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A digital marketing agency Hello! We are a leading digital marketing agency in Denver, CO providing website design and development and online marketing strategies that work. We have crafted creative solutions for top retail, event, and corporate brands. Our team combines experience, strategic thinking, and skills to come up with effective marketing solutions like custom web development, mobile site design, digital marketing, e-commerce performance reviews, SEO, PPC, and other strategic solutions. You can increase your revenue and become the best through strategic planning and the right combination of appropriate technology and digital marketing solutions. Tell us how we can help you. Experience We’ve worked with hundreds of different clients, including leading retail, events, corporate and non-profit brands. Our work ranges from comprehensive marketing campaigns and digital marketing, to creative, technological and strategic solutions. Long-term partnerships We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients, investing resources into understanding their business. The knowledge gathered is then used to create custom solutions that help our clients achieve their digital goals. Teamwork Our teams are cross-disciplined as opposed to silos based on function, ensuring projects have well-balanced results. Everyone contributes to the solution design, giving inputs based on their individual experience, skills and knowledge. These team structures create more accountability, with a focus on results and ownership of the service. Who We Work With They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. We like to keep company ranging from start-ups to corporates and from retail to non-profits. We guarantee this mix will provide you with fresh and unique challenges, creating opportunities to apply your experience and build on it. Strategic thinking SmartStart’s methodology leads to the creation of strategic outputs with a focus on return-on-investment and meaningful user experience. We facilitate positive user-brand interaction that aligns itself with bigger picture marketing and promotion activities. Highly Specialized Our client facing teams are multi-disciplined and highly specialized. With the right mix of experience, strategic thinking and long-term focus, our team members continually invest in skill development and stay ahead of change. Our Processes Our simple and agile processes are built around interaction, moving away from complex models and focusing on actions. Clients have direct access to the team members working on delivery, helping them to know the team and be engaged throughout the process. Together, everyone works towards getting the results right. Our Culture We believe in creating a culture where our team can apply and master their disciplines. We invest time on a weekly basis into training and exploration of new technologies. This is our commitment to ensuring Flint stays at the forefront of the constantly evolving digital landscape.

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An effective SEO strategy is one of the best ways that businesses can establish their reputation and attract new business especial in key market segments. Your search engine optimization strategy should include key word content, tagging and labeling images, key word titles, press releases, blogging, social networking, and content-based link building and all other SEO tactics.

Realize that your organic search will improve in lesser competitive markets that time could be just a few months, whereas highly competitive markets may take over a year to see high, page 1 rankings in Google and other search engines. We believe it will take a few months to start to see the results of your efforts and based on your industry.

Good SEO practices today consist of great content, link and citation building, site optimization strategies, social media participation and clarify keywords that are target audience is looking for. Sites with great content that people visit time and again to get information on subjects of interest to them establishes those sites as authorities, which Google sees as a primary ranking factor.

Your top SEO strategies include:

Title Tag. The title tag plays such a large role in the indexing of your websites. A page title is the first thing a search engine will look at when determining just what the particular page is about. It is also the first thing potential visitors will see when looking at search engine listing. We will code your title tags; that appear in the title bar of web browsers, with the most important keywords relevant to your prospects. Each of your pages will ideally have unique title tags, which helps Google know how the page is distinct from the others.

Meta Tags. There are two primary Meta tags in terms of SEO—the description and the keyword tag. It’s debatable whether the search engines use the description tag as far as ranking your results. However it is one of the more important tags because it is listed in your search result—it is what users read when your link comes up and what makes them decide whether or not to click on your link. We will be sure to include a few relevant keywords in this tag, but we won’t stuff it with keywords either. The description tag should read like a sentence—not a keyword list.

Proper Use of Heading Tags. This is a very important element to consider when writing your website copy. Use of heading tags helps users, web browsers and search engines alike know where the major key points of your copy are. Your main page title should use the tag — this shows what your page is about. Use of additional tags, such as and are equally important by helping to break down your copy. For one, we’ll see a visual break in the text. But as far as the search engines are concerned, it will automatically know what your topics are on a page. The various heading tags give a priority to the content and help index your site properly.

Alt Attributes on Images. Putting alt attributes on your images actually serves two purposes. In terms of SEO, putting a brief yet descriptive alt attribute along with your image, places additional relevant text to your your code that the search engines can see when indexing your site. The more relevant text on your page the better chance we have of achieving higher search engine rankings.

Title Attributes on Links. Including title attributes on links is another important step that any good website will have. That’s the little “tool tip” that pops up when we place your mouse over a link. These are especially important for image links, but equally useful for text links. As a note, we will use descriptive text for your links. “Click here” doesn’t really tell a person–or more importantly, the search engines—what the link is.

XML Sitemap. XML sitemaps—are used by the search engines in order to index through your site. This list of ALL pages / posts / etc. of your website also includes information such as the date the page was last modified, as well as a priority number of what we feel the most important pages of your sites are. All elements that help the search engines properly find and link to all content of your site.

Relevant Content. Having content relevant to your main page or site topic is perhaps the most important SEO aspect of a page. We can put all the keywords we want in the Meta tags and alt image tags, etc.—but if the actual readable text on the page is not relevant to the target keywords, it ends up basically being a futile attempt. While it is important to include as many keywords in your page copy as possible, it is equally as important for it to read well and make sense. I’m sure we’ve all seen keyword stuffed pages written by SEO companies that honestly don’t make much sense from the reader’s point of view. The key is to make it relevant, and to have it make sense to the reader. Even if we trick the search engines into thinking your page is great—when a potential customer arrives at the site and can’t make heads or tails of your information.

Link Building. The algorithm for determining page rank encompasses many elements, and is constantly changing; one item is the number of links pointing to your website. There are many reputable and niche directory sites that we can use to submit your website, or specific blog articles to. We will be able to generate links with other websites and blogs, as well.

Social Media. Although technically not SEO, Social Media is such a growing factor in getting your website noticed that it’s an important element to include in your plan. There is a lot of relationship building involved, but as we build your own networks and build quality content on your website we’ll see traffic to your website increasing, as well. As with any relationship, it is a give and take. If we write a great post and have built meaningful relationships with peers in your niche, we’ll often find that friends will submit your posts and give us votes on the social bookmarking sites. The more votes we receive, the more likely your post is to be noticed by others and shared around, often resulting in additional link backs from other blogs, etc.

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