Dr. Eva SkinCare

Dr. Eva SkinCare

Dr. Eva's Skincare offers soaps and beauty products made with proprietary blends of all-natural vegan ingredients that promote natural healing.

Luxury soaps, and all-natural home care products: 100% handmade and natural.


Out of the Box

A fresh blog post, inspired by some recent car troubles and the kindness of strangers. Enjoy! :-)


drevaskincare.com by Avery Chenoweth Eva turned the key. Nothing. Her face went blank, as if some basic principle of the universe had failed to show up, like gravity. Her face registered the same astonishment as if she had dropped the car keys but they fell up. She cranked it again. Now, she looked at me, and we ha


City Market Reflections

A fresh blog post! This is an article Avery wrote for this week's Charlottesville City Market Newsletter.
Enjoy! :-)


drevaskincare.com by Avery Chenoweth


12 - The Buzz

We have a fresh blog post by our own Avery Chenoweth!
Enjoy! :-)


drevaskincare.com by Avery Chenoweth “I’m going to check on the bees, and see how they’re doing--do you want to join me?”


11 - You Are What You Love

Happy Friday, Everyone! :-)

We have a fresh blog post to help you get in the mood for the weekend: "You Are What You Love", by Avery Chenoweth. Enjoy! :-)


drevaskincare.com by Avery Chenoweth  When I write about Eva’s soaps, I sometimes call them “delicious,” which may seem like an oxymoron, or just moronic, depending. An aspect of freedom and love run wild in all creativity, and the master of delicious explorations, Anthony Bourdain, lived all of that. His


10 - Scents & Sensibility

Good morning, Everybody!
Here is a fresh blog post by Avery to brighten your day: "Scents & Sensibility". Enjoy! :-)

What is your personal "Proustian madeleine"? Tell us in the comments :-)


drevaskincare.com by Avery Chenoweth As someone born with almost no sense of smell, I can attest to honest amazement when someone nearby picks up on a scent that I cannot detect even when I try.  “You need something to eat,” Eva once said to me. “I can smell the ketones on your breath.”  Well, na

[03/02/19]   Come see us at the IX Winter Market this morning, 9am-1pm!

🌞 It is not even going to rain this morning (or so they say)!!! 😀


9 - What IS Natural Anyway?

A fresh blog post by Avery: "What is natural anyway?"
Enjoy :-)


drevaskincare.com by Avery Chenoweth “I hope you hair curls naturally, does it?” “Yes, darling, with a little help from others.” ―  Oscar Wilde,  The Importance of Being Earnest  It’s a truism worth recalling that, in times of social confusion, the wits shine more light than others


8 - Hitting the Accelerator

Avery and I have some BIG NEWS to share!
🍾🎉Dr. Eva SkinCare has been accepted into the UVA Darden Business School's 2019 iLab Cohort!! 🎉🍾

Check out Avery's blog post for the story of how it all happened! 😁


drevaskincare.com by Avery Chenoweth


Dr. Eva SkinCare, by Dr. King's Little Luxuries

We're having a party--to the tune of Sam Cooke's big hit--and invite everyone to enjoy our sale and celebrate your loved one all week long! Check out our website!

drevaskincare.com Dr. King's Little Luxuries brings you Luxury Soaps that are 100% Handmade & Vegan. We make our soaps in Keswick, Virginia, using food-grade ingredients. Just the good stuff!



A note to our customers:
Due to a service issue with our e-commerce credit card handling provider, we are temporarily unable to sell our highly popular "Beat it! Intensive Relief Serum" through our online store.
While we work to resolve this somewhat baffling issue, please email us directly at [email protected] for availability and orders. You can still get this item! We just have to handle the transaction separately until this is solved. We apologize for the inconvenience!


drevaskincare.com Due to a customer service issue with our e-commerce credit card handling service, we are temporarily unable to sell this particular item through our online store. While we work to resolve this somewhat baffling issue, please email us directly at [email protected] for availability and orders.

[02/08/19]   Come by and see us at the IX Park Winter Market tomorrow, Saturday 9am to 1pm!
It's Testing Time! We will have a few of my new natural hand/body lotion prototypes at the stand for testing, and would love to hear what you think. How do you like the feel? The fragrance? Hope to see you in the morning 😀


No. 7: Delicious Hair

Tadaa! A fresh blog post by Avery on my progress formulating new all-natural hair conditioners! Let's just say, it's looking very promising. Enjoy! :-)


drevaskincare.com by Avery Chenoweth Just when I thought last week’s innovations were amazing--by which I mean, smart and intense--Eva surprised me the other day with still more products. And this time, she has been in the lab, creating an astonishing new hair conditioner.

[01/28/19]   Hot off the press: A new blog post by Avery Chenoweth about ongoing product innovations and customer feedback: "Innovation on the QT"
Enjoy :-)


[01/25/19]   Hello, there! 🙂
First we'd like to tell you about the Winter Farmers Market at the IX Park, Saturdays 9am to 1pm! We will be part of this new market every other weekend, starting this Saturday, until the regular City Market restarts in April.
Come on over, say Hi, and warm yourself up. We have a heater!

On other news, Avery and I have hit the ground running in the New Year! We have been working hard on different fronts since the Holidays, including planning completely new products. You will hear all about that pretty soon 😀


Our Blog: Keeping up with Eva — Dr. Eva SkinCare, by Dr. King's Little Luxuries

Avery wrote a new blog post after helping me make a fresh batch of luscious massage bars last week :-) Merry Christmas, Everyone!

drevaskincare.com This blog is a collection of stories about our adventures in our startup company, our products, and life.

[12/08/18]   Good morning, folks! It is time for us to load up our van and head to town for today's Charlottesville Holiday Market.
Yes, it is only 21 degrees out there right now, but we will have beautiful weather once the sun comes up. We have a heater in our tent, ready to give you a little warm up break! 🔥
So, don your favorite scarf & mittens and head downtown to see what our wonderful local vendors have on offer for you!


Dr. Eva's Skincare Treatment for Acne and Eczema #MEGAChristmas18

Exciting news! Our products just received a glowing review on "mommy blog" MomDoesReviews!! The reviewer particularly liked our Beat it! line of against skin inflammation, after trying it on her child suffering from eczema. Great review 🙂


momdoesreviews.com Dr. Eva's Natural Skincare line BEAT IT! is designed for conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. With soaps, cleansers and serums created with natural ingredients, they're designed help sooth inflammation and irritation. Made with ingredients like tea tree essential oil, plantain leaves and hem...


Acne & Eczema Treatment System — Dr. Eva SkinCare, by Dr. King's Little Luxuries

Our new all-natural "Beat it!" Treatment System for Acne & Eczema is becoming a real hit! Our vegan formula is based on Ayurvedic botanicals, tea tree oil, plus Hemp CBD (intensive treatment serum), for maximum anti-inflammatory effect.
Here is what one customers emailed us today:

"We bought the first bottle for my daughter and son to share (both teens), but my daughter keeps taking it! BOTH love it so much and their skin is beautiful!"

It makes us so happy to hear that our products really help folks solve their skin issues!


drevaskincare.com Dr. King's Little Luxuries brings you Luxury Soaps that are 100% Handmade & Vegan. We make our soaps in Keswick, Virginia, using food-grade ingredients. Just the good stuff!


Luxury Soaps

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 😀
This rainy and chilly morning, we are setting up at the first of five Charlottesville Holiday Markets between today and Christmas Eve.
Cannot come to the Market, or want to stay nice and warm at home?! No problem! You can easily order online (www.drevaskincare.com) We ship nationwide, and deliver for free locally.
Also: The Virginia Shop at Barracks Road is now carrying our soap cupcakes! We hope you enjoy your weekend!

drevaskincare.com Dr. King's Little Luxuries brings you Luxury Soaps that are 100% Handmade & Vegan. We make our soaps in Keswick, Virginia, using food-grade ingredients. Just the good stuff!


No. 4: In the Workshop

We just published a fresh post on our blog: Avery describes his visit to my workshop, watching me make a batch of soap! Enjoy :-)

drevaskincare.com She dips her arms into the sleeves of her white lab coat, and is transformed.  Only moments earlier, she was outside tramping through the routine of feeding all the animals--the hogs, goats, and chickens--then she came into the sunny kitchen, asking if I’d like something to drink. All is c


No. 3: ALEXA

Time for a fresh blog post :-)

drevaskincare.com by Avery Chenoweth  Last week, while I was developing a marketing strategy for Dr. Eva’s SkinCare, I enlisted some support and inspiration from my office-mate, Alexa.  “Alexa, play top 100 movie themes.”  “Here’s a radio station you might like,” she said.  Alt

Dr. Eva SkinCare

An entertaining yet weird little road trip with Dr. Eva King, assisting, if you call it that, on another mission...

Taddaa: A fresh blog post!
This one is the story of an adventure we recently had, when Avery got a glimpse of what I do in my other role as Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant. You just never know what you're going to find...



No. 2: Something dead

Taddaa: A fresh blog post!
This one is the story of an adventure we recently had, when Avery got a glimpse of what I do in my other role as Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant. You just never know what you're going to find...


drevaskincare.com by Avery Chenoweth “Something’s dead inside the walls, that’s what she said.” Let’s see a show of hands, shall we? If someone said that to you, would you go and find out what’s dead inside the walls, or would you stay at home watching YouTube videos of your favorite 60s pop bands for the...


No. 1: Getting to know Eva

We added a new blog to our website, where "Chief Storyteller" Avery does what he does best! Check out his first post about how we got started together :-)


drevaskincare.com by Avery Chenoweth Not long after we met, she offered me a job without pay, and I thought, “Without pay? Who says No to that?” If you know Eva, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It seems we only said hello one afternoon over coffee, and talked for the next nine hours--over many cups and oc...

Come and see us at booth 45 at Martha's Market at the John Paul Jones arena in Charlottesville! We'll be here until 6pm today, and 11am-4pm on Sunday :-)



Avery just updated our "About" page online. Check it out :-)

drevaskincare.com Dr. King's Little Luxuries brings you Luxury Soaps that are 100% Handmade & Vegan. We make our soaps in Keswick, Virginia, using food-grade ingredients. Just the good stuff!

Dr. Eva SkinCare's cover photo

Allow me to introduce my brand-new business partner: Avery Chenoweth!
Avery is a man of many impressive talents, which include being an entrepreneur himself, and the author of a list of wonderful books and novels. His creative spark and enthusiasm have been a vital driver for me this summer. Avery joins me as partner in the business, as "Chief Storyteller", responsible for branding, marketing and communications.
How often do you get to work with a dear friend who also happens to be one of your all-time favorite authors??! I am thrilled to have Avery join me, and look forward to our adventures ahead :-)

[10/03/18]   Have you been wondering where I have been?? Well, look no further :-) We have been really, really busy these past few months, coming up with a whole new look, redesigning our packaging, and developing a new range of products. We will launch all the shiny new toys this week at Martha's Market at JPJ between Thursday, Oct 4 and Sunday, Oct 7. Come on by and say Hi!

All this would not have possible without help! I have had the immense pleasure and honor to add a business partner to my venture! Watch this space for a proper introduction :-)


Dr. Eva SkinCare

[06/25/18]   Dear local friends of Little Luxuries:
We are working on several products for hair care and indulgent baths this summer, and would love to get your feedback on some prototypes!
If you would like to be a "Luxury Guinea Pig", and give us your comments: Please let us know asap! We unfortunately cannot ship the products in the current hot weather, so this is for pickup/local delivery only. Thanks! :-)

[05/26/18]   We will be at the C'ville Market in the morning, at G10. Looks like we'll have some really nice weather this weekend! :-)

[05/19/18]   C’ville Market this morning! Come on out, and bring your flippers ;-)

[04/28/18]   On the road bright and early for C’ville Market! 😀
After many requests, we have added our emulsified Sugar Scrub back to the product list. This new batch has a warm orange and cinnamon fragrance. Enjoy!

[04/23/18]   The new Natural Bug Repellent Spray and Poison Ivy Relief Soap were a real hit at the market this weekend! :-)

[04/20/18]   We are excited to introduce 2 brand-new products, ready for spring and summer: An All-Natural Bug Repellent Spray, and a Poison Ivy Relief Soap Bar!
Both new products will be available at our stand at the C'ville City Market again tomorrow, Saturday morning from 8 to 12.
See you there 🙂

[04/12/18]   Hello Everybody! Spring is finally in the air, and the Charlottesville City Market is back in season!
This year, Dr. King's Little Luxuries has scored a fixed place at the market: a Coop space that switches between fellow soap vendor "Grubby Girl" and us. So, we will be at the market (space G10) just about every other Saturday all the way into November.
This Saturday -during the TomTom Festival- is our first market day, and we should have beautiful weather to boot!
We have all your favorites, plus a new Whipped Shea Butter Massage and Body Balm.
Stroll on over, and say Hi! :-)

The Haven

As announced earlier, we delivered 75% of our 2017 profits in cash and supply donations to The Haven in Charlottesville yesterday.
If you are not already familiar with The Haven, check out their website. They do some wonderful work for the homeless and very poor in our region.
Thank you for all your support in 2017! ❤️

thehaven.org A day shelter and social resource center for the homeless and very poor in downtown Charlottesville, VA.

[12/23/17]   Come on out to the Charlottesville Holiday Market today, 8am to 1pm! Last market of the year, and your last chance to get our soaps as stocking stuffers!
Remember: we are donating 75% of our 2017 profits to causes that fight homelessness.

[12/15/17]   Dear Friends:
Today, we made the decision to donate 75% of every bit of profit made by Dr. King's Little Luxuries throughout 2017 to support causes that help the homeless.

Considering the sheer magnitude of poverty and homelessness in our society, this is, of course, a drop in the bucket. But one drop joined by many more can become a flood. We have to stop ignoring the problem!


Luxury Soaps: 100% Handmade & Vegan

Two more days to save on holiday gifts!
Our 10% discount code on all online orders ends at the end of the month. Use "NOV10" during checkout and save 10%.

Also, if you let us know about a favorite cause you are collecting little gifts for: Tell us about it, and we'll select one cause and send them some of our soaps!

drkings-littleluxuries.com 100% Handmade & Vegan

[11/27/17]   Today, we were contacted by the Ashley Chapel Educational Center.
The administrator wrote ACEC "is an alternative school located in Rockingham, NC, that serves students in grades 7-12. These students are typically sent to Ashley Chapel because they exhibit behavior problems that make it difficult for them to be successful in the traditional school setting. The reality, however, is that most of the students we serve at Ashley Chapel have social, emotional, and/or mental health issues that drive their behaviors. One of these major issues is socioeconomic status. The students at our school live in some of the poorest communities, and often come from single-parent families and foster homes. For this reason, the faculty and staff of Ashley Chapel Educational Center do what we can to spread cheer to our students and our families during the holiday season. We try to provide a Christmas dinner and gifts to our students and their families each year."

A worthy cause indeed! So, needless to say, a box of soaps is on the way to North Carolina.

Do you have a favorite cause you solicit donations for?
Tell us about it, and we will select one organization from your suggestions to contribute some of our soaps to!

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