Books and Other Found Things

Books and Other Found Things


Would like to know if there is a way to purchase books online with you so to be able to help during these times.
First Friday Leesburg will be a blast! Lots going on including at Books And Other Found Things. Hope to see you there.
Hope to see you all Saturday (11-7) and First Friday (5-close) 12/1.
Hello, do you have any copies of Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson? If so, how many copies? my book club is looking to read this!
Aloha All, Books and Other Found Things will be closed today, Monday 8/14. I need to take Nancy to several Doctors appointments. Mahalo for your understanding, Allen R.

Books and Other Found Things is the Independent Book Store In Historic Downtown Leesburg VA. Featuring a wide selection of gently used books and the works of over 20 local artisans.

A cosy book shop with an interesting variety of other items. A growing number of artists are showing their work here.

There are a lot more...

Why you’re unlikely to get the coronavirus from runners or cyclists


Apparently I'm going to ramble...

I've been conflicted throughout this sheltering period. Ive been out and about, keeping my business going (Books and Other Found Things should make it to the other side of this - assuming I survive it).

I'm trying to be safe, I'm trying to be smart, I'm using everything I can remember that I've learned that fits.

I've been paying attention, I think I've learned some stuff, I don't know if any of it is useful... I don't know where to put it - where to send it. Is there a clearing house for ideas? for best practices? (I know there is in the medical, and other professional worlds) I mean for me - for us, the people?

I'm not talking about the store or business, I'm thinking about how we need to live.

I really want to know. There should be, we are not bystanders in a game.

As we all begin the process of learning how to live with physical distancing and what portions of our old way of life we'll be able to return to and what will need to change for the common good (when did individualism lose the caring about and for your neighbor??? ~ I think a lot of folks would do well to read a bit of Louis L'Amour) sorry -

I'd like to share an article that seem to explain the physics etc. of virus transmission: . If anyone is a smart person and KNOWS - vs think they know how correct this information is? I'd really like to know...

As you start to carefully venture out and learn how to move instinctively using physical distancing (it's like walking your over excitable dog - you don't even think when you see another dog, you move to a place you know you'll be in control).

I'm assuming physical distancing will be with us for a long time - till a vaccine is found and made in vast quantity or we get to a point of herd immunity ~ which seems a pretty gruesome way for this to end.

Outside is going to be one of the safest places to be other than you're own home as far as conoid-19 avoidance without total isolation.

From everything I understand we need to get this right, care for and take care of each other. In ways we've not done as a society and, We will need to do it for a long time.

Or we blunder ahead and see how many people end up affected and how.

For those of you in Leesburg if your outside adventures bring you downtown, "Follow the Rocks", Walk along parts of Market, King and Loudoun Streets to find them.
I hope there are more, it's like a "don't touch" treasure hunt. The treasure is: smiles, hope and togetherness while we are alone.

You could do this in your neighborhood...

Just sayin'

There are some things, I hope will be changes forever,

There are some things, I hope we will learn,

I want to go forward, understand the risks,

Look to the common good, eyes wide,

Be human.

While there are some of us that are dumber than a mud fence... As a whole we tend to be quite intelligent. What happens if we harness our brain, our wisdom, our energy.
Do we get to decide how many it's OK to have die, or that it's OK as long as "they" are "those folks"? Can we affect what/how it happens? We've already proven that we can.

Or do we have a say?

Can we change the world for good?

Live Aloha,

Allen Understanding the key concepts of transmissibility and infectious dose should reassure you.

Aloha Friends,

Books and Other Found Things also sells via Amazon the link should be:
To take you to BOFT listing on Amazon.

Something to note: the books listed on Amazon are NOT the books you see if you come to the store - there are occasional duplicate titles but the bulk are completely different!

If you happen to see things you're interested in and order through Amazon I ship them out usually the next day. I have the inventory here in Leesburg so I'm am not dependent on Amazon's shipping centers to get them on their way.

[04/14/20]   Books and Other Found Things

Covid-19 Hours:

2PM - 5PM Every Day
(Except Wednesdays
when BOFT is closed all day)
Please Note:
(BOFT may be Open at other random times…)
or… You can call/text 703 609 7504 - I’m just minutes away

Please practice Social Awkwardness
by Staying Physically Distant!
Stay Safe - Not Isolated
And… Wash Your Hands!

[03/24/20]   Aloha All,

~I need your help~

So, here’s what I’m thinking right now - (which could change tomorrow)…

I would like to keep Books and Other Found Things open for now.

~ This is how I think that can work ~

Anyone who enters the store; must first go back to the bathroom and wash your hands for 20+ seconds:
(The ABC Song (regular speed) or Happy Birthday twice).

Then as you wander the store a couple of things:
~Limit the number of people in each room to a maximum of 2 (at opposite sides of the room ideally).
Which means a total of 10 people at any one time (not currently a problem).

If you came as a group and are not social distancing from each other treat yourselves as “one person” and keep apart from others (though you count individually toward store total population).

~Please try to limit items you touch to things you may actually buy (to limit contact transfers as much as possible).

*Young children unfortunately need to be few and there must be an adult with each child helping them understand the new rules about hand washing, distancing and touching things.

We ALL need to keep ourselves and EACH OTHER safe…

(By the way I’ve just learned why soap is really the best and 20 seconds is minimum I’m happy to share if you’d like to know)
(I think it’s pretty cool)

The help I 'm asking for is to follow the above protocols if you do choose to visit during this time of social awkwardness.

~ Everything I've learned tells me this is a big deal and that we as individuals, family groups, churches and businesses will need to learn a new way of being in the world together, by ourselves at the same time if you know what I mean.

What I have learned in the past 2 days since I posted the above protocol on the front door of the store is that ONLY ONE out of the 12 customers who have entered read it (and then washed his hands) EVERYONE ELSE I had to ask to wash their hands (which they have so far been happy to do). One person brought 2 kids and was not monitoring them as they touched everything in reach - I had to ask them to leave...

Okay so I'll tell you - I just learned this last week (and I'm old) so I think maybe others in the world don't really know the WHY of washing your hands with soap (much less the how)

The why is as cool as it is simple The virus (?all viruses?) are surrounded by a "skin" that is made up of fat, soap (just like with dishes) breaks the fat apart allowing it to mix with water and to be washed away. This basically blows up the virus and kills it breaking it into smaller bits that no longer do the bad stuff...
. The second and equally important part of this is that soap (or hand sanitizer) takes a minimum of 20 seconds to do it's thing and kill "da buggahs" (as we'd say in Hawaii). So the amount of time is as important.

I never really understood!

I just saw somewhere, an article saying the viruses aren't "alive" so I need to understand that a bit more I think..

Keep yourself and each other safe.

Allen R.
Books and Other Found Things

[02/23/20]   Aloha ,
Over the past few weeks I've been working on straightening and reorganizing the store. It dawned on me that I've been keeping the store in a state of disarray waiting for Nancy to come and do her making it beautiful thing that she would do. Now that she's dead she is not ever going to do that...
So slowly taking my time and enjoying the process I'm getting it to look as it should.

While there are still boxes on the floor. there are fewer! The fiction room has been done, the garden and art room is done and I'm making progress on the other rooms downstairs.

The room upstairs that was Nancy's private room is also being converted into a new part of the store. I'm thinking it will have the Native American, Child rearing/growing/teaching and Feminist/Women books.

There will also at some point be a rack of Nancy's favorite clothes which I don't want to simply give to a Thrift store. My plan for them is akin to what the Arapaho's do (Nancy worked with them for a number of years and many of our foster kids were from either the Shoshone or Arapaho tribes) Anyway they have a "giveaway" when someone dies and all of the persons stuff is passed along into the family and tribe.
My version will be as I said a rack of her favorite clothes that will be free to anyone that will wear and enjoy them. My hope is to see her favorite clothing coming back to the store on someone else.

I have no Idea how long it will take to finish (enjoying the process is more important to me than speed). Which means I'll never really be done...

I am finding I have a lot more time to devote to the store now that I'm no longer caring for Nancy so I guess the store wins out a little bit?

Please stop by and see my progress (if you can tell) or just say Hi.

E Como Mai,

Allen R.

[11/26/19]   Aloha,
Nancy my partner in all things passed away earlier this month.
Those of you who had the good fortune to know her or to have met her know that she had struggled with health issues for the past 30 years or so due to MS and all of the sneaky things it does to your body.

She truly was an exceptional human who loved life and for most of those 30 years would wake up believing that this new day was going to be great!

While I miss her fiercely, I can not help feeling some sense of relief for Nancy knowing she no longer has to fight so hard to stay in the world and to not disappear into her illness.
Nancy died as she would have planned it. At home, while she was sleeping, with Hapa (our dog) and I there.
(Nancy played one last trick on me- it was totally unexpected!)

She was making big plans to come back to BOFT, had just had a wonderful visit with her best friend and was truly feeling like she was getting stronger and would start to do some of her many projects she had planned. As always she was looking forward to the Holidays.

For BOFT the result is that the store is sometimes not open when it normally would be as I learn to live in this new reality of just Hapa and I in the world (there are family and friends checking in on me).

As I clear away all of the medical paraphernalia that had become a cumbersome patchwork quilt over our lives, I'm starting to find more and more of Nancy, little notes tucked here there (really everywhere) many outlining plans and projects, funny thoughts, notes to me about what she might have been particularly upset with me about but, mostly thoughts about how much she loved the world, children, animals and me and that she would love me forever... I believe that.

The author for First Friday is:
Gbenga Ogunjimi
His book: Borderless Voice:
The Power of Telling Your Story and Defining you Identity:

Whether you come from Cape Verde or Chinatown, Little Italy or Lalibela, you are not so much the product of the environment from which you came, but the narrative that you give yourself. By choosing your story rather than it choosing you, you determine who you are. Borderless Voice will inspire you to find not only your story, but your inner voice, one unconfined by geography, family background, race, or anything else. This book provides a pathway for individuals transitioning between jobs, those conflicted by either having too many opportunities or too little, and those searching for a deeper sense of purpose in their lives. Borderless Voice also offers new insights for minorities, immigrants, and others who feel disadvantaged. The message of this book is simple: The moment you define your identity is the moment you transcend boundaries; your voice becomes borderless

[09/08/19]   Aloha,

Books and Other Found Things will also be open for the newly renovated Girls Night Out on Sept. 19.

The plan/hope is that Girls Night Out will again become a monthly event on the 3rd Thursday of the month here in Historic Downtown Leesburg!

[09/08/19]   Aloha,

Books and Other Found Things will be participating in the Gallery Game again this month on Sept 20th. We will post more information as we get it.

[09/08/19]   Aloha,

Books and Other Found Things will be closed this Tuesday (Sept. 10th). I have a Leadership Development / Team Building program I will be facilitating for the day with a group.
I'll be back Thursday as usual!

[09/01/19]   Aloha,

We have good news and bad news about Emily and Pascale's bake sale here at Books and Other Found Things... The good news is that yesterday they sold over $400.00 in baked goods - all of the money will be donated to the Loudoun Homeless Shelter! The bad news is that they sold ALL of their baked goods! So they will not be back today.

They do plan on further events in the coming months, we'll let you know when they confirm again.

Mahalo to all who stopped by and bought or donated to Emily and Pascale's effort! (The items we bought were delicious).

Allen & Nancy
Books and Other Found Things

This coming First Friday (September 6 2019) author Robert Scott will be her with copies of his book " Gods Rough Drafts" Here is how he describes it:
"God's Rough Drafts" is an epic, teen adventure addressing the question of what might happen in the United States in nothing changes in the next 100 years. After a series of medical procedures, injections, and body part replacements, seventeen-year-old Fallon Westerly discovers that she has developed supernatural gifts found only in the most rare individuals on Earth. Framed for murder and scheduled for dismemberment, Fallon joins teen fugitives Emma Carlisle and Danny Hackett as they escape incarceration and mount an unlikely resistance against government and industry leaders determined to exploit their gifts. What Fallon does not anticipate, however, is that she and her friends will be pursued by an array of creatures, each inspired by nineteenth-century horror novels. The Frankenstein monster, Dorian Gray, Edward Hyde, werewolves, snakes, even H. G. Wells's morlocks arrive, determined to end Fallon's resistance. "God's Rough Drafts" is the first of two novels in the Fallon Westerly series. The next installment, "Poe's Legacy" is due for release during summer, 2020.

Aloha, Today (Saturday the 31st) and tomorrow (Sunday the 1st of September) Pascale & Emily are here at Books and Other Found Things holding a bake sale for the benefit of the Loudoun Homeless Shelter. Please stop by and buy some delicious bake goods and meet these two nice, thoughtful humans! They plan on staying until 4 or 5 this afternoon and coming back tomorrow from 10 AM til 4 or 5 PM

Aloha, Dennis Morrow the author of the Alliance of the Quad series is here at Books and Other Found Things today (Saturday 8/24) from noon till 4 and tomorrow (Sunday 8/25) from 12:30 till 4. He'd love to meet you and tell you about his books. He has copies available to purchase which he'll happily sign.

Aloha, This Saturday (8/10/19) author Tommy Reynolds will be here from 11 till 2 PM with his new book Miller Rounding Third: In Miller Rounding Third, debut author Tommy Reynolds traces the twined paths of baseball and the United States through a multigenerational family saga. The Miller clan exudes hustle and grit, staring down challenges and swinging for the fences to rise from obscurity to unimagined heights of fame, wealth, and respect. Yet, for one young Miller scion, taking anything for granted can lead to a fall from grace and change his fortunes forever. As the Millers round third and head for home, a vista of endless possibility stretches out before them: there are no limits to the number of innings played, but it's how you play the game that determines the outcome.

[08/06/19]   Aloha,
If you have bubble mailing envelopes (used/unused) that you don’t really have a use for, we’d love to have them. We ship quite few books to customers around the country and prefer reusing bubble mailers whenever possible. Beyond saving a bit of money it fits in well with our desire to have a small footprint on the planet (as does finding new homes for used books)…

We’d also happily take and reusable shopping (not plastic) bag you have but don’t need!

A Hui Hou,

Allen R.

Tomorrow's First Friday (August 2, 2019)We will have Greg Lalire her to talk about and sign copies of his new book: Wild West Magazine editor and Leesburg resident Gregory Lalire, a former Central Loudoun Little League baseball coach and onetime sports editor of the Loudoun Times-Mirror, will be signing his latest novel, Our Frontier Pastime: 1804-1815, at Books and Other Found Things at 13 Loudoun Street SW in downtown Leesburg Friday, Aug. 2, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Our Frontier Pastime: 1804-1815 is offbeat historical fiction as “truthfully” told in 1908 by ninety-six-year-old L.C. Crouch, who wants the world to know that Captain Benjamin Batman Bunt, not Abner Doubleday or Alexander Cartwright, was the inventor of the great game of baseball. It is Crouch's contention that BBB, with an assist from Nez Perces and other western American Indians as well as a spirited great horned owl, became the "Father of Baseball" while traveling with the groundbreaking Lewis and Clark Expedition in a highly unofficial capacity—babysitting "the Babe" for Sacagawea, the secret love of BBB's life, and, as it turns out, a pretty fair country ballplayer.

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