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Salon Montage is a full-service salon located at The Villages of Leesburg in Loudoun County, Virginia. We use Aveda, Eufora, L’Oreal Professional, Redken, and Paul Mitchell products in the Salon.We Offer Hair,Makeup threading & skincare .

This beautiful client came to us with her dreams of having a natural transition in her hair. So we gave her blended highlights with balayage along with base color and guess what? She loved it!

Sign up for an exclusive treat and get yourself a hair makeover and consult with Seema Dubey herself.

Call now on 571-918-0640 and make an appointment.

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[06/16/19]   For Father’s Day we will close today . Would like spend time with most valuable person in my life my hero my father the reason exist .
Sorry for any inconvenience had cause you
Salon montage 571-918-0640

Another great day by grace of god with fun wedding party . #weddingwire2019#visitloudoun#huntcountrycelebrations#wedding2019#theknot#modernsalon#behind the chair#bestinloudoun#live#love hair #villegesatleesburg
Salon montage team 571-918-0640

What a beautiful look for natural curly hair look very natural makeup trail look for very elegant bride .salon montage team at village at Leesburg 571-918-0640

Simple layered hairstyle with happy client smile 😊 is best feeling .#hairstyles #lifestyle #lifecoach #modernhair #villegeatleesburg #americanstyles #behind the chair
Salon montage 571-918-0640

People ask me when I was kid why I want to become stylist . I told them I love 💕 what I do .
29 years later I still have same passion and drive I had When i went to beauty school 🏫 in 1991 . This business had given me dream home dream business and great life . Which small town girl in India can dream about half the people they never even heard about it . I am so glad I followed my passion thank you god for every moment and blessings every client I had opportunity to serve thru out of the years I felt I made the difference in their lives by given them great hair cut , color, highlights laughters for 30-90 mins.I am truly living my life purpose by serving others as my clients or my children.
have a beautiful thusday .see you at salon montage Village at Leesburg #dream #celebrity #stylist#hairstylist#life#love#bestinloudoun#loudouonforlovers#visitloudoun#Huntcountrycelebrations#Weddingwire2019#Theknot#Behindthechair#Americansalon#Visionary2019

As promised guys here we have after hair color from blond to dark brown hair color leaving her with Alots shine and glossy hair . At salon montage team we believe do one make over Cleint at time . The key is to listen to your clients and try to understand their vision what they have in mind either by picture or communication. One goodness at time . Love what we do villages at leesburg salon montage 571-918-0640
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Here we have blond hair she is looking completely different color this is before look can wait till I share after color . Love what we do salon montage team Village at Leesburg. 571-918-0640

Happy client happy salon happy family . Salon montage is small family owned business where we adore families love to be part of great events with salon montage Seema Dubey and her team give them a call 571-918-0640. We would love to be part of your family celebration 🎉 wedding day, graduations, parties and much more . Not only we do bridal we specializes in beautiful colors and highlights. Love 💕 to see you at salon montage villages at

So great to see you all hunt country tranquility’s farm love 💕 the group of people , had a great time networking with all of you ,very organized and big thank you 🙏🏽 all vendors and host rick 🌸 flowers smoking Willy for food and chris Monroe for drinks 🍷 happy business building so much fun and so much of grateful for great team of people . So much fun learning about what every one else do Emily umbrella ☔️ collection#huntcountrycelebrations #villages at Leesburg #visit Loudoun #best in Loudoun #virginia for lovers.cannot wait till see you next time .big hugs .

Good afternoon Sunday inspiration red copper color. Love creating the look #live#life#love#gretfulness#visionary#val
We help you create the look you have in mind. Seema Dubey salon montage team at villages at leedburg 571-918-0640

Life is at full bloom at salon montage . For spring fresh highlights . #spring 2019#hair#blond#live #creative hair #
Give us call at salon montage 571-918-0640

Good friday to you all we all be closed on Saturday and Sunday for Easter holiday enjoy your family, friends and church #villeges at leesburg #Easter 2019#good Friday # feel free to call if you have questions 703-395-9082

Great weather , great new style for early spring look if you are out their looking for great salon and stylist give salon montage a call 571-918-0640
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Hey guys if you are looking to get your hair fix for spring , look at color transformation.
Happy clients happy hairstylist life .
She came to salon montage first time she loved the hair service experience.
Give us call. we are your salon because we listen to your hair needs .we appreciate every client come see us.celebrity stylist Seema Dubey
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Hair Color by Salon Montage!

Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement. Laura wanted something on an Ash-base tone for her blonde and wanted a quick fix. She got what she had asked for.
If you are looking for great color give a call Seema Dubey Celebrity Stylist Salon Montage VA on 571-918-0640 #hairstylist #hairstylistlife #creative #color #highlight #visit Loudoun #loudoun for lovers #wedding wire #hunt country celebrations #villagesatLeesburg #Loudoun county #best in Loudoun

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
February is the month of love, and Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for us to show you clients how much you mean to us.
Have attached a special promotion below.

Salon Montage is offering a special in celebration of Valentine’s Day! Get a free head message and conditioning treatment with any shampoo, cut or blow-dry please call at 571-918-0640 #Valentine #MEt#villeges at leesburg#Hunt country Celebrations#Visit loudoun#love#live

[02/01/19]   Due to snow we are closed today . Thank you 😊

Enjoy your evening with your pets as we are with polar bear and love 💕 ones for snow day , be safe
Salon montage closed early due to weather .
Villages at Leesburg #love #life #salon life #celebrity stylist .

Had a great time doing this beautiful client hair .Her hair was never been colored or highlights. she wants it something fun but chocolate color highlights no red but natural. If you are out their looking for great color give salon montage call Seema Dubey celebrity stylist 571-918-0640 #hairstylist#hairstylist life#creative#color#highlight#visit Loudoun #loudoun for lovers #wedding wire#hunt country celebrations #villeges at Leesburg #loudoun county #best in Loudoun

[01/12/19]   Urgent help needed please share your help withe the once in need.
Contact info at the end of message #good deed for the day#villegeatleesburg#loudoun is forlovers#visitloudoun#Met#Huntcountrycelebrations#love#life# Give#blessings

“Emergency HELP needed! WARNING due to my shock and upset the tone of this post is very direct and not covered in sugar!
Neighbors can you help your neighbors? I AM COLLECTING WARM SLEEPING BAGS - blankets - Quilts- comforters today to drop to a group of neighbors tonight before the snow-

Who KNOWS WHY people would live under a tarp in the woods- eat from a trash can they’ve rummaged in - or wear clothes 5 sizes too big? I know - you think it’s a “shame.”
Well - I can assure you that the folks I just saw YESTERDAY - including children - that those parents DID NOT DREAM about one day becoming parents who housed their child in a make shift tent- because either there was no room in the local shelter or it had proven to be more of a risk than the street- they did not dream about sitting on a frozen ground next to disposed of beer bottles haphazardly tossed out of car window by rowdy teens in expensive cars driving too fast down the street last Friday night- they did not dream that they would have to battle the dragon of addiction and that it rob them of everything - family - home- self respect ...
Each person that you see who is quote “homeless” was someone’s son or daughter -
Was someone’s sister or brother and maybe even someone’s mom or dad ...
they deserve food in their stomachs - a warm place to sleep as do your children- siblings - parents do you .

I just came across a local “community” of paint guard - like tarps - some covered in plastic hanging from low branches of trees in a Forrest - recent excavation having “removed “ the screen to the street that had been there before, this ‘sparing,’ the upset to those driving by.

Authorities know that these folks live here- yet they still live here . WHAT’s that all about?

I know that I can’t “change things” for this or any other group of hundreds - thousands or more HOWEVER :
God gave me a tender heart and put upon it immediately to reach out to the kind hearted folks of NEXT DOOR -
To see WHO HAS CURRENTLY UNUSED and that you won’t need back - heavy blankets - comforters - sleeping bags .

This isn’t a call to DUMP stuff because as you can or can’t imagine - all that these folks have must be able to be transported on their backs.

If you have some WARM GOOD CONDITION BLANKETS ETC that I could pick up Saturday day from you on your porch -to drop off to this “community” before the snow SAT. Nite -

It would be very appreciated I am sure !
Please TEXT ME DIRECTLY you address and what you have and quantity as I single handedly will be picking up and need to prioritize my route accordingly.

Barbara Johnson

Had a great time diong this head of hair with multiple colors shave underneath. Major thank you to great client who trust me and given us the opportunity to be creative and fun. Love 💕 diong her hair . Happy Friday you all
Out their . If you are getting bore and thinking about snow come see us . We would love to make dream hair and hot tea ☕️ call us today salon montage in #villages at Leesburg 571-918-0640 #fun hair #creative stylist#celebritystylist#love what I do#visitloudoun#huntcuntrycelebrations#brides#bridesin loudoun#lodounforlovers#brides2019#oplease#life for hair stylist#shorthair#happiness#lorealprofessionnel

Have great time diong hair for bridal shower😃 if you are out their have special occasion to go to give salon montage a call
Salon montage 571-918-0640
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We just want to say thank you to all our clients who support us thru 2018 with your business and looking forward to serve you 2019 with your freinds and family , have s healthy happy New Years we will closed on jan1,2019and open Jan 2,2019 regular business hours .villeges at Leesburg #met#new years 2019#celebrity stylist Seema Dubey

Fun hair highlights and color for holidays #huntcountrycelebrations #vines #visit Loudoun #weddinghair #weddingwire #villeges at Leesburg #celebrity #celebritystylist #lovequotes #love hair salon montage celebrity stylist Seema Dubey 571-918-0640

Happy holidays from Salon Montage, Wishing you the merriest Christmas and peace and prosperity for the new year, due to the holidays we will be closing at 2:00 on Christmas Eve and closed on the day of Christmas and re-open on the 26th regular hours! Have the greatest holidays !#villageat Leesburg #loudoun#met#love hair #marry Xmas 2018

What beautiful color if you are thinking to visit family for holidays give salon montage call 571-918-0640 Seema Dubey celebrity stylist.
Hair salon#love#live#life#hunt country celebrations#villages at Leesburg #visit Lodoun #love Leesburg va#villages at Leesburg 😃.

Salon Montage VA

Thinking about holiday party 🎉 hair.# give salon montage call 571-918-0640
Let’s see what client have to say !! Villages at Leesburg #visit Loudoun #villeges at Leesburg #huntcountrycelebrations #love Loudoun # Loudoun for lovers #hair Updo #party hair 2018#fun hair #love stylists #american hair magazine #holiday hair for great party and events.

Thinking about holiday party 🎉 hair.# give salon montage call 571-918-0640
Let’s see what client have to say !! Villages at Leesburg #visit Loudoun #villeges at Leesburg #huntcountrycelebrations #love Loudoun # Loudoun for lovers #hair Updo #party hair 2018#fun hair #love stylists #american hair magazine #holiday hair for great party and events.

Brandi is new client to salon montage , she was very nervous from previous experience with Stylist.Stylist did not give her what she expected. She has not been happy with her hair in her own words for last 15 years so We listened went over images give her what she had in mind . Salon montage is all about guest experience and making your hair look good .
So grateful to the opportunity and thank full she called us at salon montage .Happy client Happy life .#blond #blond highlights #pixie hair #villeges at Leesburg #val#best in Loudoun 2019 Great Guest Experience 😃#hairstylist#dreamyhair#winterhair#
Love hair #salonmontageva#change in air #newlook for 2019 we would love to creat it for you .
Give us call salon montage 571-918-0640

Image: Best of Loudoun |

Hello Guys
The Vote Best of Loudoun 2019 contest is upon us.

We would love your Vote! You Can Vote Here.

Click on the following link, then click on Beauty/ Wellness and you will see Hair salon , Salon Montage Leesburg VA, Seema Dubey Celebrity Stylist near the bottom. It only takes 30 seconds to vote. Its that time again and Salon Montage Would love your vote.Final voting take place December 10th-31st. Your love and support would be most appreciated it.
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Seema Dubey
Salon Montage and Team Found on Google from

Hope you guys have great thanks giving with your family . We are extending out Black Friday special For Cyber Monday We will be having 25% off Aveda,Eufora,Dermatologic products in the store and if you get one gift card then you can get another one half off!!!!!
Have fun shopping think of Salon Montage and their team get gift cards for your family and freinds . You can also buy it buy calling us at 571-918-0640 #cyber Monday #hair#fun Hairdstylist #funhair# Village at Leesburg#met#creative haircut#celebrity stylist #seemadubey #salonmontage and her team.

Due to thanksgiving, we will be closing early 4:00 November 21 and closed all day November 22...We will re open Friday November 23 11-1 for our BLACK FRIDAY SALE! We will be having 25% off Aveda,Eufora,Dermatologic products in the store and if you get one gift card then you can get another one half off!!!!!
Happy thanksgiving Salon Montage family to yours !!!

Having great weekend at salon montage celebrations with Santa and Mrs. Clause
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If you are out their shopping think about salon montage in Leesburg we are having gift cards special buy one at regular price and send half off this week on only please call 571-918-0640

THANK YOU to all Veterans. We enjoy our freedom because of you. I am proud vendor for Loudoun is for Lovers. This non-profit is giving away an entire wedding for free! Please visit for details. Salon Montage is feeling so Honor to be part of it. Salon Montage Seema Dubey Team will be offering our services for no charge Hair and make up Services for brides and Groom #veterans#Thankyou#Milltary#blessed#we care#villages at leesburg#met see our trendy bride look. Feel free to call us 571-918-0640.

Diwali, Deepavali or Dipavali is the Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated every autumn. One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, Diwali symbolizes the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance".
We at Salon Montage want you to celebrate Diwali with us and take advantage of all the specials we are offering for this festival.

Diwali Specials
Starting (November 1st – 7th)
- We’re having 25% off on all Paul Mitchell & Dermalogica products
- Please refer a friend, then you both receive 20% off your next Salon service of $55 or more.
- Henna services start at $10 per hand

Call us now to book an appointment at 571-918 0640.
Add the address and information.
Salon Montage
1604 Village Market Blvd Suit 130

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