Airport taxi cab service in tri-cities and kingsport

Kingsport Cabbie offers taxi and shuttle transportation for the airport, along with local and long distance hauls. Ride comfortable and confident with Kingsport Cabbie. And be sure to remember that a ride with Cabbie, is a lot cheaper than a D.U.I. With local rides starting out at $3, and average ride around $7, and airport trips starting at $20


"I'm family man Travis, just as a fun dad. A super fun dad."

Steampunk Tendencies

Full steam ahead!


Clever dog

[01/18/18]   We love our armed forces. To show our appreciation, show us your V.A. card or DD214 or your armed forces/first responder ID and get up to $5 off your fare. (423) 963-4760

Alligator Performance

Interesting things happening at Ford. Exoskeleton suits for their assembly workers.
#AlligatorPerformance #AlligatorNation

Sintesis Ejecutiva

Driving Fails

A new driving test starts today but aspiring drivers may have to wait a few days before they can sit it.


Audi's flagship A8 has an overwhelming amount of tech:


This is the crazy true story of a drug-smuggling Mom, a kung-fu legend and a man who broke every bone in his body.

Feel inspired? Listen to the Pow Pow's full story here:


These things can save your life in case of an emergency in the sea.


What do you think the fastest ticketed speed on Ohio is? Duane Pohlman Local 12 investigates.


Ste Sécurité routière


This Mitsubishi had some impressive tech for its time.

Total Nerd

These people voiced your Saturday morning Cartoons...

Housekeeping 101


That rumble is music to our ears.


How blood on the ceiling turned Grant Cardone's life around

Cars Insider

Watch Elon Musk show off Tesla's first electric 18-wheeler β€” which can go from 0-60mph in five seconds.

Recipes From Heaven

A Soldier in South Korea sent his uniform to America and asked if it could be put on an armchair, He is coming home for ChristmasπŸŽ„ So his Mom to sit in when he is away,
Beautiful!!! what do you think? β›„πŸŽ… Love!!!
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Say Yes To Positivity

Say Yes To Positivity


Yes I support them!

It's a Southern Thing

If you're traveling this Labor Day weekend, please don't forget your Southern GPS.


Cuteness overload! 😍

Power of Positivity

This brought me to tears. These kids will remember this forever!


This incredible robot can really stick a landing

Mecum Auctions

We're back with more action from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Be Human Be Kind


'Saw my mailman doing doughnuts outside my house' πŸ˜‚πŸ©
Credit: @joe_pizzuto2

WIRED Science

So, have you ever seen a robot do a backflip? (via Boston Dynamics)

Tech Insider

This woman plays the theremin β€” an instrument that is played without being touched.


Now that's bitchin!

CBS News

Police officers would always see this 95-year-old man sitting on his porch β€” even when it was unbearably hot. Finally, they found out why. And when they did, they made sure to do everything they could to help:

Thrillist Travel

Get paid $10,000 per month to party.

Thrillist Travel

This travel pillow looks like giant cartoon hands and holds you in any position.


Easily one of the coolest Golf Carts out there...

Carroll Shelby

The rarest of the rare 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snakes sells for millions.

I never knew I needed a raccoon until now. This guy is awesome. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘



It's hard to put a price on a Bird this special.

The Epoch Times

Hedgehog hot tub party πŸ›€πŸ˜Œ
Credit: JukinVideo

Nature Geography & Animals

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