Performance Edge - Sports Training

Performance Edge - Sports Training


Great staff and program
Competition examples of Judo throws.

Performance Edge - Competitive Sports Training is a high performance training facility geared toward training athletes of all ages and sporting backgrounds. PE will develop a program for you & coach/train your physical capacities to their potential.

At Performance Edge, we work with individuals who demand exceptional training. All training programs are individualized to achieve results. We blend science and innovation to deliver quality training AND coaching – leading to the next level – whether that be in the game or in life. Customized training programs focus on strength and power development, sport-specific movements and injury prevention.

A big shout out to Malley McFarlane and the University of Loiuisville on your season opening victory vs. the University of Cincinnati. Have a great year Malley and good luck this Saturday at home versus Denver. Happy Valentine's Day! @stonebridgehsboosters @bigirlslax @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun @rhsladylacrosse @rvhs_sports @tuscaroralacrosse @thesideboyslacrosse @independenceathleticboosters @indyvolleyball #lacrossegirls #girlsboxlacrosse #collegeboundathlete #biggerbetterfasterstronger @nationalsportsmed

Great work ladies! Whether your a teacher, orthodontist, administrative assistant, massage therapist, stay at home mom or a couple athletic high school softball athletes with college biund aspirations, Performance Edge devises training programs to help you attain hour goals. #weightloss #leanmuscle #strengthdevelopement #injurypreventionprogram #backtoplay #prehabexercises #healthandfitness #collegeboundtraining #results @stonebridgehsboosters @oneloudoun @loudounrebelsbasketball @loudounsc

Performance Edge - Competitive Sports Training

Performance Edge - Sports Training offers unintimidating personal and small-group fitness, agility, and strength training to anyone looking to improve athletic performance, conditioning, increase their health and get in better shape. Our educated and degreed strength and conditioning coaches create custom fitness plans for elite and amateaur athletes, adults, youth, and everyone in between.

We provide a state-of-the-art training facility, the coaching you need to safely and effectively train, and the guidance, encouragement, and accountability to see you through to meeting your fitness goals.

At Performance Edge, you don't have to be a pro in order to train like one. Call us today at (571) 252-5068 to schedule your personal evaluation. Lansdowne Town Center

MLK Monday Morning Strength and Conditioning Circuit. Way to go Sandra Yokum! Working mom wastes no time and uses the opportunity for a little "Me Time!"#alittlebettereveryday #fitmommy #strongmoms #strengthcircuit #healthandwellness @oneloudoun @rivercreekclub @thebelmontcountryclub @lansdownegolf #strongerleanerfitter

The staff and I at Performance Edge want say thank you, and wish each of our returning and college bound athletes our best as they return to their classrooms and perspective playing fields and training facilities. Also want acknowledged Mitch Griffis as he begins this Spring semester as an incoming freshman scholar athlete @wakefootball Your work with Drew Steven's @esosportsperformance will definitely benefit you these coming months. #resultsarentguarenteedtheyreearned #championsaremadeintheoffseason #collegeboundtraining #whereathletescometogetresults
Robby Adams @cnumenslax Taylor Davis @colgate_vb Taylor Yokum @cnusoftball Trevor Jackson @virginiatechfootball Alex Wilson @su_mensgolf Nick Fuhrmann @frostburgstatebaseball Jake Bergmann and Dillon Carey @hobartfootball and Jack Jones @vmiruggers @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun @va_xtreme_elite @loudounrebelsbasketball @stonebridgehsboosters @stone_bridgeglax @rvhs_sports @sbhs_softball @stonebridgefootball @lvhslacrosse

Subject: Upright Rows
Many sports coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts use this exercise to develop symmetry and size in the delts (shoulders). Unfortunately, the exercise can lead to more problems than benefits. Internal shoulder rotation under loads can compress the rotator cuff agaisnt the bony arch (acromion process) and lead to excessive wear and tear. Doing the exercise with hands in a fixed position (bar, kettlebells, plate, etc...) is even more problematic. Having the hands fixed binds the wrists at the apex of the lift leading to wrist impingement problems. Inflammation of the bursa and infraspinatus and/or supraspinatus (rotator cuff muscles) is also common. Physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons use this position to test for shoulder impingement. It's called the Hawkins-Kennedy Test! #morebangforyourbuck @stonebridgehsboosters @sbhs_softball @stonebridgefootball @stonebridgevolleyball @riverside_hs @rvhs_sports @riverside_fb @thesideboyslacrosse @rvhs_boyssoccer @tuskyfootball @tuskywrestling @tuscaroralacrosse @tuscarora_booster_club @tuscaroragirls_soccer @broadrunlacrosse @brhsfootball @broad_run_wrestling @brhs.volleyball @vikingstrongfootball @va_xtreme_elite @loudounrebelsbasketball @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun @oneloudoun

Former client and @stonebridgefootball standout had a great game this evening in the AFC Wild Card game! Congratulations Nate Davis on your big win against the New England Patriots! Best of luck in the next round! @vivaloudoun @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @stonebridgehsboosters @vikingstrongfootball @brhsfootball @va_xtreme_elite @tuskyfootball @riverside_fb @titans

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Teacher, Coach and client Jenny Baumer @indyvolleyball always cheerful as she leads by example for student athletes! Thank you for for the positive attitude and diligent work ethic. @areytovolley @indyathleticsva @indyhsfootball @burgsportsnet @loco_sports #leadbyexample❤️ #volleyballstrengthtraining #strongwomantraining💪

Always great when former clients drop in to say thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas. Looking good Nick Mell! At a solid 220+ lbs it seems West Point and Army Football are suiting you well! Have a great Christmas and New Year! @stonebridgefootball @stonebridgehsboosters @goarmywestpoint @armywp_football @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports #hardcharger @oneloudoun @va_xtreme_elite @vikingstrongfootball @indyhsfootball @riverside_fb @hhspride_athleticbooster #cantholdmedwn👎

Holiday Hours at Performance Edge

Holiday Hours at Performance Edge -

How much is enough?
@stonebridgeathletics #stonebridgesoccer #@lansdownetowncenter @vivaloudoun #burgsports #lanndownetowncenter Stonebridge high school Riverside High School Boosters Riverside Rams Softball Tuscarora High School Wrestling

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel | Sidelined: Youth Sports Injuries (Full Segment) | HBO

How important is your sons or daughters health and well being? Off season strength and conditioning provided by a professional can not only help your aspiring athlete to attain new levels of performance but decrease injury potential. Turn Your Weakness into Strengths in the Off-Season! "Bring Your Potential and Let Us Help You Develop It"! @@oneloudoun VivaLoudoun Photographers Group @Loco_sports Stone Bridge High School Broad Run High School Briar Woods High School Briar Woods High School PTSO Tuscarora High School (Virginia) Woodgrove Wolverines Athletic Booster Club Riverside High School Boosters Riverside Rams Softball

Preventable youth sports injuries have become an epidemic, driven by the for-profit professionalization of kids' sports. #RealSports #HBO Subscribe to HBO on...

Ready to make a change? Bring your potential and let us help you develop it! #dedicationpersonified #strongmom Great work on your strength and conditioning circuit Brenda! @oneloudoun

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A Big Shout Out to former Stone Bridge All-Met, All-State defensive lineman and longtime Performance Edge grinder Aaron Crawford for your All ACC Honorable Mention. Let's not forget Best Regular Season Run Defense Grade among all interior defensive lineman in college football with a 91.6 by NCAA statistics supplier PFF College. Proud of you Aaron, but not surprised! Your 150 kg (330 lb) power clean as a high school senior was only the beginning. Good luck in the Military Bowl! #beastmode_training #futurelooksbright #cantholdmedownorstopme @burgsportsnet @stonebridgehsboosters @stonebridgefootball @pff_fantasy @uncchapelhill @tarheelfootball @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @indyhsfootball @riverside_fb @vikingstrongfootball

Congratulations former All Met, All-State, Stone Bridge LB and Performance Edge standout on being selected to receive BC's Russ Joyner Defensive Lineman Award. Best of luck to you and the Eagles at the Birmingham Bowl. @stonebridgehsboosters @stonebridgefootball @riverside_fb @bwhsfootball @hhspride_athleticbooster @vikingstrongfootball @brhsfootball @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @burgsportsnet @va_xtreme_elite @loudounrebelsbasketball @indyhsfootball #beastmode💪 #whereathletesareforged

Strength and technique coming together #qualityfirst #whereathletesbecomechampions #longevity #techniquematters #rateofforcedevleopment #notawallsit @va_xtreme_elite @vikingstrongfootball @loudounrebelsbasketball @loudouncountyvb @stonebridgehsboosters @tuskyfootball

James "Ice" Berg finishing on his last training session prior to practice as Stone Bridge Football prepares to take on North Stafford in the 5A North Region Semifinals. Good luck James and Stone Bridge! @stonebridgefootball @stonebridgehsboosters @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun @va_xtreme_elite @brhsfootball @riverside_fb #inseasongains #whereathletescometogetresults

Pretty impressive adaptation and physical ability demonstrated from just one session of #cleantechnique and #powercleancomplex progression by this young woman. Cery, great job listening and applying! No better complement than being #coachable @hellocery #firsttimer #strongisbeautiful💪 #nobulkinghere @oneloudoun #strongnotskinny @loudounsc

Congratulations @performance_edge alumni Josh Breece @stonebridgefootball and Jared Cordova @woodgrove_wolverines on a great season and being named ODAC 3rd Team All-Conference @odacathletics @washandleefb We look forward working with you again this summer and your getting prepared for even a better season next year! #whereathletescometogetresults #footballoffseasontraining #resultsproven @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @oneloudoun @va_xtreme_elite

Performance Edge - Holiday hours reminder

Performance Edge - Holiday hours reminder -

Best of luck against Maryland today Jordan! We're all rooting for you! @officialmillertime @vikingstrongfootball @lvhsfca @va_xtreme_elite @loudounrebelsbasketball @masonmbb @georgemasonu @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports

Congratulations Dillon Carey on another great season! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks! @stonebridgehsboosters @vivaloudoun @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @oneloudoun #itdoesntgeteasierbutwegetstronger

Thanksgiving Week Schedule at Performance Edge

Thanksgiving Week Schedule at Performance Edge -

Jared it was great seeing you pancake and execute a great reach block this past Saturday! You've work so diligently to get to where you are today and I couldn't be prouder. Take care of that ankle, and we'll see you around the holidays. @woodgrove_wolverines @woodgrovehigh @stonebridgehsboosters @burgsportsnet @loco_sports #cantholdmedownforlong @washandleefb

Congratulations Josh Breece on another great college football season! The school rushing record and you capped it of with a great season ending victory vs Shannandoah University. Your usual great runs and a hard fought touchdown made it a pleasure to watch once again! #collegefootballsaturday #beastmodeon @wlugenerals @stonebridgehsboosters @stonebridgefootball

What's your excuse?
@sbhsathletics @stonebridgehsboosters @brhsfootball @indyhsfootball @vikingstrongfootball @tuskyhusky #whereathletescometogetresults #qualityoverquantity #resultsdriven

Consistent practice is foundational to performance. Broad Run senior and Wake Forest bound QB, Mitch Griffis is w/ Drew Steven's @performance_edge for some movement priming this morning on gameday. #successleavesclues #speedkills #perfectpracisemakesperfect #cantholdmedowm @brhsfootball @stonebridgefootball @riverside_fb @wakefootball @indyhsfootball @bwhsfootball @vikingstrongfootball @va_xtreme_elite @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @oneloudoun #staystrong💪

Time, tested and validated; exercises that work. #conditioningtraining #footspeed #agility #warmupexercise #neurosynapticpathways @vivaloudoun @oneloudoun

Current and former clients Brenda and Max Weis, showing why staying strong and keeping healthy does not only keep them strongj, but also helps keep their family strong. @armytenmiler @burgsportsnet @stonebridgehsboosters @rvhs_sports @riverside_fb @riverside_hs @loco #runningcoach #staystrong #familyfitness #cantholdmeback

Bring your potential and let us help you develop it!
@sbhsathletics @stonebridgehsboosters @tuskyfootball @broadrun_baseball @brhsfootball @broadrunlacrosse @vikingstrongfootball @thesideboyslacrosse @rockridgefb @rockridgewomenssoccer @bwhsfootball @briarwoodslax @countyathletics @vivaloudoun @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @va_xtreme_elite

ACL Injuries in Female Athletes

Developing proper movement mechanics isn't acquired in practice it's learned through a structured proven science based lifting and speed/agility program coached by qualified/certified professionals. "Bring your potential, and Let us help you develop it!" Stone Bridge Athletic Boosters Riverside Rams Softball Loudoun Valley Ice Hockey Broad Run High School Tuscarora High School (Virginia) Lansdowne Town Center Independence High School Football Kevin Turner- Turner Strength & Performance With more opportunities for female athletes and trends toward year-round sports participation, the tendency to specialize in one sport earlier on has…

Off-season work to prepare for the coming softball season, while maintaining power and peak performance for pre-season basketball. Sara Kelly with a nice 45 kg #powerclean @brhsfootball #softballstrong #basketballtraining @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports

It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger!
@stonebridgefootball @sbhsathletics @riverside_fb @tuskyfootball @bwoodsvball @indyhsfootball @indyvolleyball @brhsfootball @vikingstrongfootball @rock_ridge_football @fb_fhs @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun @oneloudoun @va_xtreme_elite @vaelitevball

Chocolate Milk Outperforms Sports Drink

Simple, time tested training programs, lifting protocols and and sports drinks continue to out perform fads and gimmicks. Strength test with teen athletes shows chocolate milk is best for post-workout recovery.

Congratulations D.T. on assisting the Tigers with their 3rd win of the season with a total of 5 receptions for 77 yards. @stonebridgefootball @sbhsathletics @towson_fb @vivaloudoun @loco_sports @burgsportsnet #livingthedream #staystrong💪 @riverside_fb @brhsfootball @tuskyfootball @oneloudoun

Not the outcome everyone hoped for last Saturday vs Kutztown University Easton. Regardless the final score you played great with poise and character. Great first college start! Best of luck this Saturday! Go Grayhounds! @sbhsathletics @stonebridgefootball @va_xtreme_elite @acgreyhoundsfb @burgsportsnet @vivaloudoun @loco_sports

Tanner Tough - Boston College Athletics

A high quality character on and off the field mixed with a great work ethic, a high motor, and the dedication to be be his best are just a few of the variables that made working with Tanner a pleasure. Proud of you Tanner! best Tanner Karafa's individual effort completely altered the complexion of Saturday's fourth quarter.

Perspective and priorities is everything! Congratulations on the big win Aaron! Psalm 18:2 @stonebridgefootball @insideheels @heelsfootball @burgsportsnet @loco_sports @vivaloudoun #takeakneetotakeastand #myrock @tarheelfootball #goheels

Why In-Season Training is the Key to a Winning Season | PLT4M

Maintaining your gains to reduce injury as well as maintain your performance is key. Don't throw it all away just to start the rollercoaster ride all over again and enter the playoffs weaker and less proficient than you began. A healthy team, performing at its peak all season long is a winning team, which is why in-season training is a vital component of you team's success.

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Performance Edge - Competitive Sports Training



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Our new facility will be opening in October 2011. We look forward to serving you once again.

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