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Performance Edge - Sports Training


Great staff and program
Competition examples of Judo throws.

Performance Edge - Competitive Sports Training is a high performance training facility geared toward training athletes of all ages and sporting backgrounds. PE will develop a program for you & coach/train your physical capacities to their potential.

At Performance Edge, we work with individuals who demand exceptional training. All training programs are individualized to achieve results. We blend science and innovation to deliver quality training AND coaching – leading to the next level – whether that be in the game or in life. Customized training programs focus on strength and power development, sport-specific movements and injury prevention.

'Everything is a possibility' | High school sports remain in limbo as fall season gets closer

When the opportunity arises...Be prepared! Stronger, Bigger, Faster, Safer, Prepared!
Stone Bridge High School Lansdowne Town Center Viva Loudoun Riverside High School, Leesburg Va Broadrun High School Tuscarora High School Briar Woods High School Heritage High School (Leesburg, Virginia) Loudoun Soccer NSMI Woodgrove High School PTSO Independence High School, Ashburn, VA With the spread of coronavirus still bringing concerns, organizers continue to hold discussions over possible changes to fall sports season.

Champions don't show up to get everything they want, they show up to give everything they have. Great work Breece! 345 lbs power squats. #tripleextensiontuesdsy #rateofforcedevleopment #fasttwitch #powerdevelopmemt #biggerstrongerfaster #intenttomove @washandleefb @stonebridgehsboosters @stonebridgefootball @burgsportsnet @va_xtreme_elite @vikingstrongfootball @riverside_fb @bwhsfootball @loco_sports

Great execution and hip drive Connor Van Tassell! Your drive and willingness to work hard is no doubt going to pay dividends this coming season. @vikingstrongfootball @va_xtreme_elite @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports #powerdevelopment⚡️ #strengthgains #rateofforcedevelopmemt #tripleextensionofthehips #athletes #footballstrengthtraining

"Results Aren't Guaranteed...They're Earned!"

A little light Pre-Father's Day lift. Always great seeing you Luke! Extremely proud of you and appreciate your service to our country! @usnavy Enjoy your weekend and be safe traveling home. Next time I'll buy lunch! God Bless! @brhsfootball @esosportsperformance @burgsportsnet @va_xtreme_elite #tactical #trainingforlife

Phase II is under way and I really want to thank each and everyone of you that have returned. Your support means everything! Thank you!#staystrong💪 @stonebridgehsboosters @vivaloudoun @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @rvhs_sports @vikingstrongfootball @loudounchamber @inovahealthcare

GRinding out a great final set of #powersquats Dillon Carey @hobartfootball @stonebridgefootball @tendosport_official #rateofforcedevleopment #strengthandpowertraining @riverside_fb @indyhsfootball @brhsfootball @vikingstrongfootball

Locked up an stressed's time to get back to boosting our immune systems and building a better quality of life. OPEN AND LOOKING TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR POTENTIAL! Call for pricing and sign up details! B. Weis k
Busting out a energy system, muscle building, immune boosting strength and conditioning circuit. #health #wellness #conditioning #betterqualityoflife #injuryprevention #individualizedprogramming @stonebridgehsboosters @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @loudounchamber

Performance Edge is OPEN 💪

Performance Edge is OPEN 💪 - Our Facility is OPEN and we are excited to see you all! We have lots to share so please read this all the way through. 1. We do ask that all returning clients please reach out to Charlie ([email protected]) to begin the return to training process.  We will need to know what you have been doing duri...

Being satisfied with just good enough is not going to happen! Covid-19, diabetes, ankle injury...only excuse holding me back would be not striving to reach my potential. Not happening today! Impressive PR of 130 kg #powerclean EastonTurner @acgreyhoundsfb #unlockthebeast #powerdevelopmemt #neverstopgrinding #rateofforcedevelpment @stonebridgefootball @stonebridgehsboosters @sbhsathletics @esosportsperformance #welcomeback #bustingout @va_xtreme_elite @easton_7_turner

Another day stronger and more powerful! 132.5 kg #powerjerk by Jared Cordiva #rateofforcedevleopment #tripleextensionmonday #closedchain #stretchshorteningcycle #whereathletescometogetresults #underarmour #bigboytoyz @washandleefb @woodgrove_wolverines @burgsportsnet @underarmour @va_xtreme_elite @stonebridgefootball

Whoever said the road to greatness would be easy? If it were easy, then everyone would do it! Tai Felton in @performance_edge with Drew and @esosportsperformance working to restore muscle function, sprint technique, and strength at 90 kg. Love your dedication Tai! #trapbardeadlift #biomechanics #sportsperformance #movement #efficiency #watchout #maryland #underarmour
@burgsportsnet @stonebridgefootball @brhsfootball @uafootball @terpsfootball

Performance Edge Opening update

Performance Edge Opening update - In anticipation to the end of the quarantine I wanted to reach out to communicate how we plan to reopen. I plan on allowing only 10 clients per session initially, maintaining a socially acceptable distance between each other, providing clean rags and disinfectant cleaner for self-cleaning of equipm...

The Performance Edge coaching staff wanted to congratulate former @stonebridgefootball and @tarheelfootball standout on his signing with the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League! The Ravens are fortunate to have acquired your services. Best of luck Aaron! God Bless! #staystrong💪 @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @va_xtreme_elite @vikingstrongfootball @tuskyfootball @brhsfootball @riverside_fb #beastmode #doingtodaywhatotherswontsoicandotomorrowwhatotherscant #thefuturelooksbright😎

Washed, scrubbed, wiped down, disinfected, and painted...Spring Cleaning completed! Ready and waiting! #staystrong💪 #staysafeandhealthy #whereathletesareforged

Congratulations Billy! All your hard work with the coaches at Stone Bridge and with Drew @esosportsperformance has paid off! They're luck to be getting you! #staystronplaystrong @stonebridgehsboosters @stonebridgefootball @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @greenwavefb

3,700 yards plus and counting, recently name Washington and Lee's football Team Captain...Congratulations Josh "Flash" Breece! No better "Flash" on a Friday than this! #flashbackfriday @stonebridgehsboosters @stonebridgefootball @washandleefb @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @va_xtreme_elite @vikingstrongfootball @riverside_hs @brhsfootball #teamcaptain

Our Performance Edge family and our community mean a lot to us and we understand how difficult the next few weeks will be for most of you. For those of you that have a home gym, some exercise equipment, or just a little free space to move, we have begun programming home exercise programs. These programs will be designed to meet your needs based on what you have available and from where you left off training with us. Please contact us via [email protected] email if interested. #staystrongplaystrong #immunitybuilder Stone Bridge High School Riverside Rams Football-Leesburg, VA Virginia Elite Volleyball

Really bummed that former @stonebridgefootball standouts Easton Turner #quarterback and Josh "Flash" Breece #runningback were unable to train with us this spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We really appreciate your dropping by for a visit prior to our having to close and encourage you both to #staystrong💪 Once this decree is lifted know we will be back at it hard and strong doing all we can to prepare you for the coming season. #staystrongplaystrong @stonebridgefootball @stonebridgehsboosters @rvhs_sports @riverside_fb #wherecollegeboundathletestrain

To our Performance Edge Family.

[03/23/20]   Still crushing! We appreciate you Brenda Weis! "Results aren't Guaranteed...They're earned!" You definitely earned your results! #gotitgoinon #fitmoms #nobulkhere #strengthtraining

Help Your bBdy Stay Strong, Healthy and Safe!

Social distancing, governors executive declaration of 10 or less patrons and increased efforts to maintain a clean and germ free environment. CHECK, CHECK, CHECK! Standard operating procedure! Our providing individualized programs with a documented coach to athletes ratio of 9 to 1, using commercial cleaning and disinfectants purposed to kill everything including staph and MRSA, along with our patrons educated on the importance of taking care of their training facility allow us to continue providing quality training with quantifiable results.

Great job today Gavin Pitts! @loudouncountyfb @countyathletics @stonebridgehsboosters @stonebridgefootball @brhsfootball #injurypreventiontraining #strengthdevelooment Small group training at it's best!

Our clients health is always our #1 priority! #staystrongplaystrong

Lookin really good Nick Mell! Always great when former athletes drop by and visit when in town over spring break. 238 lbs never looked stronger! Extremely proud of the man you gave become! Always welcome here and please keep in contact. #staystrongplaystrong #army @armywp_football @goarmywestpoint @stonebridgehsboosters @stonebridgefootball @riverside_fb @vikingstrongfootball @va_xtreme_elite @brhsfootball @nationalsportsmed @burgsportsnet @loco_sports

Congratulations Hannah, Ye on your improved performance and qualifying for 5A state's and in swimming. We look forward to hearing about your running and cycling improvements as Spring approaches. Your consistent, diligent work ethic with us the past few months only foreshadows of what's to come. @rvhs_sports @riverside_hs @ncap_swim @snowswimming @burgsportsnet @nationalsportsmed @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @stonebridgehsboosters @sbhsathletics @tuskyhusky @bwhsathletics @vikingstrongfootball #staystrongplaystrong

Congratulations to Josh Breece and Washington and Lee's T&F team on becoming the 2020 ODAC Indoor champions! @stonebridgehsboosters @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun

A big shout out to Malley McFarlane and the University of Loiuisville on your season opening victory vs. the University of Cincinnati. Have a great year Malley and good luck this Saturday at home versus Denver. Happy Valentine's Day! @stonebridgehsboosters @bigirlslax @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun @rhsladylacrosse @rvhs_sports @tuscaroralacrosse @thesideboyslacrosse @independenceathleticboosters @indyvolleyball #lacrossegirls #girlsboxlacrosse #collegeboundathlete #biggerbetterfasterstronger @nationalsportsmed

Great work ladies! Whether you're a teacher, orthodontist, administrative assistant, massage therapist, stay at home mom or a couple athletic high school softball athletes with college bound aspirations, Performance Edge devises training programs to help you attain hour goals. #weightloss #leanmuscle #strengthdevelopement #injurypreventionprogram #backtoplay #prehabexercises #healthandfitness #collegeboundtraining #results @stonebridgehsboosters @oneloudoun @loudounrebelsbasketball @loudounsc

Performance Edge - Competitive Sports Training

Performance Edge - Sports Training offers unintimidating personal and small-group fitness, agility, and strength training to anyone looking to improve athletic performance, conditioning, increase their health and get in better shape. Our educated and degreed strength and conditioning coaches create custom fitness plans for elite and amateaur athletes, adults, youth, and everyone in between.

We provide a state-of-the-art training facility, the coaching you need to safely and effectively train, and the guidance, encouragement, and accountability to see you through to meeting your fitness goals.

At Performance Edge, you don't have to be a pro in order to train like one. Call us today at (571) 252-5068 to schedule your personal evaluation. Lansdowne Town Center

MLK Monday Morning Strength and Conditioning Circuit. Way to go Sandra Yokum! Working mom wastes no time and uses the opportunity for a little "Me Time!"#alittlebettereveryday #fitmommy #strongmoms #strengthcircuit #healthandwellness @oneloudoun @rivercreekclub @thebelmontcountryclub @lansdownegolf #strongerleanerfitter

The staff and I at Performance Edge want say thank you, and wish each of our returning and college bound athletes our best as they return to their classrooms and perspective playing fields and training facilities. Also want acknowledged Mitch Griffis as he begins this Spring semester as an incoming freshman scholar athlete @wakefootball Your work with Drew Steven's @esosportsperformance will definitely benefit you these coming months. #resultsarentguarenteedtheyreearned #championsaremadeintheoffseason #collegeboundtraining #whereathletescometogetresults
Robby Adams @cnumenslax Taylor Davis @colgate_vb Taylor Yokum @cnusoftball Trevor Jackson @virginiatechfootball Alex Wilson @su_mensgolf Nick Fuhrmann @frostburgstatebaseball Jake Bergmann and Dillon Carey @hobartfootball and Jack Jones @vmiruggers @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun @va_xtreme_elite @loudounrebelsbasketball @stonebridgehsboosters @stone_bridgeglax @rvhs_sports @sbhs_softball @stonebridgefootball @lvhslacrosse

Subject: Upright Rows
Many sports coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts use this exercise to develop symmetry and size in the delts (shoulders). Unfortunately, the exercise can lead to more problems than benefits. Internal shoulder rotation under loads can compress the rotator cuff agaisnt the bony arch (acromion process) and lead to excessive wear and tear. Doing the exercise with hands in a fixed position (bar, kettlebells, plate, etc...) is even more problematic. Having the hands fixed binds the wrists at the apex of the lift leading to wrist impingement problems. Inflammation of the bursa and infraspinatus and/or supraspinatus (rotator cuff muscles) is also common. Physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons use this position to test for shoulder impingement. It's called the Hawkins-Kennedy Test! #morebangforyourbuck @stonebridgehsboosters @sbhs_softball @stonebridgefootball @stonebridgevolleyball @riverside_hs @rvhs_sports @riverside_fb @thesideboyslacrosse @rvhs_boyssoccer @tuskyfootball @tuskywrestling @tuscaroralacrosse @tuscarora_booster_club @tuscaroragirls_soccer @broadrunlacrosse @brhsfootball @broad_run_wrestling @brhs.volleyball @vikingstrongfootball @va_xtreme_elite @loudounrebelsbasketball @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun @oneloudoun

Former client and @stonebridgefootball standout had a great game this evening in the AFC Wild Card game! Congratulations Nate Davis on your big win against the New England Patriots! Best of luck in the next round! @vivaloudoun @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @stonebridgehsboosters @vikingstrongfootball @brhsfootball @va_xtreme_elite @tuskyfootball @riverside_fb @titans

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19277 Citrine Dr Q101
Leesburg, VA

General information

Our new facility will be opening in October 2011. We look forward to serving you once again.

Opening Hours

Monday 06:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 06:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 06:00 - 20:00
Thursday 06:00 - 20:00
Friday 06:00 - 20:00
Saturday 07:45 - 14:00
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