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Rainbow International provides "best practices" with integrity and the highest of standards in restoration and cleaning services. Utilizing the most advanced equipment, innovative technologies and a built-in accountability system, our professional emergency crews complete every job rapidly to assure an uncompromising commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, we don't just restore homes and businesses; we restore value, stability, and peace of mind.

Operating as usual

Headed out of town? Keep burglars at bay. Put a light or two on a timer to create the illusion that you're home.

Did you know? Sealing and protecting your concrete floor from moisture is extremely important.https://bit.ly/31Ja8TO

More than just service professionals - we're members of your community.


What Is Creosote and Why Is it Dangerous? | Rainbow International

Creosote buildup inside your chimney poses a fire hazard. Want to learn how to get rid of creosote buildup in your chimney before winter gets here? Rainbow International has the details.

rainbowintl.com Creosote is a chemical formed during a fire. Learn why creosote buildup in a chimney may be dangerous and how to get rid of creosote buildup in chimneys.

Happy Veterans Day! We are forever grateful to those who have served in our nation's military.


What Is a Smoker's Candle?

Here's what you need to know about smoker's candles - and how to really get rid of smoke smells in your house once and for all.

rainbowintl.com What’s that smell? There is nothing more potent than the lingering trace of cigarette smoke in the house. But what’s the best way to eliminate the pesky odor? Smoker’s candles contain neutralizing enzymes designed to destroy smoke odors. But do they work?

Rainbow Restoration wishes you a safe and spooky Halloween!


Rainbow International: Proud Veteran-Owned Small Businesses | Rainbow International

Many Rainbow International franchise owners are also military veterans. Here's how military service prepares veterans to be successful franchise owners.

rainbowintl.com Rainbow International is proud to have many veterans among our franchise owners. Learn how a military background benefits our veteran-owned small businesses.

In a disaster, time is measured in hours and minutes - not days. Choose Rainbow International for 24/7 emergency restoration and remediation services you can trust.


Does Home Insurance Cover Fire | House Fire Insurance

Does homeowners insurance cover fire damage? The answer is usually yes. Rainbow International has compiled some helpful information about homeowners insurance and fire coverage. Read your policy or call your insurance company to be sure.

rainbowintl.com If your home were to suffer a devastating fire, the last thing you’d want to worry about is insurance coverage. Your home is probably your most valuable asset. But will standard home insurance always cover fire damage?

Now more than ever, it's important that your home and office are really clean. Learn about our deep cleaning and sanitizing services. https://bit.ly/3kxVUhc

We never stand alone - our services are backed by a neighborhood of home service professionals.


What to Do After a Fire at Your Business | Rainbow International

Do you know what to do after a fire at your business? Rainbow International has compiled a post-fire task list to help you make sure you don't miss any critical steps. Let us help you get back to business as usual.

rainbowintl.com Not sure what to do after a fire at your business? Stay calm, and follow this step-by-step guide to make sure you don't miss any important details.

Rainbow Restoration encourages you to Think Pink!

Keep all hard copies in a fireproof, waterproof box and save digital copies to the cloud.

Know where your flashlights are? Have an emergency kit? Make sure you're prepared for the next power outage.


Celebrate National Fire Safety Month | Fire Safety| Rainbow International

October is National Fire Safety Month. What are you doing to observe this important occasion? Rainbow International has some tips to help you teach your students or children about the importance of fire safety.

rainbowintl.com October is National Fire Safety Month. Learn how to teach children about fire safety, from the restoration experts at Rainbow International.

Floods and water damage are no match for our local service professionals.


Odor Eliminator Sprays: More Harm Than Good | Rainbow International

You didn't purchase "Spring Flowers + Wet Dog" air spray, don't settle for an unpleasant scent!

rainbowintl.com Are air fresheners safe? Odor eliminator sprays may do more harm than good. Laden with chemicals, they often only mask smells. Learn about safe odor removal.

Once every 100 years? Not quite. A 100-year flood actually means that there is a one percent chance of a large-magnitude flood happening in any given year.


What Is Flood Insurance? | Rainbow International

Do you have flood insurance for your property?

rainbowintl.com What is flood insurance? Learn how to protect properties with traditional flood insurance, or special coverage via the National Flood Insurance Program.


How to Write a Disaster Preparedness Plan | Rainbow International

Does your business have a BCP or a DPP?

rainbowintl.com A disaster preparedness plan (DPP) is an important step in business continuity planning. Learn how to write a disaster preparedness plan for your business.

Keep hard copies in a water- and fireproof box, and digital copies in the cloud.

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Move-In Cleaning: What Should You Clean Before Move-In? | Rainbow International

There's nothing worse than moving into a new home only to find it filled with the old owner's filth. Learn what to clean before unloading your U-Haul!

rainbowintl.com Moving into a new home? Whether it’s new to you or new construction, learn what you should clean and about move-in cleaning services to consider.

Accomplishment will prove to be a journey, not a destination. - Dwight D. Eisenhower

We make disasters disappear.

A major cause of water damage? Appliance leaks. Keep a clean and tidy laundry room so that any leaking from your washing machine is easy to spot.


Do I Need Flood Insurance For My Rental Property | Rainbow International

Do you need flood insurance for your rental property? That's a good question. Learn more at Rainbowintl.com.

rainbowintl.com Do I need flood insurance as a renter? Learn everything you need to know about flood insurance for landlords, tenants and rental properties.


What Is a 100-Year Flood? | Rainbow International

Pop quiz: What is a 100-year flood?

rainbowintl.com What is a 100-year floodplain and why does it matter? You may be surprised to learn its definition! Learn about 100-year floods and floodplain management.


What Is a Disaster Protection Plan? | Rainbow International

Understanding a Disaster Protection Plan is important. Learn more at Rainbowintl.com.

rainbowintl.com A Disaster Protection Plan helps you prepare your business for a disaster. Learn why you need a DPP and how to build a disaster recovery plan for your business.

Did you know that Rainbow International offers commercial services? Trust our team to restore your home or business


What Is a Floodplain? | Rainbow International

Floodplains ... what they are why they matter.

rainbowintl.com A floodplain is a low-lying area where a waterway may overflow. Learn about floodplain zones and the difference between a floodway and a floodplain.


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage? | Rainbow International

Do you know if your homeowners insurance covers flood damage? Learn more at Rainbowintl.com.

rainbowintl.com Does homeowners insurance cover hurricane damage? Learn how to protect your home and family after a storm with the right insurance policies.


What is The Difference Between a Tropical Storm and Hurricane? | Rainbow International

Do you know the difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane? Learn more at Rainbowintl.com.

rainbowintl.com What is a tropical storm? Often the precursor to a hurricane, tropical storms can cause widespread damage. Learn how a tropical storm becomes a hurricane.

Our Story

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.

Unless of course you come home to find a flood, or a fire. In which case, the present is the worst gift ever. One you’d surely like to forget.

But how do you forget something as traumatizing as a fire? As devastating as a flooded home? Or even as messy as a house party? By calling Rainbow International Restoration.

We get up in the morning—or in the middle of the night, because we love cleaning and restoring homes and businesses, so you can get to a point where a disaster feels like a distant memory, or maybe even a punchline.

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