Water is Life414

Water is Life414

The best cure for hate, is the blessing of love. If we want to see the world a better place, we should make ourselves the example for people to follow.

This organization supplies free water to the public. Any and all income received is used to resupply water and promote the company to further expand available outreach.

Mission: The Mission of "W.I.L." is to build hope and encouragement in the hearts of people through free water. We believe in order for the world to be a better place, we must fist take the step and lead by example. We must be the change that we want to see. Our team is made of extraordinary individuals who have taken a vow and devoted themselves to being the IMAGE OF TRUE LOVE. Each and member of our team strives to live life with as much love as possible, having confidence that through one small act kindness today, a worldwide impact can be made tomorrow.

[03/04/18]   Theres one kind of water that is the permanent thirst quencher.

[03/04/18]   "-U receive not, because you ask not."

"-And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do."

"But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed."

"- Even so faith, if it hath not works , is dead, being alone"

Conclusion: If you want something, then ask. Ask expecting and knowing. But remember, it takes work. It takes complete trust.

[07/14/17]   Make the difference by being different.

[05/03/17]   No one can take from you what God has given. Share if you agree.

[05/03/17]   Only you can make the choice to be different.

[04/29/17]   Where the struggle lives, be the light that points the way.

[04/29/17]   Love keeps no record of wrongs.

[04/28/17]   Love.... "It always protects..."

[04/27/17]   Love gives hope. Hope is something that can be held onto during the moments when nothing ls left to continue fighting foward.
Hanging on the edges of complete success and feeling utter life failure is where u will find the strongest hope. Let somebody know you love them and care about them. So that u can be that spark of hope later.

[04/27/17]   Build one another up.
Don't take from or hurt those around you.
It gains nothing but more regret.
Give yourself a chance to be happy TOGETHER.

[04/18/17]   If one person can give something as simple as 30 seconds of time to do ANY act of kindness.
-hold the door open
-ask "how are you?"
- Smile and wave!!
Then imagine what a group, community, OR NATION could do with more?
One hour, a whole day... Imagine the lives that would be impacted! Change isn't guaranteed but if TOGETHER we could take one small step in the right direction, then change is inevitable.

So if you're reading this, make a difference. It doesn't take much to create an impact. Sometimes the smallest act of love can be the thing that saves somebodys life.

[04/18/17]   If you're reading this, then I have something VERY IMPORTANT i want to share with you. Whoever you are. Wherever you are.

It's called LOVE.
You and I, we are both people; Born into a world full of selfishness, hate, deceit, lies, war, fear, pain, and tragedy. We didn't choose to have this life. It was given to us. You and I, we've both made our fare share of mistakes. We've both experienced hard times. People have let us down. They've Hurt us. Things have happened that make life more difficult.
We both know it.... But there is good news

I don't know who you are but WHOEVER YOU ARE.......

I love you.
I love you for who you are. Just the way you are.
I love you because, in ways, we're different.
I love you because ,in ways, we are the same.

I can't judge you because just like me, we both could've done better. But You're here.
Just like me. And I simply love you because we are both people living in a messed up world. Its left up to you and I to do something about it.

So here is my attempt to share even the smallest bit of love in hopes to make a difference. I don't care what you look like, what you have done, or haven't done. I simply know that for right now......in this very moment.


Now its your turn!!!
Who knows what kind of impact we can make. TOGETHER

>>(W.I.L. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE and share this post?)

[04/14/17]   Love can grow. It can adapt to be more loving.

[04/13/17]   When life gives u lemons. Give them away and be the life that gave them lemons.

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Believe to achieve.

Its called leading by example. " BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE"- W.I.L.414

Lets do the same for those around us.

What would happen if you did this for somebody else?

[04/05/17]   think on those things that which are good. -Philippians 4:8

Love is in all things that which are good. All things that which are good are of love.


So lets think on him. And overcome.

Made in the image of perfection. GOD IS LOVE

[04/05/17]   Jesus said "but if you should drink of my water. You'll never thirst.."

Water is life414 is not about giving water to those who need it. Its about sharing water to those who want it.

Everyone needs water. But not everyone will take it.
And the love given with each bottle means more to those thirst for 'everlasting water'

[04/02/17]   Making the difference one act of kindness at a time

[03/29/17]   Water is life to all things in the world. Everything we see around us is covered with water. The earth, Our bodies, The trees, and animals all need it to survive and thrive. But the most important kind of water is the water christ gives if we choose to drink it. Jesus said that if we would drink his water then we would never thirst. -john 4:14

[03/29/17]   Love as a verb is shown through selfless acts of kindness. As a noun. It's God.

[03/25/17]   No weapon formed against me shall remain.
My God is with me.
He goes before me.
To me, he is my

My comforter. My savior. My sweet loving jesus. My father. My creator. Redeemer. And best companion.

He is the only one true God. He is LOVE.


Even The small things can make a difference.


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Sharing the load.

W.I. L 414
The right step
is making every moment
a new step in the right direction.

Just imagine.

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Our goal is NOT to just give out water. We believe in a bigger purpose and greater plan! By showing compassion and love through a neutral, expandable, and universal platform, we plan to reach thousands of people locally and millions of people globally. Our goal is simple: to plant a seed of love into every heart we come in contact with.
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