Tompkins Physical Therapy and Medical Gym of Leesburg

Tompkins Physical Therapy and Medical Gym of Leesburg

Tompkins Physical Therapy and Medical Gym of Leesburg Tompkins Physical Therapy specializes in orthopedic PT to include sports injuries, joint replacements, spine injuries, as well as other joint issues and soft tissue injuries.

The Medical gym is specialized for the the client who doesn't feel comfortable in the typical gym setting and needs to exercise with more supervision to meet goals of general wellness and to specifically lower disease risk. We off group fitness classes catered toward the senior citizen and inexperienced exerciser, as well as personalized exercise prescriptions to meet your specific needs.

Operating as usual

Gliding into the weekend like 💁‍♂️ #ptjokes #physicaltherapy #loudouncounty #leesburgva

Did your sports team start practices this week and you noticed some aches and pains from all of your couch time during quarantine? Come in and let us get you back to painfree movement before you return to competition! #physicaltherapy #leesburgva #loudouncountyva #athlete

Your pain doesn’t stop because of a pandemic, don’t put off taking care of your body! We are having fun on this rainy Friday showing you what we are doing to keep you safe so you can get back to moving better 😷 #pandemicPT #weareinthistogether #physicaltherapy #leesburgva #loudouncounty

[05/12/20]   Who could benefit from PT telehealth appointments?

****People who are having pain or difficulty with their current work from home set up. Many people are working from home for the first time and didn’t have time to set up an ergonomically efficient home office. It has never been easier for us to help you perfect your set-up to decrease the strain on your sore neck, back, hip, shoulder, etc!
****People who are having difficulty with childcare due to daycare and school closures. You don’t even need to leave the house!
****People with compromised immune systems or who may be at high risk during the current COVID 19 outbreak.
****People who prefer a more private treatment setting than the open clinic. Telehealth sessions are completely one-on-one in a quiet, private setting.
****People who are unable to afford their copay at this time due to loss of income (please confirm with your insurance company how they pay for telehealth appointments).**

FOAM ROLLER. Such a versatile tool that can be used in so many different ways to keep you mobile and painfree. Leave a comment below telling us your favorite way to use your foam roller. Spoiler alert: Billy’s method shown here isn’t very effective 🤪 #foamrolling #foamroller #physicaltherapy #leesburgva #loudouncounty #homeworkout #homegym

We are still here! We are masking up and disinfecting to keep you safe when you come in for PT. 😷 #physicaltherapy #leesburgva

DROP AND GIVE US 10! Are you doing yard work or cleaning today? Don’t forget to include some press ups! These activities generally involve a lot of forward bending, which often leads to an unhappy low back. Try doing some press ups in between jobs as your doing your chores today! #happyspine #physicaltherapy #leesburgva

We want to ease some of your concerns about telehealth PT. There is so much we can do to help you get better without touching you. We have a lot of self-treatment techniques we can share with you via online treatments. Having pain with your new work from home setup? You can show it to us and we can help you problem-solve! Are your home exercises getting too easy and need a progression? We can easily do that via telehealth! Are your kids suddenly home with you and due to social distancing you can’t have a babysitter come to the house? No problem, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home! Any other questions? Send us a message or drop them in the comments! #telehealth #virtualPT #physicaltherapy

Want to know more about telehealth PT or what would be included in your session? Here’s Jen giving you some examples! Call our office today if you’re interested in scheduling a session!

Workstation posture

Working from home suddenly and worried you don’t have a good desk set up? Check out our video for some tips!!

Here is a quick demonstration of changes you can make to improve your posture and decrease strain on your musculoskeletal system while sitting at work. Lumba...

We have exciting news!! We are now accepting patients via telehealth! This means we are able to provide our patients exercise programs, self-treatment techniques, and biomechanical assessments via a secure video platform. Even better, most insurances will pay for this service just like they would for an in-person appointment. The only equipment you need is a smartphone or a webcam!

Contact us today with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment!

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This is the last time we will bug you to vote for us, today is the last day!! Click the link below and give us a vote please! ❤️ You can vote once per day per category in any or all categories through Friday, Feb. 21.

Leesburg Farmers Market

Don’t forget to vote! And vote for our friends at the Leesburg Farmers Market and all of the other wonderful small business listed in this post while you’re at it!!

Just a quick reminder that you can vote every day this year! Also, lots of our market friends and neighbors are also in the top 5 so please spread the love and vote for all of these Leesburg businesses when you’re voting:

Farm: A Farm Less Ordinary
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Deli/Sandwich: Deli South
Lumberyard: Local Wood
Outdoor Shop: Revolutions by Maverick a Community Bicycle Co-Op
Pharmacy: The Compounding Center
Physical Therapy: Tompkins Physical Therapy and Medical Gym of Leesburg
Jewelry Store: Ketterman's Jewelers
Musician: Willie White
Date Spot: Downtown Town of Leesburg, Virginia

Don’t forget to keep voting at the link in this post! We are in the ‘Health & Medical’ category! We appreciate your support!

Voting starts today!!! You can vote every day once a day until December 27 (don’t worry we will remind you again 🤪). Click the link below to vote!! #bestofloudoun2020

Voting starts today!!! You can vote every day once a day until December 27 (don’t worry we will remind you again 🤪). Click the link below to vote!! #bestofloudoun2020

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#TBT Happy Halloween!!! We are open normal hours this evening (until 8 pm). Don’t forget the parade starts at 6 pm and ends in our parking lot so keep that in mind when coming in this evening! Have a spooky day! 👻 🎃

Happy Friday! Get out and enjoy the ☀️ @jenlaustenpt rode her 🚲 to work today! Tired of being sore after your ride? Maybe your bike fits you, but your body isn’t fitting the bike! You give your bike regular tune ups, don’t forget your body needs them too! 💪🏻 #leesburgva #cycling #wodtrail #loudouncounty #physicaltherapy

@tuskyfootball getting it in before school 🏈 💪🏻 #loudouncounty #leesburgva #physicaltherapy

Check out our new YouTube video! Today we are talking about how to set your car seat for optimal alignment.
#physicaltherapy #alignment #leesburgva #loudouncounty

WE’RE BAAAAAACK! After a busy summer we are back with some great content for you all! We are talking today about workstation posture. Head to the link below to see the full video with all the tips and tricks!

Coming soon to a PT session near you... #bfr #bloodflowrestriction #physicaltherapy #leesburgva #loudouncounty

Make a time investment now to keep your health for later! Need to know what to do? Make an appointment today, we can help! #motivationmonday #loudouncounty #leesburgva #physicaltherapy #health #fitness

Got a big egg hunt planned for this weekend? Keep your back healthy with this tips...
Squat to pick up those eggs, use your legs!
Keep your spine neutral as you reach for the egg, don’t round too much!
Avoid excessive twisting in only one direction, look for eggs on both sides of your body!
Most importantly, have fun! #spinehealth #eastereggs #leesburgva #loudouncounty


Check out this article with nutrition tips for recovering from injury!

With physical therapy, stretches, and other forms of injury recovery, diet often gets lost in the shuffle. See which foods aid in recovery and set you up for a stronger, healthier comeback season.

#wellnesswednesday #loudouncountyva #leesburgva

Today for #wellnesswednesday we are talking about strength training! I think we all know strength training is beneficial for physical appearance (getting buff 💪🏻), but it is important for a ton of other reasons! Here are some benefits of strength training you may not know about...

💪🏻 Lower abdominal fat. A 2014 study of men found that strength training is more effective than cardiovascular exercise in reducing abdominal fat.
💪🏻 Better cardiovascular health. Decreasing abdominal fat also decreases the visceral fat that sits around your heart and other vital organs.
💪🏻 Controls blood sugar levels. Resistance training improves your muscles’ ability to take in and use glucose (blood sugar).
💪🏻 Reduced cancer risk. A 2017 study showed that visceral fat cells produce high levels of a cancer-triggering protein. Thus, decreased visceral fat decreases risk of cancer.
💪🏻 Osteoporosis prevention and management. A 2014 study showed that just 12 weeks of strength training increased spine and femur bone mineral density by 2.9 and 4.9 percent respectively.
💪🏻 Brain health. A 2016 study showed men aged 55-86 who strength trained twice a week for 6 months improved cognitive test scores significantly.

Time to hit the weights! Not sure where to start? Make an appointment today and we can help you get started on a safe strength training program!

This is a great stretch for when you’ve been hunched over your desk all day, but often people arch their back which means their pecs aren’t getting as strong of a stretch. Next time you lay down on your foam roll, make sure to press your lower ribs firmly into the roll and feel the difference in the stretch! #motivationmonday #loudouncounty #leesburgva #physicaltherapy @ Tompkins Physical Therapy and Medical Gym of Leesburg

It’s #FormFriday and we are going to talk about the IT band...

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say their IT band is tight and they are foam rolling it to improve flexibility. Let’s discuss why that isn’t the best move.

In a 2018 study by Hall and Smith, they found that foam rolling directly on the IT band caused NO CHANGE to range of motion, but hip adduction range of motion did improve with foam rolling the surrounding muscle groups. What does this mean for you?

Foam rolling directly over the IT band is uncomfortable and according to this study, UNPRODUCTIVE. So what should you do instead? Roll forward a bit and roll the outside of your quad muscle and the front of your hip (think from your front pocket down toward your knee). Roll backward a bit and roll your gluteal muscles. Both of these things have been shown to improve hip ROM and are generally less painful than rolling right over the IT band.

So whip out that foam roller and try something different for #FormFriday !

#foamrolling #itband #physicaltherapy #leesburgva #loudouncounty

#motivationmonday #leesburgva #loudouncounty #loudouncountyva

Thanks to @allisonteppernutrition for coming in to chat with us and teach us a bit about nutrition on National RD Day yesterday! 🍍 #wellnesswednesday #nutrition #leesburgva #loudouncounty

It’s #motivationmonday and we’ve got a great stretch for you today that you can do right at your desk!

When you’re feeling like your posture is starting to fade and your neck and upper back are starting to get sore, try this one out!

Sit up tall, pull your shoulder blades down and back, open your chest, and move your arms up and down like Jen is here in the video.

#motivationmonday #physicaltherapy #posture #stretch #leesburgva #loudouncounty

It's #formfriday! Let's talk about an exercise that is done frequently, but many people lack the mobility to do correctly.

In order to do a good squat, you need:
1. Adequate ankle dorsiflexion range of motion
2. Adequate hip and knee flexion range of motion
3. Adequate hip strength and motor control to avoid valgus at the knees
4. Adequate motor control and core stability to avoid excessive extension through the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine

Want to learn how to check if you meet all these criteria? Check out the stories for more info about each! Still not sure? Give us a call and make an appointment ASAP!

#formfriday #squat #physicaltherapy #strength #motorcontrol #leesburgva #loudouncounty

How are you getting active on this #wellnesswednesday? Amy strapped on her little bear and went for a walk with her dog! Let us know how you’re getting moving today in the comments!
#wellnesswednesday #leesburgva #loudouncounty #active

What are you doing to improve your health on this #motivationmonday? Need some #inspiration?

Here are some ideas you can easily implement today:

- Drink half your body weight in ounces of water

- Set a timer to get up and walk around your floor or do 10 squats every hour

- Walk for 30 minutes instead of surfing the internet on your lunch break

- Plan to incorporate at least 1 vegetable into each of your meals today

Have any other tips for people? Leave some in the comments!

#leesburg #loudoun #healthyliving #health #healthyeating #hydration

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