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Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc.  - HBCOP


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Be advised guys and girls: Alot of empty boxes have been found on 91st and 153rd in lindenwood. All of the boxes have locations of them with full name and addresses not from around here at all. So my assumption is package theft is going on and the person is just taking the items out and leaving the boxes around the area. Found about 6 this morning while working so far.
FOUND KEYS🚨, POSSIBLE THEFT OF POCKET BOOK🚨, I found these items which look to be a drop of a stolen purse, a set of house keys with a Mul-T-loc key, 2 keys on a raiders keychain, a pin up girl (legs in fishnets) pin, and a baseball themed purse that says Hey Batter batter. The purse was broken on one end as of it was snatched. ? It was discovered in old Howard Beach on 100 st at 7:40 PM, doesn’t hurt for me to post this here. Hopefully I find the owner.
ATTENTION: I ask that everyone please stop attacking the work others do. Many of us are really in this because we love our community. We do this without rewards, incentives, accolades, acknowledgments, hidden agendas, or motivations, We do what we do because we are dedicated to the cause. For example at hand, HBCOP is a symbol of that work. Joe T created something we all need. If you would stop listening to the rumors, innuendos, and rhetoric and see past the madness of others' hatreds and vendettas, you can judge him on your own experiences not someone else's opinions. If you are truly in this for the right reasons you will support HBCOP. If you have other aspirations then I guess time will reveal all. In the meantime, the hate that is written about HBCOP & Joe T is utterly ridiculous. I for one, gets hated on every day. I get attacked from every angle. Another Facebook group takes Schadenfreude, in allowing people to post hateful and trying posts and comments about me. But I refuse to allow it to take me down. I use that as fuel for speeding full steam ahead to success. Our successes are based on the fuel of hate from people who are jealous, envious, untamed, divisive, or miserable, by nature. I refuse to let it stop us from doing our work. As a matter of fact, other organizations works pale in comparison, to our work and successes, because NONE of us have any hidden motivations but to see our community have a seat at all tables. We are pure and genuine from the heart. If you want to know if what people say about someone is true go to them, work with them, see and hear for yourself, and you be the judge after the experience of being with them BUT do not let others influence your opinions or ideas about anyone. Other peoples “Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one but they think each others stink.” So please stop the rhetoric and help build our communities and do not let the divisive, racists, haters, destroy our communities simply because they can. So go and support and join what is already set up. If you do not like something or agree with something go to their leaders or meetings and express it there NOT on Facebook. When you disagree on Facebook you give the enemies fuel and make them think they are winning. So let's not air our dirty laundry on Facebook and give these evil haters fuel for thought. Ozone Park got strong because we eliminated the haters by causing them to walk away from us. Those that stand by the wayside, we purposely and strategically, did that so they would not hinder or interfere with our work and it all worked well, like clockwork. We are proud of the haters we have because that means we are doing something and getting it done where they have failed and they have all been called out for it. "United we stand, divided we fall" we should lead by example not by others opinions about others. Let's move past the rhetoric and support one another's initiatives. Each community will be better for it.
D-Day, Tuesday, June 6, 1944, was the day on which a landing operation, codenamed Operation Neptune took place. This was the largest seaborne invasion in history, as the Allied troops moved on France to free it from Nazi occupation. There were more than 18,000 Allied paratroopers, nearly 7,0000 naval vessels which carried more than 132,000 ground soldiers. The events of D-Day ultimately led to the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi control. We as a union of free citizens should never allow these events to occur in history again. To all those who fought and died for our freedoms may you rest in eternal peace. Know your history. Photo landing on Normandy beach.

Howard Civilian Observation Patrol Inc. HBCOP Is a 501c3 Not For Profit Organization Welcome to Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc. Safety has been a major concern of many communities, towns, cities, and countries around the world.

How often have you heard someone say “I don’t feel safe even in my own home.”? Yes, it’s sad to think that as time goes by, it seems as if more and more cases of criminal activities are reported. What’s more concerning is that many more are left undocumented by police and news agencies. While we can all agree that we live in a difficult time where peace and order is an all-too-common problem, all is not lost – there is hope, as long as there are people willing to stand up and help in the fight to keep their community safe. Welcome to Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc.; we are a civilian neighborhood watch program involving responsible civilians who volunteer to act as the eyes and ears of the Police Department. Through volunteers, we are able to help the community stay safe by patrolling the community and reporting any criminal or suspicious activities we come across to the proper authorities. While our main function is to observe and report, we are also able to effectively deter many criminal acts from ever happening because of our consistent presence and visibility. When people see us, they immediately know what we stand for. Here at Civilian Observation Patrol, we help save lives and property by stopping criminal acts before they happen, and we do it wholeheartedly. What gives us fulfillment is knowing that we are making a difference by keeping our streets safer and more peaceful for our friends, family and everyone else in our community.

Mission: The Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc. is a neighborhood watch program involving responsible civilians who volunteer to act as the eyes and ears of the Police Department. These volunteers patrol their own neighborhoods and report suspicious and criminal activities that require Police attention. Members of HB COP assist the Police and other Emergency personnel by observing and reporting incidents, conditions and crimes. By maintaining a visible presence in the community, The Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc. helps deter crime and promote neighborhood safety and security.

Operating as usual


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[01/15/21]   I attended the COPCP & OZPKRBA Monthly Meeting this evening. Many elected officials and local leaders were present to discuss crime, covid testing and quality of life issues. The COPCP has had a tremendous presence in the City Line Ozone Park area and answered many calls for help. They have built many coalitions with neighborhood groups and it has made them stronger. The success of the food pantry is immeasurable and has helped thousands and thousands of people. We at HBCOP have patrolled, attended community events including clean ups and memorials and have been working with our local groups to promote the safety of our community. We look forward to collaborating with COPCP in the future as we share a common purpose to keep our neighborhoods clean, safe and prosperous.

Jeremy Bucaria
VP of Community Affairs

NYPD 106 Precinct

Drag Racing is not only illegal, it is dangerous. Our officers are out enforcing Drag Racing. To report Drag Racing dial 911.

Thank you to all of our amazing HBCOP members who come out each night away from their families and warmth of their homes to volunteer in our community! God bless each of you and stay safe!
Lol.. Joe was taking this photo..

Joe Thompson

We would like to address a very big quality of life issue in our community that has been on going for years but now has got to the point of hundreds of vehicles that are drag racing, loud mufflers, blasting music, and racing through out our community that ends up mostly on the 79th Street Linden Blvd., called The Linden Center.

HBCOP has been in collaboration with the NYPD 106 Pct. and our community partner Maria Asaro. The picture taken was from last night at about 11:30 PM, This is a nightly on going issue and our community partner Maria Asaro, the NYPD, Howard Beach Lindenwood Civic, and Public Officials are addressing these issues of quality of life and are handled in a timely fashion. HBCOP has been deterring unwanted vehicles out of the community and we are also on top of the situation by collaborating on site with the NYPD as they respond to the 911 calls we make.

HBCOP is not law enforcement but are volunteers that care and are community members. When we say we “deter” this means by being uniformed and having marked vehicles with amber lights and decals on the vehicle that act as security for our community. We flood our Community with members and cars and let these unwanted individuals know they are not welcome to effect our quality of life here! 911 is always called and the 106 Pct. Is doing a fantastic Job.

You can always call HBCOP at:
1-888-50HBCOP (42267)
For non emergencies. We will evaluate the issue you are calling about and take proper action to correct it.

Joe Thompson

Awesome Job!
Keeping our communities safe!


When Officers Cutler and Adebayoolojo responded to a call for service on January 8th, they removed these dangerous firearms off the street.

HBCOP is on Patrol.

When you see us, give us a big wave.

“We are Neighbors Helping Neighbors”

South Queens rises to the trials of 2020

Queens Chronicle
South Queens rises to the trials of 2020

Community advocate Joe Thompson brought the Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol back to life. Though the group began regular neighborhood patrols in August, by October Thompson had resumed his contact with the 106th Precinct and the recruitment of new members.

I don’t volunteer for any type of recognition. I just deeply care for our neighbors and community. Close to the midpoint of 2020, Tropical Storm Isaias served as a sign that this year would not let up on South Queens.And yet in spite of the numerous layers

Lenny's Clam Bar Inc

A message from Joseph DeCandia, owner of Lenny’s Clam Bar. We appreciate your business always, and look forward to the day we are able to serve you all inside again! #askforjoe🍷

Shared from COPCP:

After searching for two days and countless hours, we regret to inform you that Mr. Chandarban Singh was found passed away early this morning in Cityline.

Our team searched all areas of Cityline, Ozone Park, East New York, Woodhaven, and Cypress Hills unfortunately despite our best efforts he was found on private property early Sunday Morning.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the family and loved ones. May Mr.Singh rest in eternally peace.

After searching for two days and countless hours, we regret to inform you that Mr. Chandarban Singh was found passed away early this morning in Cityline.

Our team searched all areas of Cityline, Ozone Park, East New York, Woodhaven, and Cypress Hills unfortunately despite our best efforts he was found on private property early Sunday Morning.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the family and loved ones. May Mr.Singh rest in eternally peace.


[01/09/21]   Just called 911 on a white car doing donuts and racing around lindenwood. Went north on 79th street and banged a left on 151. Keep an eye out. Female recording in the middle of the street. Let's hope someone's camera caught them.

Congratulations to Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato.

Day 1. Let’s get to work! 💪 #thepeopleswork

Congratulations Senator Joe Addabbo!

This week as we started the 2021 New York State legislative session, I was proudly sworn into office virtually. I truly appreciate the honor and privilege given to me by my constituents to represent them as their NYS Senator. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.

Thank you to the Strongest DSNY Q10 Garage and DSNY Easy Pac unit for staying on top of the quality of life issue that has be in bad shape years in old Howard Beach / Hamilton Beach.

The last few observations of our patrol the area has been better and cleaner.

It’s all up to the neighbors and contractors that have been placing the debris and garbage there. Even if the dumpsters are full, place the garbage neatly on the sides of the dumpsters until it’s picked up. Our patrol has notified Senator Joe Addabbo’s office and the Superintendent of Sanitation to see if we can place two more dumpsters there. One definitely for recycling. The big boxes needs to be crushed and flattened so that regular garbage can fit. Mattresses need to be wrapped in a plastic bags as per law and not just dumped there...

This is all of our community and no one should want to live like this.

Joe Thompson

Good morning friends and family,

Frank L and I went on our nightly patrol and always keeping eyes and ears open in regards to the garbage situation. We will get a team together and work with other organizations in the community to make a positive impact, clean the areas, and educate

Thank you 🙏

Yours truly,

🌎Ken Feinberg 🌎
Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol
Director of Environmental Preservation

Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Howard Beach Lindenwood Civic Association . After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting. January HBLCIVIC Meeting

Sending out a special thank you to our 106 Pct. Sector A NCO Officers and their team.

Our patrol noticed and forwarded information to the NCO’s on an abandoned vehicle with License plates, located on 153rd Avenue off Crossbay Blvd. The Silver Toyota Camry with frontend damage, and out of state Pennsylvania Plates, has been parked in the same spot for 3 weeks. Coop owners In the garden apartments don’t need to see junked vehicles in front of their homes taken up parking spots.

The NCO’S responded immediately within that day, and found that the vehicle needed to be removed from the public street.

Awesome Job 106 Pct.!

Our two assigned NCO's and their email addresses are:
PO Paese -
‭1 (917) 864-0619‬
[email protected]

PO Michael Petrizzo -
1 (917) 856-5895
[email protected]

Good evening friends and family,

While on patrol, Frank L. and I covered new Howard and Joe Addabbo Bridge, I felt it was my duty to make a video in regards to the current situation with the garbage that is at Vetro side of the bridge. I'll let the video do all the explaining on how I feel and I speak for everyone in the area. We will continue to make a difference together

Thank you all again as always for the support and love you give to us. No matter what we will always say hello and do our mission to be the ears and eyes for our community. God Bless you all.

Thank you 🙏

Yours truly,

🌎 Ken Feinberg 🌎
Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol
Director of Environmental Preservation

[01/05/21]   Volunteer to Patrol our Howard Beach Community. Be the eyes and the ears, and report quality of life issues, uniforms and training provided.

No experience necessary. 
You must reside in the 11414 zip code. 
You must be 18 years or older with proper ID.
Background checks conducted by the HBCOP and Warrant and Arrest history verified by the NYPD.

Please call us for more information 646-241-6645
Or Email us at [Email hidden]

HBCOP Executive Board and Members, Would like to acknowledge Eddie Earl our former Director of Field Operations and say thank you very much for the time and effort you have given to our patrol and our community.
Even though it was a short journey, we all had the honor of each others presents with continued friendship. Our friendship will be everlasting.
God bless you sir and much respect on your new journey.

Joe Thompson

While on Patrol VP Billy and his partner Patrick noticed a dangerous situation on the Belt Parkway from the Shore Parkway service road.
A stranded motor vehicle in the left lane on the Belt Parkway with their flashers on.
Billy called 911 to report this dangerous hazard, and than notified our other on duty patrols to assist him. The patrols secured the Highway and did traffic control by using their safety lights, flashers, safety traffic Wands, strobe flashlights, and safety reflective vests to keep the traffic to a slow down for safety till the NYPD and Tow Truck arrived.

After about an hour the tow truck arrived and removed the vehicle from the highway.

All was safe and secured.

Awesome Job Team!

Blessed to be neighbors.

While on Patrol, Frank L and I noticed garbage by the Joe P Addabbo Bridge. We collected any garbage that we could into a centralized area which we reported the illegal dumping to 311.

Always keeping an eye and ear for my community.

Thank you 🙏

Yours truly,

🌎 Ken Feinberg 🌎
Director of Environment Presevation
Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol

I figured tonight was a beautiful night to get a photoshoot.

Thank you all that support us to be the eyes and ears of our beautiful neighborhood. We dedicate our time and energy volunteertaily to ensure that our community is safe.

I hope everyone had a healthy and happy Christmas and New Years. I truly look forward to what the new year is going to bring us.

Thank you🙏

Yours truly,

🌎 Ken Feinberg 🌎

Director of Environment Presevation
Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol

Update: On the Pedestrian Crosswalk signal repair Located on 155th Ave. And 88th Street.

While on patrol we noticed that Welsbach Electrical Contractor that is contracted by the City of New York for repairing street lamps, and signal repair was on the scene.
The Mechanic removed the hanging signal that we tied down with a wire and filed the repair report with 311. Now that the area is safe, A new Pedestrian Signal was ordered and will be replaced when available.

Vehicle Fire on 160 Ave. Between 87th and 88th Street. FDNY on scene

We are Assisting with traffic control.

Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc. - HBCOP's cover photo

Our members of HBCOP would like to wish all of our family, friends, and neighbors a very happy, safe and healthy New Year!
The start of each new year is a time to reflect on the year just past, and make plans for the future. It holds a special magic, with a promise of new opportunities and the possibility to change our lives for the better. Many of us have had a difficult year this year with illness, loss, uncertain employment, and isolation due to COVID-19. We know that this past year has been full of challenges, and we pray that the coming year brings more certain times for you and your family.
Sending all our love and good wishes for better days ahead with the start of the 2021 New Year.

Best Regards,
Joe Thompson

Exciting brand new basketball clinic coming to Howard Beach this April 2021.

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🚨Dangerous Condition🚨

While on patrol we noticed a Dangling Pedestrian signal on the corner of 88th Street and 151st Avenue In Lindenwood.
We notified 311 and requested an urgent repair.
We secured the device with a thick cable wire so it wouldn’t swing and hit someone standing by it while crossing the street.


Pay it Forward

Please nominate HBCOP for this amazing pay it forward program from Maspeth Federal Bank.

This would really help our group for future projects and events for our community.

“We are Neighbors Helping Neighbors”

Thank you.
Joe Thompson

Information to be place on application:

Organization Name:
Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc.

PO BOX 140293
Howard Beach, NY 11414


Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc.-HBCOP

646-241-6645 Over the last nine months, we’ve seen local organizations help our community in extraordinary ways – and now you can help us help them.

This is great information knowing that the NYPD has implemented training in sensitivity and understanding of Civilian Patrols for their department.
HBCOP and other patrols are the topic of the training. (TV Screen) 😉

Positive news: In old Howard Beach, observed the garbage bin area, cleaned. Very little to no garbage. Glad to see the difference

🌎Ken Feinberg 🌎
Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol
Director of Environmental Presevations

Good evening family and friends,

As Benny and I did our evening tour, checking out Joe Addabbo Bridge parking lot, we discovered an abandoned vehicle that appears to be a hit and run. We notified the NSP was informed and vehicle will be towed.

🌎 Ken Feinberg 🌎
Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol
Director of Environment Presevation

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