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Hello! I’m a lifestyle photographer and offering services in the Austin/Dallas/Houston area. Family sessions, engagements, maternity, weddings, and headshots. Message or email me for more information at [email protected].

I grew up in a suburb of Houston, Texas and moved to Austin in 2005 to attend St. Edward's University. I graduated from SEU in 2008 with a BA in Photocommunications. I currently live in the Austin area with my husband and daughter. If you have any questions or comments, send me a message or email me at [email protected]

Proud of the Austin Justice Coalition! Great photo by Jay Janner.

“Black Austin Matters” can now been seen along Congress between 6th-9th streets. This partnership was between the Austin Justice Coalition, Capitol View Arts, and City of Austin Government. 📷 @jayjanner | @statesman

When you're in the Hill Country during golden hour and you see a bunch of cows huddled up near a fence, it's almost illegal in the photography world to NOT stop and take photos. Note - they do not like being mooed at. Who knew!

Pride Month may be halfway over but there’s still time to show support to the community! I’m giving away a 30 minute mini session to a local LGBTQ+ couple/family/person!

Tag your nominee in this post and I’ll pick a winner by random on Friday, June 19th! Receive an extra entry by sharing this post onto your page!

Note: Session will be 30 minutes with 5 digital images provided and will be held in or around the Austin area. Good luck! 🏳️‍🌈

These are beautiful!

Last week the members of the trans community were told by a hero to many they were not valid with authenticity measured by a reoccurring cycle.

Myself and most of the world are educated enough to know that nonsense is has no place here especially during "Pride Month!"

I want to showcase and amplify the voices of the trans community! As a cosplayer myself, I thought no better way than to share with you all each week this month trans cosplayers who are fans of #HarryPotter and #FantasticBeasts! PLEASE SHARE - FOLLOW - and SHOW LOVE!

Everyone meet Theo! @aydiostheo!

From #PercivalGraves to
#Remuslupin, #HarryPotter and #SiriusBlack....Theo captures the magic and embodies that heart of each character!


IG handles:

that Friday feeling 💖

It was hot, and there were mosquitoes, but this mama looks absolutely stunning! Amanda and I went to college together and I'm so thankful to have stayed in touch. 💗





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WFMY News 2

POWERFUL IMAGE | Photographer Kevin Greene captured this moment during a peaceful protest in Greensboro. "She was having a blast and decided to run to the front of the pack to walk hand in hand with one of the leaders," said Greene. "I just happened to be there to catch this inspiring moment." 📷: Alpha Shots Photography

Simply Jazz Photography

Before you read this, please know that I am a POC. I am black. The things that have been going on over the last few weeks have affected me deeply and I am still processing it. Honestly, my heart is always heavy when these things happen.

I posted this in a photography group originally because I saw so many people who were afraid/worried to speak up. Afraid of how it would make them look. Afraid they would lose clients. I too contemplated if I wanted to post anything. Below is the post I wrote and hopefully this will encourage and inspire others to do the same.

If this bothers or offends you and you decide to unfollow me, then I wish you well.

"I've been seeing a lot of posts about if as a photography business we should speak up, not just in this group but others and 'why is silence bad?"

Here is some food for thought:

Imagine you live in a town with 100 people and you all are a part of the local page and you all attend town hall. Out of these 100 people 13 of them are black. They tell everyone that they are being treated unfairly and some of them are even dying because of this treatment. Then you have 35 of the people of this town who are saying that they don't care. They think black people are "dirty roaches' and 'deserve every bit of hate and discrimination and will continue to treat them accordingly". Now 5 people stand up and say 'Stop it, that's not right. We don't agree."

So at this point there are 35 vs 18 . The rest of the individuals in the room know that what is happening is wrong but they say nothing.

The reason why those 35 people continue to speak up is because they believe that your silence means you agree. That the views they have, are the views of everyone else. They believe they are the majority.

But if everyone in the room spoke up, then those 35 would realize that they are actually the minority and would be less vocal and even forced to change their views if they want to continue to live in this town.

Now let's look at this in terms of photography from a business and client standpoint.

Being a photographer is an intimate job. We are sharing pieces and important moments of people's lives.

Imagine being a black photographer in a town were only a few are speaking out and there is silence from everyone else. Think about how terrifying that is not knowing where people stand. 'Is this a setup? Are they going to try to hurt me and my family?"

Imagine being a black person and you want to use services and hire a photographer and the photographer in your area is one of the silent. You have to decide if you are willing to put trust and faith in this photographer and that they don't believe what those 35 believe. You have to assume that they believe that what is happening to the black people in your town is wrong. And this assumption is the difference between life or death. Would you take that risk?

Now I understand that breaking that silence for some may mean the lost of business for you. But would you really want to cater to that portion of clients, if you knew they thought like those 35? Also, what if the majority are against it? You will still have a business and more importantly you may even gain more clients who want to show you support and solidarity.

If you have gotten this far, you may have read this and thought "wow that's extreme!"

But here's the thing, before COVID, I was starting out as a traveling newborn photographer and had to put out model calls, as all of us have to do. Now the people who answered these calls know that I have all my clearances,insurance, I'm friendly and I absolutely love babies. They know they can trust me, because it's all on paper. When I enter their home, I am putting faith and trust into the fact that they aren't murderers and they aren't racist.

Let's fast forward, none of these people in my area have spoken out against what's going on. I go to my community page, where I sometimes advertise, to see how the community feels. All I see are posts calling black people "dirty roaches" "animals" 'thugs" and saying stuff like "black people should be shot first, questions asked later". How trusting do you think I am now after that and the silence of my community?

In terms of being a client; I have a 10 year vow renewal coming up and I was thinking of hiring a photographer in my area but then I go on their pages and I see nothing in regards to any of this. How trusting do you think I am going to be with that photographer after reading those comments? Especially since it took me over a week to gather the courage and strength to leave my house because of those comments.

I get it. There is so much going on with just everything. 2020 is really something else. It's scary and unpredictable. But think how much more scary it is for POC.

Hope this offered some perspective"

Timeline Photos

as a white woman I have no idea what it’s like for POC and daily fear of doing mundane things. I don’t have to worry about my white husband being racially profiled and being pulled over. I don’t have to worry about my white daughter facing racism at school. I’m here to listen and speak up against racism of all kinds. I’m going to take a break from posting my work and regram and post to my stories the work and art of photographers of POC. If you have favorites I can follow please drop their username below.

Posted @withregram • @kongscreenprinting Click the link in our bio for easy access to all the organizations and causes included in this post. #austintexas #blacklivesmatter #blackout

#blackouttuesday I am here to listen and to do whatever I can to be a better ally.

Miss Clara was absolutely perfect for her newborn session! Look at this sweet face! 😍

This sweet family was my first session back after going into quarantine mode. They were so fun and I love this tickle image!

Some really great news: If you've had a session with me in the past year, you now have the option to buy prints straight from your gallery through - my favorite place for quality prints. If you need a new link to your gallery, please let me know!

Not looking forward to the end of a 3 day weekend? Here's a teeny tiny bee booty to help you power through!

Wildflowers are out and about and so am I! Now booking sessions starting the first weekend in June! Feel free to message or email me to schedule a session and you can always schedule your own here:

A Mighty Girl

In this famous photograph by photojournalist Eve Arnold, a young civil rights activist is trained not to react to provocation at a 1960 non-violence training session in Virginia. The training was organized by the Congress for Racial Equality or CORE, one of the major civil rights organizations of the period. Founded in 1942, by the early 1960s, CORE had dozens of chapters around the US, including many on college campuses. Since CORE frequently used civil disobedience to challenge segregation and other discriminatory policies, they often held nonviolence trainings such as the one pictured here.

One of CORE's most famous initiatives, organized with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee or SNCC, were the Freedom Rides during which mixed race groups of civil rights activists would ride buses into the segregated South. During the first ride, the Freedom Riders were attacked by mobs and severely beaten at several stops in Alabama. After the initial group of activists were forced to abandon the ride, SNCC leader Diane Nash organized new groups of activists to take their place. Throughout the summer of 1961, more than 60 Freedom Rides crisscrossed the South with an estimated 450 riders participating.

During their rides, the activists would often protest against other forms of racial discrimination they encountered by sitting together at segregated lunch counters and restaurants. This tactic proved especially effective when they targeted large chains, which would often choose to desegregate their businesses in the face of Northern boycotts. The activists frequently faced harassment during such sit-ins ranging from food and drinks being poured on them or smoke being blown in their faces to beatings and arrests.

Nonviolence trainings such as this one were intended to help prepare the activists, many of whom were high school and college students, for such treatment. The courage of these and other civil rights activists helped bring the issue of segregation to national attention and inspired many people to join the growing movement for racial equality.

To view more photos from the period, a collection of sit-in photos can be found at and a collection of Freedom Ride photos can be viewed at

To introduce children and teens to many heroic girls and women who fought for equal rights, check out our blog post on "50 Inspiring Books on Girls & Women of the Civil Rights Movement" at

For Civil Rights Movement-themed books for readers 4 to 8, we recommend "I Am Rosa Parks" (, "Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-Ins" (, "White Socks Only" (, and "The Story of Ruby Bridges" (

For older readers, we recommend "Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice" for 10 and up (, "Remember: The Journey to School Integration" for 9 and up (, "Fire From The Rock" for 12 and up (, and "Warriors Don't Cry: A Searing Memoir of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock's Central High" for 12 and up (

You can also find many books and films about the famous civil rights activist Rosa Parks in our "Rose Parks Collection" at

For adults who would like a deeper understanding of the long-running Civil Rights Movement, we recommend the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Parting the Waters" ( and its sequels "Pillar of Fire" ( and "At Canaan's Edge" (

For Mighty Girl stories that explore racial discrimination and prejudice, visit

Happy Wishbone Day! Wishbone Day, first celebrated in 2010, is the largest awareness day for Osteogenesis Imperfecta. More and more people join the celebration each year, making May 6th a massive global effort to support and celebrate members of the OI community.

Eleanor and her dad both have OI Type 1 so this is always a big day for our family.

This very quick photo session was brought to you by the promise of cheese, a new Barbie, and a lot of sass.

Like many small business owners, I miss working. I miss planning sessions with clients, meeting new people, and creating beautiful images. But for the safety of myself and my family - especially this little nugget here - I won’t begin scheduling sessions until June 1st. If you have an urgent session that can’t wait, please send me a message or email and we can definitely discuss it. I’ll be having a special for the months of June and July and I’ll be posting that in a week or two.

Stay safe, friends. I’m ready to work with you and my toddler is VERY tired of having her photo taken.

A photographer transforms herself into Disney princesses to help young black girls feel seen: 'They are not forgotten'

These are absolutely gorgeous! Symone Seven is a photographer in Atlanta, Georgia, and is spreading her message of representation to bring hope to girls.

happy earth day, friends.


I’ll admit I’m not super bummed to miss out on a ton of bluebonnet sessions because of these danger noodles.

Here’s a friendly reminder to always look around bluebonnets before you take pictures. Jimmy Martin caught two rattlesnakes popping out of a field of Texas bluebonnets. Texas Parks and Wildlife says these male diamondbacks were sparring over a female.

friendly reminder ❤️

I didn't get around to posting these photos yesterday, it was honestly one of the rougher days we've had since quarantine started but I'm so in love with how these came out. I'm not sure if Eleanor was excited to be wearing her special tutu dress or just excited to be out of the house, but this was the first time she's cooperated during a session and I was 100% shocked she left the flowers in her hair for the whole thing!

As soon as I saw this dress I had a vision of a photo I wanted, and my tiny muse helped me achieve that this evening. Stay tuned for the reveal tomorrow!

Happy Monday! Anyone else super excited to have a little sun today?

We were supposed to go camping in Rocksprings last weekend so I'm reliving our recent trip from October with these photos.

First 2 images are available as prints in my gallery here:

Since I'm not working during the quarantine, I thought I'd offer some of my work as prints. Please let me know if anyone has questions about ordering as this is new for me! Please share with any friends or family that may be looking for art or to support local artists during this time!

I took advantage of our last sunny day for a while to photograph this beautiful tree yesterday, it was swarming with teeny baby bees!

I've started selling prints!

This was my last session before I shut down business for the time being, but at least it was with this beautiful family!

DIY: In-Home Newborn Sessions — Amanda Klaus Photography

I wanted to share some tips for photographing your own in-home newborn session as I know several new mamas who are out a photographer due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. In Texas, non-essential businesses are now closed until April 30th so I’ll just be here photographing my toddler and every plant in my neighborhood. But for now, here are my tips! I wanted to share some tips for photographing your own in-home newborn session as I know several new mamas who are out a photographer due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. In Texas, non-essential businesses are now closed until April 30th so I’ll just be here photographing my toddler and every...

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