Christianna Lincoln Wright, Attorney at Law, PLLC

Christianna Lincoln Wright, Attorney at Law, PLLC


Christy you have beaten Forest Gump running record, Keep up the good work.

Family Law Attorney in Delaware County, Oklahoma

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Congratulations Ragsdale Family! Happy Adoption Day!

Congratulations Ragsdale Family! Happy Adoption Day!


Happy adoption day Bearpaw family!

Happy adoption day Bearpaw family!


Happy Adoption Day Daniels Family!

Happy Adoption Day Daniels Family!


The Cherokee Nation is offering $30 for food to qualified income families and they do not have to be Cherokee. It’s for all the summer months. Grove is one of the schools listed. The deadline to apply is April 14.


Remember to spring forward this Sunday!

Remember to spring forward this Sunday!

Okla. Appeals Court: Cherokee, Chickasaw Nations Included In Tribal Jurisdiction Ruling 03/12/2021

Okla. Appeals Court: Cherokee, Chickasaw Nations Included In Tribal Jurisdiction Ruling

Okla. Appeals Court: Cherokee, Chickasaw Nations Included In Tribal Jurisdiction Ruling The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals said that two more tribes are included in the Supreme Court ruling on tribal jurisdictions in the McGirt v. Oklahoma case.

[02/16/21]   Delaware and Ottawa county courthouses closed tomorrow. Stay safe out there.

[02/09/21]   Delaware county courthouse closed tomorrow

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Congratulations Matthews Family! I always love to finalize an adoption, but this one is particularly close to my heart ❤️! Hannah I am so proud of the strong woman and mother you have become! You and Trace are my heroes! #frontlineheroes #adoption


Our Project Cow theme for 2021, is AROUND THE WORLD!!


Christmas Adoptions couldn’t happen without Santa’s elves!


The Garner Family is now “A Party of 5”! I love a Christmas Adoption!


Oklahoma Fosters

Celebrate #NationalAdoptionMonth and begin your fostering or adoption journey online at OK Benefits! Visit us at, create an account, and login to complete your online application. #okbenefits #okdhs #fostering #adoption #servicefirst #NowYouKnow


Davis & Thompson, PLLC

This photo is of our veteran, attorney John Thomas. Today, and every day, we extend our gratitude to John Thomas and all the men and women who have served our country and continue to serve. To all the Veterans out there, we say thank you. Happy Veterans Day! #VeteransDay #RealLifeHeroes #formyfreedom #thankyouisnotenough #thankyouveterans #thankyouforyourservice


Grove Rotary Club

Grove Rotary grant cycle is open. Grant applications and instructions are available at our website. Follow the link below. Spread the word! Applications are due by 11/30/2020 at midnight!


Congratulations Dillinger Family!


Congratulations Barnwell family!


Three adoptions in November and it’s only 11/3. Off to a good start for National Adoption Awareness Month!


Congratulations Cantrell Family! Another successful not so socially distance adoption! (But we wore masks and took the pictures really fast😆)!


Grand Lake Family YMCA

Basketball registration is still open! Registration ends November 6th. Gym times for practice are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday in the middle school gym. Games will be held on Saturdays in the middle school gym.

Skills Night November 13th
Team formations November 18th
Games will begin January 9th

Contact the Y for more details!


Congratulations to the Barnhart Family! #foreverfamily



In addition to being "non-violent" those who are convicted of this crime generally spend only 25% of their sentence behind bars. SQ 805 will keep past convictions from being used for enhancing sentence length.



Crime #20 Affected by SQ 805. Those currently incarcerated for domestic violence by strangulation with sentences of longer than 3 years will be eligible for early release.



SQ805 Constitutionally prohibits sentence enhancements for repeat offenders of hundreds of crimes. SQ805 limits the definition of violent crime to the 52 crimes in 57 OS Section 571 on January 1,2020.
Repeat offenders convicted of any of these crimes stand to benefit from SQ805:

Domestic assault and battery,
Domestic assault and battery in the presence of a child,
Domestic assault and battery by strangulation or attempted strangulation,
Domestic assault and battery on a pregnant person,
Domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon,
Domestic assault and battery with a deadly weapon,
Domestic assault and battery with prior pattern of abuse (requires third party witness),
Domestic assault and battery with great bodily injury,
Indecent exposure,
Violation of protective orders;
Hate crimes,
Sexual battery,
Soliciting s*x from a minor using a
computer (on-line child predators),
DUI, including with injury
Cruelty to animals
Identity theft
Credit card information theft
Poisoning an animal
Burglary, 2nd degree
Burglary, 3rd degree
Arson, Second Degree
Arson, Third Degree
Arson, Fourth Degree
Auto theft
Selling Drugs
Drug Trafficking
Cattle stealing
Vulnerable Adult Abuse (physical, s*xual, financial, neglect), other than in nursing home
Grand Larceny 10/06/2020

SQ 805 is bad for Okla. State Question 805 seeks to change the Oklahoma Constitution to prohibit the use of prior criminal convictions to increase the range of punishment for repeat offenders. This prohibition against sentence enhancements applies to all felonies, except the 52 “violent crimes” as defined January 1, 20... 09/24/2020

Watch: Rogers County Assistant D.A. Presents The Case For Voting No On State Question 805 A state question on this November's ballot could change how criminal history is taken into account when sentencing a non-violent felon. If passed, it would mean a person's prison sentence would not be made longer, or harsher, because of past non-violent felonies they have committed. 09/18/2020

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87

A life well lived, and an inspiration to all women! Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court, died from complications from cancer. Her death will set in motion what promises to be a tumultuous political battle over who will succeed her. 09/11/2020

District Attorney concerned about impact of SQ 805 There were four homicide victims of domestic violence in Woodward County between 1998 to 2017. There were 15 more in the surrounding and panhandle counties of Beaver, Dewey, Ellis, Harper



Given that such a criminal is eligible for parole after serving 25% of a sentence, SQ 805 for would mean 2.5 years would likely be the maximum time served for someone who is convicted of this even 20 times.


Are you owed back child support? Having trouble receiving your monthly child support? Our firm is now offering Child Support Enforcement Services. No retainer required. Give us a call at (918)253-4220.


Today was a good day! Another socially distanced adoption and sweet Thank You from a client!



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