Ignition Logistics Group LLC

Ignition Logistics Group LLC


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We take pride in our current and future carriers for the hard work they do with us! Book a load today! Keep your wheels rolling 🚚
Ignition, Lighting your way to the Future!
Ignition Logistics "Crank up the Service"!
Lay down yard, Fayetteville, NC.
Here ya go, Kira.

Transportation Brokerage Company, Freight Mover, Legal Loads or Specialized Loads, Any Load need handled, we here at Ignition will take care of you!

Operating as usual

[01/27/21]   Where did all the trucks go?

Lets Move Some Mats!!

[01/05/21]   Tired of playing "where's Waldo?" today... Lets play a different game... Tell me where your trucks are at and I'll let you know if i have a pair or if you need to "go fish" :)

[01/04/21]   We have over 200 crane mat loads Available! Call the girls and book yours Now! they are going FAST!!

[09/18/20]   Holy Crap Batman! Call us for MN loads... weve got them coming out our ears... to and from MN!

[07/31/20]   A new saying for our dispatchers: "its made of wood, not coal---they aren't going to turn in to diamonds when you strap pressure on them"

[07/02/20]   PS. Ignition IS working tomorrow.... call my dispatch girls and keep them busy so they stop whining about me being a mean boss.

Awesome Driver! If you enjoy Racing, this Team knows how to get it done!

It’s race day for Prosser racing/MAR Motorsports!

Jordan Ryan will be running at Attica Raceway Park

Stop by the trailer and see us we have shirts available

Small-large $20
2x - $22
Koozies $5

We also have discounted shirts from last year for $5

We have a order placed for more shirts that will be here soon.

Thanks as always to all our amazing sponsors
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Ignition Logistics Group LLC

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Plymouth, NC Crane Mats! $2200.00

Plymouth, NC Crane Mats! $2200.00 - https://mailchi.mp/d96b92ad138e/riddle-or-to-saint-paul-mn-friday-12579024



Gladys, VA Crane Mats! $2200.00

Gladys, VA Crane Mats! $2200.00 - https://mailchi.mp/b7880082a168/riddle-or-to-saint-paul-mn-friday-12579008




PA is LOADING AND UNLOADING SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! ****REVISED RATES!!* - https://mailchi.mp/a67693972dce/riddle-or-to-saint-paul-mn-friday-12578972


[06/25/20]   The Funny Phrases you hear when your Dispatch girls are Burnt Out:

Appeciate it...

He Does Only Has...

(Random Noises from Lynette's Corner)

Hello Sir, how can I help you.. (long pause from carrier on the other end of the phone) (said while calling out to a carrier)

Carrier: answers phone laughing hysterically
Kira: Dispatch please
Carrier: yes, how can i help
Kira: checking to see if you have any trucks...
Carrier: (breaks in on my speech) I still dont have any, you called my 3 times in a row
Kira: Well, sh*t... i figured you might have been lying to me.. was trying to get a different dispatcher.

KIra--- (sang to a customer "call me on my cell phone")

Lynette is currently trying out her Northeast Accent while trying to sell Northeast loads... Maybe blending in will make a difference..

[06/18/20]   The Highlight of my day, you ask?
....a phone conversation today while dispatching with my girls.

Ma'am.. I've been doing this since 2012. I know the markets..

Well, Welcome to the industry, I've been in since 2005.

(Click) ...all I heard was dial tone.

..its the small things!

know there are tons of brokers out there that have these Potsdam Loads posted...
but let me break this down a little bit... How many of you Factor or pull quick pay on loads?
How much money off the top are you forfeiting to get that money a little earlier? Ignition is a check by mail--- but compare our Days to Pay against the rest that are out there... Consider how much you are Throwing away for Quicker pay... You know we will treat you right :)


Good Afternoon,
I just wanted to check in to make sure that everyone that wants our available loads is still getting them. I have switched to using a mailing system and am not positive that all email addresses made it over.

If you are not seeing daily emails anymore, please take a minute and follow this link to sign back up! We are still moving mats and No Tarp loads DAILY 😊 Don’t miss out!




OOIDA Warns President Trump Many Truckers Could Soon Go Home Amid Pandemic - Transportation Nation Network

We have been hearing more and more drivers staying close to home... I (Kira) have been collecting these statements through our dispatchers and what they are hearing to pass down the line to our customers as well. I hope that something is put in place to safe guard our heros during this time!
Ignition is Greatful for all of you out there right now keeping our country moving. People are Finally seeing the Importance of our drivers out there...too little too late! Stay Safe Driver! We are praying for you all!

transportationnation.com A Trucking group sent an urgent letter to President Donald Trump on Friday warning him that many drivers could soon choose to stay home.

[03/22/20]   Hello Everyone,
I hope that you and your family are Well, Fine, and Safe! I just wanted to touch base with everyone and offer our help handling the #logisticsservices /#transportationmanagement of Anything you'd need moved in the #truckingindustry on a Hotshot, Flatbed, Stepdeck, RGN, Van, Etc. We have 4000+ Carriers in our system, many with Multiple Trucks, since opening Ignition Logistics in 2017. We've moved Thousands of loads across the USA. All I'm asking is a chance to Prove that we setup and designed #Ignition to Take Care of Valuable Customers Fully and Quote Loads to move Way More Cost Efficient for Our Valued Customers and More Dependable than most while getting the Requested Job Done as you ask. We're More Cost Efficient because we keep a Small Profit of the loads we'd move for you while Paying the Carriers Better Rates. With this model, we move your Valuable Freight with Dependable Carriers and move your Freight as Requested. Email me or let me know a good way to contact you for that Chance to EARN YOUR TRUST. Thanks for your time and Stay Safe Everyone!


Ignition Logistics Group LLC posted on LinkedIn

Stay Safe Ladies and Gentlemen! HELP A TRUCKER. Truck Drivers can't go through the Drive Through to get a Meal. Without Truckers, America WILL STOP and We'll ALL Be WITHOUT EVERYTHING. THINK ABOUT IT.

linkedin.com If you happen to be sitting in your car eating at a fast food place because the dining room is closed and see a truck driver walk to the door and walk ...

[03/19/20]   With IGNITIONS Commitment to the Safety and Health of our Families, Friends and Employees; Our Management Team has been monitoring the Corona-virus Situation VERY Close, and we are taking Immediate Steps to Ensure the Safety and Wellness of All.

Attention Please! IGNITION remains FULLY Operational across the Country with Setting Up Our Employees at Their Homes, Continuing to service All Customers and Carriers while adhering to the Government and Health Regulations. IGNITION Team Members have transitioned to working remotely at their Homes and will continue to work diligently to provide the service and support that you have come to rely on. May God Bless EVERYONE in these hard times with the #Coronavirus lurking and Keep Us ALL Safe in the World. #safetyfirst #managementteam #transportation #ignition #healthandsafety #safetyandhealth

[03/18/20]   If you happen to be sitting in your car eating at a fast food place because the dining room is closed and see a truck driver walk to the door and walk away please ask them if you can drive thru for their meal. Since walk up isn’t allowed at the drive thru they have no way to get their meal. We owe them that much!

Copy and paste to show our truckers love and support

Help Me, Help You!


[02/18/20]   Shout out to a Special Carrier!

Just wanted to share this with you all.. email I sent to this special carrier of ours:

We got a call from a new customer saying that yall had given out our name for crane mats saying that we could help them! I just wanted to email out to yall and let you know how Much We Appreciate that!
To know that Our name as Ignition stands out to you over the rest of the crane mat brokers out there, tells me that our team that we have in place is doing exactly what we ask of them and making a little impact on the industry over all.
Thank you from All of us over at Ignition!!


Magnolia, AR to Mill Creek, OK-6 Loads

Magnolia, AR to Mill Creek, OK-6 Loads - https://mailchi.mp/2acf65f29c75/riddle-or-to-saint-paul-mn-friday-12161233



Saint Paul, MN to Callowhee, NC---1 Load

Saint Paul, MN to Callowhee, NC---1 Load - https://mailchi.mp/c366a40aa65b/riddle-or-to-saint-paul-mn-friday-12160889



Wadley, GA to Melrose, FL--250+ Loads

Wadley, GA to Melrose, FL--250+ Loads - https://mailchi.mp/511db3fc5581/riddle-or-to-saint-paul-mn-friday-12160453


I absolutely Love when no matter where you call from, Carriers and Customers know Who you are! Love seeing this with Our dispatch Team as well! Makes My day better as a Manager/Owner knowing that my work family is standing out from others out there and putting in a little Extra Life into their work! #ignitionfamily #buildingrelationships


SNEAK PEEK!!!!! (Now Available To Book!!)

SNEAK PEEK!!!!! (Now Available To Book!!) - http://eepurl.com/gPmu8H


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