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Dental lasers, the Painless Alternative
Laser Cavity Detector
Digital radiography, which reduces x-ray emissions and gives patients 90% less x-ray exposure
Intra-oral Cameras
Computerized Operatory
Implant Dentistry
---surgery and crowns
E4D- Same Day Dentistry!!!!
---No more temporary crowns and out of state labs. We can make your crown while you wait!

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What does your mouth say about your health? Many dentists will look at this picture and say this patient just needs braces, or something to fix the chipped and crooked teeth. But dentists that understand airway and how your mouth affects how you breath see a different picture. We ask why? Why are the teeth chipped and crooked. We see ridges/scallops on the tongue. We see the narrow upper jaw and the tipped in lower jaw. We see that there is no room for the tongue and this person might be a mouth breather. We know that mouth breathers can have a laundry list of medical complications. We may even postulate that this patient suffers from allergies and sleep disorders breathing. Dentist that understand the importance of airway and breathing, ask why. This patient in fact suffers from allergies, asthma, epilepsy and depression. All of these symptoms can be related to how you breathe. Airway Focused Dentists ask why. #sleepapnea #sleepbreathingdisorders #bestdentaloffice #bestdentist #loudouncounty #lansdowne #upperairwayresistancesyndrome #dentalcare #orthodontics #dentistry #smallmouth

How to Avoid Suffocating Your Baby During Pregnancy

Do you know the risk of having sleep apnea when you're expecting! If you were diagnosed with gestational DIABETES or PREECLAMPSIA when pregnant, you may also have SLEEP APNEA! With Sleep apnea, the EXPECTANT MOTHERS can limit the flow of OXYGEN to the BABY!! Many doctors can miss the connection and won't suggest sleep apnea therapy, CPAP or oral appliance.

Great article written by my friend, Dr. Martha Cortes.
#expectantmothers #sleepapnea #pregnancy #gestestionaldiabetes #preeclampsia #babies #firsttimemothers #CPAP #dentalappliances #snoringcanbedangerous #pregnancyweight #sleepbreathinhdisorders Co-authored by Keelyn Ross Pregnancy involves ensuring the baby is developing in a healthy environment. Oxygen is a primary resource necessa...

Where is Dr.Tracey? Happy Cinco De Mayo! #cincodemayo


Another great appt! Thank you guys for all you do for me! 😬

Children's Dentistry Overview - Lansdowne Dental | Lansdowne, VA

Do you have children? If so, you do everything you can to protect them and keep them safe, but you might not have thought much about their dental health yet, especially if they are still quite young. However, even if your child does not have any teeth yet, it is never too early to start thinking about looking for a great children’s dentist. The dentist can provide your child with a foundation for great dental health. Children’s dentistry is important for the health of your little one. Be sure to get in touch with our Lansdown dentists today to schedule an appointment.

Sleeping Like a Baby: Dr Stephen H. Sheldon's Pediatric Sleep Medicine Practice - Sleep Review

Why we need to have a multidisciplinary approach to treating Sleep Breathing Disorders! It's not just treating's treating all forms of sleep breathing disorders!
If your child is taking sleep medications, please please please ask for a sleep study or talk to your doctors! Dr. Tracey Nguyen works closely with the Pediatric Sleep Centers and ENTs to properly evaluate your child's condition!

“The identification of disordered sleep really rests on asking the right questions and being able to interpret the answers, and that really begins with all child healthcare professionals"- Dr. Stephan Sheldon.
"For Sheldon, this means the inclusion of dentistry as a MAIN collaborator."
“Having a dedicated group of people who can come together in a space and share what’s learned in the field can help it advance. Without that, the pediatric sleep profession could continue to be ignored and the significant percentage of children impacted by sleep problems will not get the care they deserve,” Loghmanee concurs." If Stephen H. Sheldon, DO, FAAP, could deliver one message to the world, it would be this: When it comes to children, sleep is as important as food. “Sleep is not a passive process but an active one, and we all do better when we sleep well,” he says.

LDC's traditional Mother's Day Brunch Trummer's On Main #bestdentalteam #bestdentaloffice #loudouncounty #lansdownedentalcare #lansdowne

Untreated Sleep Apnea in Children Could Contribute to ADHD and Behavioral Problems Part III: Treatment

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or any other behavioral problems, PLEASE GET A PEDIATRIC SLEEP STUDY!!!! It doesn't make any sense to drug our children with amphetamines at any age. Also, if your child is taking melatonin or any other sleep aid, please consult!!!!

Your child could be suffering from a sleep breathing disorder. We regularly work closely with the Pediatric Sleep Centers and pediatric ENT. Your child's problem may be that he/she can't breathe well during night which causes them to hyperactive during the day. In some cases, this can be caused by enlarge tonsils, narrow upper arch, nasal obstruction, etc.

We can help!!!!!
#pediatricsleepdisorder #ADHD #pediatricsnoring #sleepapnea Part III As an overview of Part I and Part II, we shared some of the signs and symptoms as well as the factors and origins of sleep disorders and s...

The key for preventing damage is having the best protection possible. You can protect your teeth from harm by brushing and flossing regularly and visiting us twice a year for dental cleanings.

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