Travel To Cuba

Travel To Cuba

Thinking of Cuba? The very first cruise ship leaves Miami May 1st. I'm Bonnie St. John with Expedia Cruise Ship Centers and an expert on Cuba travel.

This page is focused on the new and exciting availability to travel to Cuba now that it is open to Americans. But leisure travel is still not allowed. The US government has allowed people to people exchanges and all travel must fit this guideline.
You have a choice of a cruise ship or a chartered flight to get there. This is truly a unique opportunity never before allowed to all Americans.
Touring Cuba is for the mindful traveler and a one of a kind experience. You can choose the itinerary on land such as a walking tour of Havana's Old City, visit an organic farm, rum tasting and cigar plantation visit, interact with musicians, artists and small business owners just to name a few.
You will have a chance to immerse yourself in the culture, history and day-to-day lives of the people of Cuba. Learn more by contacting Bonnie at Expedia Cruise Ship Centers 425-419-0160 and at Don’t miss out on the exceptional opportunity!

Music and art are very big in Cuba, I saw these interesting pictures/murals in Havana, and these musicians on the sidewalk didn't have an audience, but they got a peso from me because I took their picture, which is customary to pay for pics.

I'm home from Cuba and the trip was a step back in time. Wonderful people and good food. First, a pic of the cars.

Cuba has only five television channels and locals are not supposed to have Internet access. The Cell phones have no data plans and there are almost no smartphones. As a result, people are still focused on the arts.

You will see unbelievable talent, especially children who all want to become the best salsa dancers, jazz musicians, and painters. It hits you how technology in the “first world” has had a hand on destroying the arts.

One BIG reason to visit Cuba. It is a very safe place in many ways. Crime is nearly unheard of, they don't have a concept of crime as it exists in other countries. The people are so friendly and helpful a traveler can count on being offered assistance in most places. When are you going?

The Rolling Stones will perform a groundbreaking concert in Havana on Friday March 25, 2016. The free concert will be the first open air concert in Cuba by a British Rock Band.

Traveling to Cuba is almost like the end of an Ice Age! Americans are thrilled to be able to see Havana without government red tape. Restrictions have eased but there are still rules you must follow. I have all the “goods” for getting there. Call me for details!

Cuba is also home to some of the best protected waters in the entire Caribbean. Due to the US embargo on trade and tourism, this island's coral reefs are among the most healthy in the region and ocean wildlife thrives.
Cuba Marine Research and Conservation is home to the second largest breeding population of green turtles in the country with an average of more than 300 nests per season.

On a hilltop, Ernest Hemingway first purchased the home in 1940 in a small suburb just outside Havana. He wrote “For Whom the Bell Tolls" and "The Old Man and the Sea," while living in Finca La Vigia which translates to "lookout farm". He lived there until his death in 1961.
Be sure to include a tour of home when you visit Cuba!



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