Thomas W Goodrich IV, CFP

Thomas W Goodrich IV, CFP

Private Wealth Advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Are you looking for ways to reach your financial goals in today’s volatile market? Whether you’re saving for retirement, college for your kids, home improvement, travel, or other needs and dreams, you may be unsure about what to do next or whether you can do anything at all. That’s where I can help. I’ll take the time to listen and understand your goals, and help you build a plan to get back on track toward reaching them. Working together, we will work to find investing opportunities in today’s uncertain market that are aligned with your financial goals. That’s why now, more than ever, you need a plan. Areas of Focus Charitable Giving Employee Stock Options Retirement Planning Strategies Domestic Partner Planning Estate Planning Strategies Saving for Education Education University of Florida-Bachelors of Science Business Administration Professional Associations Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards 24 Years of Experience Licenses: Series 7, Series 64, State Insurance Working Together Meeting with an Ameriprise financial advisor is an important first step. It's an opportunity to get to know an advisor and share your goals and dreams. You're under no obligation; your initial meeting with an Ameriprise financial advisor will be relaxed and informal. Your meeting will include a review of your existing financial situation and potential opportunities, gaps or general strategies. While you won't receive a comprehensive review or financial planning services for which fees are charged, you should expect to get a sense of what it might be like to work together. What to expect Professional help in clarifying your financial goals and priorities If you decide to purchase a financial planning service, you will receive sound financial advice at a fair price, tailored to your investment objectives Accurate information about our tailored solutions, including risks, benefits and costs What to bring A list of any questions you have regarding your current financial situation Any account statements, budget information or other areas of your financial life that you feel deserve immediate attention A list of future dreams and financial goals you would like to achieve, including both short- and long-term goals I am licensed and registered to conduct business in FL. Based on licenses and registrations I hold, I may also conduct business in NY, MD, LA, VA, AZ, TX, HI, CA, NC, SC, GA, KY, MN. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. is a broker-dealer and member of FINRA. Comments and "likes" should not be considered representative of client experiences, or indicative of future performance or success. While I appreciate the support of my clients, I cannot accept Recommendations or Endorsements due to Investment Advisers Act of 1940 rules which prohibit me from publishing a testimonial of any kind concerning the investment advice, analysis, reporting or other services I provide. For your privacy, please don’t post account or service-related information on this page. Instead, contact me directly. Please visit for more important disclosures and information.

Giving back in retirement

Volunteering in retirement could allow you to tap into your skill set while providing personal fulfillment. Let’s discuss how you can achieve your financial goals and give back when you retire. Having a purpose-driven retirement, pursuing personal goals and more tips on how to give.

Don't jeopardize your own retirement savings. Teach your kids to be financially independent

Experts recommend talking with your children about money early – and often. Learn what you can do to help set your kids on the path to financial security. Parents are spending twice as much on their adult children than they are putting away for retirement, and that could have dire consequences down the road.

How to Invest When You Retire Abroad

Many older Americans are seeking lower costs, better weather and adventure in retirement. Learn what you need to know about managing your finances if you plan on retiring outside the U.S. Carefully weigh the move to expatriate status, with special attention to banking and investments.

[02/21/19]   According to America Saves, successful savers have a goal-based financial plan and contribute regularly to retirement savings. If you want to boost your savings for today and tomorrow, we can help. #AmericaSavesWeek

Since 1929, there have been 14 bear markets that lasted, on average, for 20 months (source: S&P 500 index). Let’s talk about how to prepare for the next one—whenever it happens.

Let's continue to build our cultural richness.

The STAGE Fund believes aspiring theatre professionals should be paid for their work, a mission near and dear to #BrunetGarcía. The agency developed the name, identity, website, and collateral for the STAGE Fund, which stands for Sustaining Theatre Artists to Grow Excellence.

Help the #STAGEFund keep top talent in Northeast Florida:


The thought of an estate planning discussion with family members may feel uncomfortable. But those who’ve done it overwhelmingly report the experience was positive, according to Ameriprise research. We can help you with the conversation.

The new tax law has a bunch of changes. Here's what you need to know as filing season begins

January 28 marked the start of the first filing season under the new tax law. Learn how the new code could affect your income tax bracket. When it comes to the new tax law, what you don't know could hurt you. Half of the participants in a recent survey from NerdWallet didn't understand how the new code affects their income tax bracket. Here's what you need to know.

10 Reasons Volatility Is Good for the Stock Market

Recent volatility has left investors uneasy about the prospects of a bear market. But this expert says volatility is healthy for the market. Healthy markets are always volatile.

[01/09/19]   Choosing when to take Social Security is one of the most important decisions to make as you near retirement. Let’s talk about how it fits into your retirement strategy.

Recession or bear market in 2019? What could happen with stock market, economy next year

The economy remains in a growth mode, and the long bullish trend for the stock market still appears intact. But for how long? The investment story lines for 2019 will be dominated by indicators pointing to a possible recession and the end of the long bull market in stocks.

2019 Economic Risks to Investors

There are two challenges ahead in 2019, according to Ameriprise Senior Economist Russell Price. Learn how, despite potential 2019 economic risks, such as rising interest rates and trade tensions with China, the U.S. could see another year of expansion .

These 100-Year-Old Retirees Are Running, Teaching Yoga, and Living Their Best Lives. Here Are Their Secrets to Happiness

The world’s centenarian population is expected to grow eightfold by 2050. Learn the secrets to longevity and what the impact could be on your retirement savings. Welcome to the future of retirement.

Most respondents in our Ages, Stages & Money study have had financial setbacks — and most have recovered. At any age or life stage, working with an advisor can help you feel more confident in your financial journey.

In those times, it can be hard to make good decisions when you may be in an emotional state.

Is the Fed Ignoring Signs of Rising Risks and Slowing Growth? | Ameriprise Newsroom

The Fed is expected to raise the overnight rate in December and has planned three more rate hikes in 2019. But markets are telling the Fed to slow down. Our Chief Market Strategist David Joy explains. The Fed and markets are trying to reconcile strong domestic economic conditions with rising risks.

Finances are just one part of retirement. Investing in your physical and emotional health can help you feel better and live the life you’d like.

How to Teach Kids to Be Frugal With Gifted Money

Helping children learn about financial responsibility is a common challenge for many parents. One strategy experts recommend is discussing the difference between wants and needs. Use financial gifts to teach valuable money lessons.

Medicare’s surprising coverage gaps

It’s never too early or too late to start saving for medical expenses that Medicare won’t pay for. Learn about potential solutions for health care expenses that aren’t covered.

[11/08/18]   Now is a good time to consider charitable donations as part of your 2018 tax plan. Let’s schedule time to talk.

It’s National Retirement Security Week. No matter how far off it may seem, it’s never too early to start saving for your retirement.

Tips on choosing health insurance during open enrollment

Picking the right level of health coverage can be one of your most complex open enrollment decisions. Use these tips to help you decide and contact me if you’d like to review together. Here are some considerations for evaluating your health care insurance needs for next year.

Lessons learned from the 2008 financial crisis

What have we learned from the 2008 financial crisis? Ten years later, the Great Recession’s legacy offers insight for the nation and world. The U.S. is in its 10th year of economic expansion following the 2008 economic crisis. Find out what we have learned from the effects of the 2008 financial crisis.

[10/15/18]   Are you prepared for both the expected and unexpected? We partner with you throughout all the stages of your life to help achieve the goals that matter to you. We

[10/12/18]   We are a multigenerational practice. That means we work with children of clients who are learning the basics of budgeting and saving up to be people living brilliantly in retirement. We can help your kids get off to a good start on their financial journey.

[09/24/18]   Retirement is a new chapter in life. For many, it’s an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream or pursue a passion. What will your retirement chapter be about?

6 tips to help reduce your health care costs

Health care costs are skyrocketing these days. From managing daily healthy habits to optimizing your HSA, here are some tips to help you manage yours. Employing these 6 tips may help you reduce your health care expenses.

8 Misconceptions About Health Care Costs in Retirement

Four out of five workers have not calculated how much they will need for health costs in retirement. Learn about the misconceptions and then let’s talk about strategies that could help ensure you’ve saved enough. Identify the triggers that could impact what you'll pay for medical treatment in retirement.

We celebrate Women’s Equality Day this month. It’s a good time to reflect upon all the amazing women – throughout history and today – who have fought tirelessly for equal rights.

Goal setting is not just for the financially savvy. Whether you are saving and investing for the short-term, or for major milestones in the years ahead, I can offer you financial advice that can help you meet your goals.

30 million people are not withholding enough for taxes. How to tell if you’re one of them

Are you withholding enough taxes from your paycheck? About 2 in 10 taxpayers will be writing a check to Uncle Sam next spring. Here's how to make sure you don't wind up with a huge tax bill in 2019.

[07/23/18]   Teens learn many money management skills from their parents. How are you helping your teens learn to manage their finances? We had a very detailed conversation with our son to show him how much it costs "to be him and live his lifestyle". It was quite an eye opener for him. We also discussed the markets and financial topics on a periodic basis. You should try it.

Where in the world would you most like to retire? Wyoming, Italy, North Carolina?

3 Amazing Perks Retirees Can Get at Their Volunteer Jobs

What do you plan to do in retirement? For some, volunteering has its perks. Beyond the satisfaction of giving back.

Extra income for retirees can help offset lifestyle expenses. Some of my clients earn extra income by renting out their vacation home, consulting part time, working at a local café. I love the hospitality business and can see doing that in retirement. How would you earn extra income in retirement?

Tips on marriage and finances

Planning your finances together can help you start your marriage off on a positive note. Marriage is a major life milestone. Careful planning and communication about finances can help you start life together on the right foot.

Here's what the Fed rate hike actually means to you

The Federal Reserve has raised its benchmark short-term interest rate a quarter point. Here’s a look at the impact it could have. If you are worried about what the increase in the federal funds rate means to your credit card bill, mortgage and other loans, here's what to expect.

Five things that could move the markets in the Fed's minutes release today

The Federal Reserve will release minutes from its meeting in early May. Learn how that could impact the markets. The Federal Reserve will release minutes Wednesday of its meeting in early May that did not see an interest rate increase but apparently did feature some important in-depth discussion about the future of monetary policy.

Investors Take Note of Consumer Spending | Ameriprise Newsroom

Despite good news in consumer spending, stocks still struggle to regain their footing, says our chief market economist, David Joy. 05/22/2018 David Joy Stocks struggled last week, unable to overcome a further rise in bond yields that was triggered, in part, by some otherwise good news from the consumer sector. The S&P 500 index fell 0.5 percent, as stocks failed to build on the strong gain from the week prior. The yield on the....

When to begin collecting Social Security

When is the best time to start drawing your Social Security benefits? I can help you weigh all the factors so you can arrive at a decision. Your income needs, life expectancy and retirement income plans are just a few considerations in deciding when to take benefits.

Retirement housing and downsizing your home

Downsizing your home can be a difficult but liberating decision. Here are some things to consider. If you’re nearing retirement, downsizing your home may be on the horizon. Review these tips to determine what retirement housing option is best for you.

[03/26/18]   It’s important to discuss education or career goals, savings goals, retirement plans, etc. with your grown children. I can help you talk to your kids about their goals and finances. Let’s set up time.

Preparing for the next market correction Having a plan in place when volatility strikes. Learn about the importance of portfolio rebalancing and long-term investing.

Where is the market heading?

Where are markets heading now? Ameriprise experts discuss what may happen in the markets after the recent correction.

Our economic experts discuss the factors that rattled investors and where markets might go now that excess enthusiasm has been dampened.

Tax Reform: Driving Earnings Expectations Higher | Ameriprise Newsroom

A weakening dollar and strong equities market are just two factors behind a global surge since tax reform was passed. 01/29/2018 David Joy Stocks continued their surge higher last week. The S&P 500 rose another 2.2 percent, making it four straight weeks of gains and a 7.5 percent return to start the year. Giving a big boost to multinationals was the ongoing weakness in the dollar. The DXY index fell 1.7 percent las...

Rethinking your 401(k): 5 retirement investment strategies to help you save

It’s a good idea to review your 401(k) periodically, including your contributions and asset allocation, to make sure that you’re getting all you can out of it. Let’s discuss how your 401(k) is working with your overall financial strategy. Read these 5 tips for maximizing your 401(k)

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