Henna By Tatiana

One of a kind henna tattoo's that will leave your friends wanting one. Its a great way to explore body art without the permanence of an actual tattoo.

Hey Guys! Here is some Helpful tips and information to take a look at before and after you get your henna Tattoo! Henna will not look the same on every individual who gets one. Everyone’s body is different! Body chemistry, Temperature and location on the body all play a factor on how your Henna Tattoo will look and how dark the stain will be! Henna will always be darker on hands and feet and it will be lighter/softer in area’s like upper arms, stomach, back (Pretty much anywhere beside your hands and feet). To help to get your stain as dark as possible here are some helpful tips! How to take care of Your Henna Tattoo's!!! 1.) Clean the area where the Henna tattoo will be on with soap and water before application! I recommend washing the area where the henna will be applied with soap and water to get rid of any lotions or oils from the skin. If you could even exfoliate the area before hand, that would be great. You get rid of dead skin cells and oils meaning your henna will go on fresh skin and will stay on longer! 2.) Leave on Henna paste as long as possible! I recommend to leave your henna on between 4-8 hours But if you leave it on longer or even over night, the darker is will appear. 3.) Heat and Moisture helps! The warmer your body temperature is the faster the henna will stain your skin. If you are cold try drinking something warm or if it’s hot outside, go out and chill in the sun, maybe get a tan 4.) Remove the Paste PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE PASTE WITH WATER! Some people recommend using lemon or olive oil and you can do this if it’s really stuck on your skin. You can also scrap it off gently from the skin. (I use a card to scrape mine off). Try to not wet the area where the henna was applied for 24 hours! The longer you prevent the area from getting wet, the better! Oh and remember, Henna takes 48 hours after being applied to darken or develop on your skin. So don’t freak out it the henna design is a very light orange or barely visible at first. It OK! 5.) Moisturize When the henna is removed moisturize. Why? Because your skin is probably dry! Apply some type of natural oil or butter to protect the henna design and do not exfoliate the area. Lotions you usually by from the store are fragranced and contain chemicals and these chemicals can end up lighting your henna stain. Use something natural! Avoid lotions that contain Fruity acids (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) or bleaching agents! 6.) Avoid Friction Again, try to not exfoliate the area. Exfoliating the area will cause the Henna stain to fade. Excessive washing and rubbing from clothing will cause it to fade. An example that might cause your henna to fade is: When washing dishes! Use gloves. Please remember that henna is not an exact science as some would say. Every henna stain is different due to many different things. If you follow these guidelines, your henna should last 1-3 weeks depending on after care and your body lotion!

Henna tattoo was completed on 6/30/17 and it's still superb! When you take care of your henna tattoos, they last for quite sometime :-)

Henna for days! This design was for a girl who loves turtles and roses!! Before she heads back to Germany she now has some henna to travel with her!!!

Henna/Jagua mix. The picture of the stain is from being on for 4 days now. I left the past on for an hour and a half. Interested in getting one??? Send me a message through Facebook or text me!

Fun with the family!

Here is an update of the stain of the last henna/jagua tattoo I had done!

Henna By Tatiana

Henna By Tatiana

Fresh Hengua (henna and jagua henna mix)! Henna crown finished! This beautiful woman who is a cancer survivor and asked me to henna her head. I was honored!!! I will post updates of the stain in a few days! Ideas came from google images! Let me know what you think!

[04/06/17]   Many people were asking if price ranges, I charge $10 and up depending on the design and whether it is henna or the jagua henna. Message is you want more information :-)

Trying some geometric designs for a change :-)

New Jagua Henna

[02/02/17]   Hello Everyone!
It has been a long time since I have updated this site. New photos to come soon with Jagua Henna's. This henna is closest to getting a black henna without the worry of putting harsh chemicals on your skin and the risk of breaking out in a rash with blisters. Remember there is no such thing as safe black henna!

Not the best picture But here it is! This henna is not being taken care of properly causing it to fade. For not being taken care of though, it still looks pretty good!

Now this is my sister's design she drew up for me to draw on her :-)

Long time no post!!! Here is one henna design I got from instagram. NOT MY ORIGINAL DESIGN!!! Enjoy!!!

When you are having a difficult time focusing in class, focus on your henna lol! Messed up a bit on this guy. Fell asleep with it wrapped and it got too hot causing it to melt... But it still looks great!!!

Henna fully matured on thigh and choker necklace! Awesome!!! What do you think?

It has been a very long time might I say!! :)

New henna stuff!!! Even firefighters get Henna!!!

Henna fun before I go back to school :-) if you want one, inbox me!

Henna By Tatiana's cover photo

Love it!!!!

Its been a while!

Results of henna after 2 days on the hand. The other was done on the shoulder!

[09/30/14]   Hello everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that currently I am back in school so the hours have changed till December. I will only be making appointments now for Saturdays and Sundays. Thank you and God Bless! Also, if it is a special occasion or event on a weekday, inbox me and I will see what I can do!

Not my original design! I got the design off pintrest! Paste was taken off at 6:30am. The paste was only on for 6 1/2 hrs and its still getting darker. Ill post more pictures after 2 days when it is its darkest!

Its been awhile, so why not upload more photos of
henna tattoos?!

Loven this new henna design!

New henna tattoos! The Hebrew word is Yahweh. Loved doing this one!!!

More henna Tattoos. The design around one of the clients neck is not my own. They were barrowed/inspired from a google image ( have to give credit where its due) the rest were designed by me! :-)

This the result of taking the paste off. The pictures of the Henna looking a very light orange is what it will look like right after taking the paste off and/or the first day after the henna paste is removed.

More guys henna tattoos!

[08/17/14]   "Henna by Tatiana" has reached 101 likes!!!! Thanks to everyone supporting my business!!! It means so much to me! Thank you again!

Henna By Tatiana

Henna By Tatiana's cover photo

Henna By Tatiana's cover photo

More henna Tattoos!!! If you'd like one, inbox me or call to set up an appointment!

Henna designs on back and leg. Had fun doing these!

Tribal on shoulder! What do you think?

3days after paste removal.

Practice! :-)

This is what it looks like so far after 4 /5 days

More henna. Henna was taken off more than 6 hrs ago. I'll post updates on what it looks like after 2 days.

My brothers henna!

Henna!!! What do you think?

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