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We offer executive class sedan service throughout the metropolitan Baltimore/Washington DC area. Corporate vans and SUV Sedans are also available for your traveling convenience. If you require top notch service, at affordable rates, Roadmaster Transportation is the place to call! Our executive-style sedans, vans and SUV's provide you with a quality travel experience you just can't get from an ordinary taxi service.

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[06/20/13]   Limousine operators have reported that social media has been a real contributor to driving business (pun intended). In fact, 30.6 percent say that Facebook has been valuable or very valuable, and 39 percent said it was somewhat valuable. That's because 72 percent of them have a page!

[06/18/13]   Discussing business with a client or partner while driving can get tricky if not unsafe. Hiring a limo allows you to fully focus on the business at hand and even review documents, consulting email, and a variety of other business functions.

[06/13/13]   Limousine, Charter & Tour Magazine reports that the average distance of a typical chauffeured client run is 46 miles, and a limousine operator averages about 332 client runs per week.

[06/11/13]   Did you know that the earliest six-door limousines were primarily used as funeral cars? However, as they grew in popularity, this limo variation became popular with everyone from movie stars to the President of the United States.

[06/06/13]   At more than 50,000 pounds, the heaviest limousine in the world is called the Midnight Rider. As much a traveling night club as anything else, the Midnight Rider has room for 40 people and features three different lounges and a full-sized bar.

[06/04/13]   When choosing the right type of limo, some things to keep in mind are who will be riding in it, how many people you plan to accommodate, and where you will be going.

[05/30/13]   In the early days of automobiles, limousines were connected to celebrities and presidents. However, before 1939, the leader of the country relied on their specific choice of a standard production car.

[05/28/13]   Do you ever find yourself avoiding certain activities because of the crazy traffic you'll encounter coming and going? When you live in an area that doesn't have a ready supply of cabs, it may be more affordable to hire a limo for the evening.

[05/23/13]   When it comes down to it, renting a limousine can really help your company's bottom line. This is one of the most reliable forms of transportation, and it can be invaluable in getting both executives and support staff to meetings, airports, and the like.

[05/21/13]   Details about the current presidential limousine are shrouded in secrecy, but it's rumored to be the first diesel-powered limo. It rides on Goodyear Regional RHS tires, which are usually reserved for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, suggesting that the limousine is extra heavy.

[05/16/13]   Don't waste time figuring out how you or your employees are going to get to your next meeting. Rather than spending precious resources planning a route or dealing with traffic, you can trust your limo driver to get you where you need to go in plenty of time.

[05/14/13]   Did you know that most people that live in a tourist area or architecturally-impressive city never take the time to see the sights their city has to offer? Consider renting a limo for the day or evening, so that you can finally see what's so special about your town.

[05/09/13]   Are you concerned that trouble catching a cab will delay the good times at the bachelor party you're hosting? Renting a limousine for the evening is the best way to keep the good times rolling while ensuring no one drives while under the influence.

[05/07/13]   A traditional stretch limousine is big enough to handle as many as ten passengers comfortably. When that isn't enough room, it's time to look for a super-stretch limo. These huge vehicles can accommodate as many as 20 people.

[04/11/13]   The movie Arthur in 1981 was about a drunken, super-rich playboy who falls in love with a woman of modest means. Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli fell in love after he rescued her from a retail store detective and they drove away in his limousine.

[04/09/13]   Are you looking for a particularly eye-catching or unique limo for your wedding or other event? Consider renting a Hummer SUV limo to add an extra level of class to your transportation experience.

[04/04/13]   The 1972 Lincoln Continental was chosen for Presidents Ford and Reagan. It was a massive 13,000 pound armored vehicle powered by a 460-cubic inch V8 engine, and was the last presidential limousine to have a roof opening that allowed the president to stand.

[04/02/13]   Did you know that Hollywood's love affair with the limousine was originally not only romantic but also practical? Of course, the stars loved the image being transported in a limo gave them, but the roomy vehicles were also used to carry film crews and stage personnel around movie sets.

[03/28/13]   Did you know that Ripley's Believe It or Not! hired a limousine to deliver a rescued dog and his adoptive owners to their home? In 2010, a tiny homeless dog was found in a ditch in Florida and named Ripley by the people at the animal shelter who nursed him back to health.

[03/26/13]   The first presidential limousines all were convertibles of some type, so that the president could be seen by crowds during campaign stops and other events. In 1950, the limousine included a bubbletop for maximum viewing opportunities.

[03/21/13]   Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to bolster your company's image? By hiring a limousine to bring clients and employees around, you can really underscore your company's professionalism while ensuring client satisfaction.

[03/19/13]   If you are going to be driving to a meeting or other location with a business partner or client, don't waste time making small talk while you focus on the road. When you hire a limo, this frees you up to deal with the business at hand and make the most out of your time together.

[03/14/13]   The biggest year for limousine production in the U.S. was 1987, when 7,000 limousines were produced. The lowest production of limousines took place in 2010, when only 350 new limousines were produced.

[03/12/13]   President Obama's main limousine is a black model from Cadillac that is known as the beast. The vehicle is covered with armor five inches thick and tires that are maneuverable even when they are flat.

[03/07/13]   According to the 2012 survey by Limousine, Charter & Tour Magazine, Limousine operators buy 1,814 gallons of gasoline per week, and gasoline costs averaged $3.87 per gallon in 2012 for regular gas.

[03/04/13]   Not only is it expensive to leave your car at the airport while traveling, it can be dangerous. Hiring a limo or car service to take you to and from the airport means your car will stay safely at home.

[03/01/13]   Are you planning to stay at home for vacation this year? Hiring a limousine service to drive you around to the sights in your area can give you the worry-free feel of being a tourist in another city.

[02/26/13]   When renting a limo, be sure to clearly articulate your needs ahead of time. For instance, not all chauffeurs are expected to open the door for passengers, so make sure this type of service is outlined in the contract.

[02/23/13]   Have you ever wondered about the necessity of the limo tradition at weddings? If you think about it, limousines are among the few vehicles that can accommodate the bridal gown without wrinkling it.

[02/20/13]   Since Ronald Reagan brought the Cadillac Limousine back to the White House in 1984, it has been the preferred mode of transportation for U.S. presidents. George W. Bush gets credit for naming the presidential limo Cadillac One.

[02/17/13]   Heads of state often choose an official state car that is from a domestic manufacturer to showcase their confidence in their nation's automotive industry. Automakers revel at the chance to demonstrate their technology and skill by creating a special vehicle for the official.

[02/14/13]   One of the most common chauffeured cars is the sedan limousine-usually a Lincoln Town car or Cadillac. These offer plenty of legroom in a less showy package, and are often a perfect solution for discreet transportation needs.

[02/11/13]   Lincoln limousines are a classic line of luxury cars that are a popular choice for all kinds of events, from weddings to corporate functions. Not only do they offer a full range of modern amenities, but they are built with safety primarily in mind.

[02/08/13]   Do you have important clients coming into town and want to give them the VIP treatment? In addition to having a car pick them up at the airport, you can make the driver available to them during their stay.

[02/05/13]   A popular limo choice is the themed Hummer limo. Not only can these limos accommodate a large number of people, but they can be equipped with everything from a working casino to a karaoke machine depending on the theme of your excursion.

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