Leslie Garske AXA Registered Broker

Leslie Garske AXA Registered Broker

Leslie Garske is a Financial Consultant with AXA Advisors in Highlands Ranch, CO. A lifelong native of Denver, Leslie draws on her years in the banking and financial industries to come alongside her clients to help them create a financial roadmap to grow and manage their assets and to protect what’s most important to them. She educates her clients to make informed, smart financial choices. Passionate about women and financial literacy, Leslie draws on her personal experience about money and aims to prepare women to feel confident and inspired to take part in their financial future. Drawing on her 20+ years as a wife and mother, Leslie offers an empathetic approach as she guides her clients and their families through life changing events. She offers small group workshops and individual coaching to assist women to feel competent and secure with their finances. Along with her focus on women, she is passionate about seniors. As our population ages, Leslie is committed to helping her clients to have enough money to comfortably retire and remain comfortably retired. Leslie possesses the following licenses: FINRA Series 7 and 66 and CO Life, Health & Long Term Care Insurance Licenses. NOTE: All messages, e-mail and other electronic individual and group communications sent to and received from this Facebook business page are subject to capture, review and archive by AXA Advisors and to possible production upon regulatory request for review. Please e-mail any comments or questions regarding this page to [email protected] Never post your account/policy number, telephone number, any other secure or personal information, or trade instructions/requests. For customer service, please visit: https://us.axa.com/customer-service/overview.html. Please click here to read more important information and disclosures regarding your connection to this page and use of its features: http://bit.ly/1hssApo Securities offered through AXA Advisors, LLC (NY, NY 212-314-4600), member FINRA, SIPC. Investment advisory products and services offered through AXA Advisors, LLC, an investment advisor registered with the SEC. Annuity and insurance products, including those of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company and (NY, NY) and MONY Life Insurance Company of America (AZ stock company, administrative office: NY, NY), offered through AXA Network, LLC, which conducts business as AXA Network Insurance Agency of California, LLC in CA, AXA Network Insurance Agency of Utah, LLC in UT, and AXA Network of Puerto Rico, Inc. in PR. Equal Opportunity Employer – M/F/D/V. AXA Advisors, AXA Network, AXA Equitable and MONY America are affiliated companies and do not provide tax or legal advice. Representatives may transact business, which includes offering products and services and/or responding to inquiries, only in state(s) in which they are properly registered and/or licensed. Your connection to this page does not necessarily indicate that this Financial Professional is able to transact business in your state. 116098 (06/2016)(exp. 06/2018)

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More Than a Number: New Research Shows Looming Retirement Risks Driving Anxiety Even for Americans With Significant Savings

AXA US is proud to be a part of the Alliance for Lifetime Income, an industry-wide alliance that will help educate Americans about the role of protected income in retirement planning. https://prn.to/2JRVXoo

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[05/09/18]   AXA US is going green--you should too! Enroll in eDelivery today to receive your documents electronically and cut your carbon footprint by using less paper!

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Avoid Getting Entangled by Taxes in Retirement

Don't let potential tax liabilities put a dimmer on your long-anticipated golden years. Find out how you can avoid the "tax trap" so many face in retirement and get in touch with me for more information.

newsyoucanuse.axa.com If you’re not careful about planning ahead, taxes could trip up your retirement plans. Taxes should never be overlooked in retirement planning. Fifty years ago, most Americans would have their homes as their largest assets. But now, with millions of Americans using IRAs and other retirement accounts...


How to Create a Retirement Strategy

When saving for retirement, it's important to decide what kind of lifestyle you plan on living. Get in touch and I can help you be financially ready to retire the way that you want.

newsyoucanuse.axa.com If you want to be sure you’ll have enough money to retire comfortably, you need a good retirement savings strategy. And if you want a good retirement savings strategy, you need to know exactly what you’ll be doing during your retirement. After all, how can you plan for something if you don’t know wh...

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