Rocket Fitness, LLC

Rocket Fitness, LLC

Online and in person, personal training and nutritional counseling.

[12/05/18]   This page is moving to Shel Hopkins Fitness so please head over there and like the new page. Thank you!

[11/25/18]   Hi! Our page has moved to Shel Hopkins Fitness LLC!! Please like our new page! Thank you for your support of our family’s small business.

UNILAD Fitness

Age is a number and sometimes we do have to adapt an athlete's program, but age should never stop you from starting or continuing, to set and meet goals.

Don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today! 🙌

Rocket Fitness, LLC

[11/04/18]   I just purchased new personal training software that will allow me to create programs online that include 3D demonstrations of all exercises. You will have a calendar to show you your exercise days, and each exercise day will have a detailed list of your program for that day. You will join (for free) my portal within the Virtuagym company, and have access to your date and we can track your exercises, strength gains, weight losses/gains, etc.

I need people to help me get this started. I am offering my friends/family a special 30-day "help me get started/help you keep the Halloween/Thanksgiving weight down" rate of $49. I will give you a 3-day per week program with some cardio built in to those days.

Email me at [email protected] if you are interested so I can send you a client questionnaire and agreement. This offer is only for today and tomorrow so that I can add everyone at once to the portal.

[08/22/18]   Thank you all for following. This page is changing soon to a new page and website that will help me, help you, progress! Stayed tuned please.


Invest in a foam roller.

These foam roller moves are great at relieving soreness! 🌟

Get your protein in people....

All you ever needed to know about protein, right here in a pretty Macros Inc graphic!

Save and share!


Happy Monday! Start your week off right and get that Monday workout in!

[01/31/18]   Ok let's talk about those of you that go to the gym regularly. You go in 3-5 days a week, and you know how to use the machines and can do basic free weight exercises. But your are not getting stronger, or leaner, or bigger. And you do the same workout ALL year long 😲

I have an offer for you. Follow my workouts for a year. Learn to cycle through with the seasons, to optimize your strength, power, and of course, your physique. Here is the offer:

Feb-March - Power and Starting to Lean out
April-June - Muscle Endurance and Leaning out
July-September - Staying lean and Starting Strength Cycle
Oct - December - Strength and Power Cycle

1st cycle because it is short = $39
Cycle 2, 3, & 4 are $59 each

I will send you 4 workouts you will do each week for the entire cycle. You will need to incorporate a minimum of 2 days of cardiorespiratory workouts (I will post a list of my favorites) that can be done on the workout days. At this price, you will have limited access to me (via email only). This is a great way to ensure your time in the gym is efficient and effective!

You can sign up anytime during the cycles, but the price remains the same. If you are local to me and want in person training, please let me know when you contact me.

Email me at [email protected] to get your first 8 weeks of workouts!

[01/23/18]   I have room for only 3 more clients for a 1 FEB start date! This 12-week cycle will finish JUST as Spring is in full swing! $129 introduction for 12 weeks of individual workouts suited for your goals.

PM me no later than Sunday Jan 28, 2018, to get started.

[01/21/18]   I have room for 4 more clients! This will be a one-time introductory offer! $129 for 12 weeks of online coaching/personal training. What you get...

3, 4-week workout plans based on your individual goals and your progress. Each program will have 3-4 strength workouts and a list of cardio workouts that you will do 2-3 days per week. Access to me via email or face time if necessary.

What I get....

Your dedication to do the workouts as prescribed. Your intensity, passion, drive, and honesty.

I only have room for 4 more clients so please message me asap.

The Protein Bar | Home

The Protein Bar Leesburg is my favorite place to purchase the highest quality supplements. I use GenePro daily, in my preworkout drink, my post workout shake, and in my kids' oatmeal, mac n cheese, soup, etc. I also use DreamPro at night, so ensure I have a slow release protein to help my muscles heal as I sleep.

The owner has an up-to-date knowledge of everything he stocks, and will gladly speak to you via phone or email. He will also ship ANYWHERE.

Use my promo code SHOPKINS for a 15% discount on all supplements. The Protein Bar is currently sold out of protein shakes at the moment. We will restock as quickly as we can and are sorry for the invonvience.

James Taylor

In tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr..

Deadlift Tips with Ben Pollack |

Follow Juggernaut for good tips and cues on the major lifts and more!

World Record Holder and US Open Champion Ben Pollack discusses some of his keys to deadlift training. Train with Team Juggernaut: https://store.jtsstrength.c...

UNILAD Fitness

Morning motivation.

Don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today! 🙌

What are you guys doing today? Lifting, cardio, crossfit, bootcamp? Not sure what to do when you get to the gym, or how to set up your week? Contact me and make your time in the gym count!

7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar

Starting a sugar detox tomorrow. I am planning another one for friends/family/clients, starting 22 Jan so look for details. It is FREE and GOOD FOR YOU! Watch for details around the 19th! A timeline of the amazing things that happen to your body in the minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months after you stop eating sugar.

Girls Who Powerlift

Many people have problems squatting or lunging with proper form because of tight hips. I always take time to warm up and stretch my hips before I squat.

Awesome hip mobility drill from @sbenddd - 🤯Do you hate lunges/squats because you feel uncomfortable and have tight muscles?🤯
Did you know 47% of your “tight muscles” come from the surrounding joint capsule?🧐🧐
The hip is a ball and socket joint and if it is so tight and compressed the femur head will not move properly making it out to seem like all your muscles are so tight and you will hit an end range you may think is impossible to get past 😪😪
(We are going to create some space in the hip joint!!) .
🍩Secure a band around a sturdy structure(TRX BASE, SQUAT RACK, ASSISTED PULL UP MACHINE)
🍩Secure the band around the ankle and sit on your toosh🍑
🍩 Pull yourself away from the base of the TRX, and raise the hips off the floor, RELAX THE LEG, internally & externally rotate the leg starting from the hip!!!! 8-10x(or until you feel a release from the hip joint😍👌🏻)
🍩 Flip over on to your knees, and do the same 👌🏻
🍩 Last, activation! Keep tension on the band & put yourself in a quadruped position. Raise the knee & foot that has the band on the ankle. The band will want to pull back the leg, but your hip flexor(psoas) will activate when you “pull the knee in” to fight it :) .
🍩 Do the second leg 😃
🍩 Try a set of Lunges/Squats then try this out and feel the difference of how fluid your motion feels 😍

Rocket Fitness, LLC

Great leg workout and then I come home to 30 likes on my new page! Thank you everyone! I will be posting some basic nutrition, exercise, and programming advice on here so keep a lookout for tips and guidance.

Online and in person, personal training and nutritional counseling.

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First post to publish the page. Please give me some time to get going. But for now.....a Friday reminder...

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Rocket Fitness, LLC

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