Oakland Green Farm

Oakland Green raises and sells Angus beef in Loudoun County. We also operate a small B&B at our farm south of Leesburg.

Rib Roasts for the holiday table. Comes complete with instructions and philosophical musings on adaptations. Some cut the meat off the bone before roasting, tying the meat back onto the bone. I have never found it to be too difficult to perform that task after the cook, but I'm open.


HogTree Spanish Style Chorizo! Dry-Cured

And so the season of eating and drinking and celebrating the wonder of this world is upon us. If, for you, that includes a special meal around a stunning rib roast, I've got a few that will make your holiday even more spectacular. Detailed instructions are always available for those who feel uncomfortable. You can come pick up at the farm or we can arrange a delivery or meat-up location.

Many other cuts of beef available as well - stew cuts for the days of NOT really cooking, and stacks of burger patties that are on the table in 20 minutes since those children seem to need to be fed every single day.

And still for a limited time some of those fab chorizo collaboration sausages with @Eliza Greenman's pigs that grew up in the woods here at OGF. Those also available for pickup or can be ordered online and shipped!


hogtree.com This Spanish-style chorizo (chorizo de Pamplona) is a half pork/half beef collaboration between HogTree and Oakland Green Farm. This traditionally cured chorizo is the favorite food of onlookers at "The Running of the Bulls." Made with pimenton, a smoked paprika from Spain, this chorizo is simply fa...

A long day but freezers restocked! Just over a ton stuffed in there. And so happy to be back on the menu at @market.burger!

[10/15/19]   It's that week! Making way..all the meat on site is at least 20% off, through the end of Thursday. I can do some deliveries in the immediate neighborhood but for those who want to shop, let's make a date!

Work on our 200+ year old barn continues slow and steady. We’re storing the old barn boards and any beams replaced for future use in projects. William is proving to be a fast learner with a hammer and cat’s claw pulling the old hand wrought nails out of the boards!

[09/04/19]   Hi friends - summer is winding down on the farm, and I'm taking orders for the next "graduating class" of steers for sides or quarters of local, pastured beef! If you've been thinking about taking the plunge, let me know and I can walk you through the whole process!

Progress being made. Siding being replaced. Some of the wood coming off the barn is original and you can see many of the nails are handmade. I reckon it’s time to update. Major. Huge. I’m stalking the workers. It’ll be a barn again.

Before reno began @ Oakland Green Farm

Big news at @oaklandgreenfarm. New barn is in pieces in the pasture. Supports and walls being repaired! The 1850 barn is being restored to glory! A very big deal. #oldbarn #barnrestoration #barnsofloudoun#westernloudoun @ Oakland Green Farm

[07/11/19]   Hello Friends! We're fully restocked in the freezers as of last night! New items we're offering are some all beef sausages - Chorizo, Bratwurst, and sweet Italian sausages are all in at $8/lb. Please let me know if you want to stop by or I can always deliver within a reasonable distance for a minimum order! Looking forward to filling your grills with these new products! Also a limited supply of tbones and porterhouses now IN.

Hugely successful day at Oakland Green. Gorgeous flowers by @beeswingfarm, lovely tables and delicious food courtesy of @smokinwillybbq. Y’all come on back,y’hear? Congrats to the sweetest couple, Ana and Bryce - your love and happiness shines bright and is infectious. ❤️❤️ @ Oakland Green Farm

It’s a beautiful day for a wedding at Oakland Green Farm! #loudounweddings #greatdayforawedding #peonies #weddingday #loudounbandb

[03/25/19]   Friends - it's beginning to look a lot like grilling season! The freezers are full with just about all part of beef you might want and I'm taking orders for sides that will be available for pickup mid-late May. Ask me for details on that if you are interested!

Hi Friends - We have a few Rib Roasts left in the freezer! Do not be afraid - it's a perfectly gorgeous piece of meat and only takes a couple important steps to get it right without fail. Let me know if I can bring to you or you would like to stop by and pickup!

[12/01/18]   Hey Friends - it's that time of year - Rib Roast Season! I have a few left in stock and they are ready for your table. All come with complimentary instructions so those of you who fear the rib roast need not. Call or PM me here if I can deliver you a rib roast or if you would like to come pick one up!

[12/19/17]   Hi Friends - I have one Rib Roast left waiting for its place on your holiday table. Will happily feed 6-8 people, more with another protein on the table. This Rib Roast comes with FREE tried and true directions for a sumptuous roast beast.

Some of you may know the Round Hill Local Grocery is opening this weekend. I’m so pleased to announce that neighbors to the west can buy Oakland Green beef right in Round Hill! I’ve just delivered so lovely steaks, roasts, and of course the beloved hamburger.

Oakland Green is restocked! Plenty of all cuts! And lovely to back on the menu at Market Burger Fries and Shakes!

How To Butcher An Entire Cow: Every Cut Of Meat Explained | Bon Appetit

So here's a wonderful video explaining the process for breaking down a side of beef. When you purchase a side from Oakland Green, this is is a great example of what happens in order to get you your custom cuts for your own side beef!


Jason Yang, butcher at Fleishers Craft Butchery, breaks down half a cow into all the cuts you would see at your local butcher shop. There are four sections Y...

First little bull calf of 2017 tagged and healthy and happy.

Meating up! Brought the slimmed down transport and missed my crew but we're coming atcha Market Burger Fries and Shakes. Pleased to be back on the menu.

[12/07/16]   Pregnancy anxiety is done for the year. Our vet visited and I'm happy to be expecting 13 (maybe 14) babies in the spring. The maybe is a cow who usually gets pregnant but also usually tries to kill us when we check her so she's "assumed pregnant." By the Vernal Equinox we ought to have babies on the ground, may the good Lord be willing and the creek don't rise.

[12/05/16]   Rib Roast! Get your rib roast! Have a few in stock. Perfect for Christmas dinners. Our standing rib roasts are about 5-6 pounds. And don't be intimidated. They come with explicit instructions which do not fail when followed! Call or PM and we can meat-up!

Some dear local friends who make great cheese...want to make more great cheese. Support them, you might get to name a goat!

Join the #GeorgesMillCaveCrew! Our Kickstarter campaign to build an underground cheese cave is now live! The first 50 backers who pledge $50 or more get an invite to our groundbreaking party as well as our other awesome rewards! We need to raise $20,000 by October 19th so please share with anyone you think might be interested!


#herewego #georgesmillfarm #kickstarter #crowdfunding #loudouncounty #goatcheese #cheesecave

[09/03/16]   Friends we are back in the beef! It's been a slow summer for the cows but a wild summer for their caretaker. I have a sense just today that we are all going to survive the heat of 2016 and as we edge into the glorious late summer and fall remember I'm happy to meat-up with you or let me know if you want to come paw through the freezers yourself!

[05/01/16]   Well I got one sip of coffee in me before "o, cows in the yard." at least they aerated and fertilized during their moments of freedom. really they just wandered around the entire exterior of their own field trying to figure out how to get back in.


i always do steak in a skillet...not always with herbs but always with butter....i think i know what i'm having for dinner Saturday night. (hey Leesburg Vintner - what is the recommended pairing?)

Steak With Garlic Butter

FULL RECIPE: http://bzfd.it/22psPTS

[05/23/15]   well that was fast....burgers for the weekend sold out by 2pm today. Thanks to Wegmeyer Farms for the great berries which apparently made people hungry for delicious beef. The good news is that I still have a goodly amount of frozen ground beef and lots of other cuts for your freezer or Memorial Day plans!

Wegmeyer Farms

alert: burgers will give you strength to fight off strawberries that are jumping at you. at the Wegmeyer home farm location in Hamilton Saturday and Sunday!

Farm news alert: The strawberry picking this Memorial Day weekend starting Friday will be the best picking we've ever had. And the weather will be perfect. The berries are large, sweet, juicy and will almost jump in your bucket.

[05/20/15]   We missed the Loudoun Farm Tour this year but for all you strawberry fiends, we WILL be grilling burgers and selling frozen beef to take home this weekend at Wegmeyer Farms HOME FARM location. Saturday and Sunday 11-3! Come out and get your berries and have a burger on this glorious spring weekend!

[04/10/15]   Friends - the beef is in again! A goodly amount of ground beef as well as some gorgeous steaks, roasts, and boney bits. And since I'm always seeking new and interesting cow parts to carry, we thought we'd try some tallow this time. Let me know what you need! You can always come out and pickup (just let me know when) or I do have a limited delivery area if it's hard to make the trip.

[01/13/15]   For those who have been patiently waiting, we're back in the beef! Freezers re-stocked (yes, ground too!) and it even looks like the roads may thaw so you may come visit later this week! As always deliveries within a reasonable distance (and for reasonable amounts) are always an option. Hey Spring, don't be late!

[10/16/14]   Hi friends - this weekend is Loudoun County Fall Color Farm Tour!. As usual we'll be set up at Crooked Run Orchard selling burgers off the grill and beef for your freezer. We hope to see you out there. Supposed to be a beautiful fall weekend, come pick some apples and enjoy a burger!

[10/02/14]   If you've been waiting for that ground beef, your wait is almost over. We'll be restocking our freezers tomorrow! If you want to stop by over the weekend or next week to stock up YOUR freezer, just let me know so I can be sure to be here! Of course we're getting ground and a full complement of steaks, stew beef, roasts, offal, etc. Get it while it's cold!

[09/24/14]   Excited to learn that the fine musicians at Watermelon Park Fest will be eating beef stew from my little cows this weekend. Lovingly prepared by our friends at Bluewater Kitchen. Hope y'all enjoy!

[06/21/14]   We are officially re-stocked! 7 freezers full of beef for your summer grilling pleasure. Place your orders or let me know when you'd like to come shopping!

[06/19/14]   Oh Boy - the ground beef drought is nearly over. And the NY Strip drought, and the Delmonico drought....picking up a ton of beef tomorrow from my wonderful butcher, including 300 lbs of ground beef....get it while it's cold, friends. If you want to drop by to pickup this weekend, let me know your time and I will be here. And remember I have a limited delivery area. And I will restock the supremely patient Philomont General Store!

[05/13/14]   Wow - it's Farm Tour week! We'll be out at Wegmeyer Farms cooking burgers and selling beef for your freezer! Come on out and get some lunch - looks to be a beautiful weekend.

[05/02/14]   Friends - spring has sprung! And I'm trying to keep up with all the new calves and new grass and upcoming events. This weekend we'll be set up at Clyde's Willow Creek Farm for their Earth Day event. I'm only going to bring a smattering of meat for sale, but if you pre-order, I can bring for easier than normal pickup. Let me know what you want!

[02/14/14]   For those worried about getting out to the Loudoun Grown Expo tomorrow - don't! I was just downtown getting mash from Catoctin Creek Distilling Company and The Town of Purcellville is moving mountains (literally) of snow to provide ample parking for the event tomorrow. We'll be there with bells on and plenty of beef so come on out and stock up!

[02/10/14]   Oh wow - it snuck up on me! This weekend is the Loudoun Grown Expo! This is one of our favorite events. We will be there with plenty of meat for our friends to take home! It's a great opportunity to visit with a lot of the producers in this area and take home some of the bounty. Local eating isn't just for summertime! Come on out and join us.

[12/16/13]   Friends, as of Friday we are fully re-stocked with beef! If there's something I've been out of (short ribs anyone?) I probably have it now. AND I have several standing rib roasts for your Christmas table and they come with free instructions for a fool-proof, yet impressive, roast. It's not as hard as you think - actually for us it's a great, easy technique that yields beautiful results.

And we're excited to be there too! It's a great partnership with Faith Like A Mustard Seed Farm and I'm excited to see where this goes! We have a good variety of our beef at the Purcellville Community Market nowadays.

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the absolute best beef producer in Virginia - Oakland Green Farm of Lincoln, Virginia (just south of Purcellville).

Sara Brown's family has been raising grass fed Angus cattle for nine generations, and have perfected a "secret recipe" of grains that give her beef a unique and wonderful flavor and tenderness. Patricia's catering clients rave about this beef!

You can buy Oakland Green steaks, roasts, and ground beef at our farm, and at the Purcellville Community Market on Saturdays. Welcome Aboard, Sara! "

Photo Source: www.oaklandgreen.com

[10/21/13]   Thanks again to all our friends (old and new) who came out to visit us at Crooked Run Orchard on Loudoun Farm tour this weekend. It was a great weekend for getting out and about in Loudoun. If you missed us this weekend and need to stock your freezer with delicious beef, just drop a line. I do deliveries in the local area and I'm always happy to have you out to the farm to Meet Your Meat! ;)

We'll be here cooking burgers at Crooked Run Orchard in Purcellville until 4PM - beautiful day to take a walk in the orchard and have a burger!

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