Performance Edge - Sports Training

Performance Edge - Sports Training

Performance Edge - Competitive Sports Training is a high performance training facility geared toward training athletes of all ages and sporting backgrounds. PE will develop a program for you & coach/train your physical capacities to their potential.

At Performance Edge, we work with individuals who demand exceptional training. All training programs are individualized to achieve results. We blend science and innovation to deliver quality training AND coaching – leading to the next level – whether that be in the game or in life. Customized training programs focus on strength and power development, sport-specific movements and injury prevention.

Why train with a degreed, certified strength professional and learn Olympic lifting techniques? 40 plus 1st and 2nd team All-Met athletes, 3 Virginia Gatorade Players of the Year, 3 D1 College All-Americans, one 1st and 3rd round NFL Draft Pick, numerous D1 D2 and D3 All-Conference selections, numerous 1st and 2nd team VHSL All-District, Regional and State football, baseball, swimming, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, hockey, track and field, and golf athletes are a pretty good reasons. Bring your potential and let us help you develop it! #tripleextensionthursday #rateofforcedevelooment #overloadtraining #sciencebasedtraining #whereathletestrain #sportstraining #weighttraining @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @sbhsathletics @bwhsfootball @tuskyfootball @riverside_fb @indyhsfootball @woodgrove_wolverines @potomacfallsfb

Where aspiring, college recruits and collegiate athletes come to train! Learn proper form, lifting mechanics or just get help being taught your prospective schools team incoming and summer lifting program. Supervised and instructed by degreed/certified former high school, collegiate, and NFL strength professionals. #whereathletestrain #strengthcoach #strengthathlete #strengthandconditioningcoach @stonebridgefootball @sbhsathletics @riverside_fb @rhs_rams_hoops @sbhs_softball @tuskyfootball @tuscaroralacrosse @broadrun_baseball @brhsfootball @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @burgsportsnet #itdoesntgeteasieryoujustgetstronger @oneloudoun @va_xtreme_elite

Congratulations to our 2019 All-Dulles District 1st Team 1st BaseTaylor Yokum (Sr.) Loudoun County, All-Potomac District Utility Sara Kelly (Jr.) Broad Run, and 2nd Team All-Potomac District OF Lauren Halpern (So.) Tuscarora. We appreciate all your hard work and training. @lcraidersoftball @broadrun_baseball @tuskyhusky @sbhs_softball @riversideramssb @vhsvikingfootball @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun #playstrong #strengthtrainingforwomen @oneloudoun @va_xtreme_elite @loudounrebelsbasketball

Flash is nice, speed can kill, but substance for all things hope for and that will come to pass is always based on a strong foundation. Our clients are coached in biomechanically safe movement mechanics, age appropriate lifting protocols, and injury prevention pre-hab exercises so that they may attain what they aspire! #bringyourpotential @sbhsathletics @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @sbhs_softball @stonebridgefootball @indyhsfootball @riversideramssb @rvhs_sports @rhs_rams_hoops @tuskyfootball @bwhsfootball @va_xtreme_elite @oneloudoun

Congratulations to all this years graduates! I appreciate the invite Taylor. Sorry I was late, and for showing up in work clothes. Very proud of you, Mac, Alex, Pedro, etc...! Looking for great things in your futures. Best of luck to you all! #collegeboundsoon #nextlevelthinking

Proving why Strength, Power, and Speed makes a deadly combination! Hobart College football OL Dillon Carey showing there's no rest for the wicked. #dedicationovermotivation #tripleextensions #rateofforceproduction #substanceoverflash #wherededicationmeetshardwork @stonebridgefootball @indyhsfootball @tuskyfootball @bwhsfootball @riverside_fb @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @oneloudoun

D1 Bound Evan Buckley prepares for the #nextlevelofcompetition with a very strict 305 lb ser of #timeundertension💪 #squats @duqmbb @stonebridgeathletics @sbhsathletics @stonebridgefootball @va_xtreme_elite #itdoesntgeteasieryoujustgetstronger @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @oneloudoun @loco_sports @rvhs_sports @paulvicatholic

It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger! #offseasongrind #powerdevelopmemt #forcevelocitycurve #rateofforcedevelopment⚡⏱⚡ #notatimetopeak @armywp_football @stonebridgefootball @sbhsathletics @indyhsfootball @tuskyfootball @riverside_fb @broadrun_baseball @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports Nick Mell 315 lb #powersquats #rotationalcoretraining 100kg #powercleans #powerphase

Nick Mell, @stonebridgefootball @armywp_football with a little early pre-game day lifting before tonight's Lacrosse game. #gamedaypreworkout #offseasongains #morethanagrinder #trainsmarter #multisportathlete

Congratulations Nate! It's been my privilege to have been a part of your maturation and journey as a young man, and soon to be professional athlete! Best of luck and God Bless! #movinonup #successisntguaranteed #itsearned @stonebridgefootball @sbhsathletics @riverside_fb @indyhsfootball @charlottefootball @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun @tuskyfootball #nflbound @va_xtreme_elite

Loudoun Valley sophomore Tommy Gaertner finishing a set of 3 with 100kg big things coming for valley football. #grindmode @lvhsviking @stonebridgefootball @indyhsfootball @tuskyfootball @vivaloudoun @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @oneloudoun @tommy_gaertner #doingtodaywhatotherswontsoicandotomorrowwhatotherscant #tripleextensionwednesday

As college spring ball comes to a close we want to congratulate each of you, and wish each of you a Happy Easter Break. Have a great off-season training. @stonebridgefootball @jack_kosko @ndcfalcons @hobartfootball @flashbreece @washandleefb @woodgrove_wolverines @jaredalexcordova @lvhsviking @kallivokas4 @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @burgsportsnet #grindmode #staystrong💪 #championsaremadeintheoffseason

Congratulations on great Spring Camps! We look forward to seeing you perform this coming fall! @stonebridgefootball @andrewv68 @tannerkarafa @bcfootball @acraw92 @goheels @[email protected] @unccharlotte @duronn_3 @shepherdu #staystrong💪 @performance_edge

Throwback Thursday! Success comes at a price. It doesn't get easier you just get stronger!
@sbhsathletics @stonebridgeathletics @stonebridgefootball @sbhs_soccer @sbhs_softball @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports

Congratulations Evan "Turbo" Buckley on your commitment to Duesquene University! #worktime #collegebasketball #collegepreptraining #bmoc #believetoachieve @turbobuck @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @sbhsathletics @loco_sports @lansdownetowncenter @oneloudoun #staystrong #collegecommitments #nextlevelworkouts

What is Triple Extension? (and how does it relate to my sport)

If you want to compete in a sport that requires explosive power and quick acceleration you'll have to get stronger and increase your rate of force development! Learning how to utilize the triple extension of the hip, knee and ankle is paramount! "Bring Your Potential and We'll Help You Develop It!" Stonebridge high school Lansdowne Resort and Spa Riverside Rams Athletics Tuscarora High School (Virginia) @stonebridgeFB Triple extension is the most universal movement pattern in sports. Learning how to train it properly will allow an athlete to reach the next level.

What is Triple Extension? (and how does it relate to my sport)

If you want to compete in a sport that requires explosive power and quick acceleration you'll have to get stronger and increase your rate of force development! Learning how to utilize the triple extension of the hip, knee and ankle is paramount! "Bring Your Potential and We'll Help You Develop It!" Stonebridge high school Lansdowne Resort and Spa Riverside Rams Athletics Tuscarora High School (Virginia) @stonebridgeFB Triple extension is the most universal movement pattern in sports. Learning how to train it properly will allow an athlete to reach the next level.

Exercise officially makes you happier than money, according to Yale and Oxford research

You can't take it with you so... Stone Bridge High School @@vivaloudoun @va_xtreme @@oneloudoun Riverside Rams Athletics Loudoun County High School Broadrun High School Lanesdowne Raspberry Golf Academy Junior Program Yale and Oxford researchers may have just proved exercise is more important to your mental health than your economic status.

A team is only as good as the individuals that makes it up! Working together for a common goal...Becoming bigger, stronger and faster a little more each day! Taylor Davis, John Morton, Nick Mell, Lauren Halpern, Chase Bilek @sbhsathletics @tuskyhusky @va_xtreme_elite #volleyball🏐 #football #softballgirls #believeintheprocess @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun @oneloudoun

The Bilek's taking the phrase "A Strong Family Unit" to the next level! A quality family and some great individuals! #familystrong @va_xtreme_elite @oneloudoun #strengthinnumbers💪

Evan Buckley doin work to prepare for the next level! Great work and effort "Turbo"! @stonebridgeathletics @aaubasketball @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @oneloudoun #grind #lowerbodyworkout #beastmode @turbobuck

There's nothing more rewarding than former clients spending a day of their Spring Break coming in to lift or just visiting and saying thank you for all our assistance and help. It's been my pleasure Daniel Thompson! I am proud of you and appreciate all your hard work over the years! I look forward to seeing you terrorize the defense backfield again. #beastmode💪 @stonebridgeathletics @stonebridgefootball @tuskyfootball @woodgrovehigh @va_xtreme_elite @vivaloudoun @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @towson_fb

Mattie Rogers VS. NFL Combine Players

I agree with the thought that this was an awesome testament to how Olympic lifting, triple extension, full ROM and bilateral training results in some awesome stuff by some the indicators we use to measure athleticism: BurgSports.comburgsports If you’re involved in the olympic weightlifting or Crossfit communities then you most likely have heard of Mattie Rogers, and if you haven’t here are some of her accomplishments: Silver medal: 2016, 2017, 2018 Pan American Championships 2016 World University Champion Holds 3 American Records Rec...

Heather Meyer @riverside_hs showing quality technique as she continues improving her #rateofforcedevelopment 42.5 kg #splitjerk @rvhs_sports Areyto Volley @burgsportsnet Viva Loudoun One Loudoun LoCo Sports #lansdownetowncenter #lansdowne #volleyballgirls

Rowan O'Sullivan just keeps breaking PR's! 67.5 kg #powerclean @tuskyfootball @husky_ths @tuskyhusky #diving #springboarddiving #verticaljumptraining #strongerleanerbetter @burgsportsnet Viva Loudoun LoCo Sports

A little better everyday! 65 mg #powerjerk Stone Bridges #tightend #widereceiver Luke Hughes #beginningofsomethingbig #rateofforcedevelopement #powerdevelopement @stonebridgeathletics @stonebridgefootball @burgsportsnet Viva Loudoun

Another great outing on the mound. Great to see all your hard work this summer is paying off Jena Calviti @umwathletics #personaldedication @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun @oneloudoun #lansdownetowncenter

Dedication , drive and the desire to train when others won't, so you can do what others can't! Great workout this morning Taylor Davis. @stonebridgeathletics @stonebridgefootball 55 mg #splitjerks and 10 lb medicine ball #glidedisc #lateralsquats #corestrengthening #mobility One Loudoun @burgsportsnet Viva Loudoun LoCo Sports

Results come with a price, but after all the hard work it sure is nice to look in the mirror and see a big smile looking back your way! B. Weis, mother of three, knocking out a nice set of 90 lb back squats. #commitmentisyourchoice #fitmom #cantstopme

"A picture is worth a thousand words" Brenda Wise, you made the commitment, put in the time, and did the work! Now enjoy the fruits of your labor! You Rock! #dedicated❤ #strongwoman #fitwomen #nolookingback #committed #feelingood #momover50 #proudofyou

Nate Davis @stonebridgefootball @charlottefootball best of luck this Friday at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine! It's was our pleasure assisting you and watching your maturation through high school, college and now the @nfl #bigthingscoming @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @riverside_fb @tuskyfootball @va_xtreme_elite @indyhsfootball #getbigorgohome

Congratulations Tanner! There's no doubt your hard work, determination and perseverance are responsible for your success on and off the field. Were extremely proud of you! Best of luck this coming season. #noshortcutstosuccess @stonebridgefootball @stonebridgeathletics Virginia Xtreme Sports @burgsportsnet Viva Loudoun LoCo Sports One Loudoun @riverside_memez @tuskyfootball @broadrunfootball @bwhsfootball @indyhsfootball

Boston College Spring Football

CongratulationsTanner Karafa! Your hard work, determination, and perseverance have made this all possible. It's been our pleasure to have been a small part of that. We look forward to the Eagles up coming season, and watching your continued success. God Bless! Stone Bridge Bulldogs Football @vivaloudon Riverside Rams Athletics @va_xtreme :// See the story

To some a Snow Day means being able to stay in bed a few hours more...for others it's an opportunity to get better! Which one are you? #dotodaywhatotherswontsoyoucandotomorrowwhatotherscant #dedicationhasnolimitation Jeremy Hughes @vaacademy #basketball🏀 #lowerbodycomplex

Weather changes, but no change in priorities, dedication and drive. #successisntguaranteed "It's Earned! #snowday Best of luck to you John Morton, @stonebridgefootball #longsnappers on your visits this week to @delawarefootball and Colorado School of Mines Athletics @minesfootball #hangsnatches #powerbuilding #prioritiesinorder

Brenda Weis, 51 year old mother of three showing the determination that has help her shed 49 lbs since last year. Results don't occur through wishful thinking, they're only achieved through consistent hard work and perseverance. Inclement weather is only an excuse! #fitmom #healthylifestyle #makingchangeshappen #eathealthy

Performance Edge is CLOSED today due to weather ❄

Performance Edge is CLOSED today due to weather ❄ -

Bullsh*t Speed Training - STRENGTH SENSEI

Don’t be fooled by silver tongued salesmen who use catch phrases, jargon, and gimmicks in training. Look to those with the education, experience, knowledge and a quantifiably proven client success rate when choosing your son or daughters training program.*t-speed-training/

How are you spending your President's day? Adult fitness is more than just cardio. Stop by to check out our strength training classes! @vivaloudoun @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @oneloudoun

[02/10/19]   Although a little theatrical the Move U guys are right on with proper scapula placement and possible pathologies (problems/injuries) that can occur with this type of posture. Learning the correct "pre-hab" exercises, as we like to call them, can make a quantifiable difference in the reduction of injuries, and most certainly your performance. Don't wait to late to seek out educated, experienced and certified strength professionals to help take your game or well-being to the next level. #staystrong

The Case Against the Hang Power Clean - SimpliFaster

As with all posts, blogs or articles Performance Edge wants to provide you with the latest data, facts and research that supports our philosophy of Iinjury prevention, movement knowledge, and performance enhancement. Knowledge is Power! Enjoy! #staystrong Are partial Olympic lifting exercises really as good, or better, than the full movements? Coach Kim Goss says absolutely not—and explains why.

Performance Edge - Inclement Weather Policy ❄

Performance Edge - Inclement Weather Policy ❄ -

Performance Edge - MONDAY Hours change due to weather ❄

Performance Edge - MONDAY Hours change due to weather ❄ -

Holiday Hours at Performance Edge

Holiday Hours at Performance Edge -

Congratulations Dillon! Can't keep a strong man Down!
#Dedication #Qualitycharacter #Team Stone Bridge Bulldogs Football Stone Bridge High School Viva LoCo Sports #RiversideRams
Riverside Rams Football-Leesburg, VA Loudoun Valley High School Valley High School Briarwoods Highschool

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Our new facility will be opening in October 2011. We look forward to serving you once again.

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