medical industry and I listened to my intuition for the first time, possibly ever, and said yes to the job. It was hard for my to trust my gut because I kept thinking, “This is not my goal. This is not my dream.”. I prayed, meditated and realized that it was the next right step. The way this job fell onto my lap was a huge sign. Along the way, everything flowed beautifully. For the first time, it felt like I was swimming with the current and not against it.

Starting a new job and running a business while still trying to be a good wife and mom wasn’t easy but I kept focussed on making one RIGHT decision at a time. I kept listing to my intuition. I started to stress less and live in the moment. This after almost 6 months into this new job, I realized that my next right step was to put my business on hold. This was the craziest thing I had ever heard and I didn’t want to hear it. But guys, when I said it out loud to my husband for the first time, I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I know he thought I was crazy and probably couldn’t even understand me through the tears but I knew, after saying out loud for the first time, that it was right.

My next step was talking it out with one of my mentors. I started to explain the whole thing, thinking she was going to say I was nuts. She stoped me right in the middle of my long explanation and said, “You have said enough. You have already made your decision. Close the business. It will always be there but your babies are only babies once.” I was scared. I held back tears when she asked what I was scared of. Failure. I had never quit anything before. Ever. As we talked I realized that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone but my family and, most importably, myself. I have run a successful business which is at the top of its success right now. People are going to think I am nuts for quitting. Why would I possibly walk away from a thriving business that is so unique and fun and… is why…Hattie Grace and Watson James. I can always start another business when my babies aren’t babies anymore. In fact, I know that I will! I will start something new and fun when my husband isn’t working crazy hours, nights and weekends. I will start again when I don’t have to miss games, playdates, jumping on the trampoline in our pjs in the morning, singing in the bathtub. Instead of running out the door each weekend morning, I will say yes to my daughter when she says, “Come color with me mommy!”. Hey, I might even go on a date or two with my hubby (I felt too guilty leaving my kids after being gone from them all weekend during the day to go out to dinner with my husband at night)! Crazy, I know, but I am a workaholic and a goalaholic. I will be the first to admit my type A personally is a bit much some times. 🤗

To most people, this slow down doesn’t look too slow. We have a crazy schedule between my job, my husbands insane schedule, my two kids school, sports and fiends….but guys, this is a huge slow down for me. I will have so much more time. I don’t think I become a marathon runner or anything but I will start to take care of me. I will spend time cuddling my littles and my hubby more. I will use my creative juices on new things like decorating my house, my kids parties (you know I love to plan a good party) and 3 year old art projects. I plan on sitting down at night and watching some tv. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! I won’t be answering GJ questions, filling orders and posting on social media while my husband tries to talk to me. 😂 I am going to really slow. down. With all this said, I am going to miss it all. I love seeing people come on the truck so excited. It is a place of happiness. Its a freaking pink truck! How can it not be?! I love you all so much. I love helping women and making them happy. I will be back in the future and, although I don’t know when, God already does. Until then, I am going to be loving and living my life, one day at a time and trusting the process because doing that has made 2018 one of the best years of my life. I have no doubt 2019 will be even better. Thank you all for your love and support. Happy new year!

+++++We have one LAST EVENT and it is one that we are so excited to be a part of! Our church, Community Church in Ashburn, is having a women’s event on Jan 19th at 7pm. We will be there along with some other fun food trucks and pop ups for all the women to shop after the service! We hope to see you there to celebrate women at this feel good, last hurrah event!

I came across this picture today and can’t believe I forgot to post! Happy holidays from Gracie James (Amy, Jenna & Santa)! We hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend and remember to stay patient out there (as I post from the Target checkout line that is a miiiiiillliiiion miles long)! If you are impatient, and LOCAL TO LEESBURG, you can order online and pick up at our home studio all weekend long! Use the code LOCAL40 for 40% off and free local pick up!

Another flash sale item up on the site! (Snag this one already marked down 30% and you can use the code to get an additional 20%)!!

Love our Aztec sweater thrown over just about anything! Perfect for cold days when you don’t want to wear a jacket! Throw this on and take it off easily when you go inside—I fold mine up & put it in my bag! ❤️❤️❤️

We are so in love with our new Heidi sweater! So soft and the perfect weight to stay warm and cozy without being too bulky! Shop now at
And remember everything is 20% off right now! YAY!!!

One of our favorites EVER is on FLASH SALE today (only $42)...and you can use the 20% off code for an additional discount! RUN now to get yours while it lasts!⠀

Surprise last minute sale! Everything ships tomorrow so now is your last chance to safe! Shop at

Sparkle sparkle! The website will be up through tomorrow so be sure to grab gifts for all the special ladies on your list (aka, yourself)! 😉

How cute is this!? Just marked down and you can get an additional 20% off all weekend!!!

30% off until 11am!

[12/01/18]   Our sale event is an online sale! Be sure to go to to shop! Everything is 40% off until 10am!

No caption needed here. ❤️

Favorite shirt and faux leather jacket! One top left and there are a few of this jacket! You better run to the site for these!

Who is going to get the last one??

Hand distressed denim top is amazing (and that’s putting it lightly). Be sure to grab one early and use the coupon code for a discount)!!!!

Who doesn’t love a FREE Gift! 🙌🙌

Who is going to snag this top?! Available in ivory too! 🙌

One of our favorites for the holiday! Simple and classic. Can be worn daily for just a little POP of fun! 🌈

See you tomorrow online at 🎄
🎄🎄Be sure to enter the code at checkout for discount, all items final sale and times are EST. 🙌🙌

Ok gals!! I have had so many emails, Insta & FB DMs, calls and texts about WHEN OUR SITE WILL BE BACK UP so I thought I would update everyone!

We just picked up all our inventory at Chick’s Picks. Thank you to all that came out this weekend to #shopsmall! As you can imagine, it takes a lot to update each item in our inventory so that we can open up our site for you to shop. We certainly don’t want you purchasing something thinking we have it, when we don’t (or vice versa).
We will be working on updating the site this week and we will have it ready for you for the weekend! BUT WHAT ABOUT CYBER MONDAY YOU ASK!? We will have our own little Gracie James sale weekend that will be a Black Friday/cyber monday/you just pretty much rock sale that will be well worth the wait—trust me!
Be sure to check back here for updates on the exact date/time. Just a little preview...we will have a HUGE discount for the first hour of our website launch so you won’t want to miss it! #halfoffisworththewait

We have everything you need to keep warm! ☕️ 🔥 #gjfashiontruck

This photo just doesn’t do this green velvet justice. Or these sparkly earrings. Holiday ready over here! 🌲

Last outfit of the day (I promise) but I had to show one of our new tops, just in! #shopgraciejames

One of our favorite denim brands and now we have them in this beautiful distressed grey wash! Come see us today until 5pm at @hillaryschickspicks at @maisonwarehouse 💗

Our new wide leg denim trousers are amazing! Everyone who has tried them on just had to have them! 😍#shopgraciejames #gjfashiontruck

These moto leggings are perhaps the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. Stretchy pants for the win! #thanksgivingpants

Saturday and Sunday, Gracie James will be INSIDE Chick’s Picks at @maisonwarehouse ! This is your last chance to shop with us (in person) this year! Be sure to go see GJ and all your other favorite designers for Small Business Saturday! 💗 #shopsmall

Who out there loves to support small businesses today (and everyday)?! Go see the ultimate in #shopsmall today and tomorrow at @maisonwarehouse for the Small Business Weekend Chick’s Picks!
We brought your favorite pieces inside for you to shop along with all your other favorites! Go support #smallbusinesssaturday with your favorite LoCo designers!

Hillary is loving our best selling #703 area code tees! Now stocked in 703, 301, 540 & 571! Come see us today until 5pm!

How stunning is out customer in our new Honey dress!? #graciejamesgirl

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