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With today’s service in mind where we are reminded that everyone has gifts despite disabilities. Embrace everyone and all that they offer our world.
Parishioners at Emmanuel UMC participated in a #ResistHarm work today regarding the Traditional Plan that began January 1st. Many people wrote letters and others expressed their voice via social media.
https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c4daaac22aaf58-christmas1 We are in need of Ushers & Greeters for all 3 of our Christmas Eve Services. Please help us welcome everyone who comes to celebrate the birth of Jesus!
Thank you so much to Rev. Stephanie and the David Vader Memorial Fund for helping our kiddos go to Mini Camp this week. My mom (Becky Harding) isn't on Facebook but I also appreciate her for making the connection. They were a little nervous at drop-off but I can tell they will have a great time. Blessed be!
Warm people and fantastic ministry!
Congratulations on being featured in this week's Hot List! Please share with your Facebook followers, as we provide content and contests that are helpful to local families! :)
"On March 18, Infragard National held a webinar on the topic of 'Protecting Places of Worship,' during which it was mentioned that the DHS Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives would be releasing a Security Grant for the protection of places of worship and community services. This funding has been released as indicated: Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) Fiscal Year 2019 Nonprofit Security Grant Program has been released. FY 2019 NSGP will provide $60 million to support security related investments and activities for faith based and nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of a terrorist attack. Eligible faith based and nonprofit organizations must apply for FY 2019 NSGP through their State Administrative Agency (SAA). Contact your SAA to obtain information on the application deadline and any SAA specific requirements at...."
"We would like to invite you to our next InfraGard National Training Webinar, an urgent response to Friday’s deadly massacre at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Topic: Protecting Places of Worship - Security Best Practices and Lessons Learned Speaker: Curtis Jones, Chair, Infragard National Religious Facilities Protection Program Date: Monday March 18, 2019 Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET Cost: FREE Protecting places of worship webinar will feature subject matter expertise designed to provide religious facilities with an understanding of the threat landscape, lessons learned, and security best practices and resources. The webinar will include an analytical case study of the most consequential mass shootings at faith-based venues in modern history: the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh; First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs; and the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. This review will explore threat indicators, incident metrics that may have identified preventable causes, and the unseen challenges that security practitioners face in protecting places of worship. Please feel free to share this invitation with your coworkers, friends and family. In the interest of sharing this information, this webinar is open to non-members."
Attended my first service today at 1045 as well as the coffee hour and Reverend Stephanie's talk after on the conference. I must say I feel Like I may have found a home. :-) Thanks to all of you who greeted me so warmly. And a special thanks to Reverend Kim for talking to me on the phone on Friday and asnwering my questions.
Feel free to share this as you see fit. I want the UMC to know this “traditionalist” plan is not OUR tradition. #gc2019 #withnotabout
"Tonight! Join an expert from Newseum Education to learn how to tell fake news from real news."
Life Line Screening is the world’s leading provider of preventive health screenings, AND WE ARE COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD FOR ONE DAY! The screenings offer a 5-test package to thoroughly check you for risk of Stroke, Cardiovascular Disease and other chronic conditions. The combination of these tests can help detect problems – before you have symptoms and while your doctor can still take action. So you can keep doing the things you love! Many events also offer blood tests, including Cholesterol, Glucose and C-Reactive Protein screenings, as well as take-home colon cancer early detection tests. Screening packages start at $149. Single tests cost around $70. For more information regarding the screenings or to schedule an appointment and get a special discount call, (800) 690-6495 or you can register on line at www.lifelinescreening.com/communitycircle. Pre-registration is required You can even request and appointment with Facebook! www.facebook.com/pg/420587095145436/services/ Don’t forget to like and follow our page for up to date information on future visits to YOUR community. See you March 8th at Emmanuel United Methodist Church Laurel MD!

Emmanuel United Methodist Church welcomes the faithful, the seeker, and the doubter, for God's embrace is wide and God's Good News is for all.

Emmanuel UMC embraces Jesus' message that God loves everyone and we affirm that all persons are of sacred worth. We believe that every human being is created and gifted by God; therefore, every human being is invited to be a part of our church. We welcome into our fellowship, membership, and leadership, all people, regardless of age, economic reality, education, ethnicity, faith history, family structure, gender identity, nationality, physical and mental ability, race, sexual orientation, and life experience.

Mission: The Mission of Emmanuel UMC is to proclaim that God is with us in all ages and stages.

Special Enews Blast: June 1-5 Online Gatherings & Pastor Chats - https://mailchi.mp/2e19f60af3cb/special-e-news-online-gatherings-2427841 Read about next week's online gatherings and chat opportunities with our pastors!

Special Enews Blast: A Pastoral Letter from Rev. Kim - https://mailchi.mp/575d23cfe1d0/special-e-news-pastoral-letter-from-rev-kim-2427853 Rev. Stephanie and Rev. Kim spoke today about events that are weighing deeply on their hearts. As your pastors, they feel the need to respond.

EUMC Weekly E-News - 5/28/2020 - https://mailchi.mp/e2800c7db9f6/eumc-weekly-e-news-2427837 Although our building is closed, our worship and outreach continue! Please join us on May 31 as we celebrate Pentecost, and say Happy Birthday to Emmanuel!

In the light of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, as well as many other events that expose the racial injustice that is alive in our country, your pastors are working on ways for us to respond in ways that fit with the call of our faith to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God. An immediate way that we would like to offer for people to respond is through giving as a congregation to the NAACP. If you would like to and are able to donate any amount, we will provide the matching funds up to $1000. Just go to the giving page and choose the box that says NAACP Giving. Thank you so much for all you do! http://www.eumclaurel.org/donate-now/

Dear Beloved Emmanuel Folks

Here is a message from Rod Sams who has been graciously collecting and delivering donations for LARS from the VB Ministry Center carport since the pandemic started.

Note from Rod:
LARS staff received EUMC grocery donations to food pantry on Wednesday. Thank you to all who daily continue to bring food to the carport at the Ministry Center. Your love and kindness are truly appreciated !!

Persevere with Love and Kindness,



May 24th, 2020 – Active Faith

Listen in as Rev. Martina speaks on the importance of having an active faith that is put into practice.

eumclaurel.org Listen in as Rev. Martina speaks on the importance of having an active faith that is put into practice.

Special Enews Blast: Help us to celebrate Pentecost! - https://mailchi.mp/a521d572f668/special-e-news-celebrating-pentecost-2427845

Mental Health Ministries: To Erase the Stigma of Mental Illness

Wondering what you can do about mental health awareness even as May is ending? Check out Mental Health Ministries:

mentalhealthministries.net Mental Illness & Families of Faith (DVD Set) Mental Illness and Families of Faith: How Congregations Can Respond is a two DVD set to help educate faith communities about various mental health issues. One in four families sitting in our pews has a family member dealing with a mental illness. Yet many...

Every Sunday after worship Mei and I go down to visit the tree that is nourished by my father’s ashes. I have always had an affinity for graveyards and find peace walking among the markers, noting the names and dates, reminding myself that graveyards are a mindfulness bell. On Sunday I noticed the small American flags standing next to many markers. A veteran lies here the flags tell me. I said a prayer of thanks for Emmanuel
scout troop 602 for placing those flags of remembrance in our cemetery. I stopped to take some pictures of the flags and the names they marked. I noted the simple math of birth and death confirming the lives cut short in a war now passed into history. I thought to myself, thank you and I am sorry. Please God help us to stop cutting lives short.


A Time to Mourn: An Ecumenical Memorial Service for Lives Lost to COVID-19

Join me now in watching.

eventbrite.com A Time to Mourn: An Ecumenical Memorial Service for Lives Lost to COVID-19

Sunday Service - May 24th, 2020 - 9am

We hope you'll join us tomorrow for Sunday worship at 9am EST!

I hope you will join me for a new book study about how the Bible actually works.
When: Mondays from 1 - 2:30 OR 7 - 8:30pm
Starting: Monday May 25th
On: Zoom
Led by: Rev. Stephanie
Order your own book on Amazon or pick up a book from the grey drop box on the carport of the VB Ministry Center.

Special Enews Blast: May 25-29 Online Gatherings & Pastor Chats - https://mailchi.mp/a82edd9b2456/special-e-news-online-gatherings-2427817

EUMC Weekly E-News - 5/21/2020 - https://mailchi.mp/51618d89d6bc/eumc-weekly-e-news-2427825 Although our building is closed, our worship and outreach continue! Please join us on May 24 for Mental Health Awareness Sunday!

Special Enews Blast: Celebrating Pentecost - https://mailchi.mp/bc65b28670ad/special-e-news-celebrating-pentecost-2427833 We will be celebrating Pentecost at home on Sunday, May 31st!


How to Deal With Coronavirus If You Have OCD or Anxiety

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Do you or someone you know struggle with anxiety and OCD? COVID-19 can be a compounding factor. Read this article from Vice that was recommended to us by Rev. Leo Yates:

vice.com Coronavirus news stories and prevention guidelines can trigger bouts of intense anxiety and compulsive behavior.

[05/19/20]   This is a prayer or Psalm, written by Lori Fuchs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! And I hope you will join us tonight, Tuesday at 7:00 for our Psalms group. For the link go to the e-news or get email me: [email protected]

Oh Father God
You gave us your Son
So many people say they know why
I used to think you were mad at us..
Disappointed in us and our sinful ways
And that you sent Jesus to pay the price for those sins
Now I know its kinda that - but really so much more.
A glimpse of you - a glimpse of us
Pure Love
For all. Hard Stop.
We can be like Jesus.
We can Love like that. Forgive. Embrace.

[05/18/20]   Here's our "Blessing of the Face Masks" from our Sunday service a couple of weeks ago! Feel free to bless your mask at home using this simple prayer: "May this mask assist me in my practice of 'do no harm.' Lord, help it to keep me safe as well as my neighbors. May I remember it is a visible sign of loving my neighbors and that everyone is my neighbor. Amen."


In case you missed it, here's an important letter from Rev. Stephanie explaining why we're not reopening immediately in light of Gov. Hogan's announcement last week:http://www.eumclaurel.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/2020-05-14-Letter-from-Rev-SEV-in-response-to-Gov-Hogans-reopening.pdf



May 17, 2020 – Children’s Day – The Life of Joseph

You can now listen to yesterday's sermon from Children's Day 2020 on the life of Joseph!

eumclaurel.org Listen in as Rev. Matt tells the story of Joseph from Genesis and what encouragement we can take from the story in the time of COVID-19 & social distancing.


Zoom And Google Hangouts Are Making Kids Miserable

Parents, having one of those days with your home schooling? It IS Monday after all. And well, there's this: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/zoom-and-google-hangouts-are-making-kids-miserable_l_5ebd5cbbc5b655620b13a149?utm_campaign=hp_fb_pages&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=main_fb&ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000063

huffpost.com Video calls can be a harsh reminder of the sudden changes in your child's life.

Sunday Service - May 17th, 2020 - 9am

Join us for worship at 9am!

Children's Day 2020

Sunday Service - May 17th, 2020 - 9am

We hope you'll join us tomorrow for our Children's Day service! You can watch at 9am on Sunday 5/17 using this link: https://youtu.be/X3mHqrX5DlE

Children's Day 2020


MD's National LGBT Elders Day Salutes Unsung Gay Seniors

Emmanuel stands with and also honors our LGBT elders. May 16th is National LGBT Elders Day. Blessings to you all on this day.

publicnewsservice.org BALTIMORE - Tomorrow is "National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day" - and with most Americans still quarantined from the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers have moved the celebration online. Sam McClure - director of the LGBT Health Resource Center at Chase Brexton Health Care in Baltimore, which inau...

Special Enews Blast: May 18-22 Online Gatherings & Pastor Chats - https://mailchi.mp/f06966046e31/special-e-news-online-gatherings-2427805

Special Enews Blast: A Pastoral Note from Rev. Stephanie in Response to Gov. Hogan's Reopening Announcement - https://mailchi.mp/eb3dcc62483c/special-e-news-response-from-rev-stephanie-2427829 Emmanuel will not be opening at this time.

EUMC Weekly E-News - 5/14/2020 - https://mailchi.mp/4358d3ab5719/eumc-weekly-e-news-2427809Although our building is closed, our worship and outreach continue! Please keep the food donations for LARS coming!

Special Enews Blast: A Letter from Rev. Stephanie - https://mailchi.mp/052a3bc5d826/special-e-news-letter-from-rev-stephanie-2427813 Please read to see how Emmanuel stands during this pandemic.


How to survive coronavirus anxiety

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! For some tips on handling anxiety during COVID-19, read this article from TODAY that was recommended by Rev. Leo Yates:

today.com Ironically, feeling stressed not only feels bad, but increases the risk for becoming ill. Here's how to cope.


May 10, 2020 – Sheltering In Love

You can now listen to yesterday's sermon from Rev. Stephanie: Sheltering In Love.

eumclaurel.org Listen as Rev. Stephanie speaks on the sheltering love of Jesus.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month 2020

Looking for a way to learn more about Mental Health Awareness? Here's a list of sources and exercises compiled by Rev. Leo Yates for May (Mental Health Awareness Month):

docs.google.com Image description: May is Mental Health Month 2020. Image of a head with a brain,a red cross, a heart, and gears. May is Mental Health Awareness Month Day 1 – General information including the history of observance. Day 2 – Common mental health signs and symptoms. Day 3 – Mental health disorde...

Sunday Service - May 10th, 2020 - 9am

Don't forget to join us tomorrow for worship at 9am! Click here to be taken to the streaming page for our worship service:

A song from Plum Village Monastery sung by Rev. Stephanie.

Breathing in, breathing out
I am blooming like a flower
I am fresh as the dew
I am solid as a mountain
I am firm as the earth
I am free

Breathing in, breathing out
I am cool clear water
reflecting what is good, what is true
and I feel there is space inside of me
I am free

This song helps me when I feel anxious. I hope it helps you. Love Stephanie

From Toni Morrison, The Source of Self-Regard

Morrison never met Dr. King in person. “Yet,” she writes, “ I felt this personal responsibility to him...I was responding to his mission. His...audacious faith. His expectation of transforming, appending, cosmic elegy into a psalm of kinship. His confidence that we were finer than we thought, that there were moral grounds we would not abandon, lines of civil behavior we simply would not cross. That there were things we would gladly give up for the public good, that a comfortable life, resting on the shoulders of other people’s misery, was an abomination this country, especially among all nations, found offensive.”

Thinking about this question today: how are we individually and collectively living up to (or falling short of) King’s dream?

Until the killing of black men, black mother’s sons is as important as the killing of white men, white mother’s sons. We who believe in freedom will not rest. -lyrics to song We who believe in Freedom by Sweet Honey in the Rock

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