Class 101 - Leesburg

Class 101 - Leesburg

Class 101's mission is to provide families with expert guidance in the college search, admissions, and financial aid process.

Class 101 guides you and your college-bound student through the complex steps leading to university admission. We custom-design the services for you and help make college more affordable. A sample list of services we provide: - A realistic evaluation of college costs, and assistance in finding ways to effectively pay for college. - Practice-test sessions to reduce anxiety and maximize SAT and ACT scores. - Developing a list of colleges that best match student and family preferences. - Assistance in putting together a student resumes and introduction materials. - Brainstorming, proofreading, and coaching to improve essays. - Guidance in completing federal financial aid forms. - Access to information about scholarships. - Guided campus visits at numerous universities. - Support in maintaining high school grades. - Help in meeting application deadlines, scholarship, and other financial deadlines. - Assistance with athletic recruiting.

Sidestep 5 Common Errors When Reapplying to College

"Whether you were accepted to no schools or rejected by your school of choice, here are five mistakes to avoid if you are thinking of reapplying to college." Students that were rejected by colleges the first time around should find ways to present themselves in a new light.

Don't Wait for the College Admissions Sales Pitch. Get in Front of It By Doing the Right Things...

Visiting colleges this summer? Take a look at these three suggestions about how students can personalize and get the most out of their college visits. Parents and guardians have lots of questions and tend to dominate in the asking. But, what admissions really wants to know is what does a student want to know?

Federal Student Aid PIN (1998 -2015) | Blog

Small change to the way you log in to Federal Student Aid websites. Federal Student Aid PIN (1998 -2015) Federal Student Aid PIN, known as PIN to his many friends, died on May 10, 2015, after a long life of public service. Born in Washington, D.C. in 1998, PIN immediately made his presence felt across the country as he helped students complete their FAFSAs electroni…

GoLocalPDX | Lifestyle | College Admissions: Prepare Your Audition Materials this Summer

" If you are a rising 10th-12th grader with an interest in performing arts, your summer should include dedicated time to work on your audition materials." Summer is the ideal time to rehearse and record your performing arts audition materials.

Gen Z Gets Schooled When Millennials were in high school, getting into the best college was paramount in their lives. As the largest generation on record, they knew there would be stiff competition to be accepted into their dream university. For many, the entirety of their secondary education was devoted to achieving t…

GoLocalPDX | Lifestyle | College Admissions: Key Steps to the Athletic Recruiting Process

Key insight: "Many universities have very limited recruiting budgets and therefore, if you can proactively get noticed and make it onto a coach’s “list” (the earlier, the better), it makes it easier for everyone. And it increases your likelihood of being brought onto the team and receiving athletic funding." Understanding how student/athletes need to be proactive to be recruited.

Break the Rules and Get into Your Dream School

Identifying and investing your time in a "separator" - something that differentiates you from the pack and is truly a passion of yours, can be the key to opening doors to your dream college. If you blindly follow the rules you're actually going to end up looking like every other high achieving student out there. And many times all you get for your grueling work is a spot on your top school's waitlist.

GoLocalProv | Lifestyle | College Admissions: 4 Reasons to Start Your College Applications NOW

For rising Seniors - it is critical you get started this summer on your college applications. My summer offerings include essay coaching, SAT/ACT prep, college selection and application planning. Let me know how I can help. For many rising seniors, college still seems far away—but it isn’t. Deadlines for early action and early decision arrive just a few weeks after students return to school in the fall. That means that summer is the best time to do applications and avoid stress later....

Ways for Parents, Students to Revise College Application Essays Together - US News

When it comes to the all important college application essay, you really can't start too soon. We advise students to start the summer before senior year. Find out how the entire family can participate in this important part of the college process.

Best summer jobs for teens in 2015

“Admission offices want to see commitment, leadership and initiative and all three can be demonstrated in a low-skill job. You can show initiative by getting the job, commitment by sticking to it, and leadership by showing up early and staying late.” Forget summer internships. In 2015, employers are hiring, and teens can get land these summer positions, improving their resume for college and their bank accounts.

How to get the most from federal student aid

A useful primer. Before filing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, you need to know exactly what you're getting into.

4 Ways Students Can Prep for SATs Over the Summer

The summer months can be very productive for your college planning. This article presents some excellent pointers. Tackle one practice question each day

Avoid This Trap When Using a Roth IRA to Pay for College

It's important to understand these details when determining the best savings vehicles for funding your children's college education. Paying for college is challenging enough. Paying for college while saving for retirement can be nearly impossible. There is only so much money to go around. Roth IRAs can be a great way to bridge the gap between paying for college and saving for your own retirement.

Common Application makes changes for 2015-16. Here they are.

The new essay prompts for the 2015-2016 Common App are out. Take a look at the revised prompts and some other small changes for next year. New essay prompts and more.

ACT to expand testing by computer - US News WASHINGTON (AP) — NOTE EMBARGO

Don't Catch Senioritis! It Could Cost You Your College Acceptance

"According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, 22 percent of colleges revoked an admissions offer in 2009, the most recent year that the group collected data of this sort. Final grades were responsible for the majority of the revocations — 65.3 percent — followed by disciplinary information learned about a student and falsified applications." The college application process is over, graduation is approaching and spring is in full bloom, making conditions ripe for a highly contagious phenomenon amo...

College Financing Q&A Experts answer more readers’ questions about saving and paying for college.

Lauren Padilla: Tips from a college-bound senior for next year's applicants

Really enjoyed this article from a successful college bound senior. Best advice: "Start the process early." People act crazy during the college process.

5 financial aid tips to help you choose the right college

"Nearly 60 percent of students receive some form of financial aid to help defray college costs, and 47 percent of freshmen said they chose their college because it gave them financial assistance." Don't underestimate how critical the financials are

Yale may change standardized testing requirements

The redesigned SAT, set to debut in March 2016, will have a stronger emphasis on evidence-based reasoning, include a more specific math section, shift away from obscure vocabulary to terms that students will see more often in college, and return to the 1,600-point scale. In March of last year, the College Board announced its commitment to a redesigned SAT that is “more open and clear” than any previous version of the exam. In light of the future change, Yale is evaluating its standardized testing requirements.

How to Maximize College Financial Aid

A key point that many families may not realize: "Most universities required applicants to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by early or mid-March, but the federal deadline isn't until June 30. That means applicants still have a chance to claim some federal grants, even if they don't think they qualify." Paying for a college education can be daunting: A four-year public university can cost $19,000 a year on average, while the priciest private nonprofit schools can cost near $70,000, according to the College...


College acceptance letters are out - how to make the big decision? This article provides some nice, down-to-earth advice. Lancaster County's leading source of news and information

How Colleges Assess Expat School Curricula When Making Admissions Decisions

Attending high school overseas creates some unique challenges and opportunities for expats when applying to US colleges. Are you -- or is your child -- an expat attending an overseas high school and planning to apply to U.S. colleges? Here are tips on how to approach your school's course offerings, and how to make sure college admissions officers understand your decisions and your school's curriculum.

Color of Money: Helping a relative pay for college WASHINGTON — When I teach about personal finance at my church or for various other organizations, I often refer to the Old Testament story of Joseph.

The positive role of social media in the admission process: "Many use social media to demonstrate interest, one of the top seven factors affecting admissions, according to NACAC’s Admission Decision Survey. Using social media, they might "like" a campus on Facebook, or "follow" it on Twitter. As time passes and more information is garnered about favorite campuses, students can build an ever more detailed and complete profile of the features and benefits favored institutions provide."

Admission to an elite university won't dictate a student's success in college or beyond | Opinion

Hope for us all: Gallup- Purdue University study in May 2014 "found that the selectivity of the college a student attended mattered less than what a student actually did while on campus." By Kristin M. White It's that time of year again: High school seniors and their parents are on high-alert waiting for news of their fate in the elite college admissions process. For many families, it has been years of planning...

Forget transcripts and SAT scores, these students got to college by video

Video essays could become a larger part of the admissions process. Goucher College allows students to submit two-minute videos about themselves; 49 were admitted.

How to Survive the College Admissions Madness

If you're feeling anxiety over the college admissions process, please read this. The obsession with elite colleges distorts reality, hurts kids and perverts education.

Five Hot Tips For College Financial Aid

Most people don't realize that they can appeal Financial Aid decisions. As John Wasik writes, "Colleges are actually surprisingly flexible on packages if you can articulate a reason for sweetening the aid package." Very helpful advice here. In the priime time for college acceptance letters and aid offers, there are several things you can do to boost your chances of getting non-loan assistance.

Tactical College Visiting

You need to visit more than just your top choice colleges - each college visit can be valuable if you approach it the right way. As high school juniors and their parents ponder whether to visit or not to visit, I strongly recommend the former. It's the only way for students to see whether they could imagine spending four years at a given college, and it allows them to set them...

The ‘New’ SAT

Class of 2017 - get ready for the "New" SAT! In my first two articles, I highlighted some of the changes to the Math portion of the new SAT, along with some sample problems. I have given this third article over to my Verbal co-teacher, Ann Brodsky, who has been with me for over 10 years and who will analyze the “new” Verbal section.

Your College Advisor: Juniors: Senior year is almost here, just like spring

Key point: The 2013 "State of College Admission" report compiled by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), revealed that grades and challenging courses were the most important factors when admitting students. Your College Advisor: Juniors: Senior year is almost here, just like spring March 11, 2015 Last updated: Wednesday, March 11, 2015, 12:31 AM By Pat Restaino Parsippany Life Print Will winter ever end? Will spring ever arrive? Stay tuned. As the seniors anxiously await their college admission resu…

The College Search: Advice for You and Your College Roommate

"#2. Rigor is even more important than GPA. Taking difficult classes in high school says more about a student's capability for college-level work than getting As in easy classes." Parents are not asking for the "inside scoop" or "the real story." Instead, they want to know what their role should be in preparing their kid to be successful and realistic. And, I must say that I appreciate the realism they brin...

Students encouraged to take ACT multiple times

Agreed. Students are encouraged to take the ACT several times to improve their scores, Melissa Shields, director of technology for the Etowah County Schools system, said.

The 10 Best Colleges For the Money

Read more about this report on - you can sort the list by state. The top 5 in Virginia (for in-state students): VMI, UVA, Washington & Lee, Virginia Tech, and George Mason. In purely financial terms, you'll get more for your money at Harvey Mudd College than at an Ivy League school

Crutcher hailed as new UR president

Historic news for the University of Richmond -- welcome to Virginia, Dr. Crutcher! The historic nature of the appointment of Dr.Ronald A. Crutcher as the next president of the University of Richmond was not lost on people attending last Friday’s public ceremony at the Robins Center to welcome him to campus. Dr. Crutcher, accompanied by his wife, Dr. Betty Neal Crutcher, and their…

The Magic Trick That Could Help Students Pay For College

This story and its predecessor provide important background on the FAFSA. The IRS and the Department of Education already have the power to make the Free Application for Federal Student Aid easier without cutting questions. So why haven't they?

The School Where Everyone Fills Out The FAFSA

Great example of the importance of filling out the FAFSA. At a Chicago high school, 100 percent completion isn't the goal. It's expected.

Helpful perspective and encouragement from the dean of admissions and financial aid at Lawrence University.

Coffey: William & Mary aims to end NCAA Tournament drought

Would love to see W&M break through this year! Thomas Jefferson never got to spray-paint his body green and gold at an NCAA Tournament game in his undergraduate days.

Spring Into Powerful College Visits

We recommend visiting 10 campuses before senior year. Many kids are very visual and need to see a campus in real life. Visit a variety of campuses so you can see what it means to be at a large urban campus versus a small suburban one. Please just don't visit colleges that are unlikely or true stretch c...

Sweet Briar College to close because of financial challenges

Sad news for a small gem of a college in Virginia. Century-old liberal arts school for women in rural Virginia scheduled to wind down operations in coming months.

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