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Real Estate Strategy that works in a tough market. I'll get it done for you!

Eileen Kitko, a Denver Metro Area Realtor who represents clients who either are selling their current home or purchasing their next home. Eileen knows all the ins and outs of getting the deal done to serve and benefit her clients financially and emotionally and has a special knack for making every transaction personal Specialty: YOU. www.eileenkitkoproperties.com


Solar-powered tiny cabin offers eco-friendly nature retreat

For those hoping to enjoy nature while leaving as small a footprint as possible, this solar-powered cabin may be for you.

curbed.com The prototype for this cabin in Finland uses solar panels and renewable energy to leave zero footprint, all while looking good.


Invest In The Hottest Real Estate Markets & Still Cash Flow | Blog

Tips on how to marry cash flow and appreciation, rather than choose.

biggerpockets.com Most people think there are two options when buying rental property. Option A is to buy in a hot market with little to no cash flow and wait for appreciation. Option B is to buy in a market with good cash flow, even without much appreciation. But what if there were a third option?


2 bed/3 bath Condo/Townhouse in Littleton for $325,000 List Price

eileenkitkoproperties.com Don't miss this fabulous townhome-style condo in coveted and convenient Terrace at Columbine in Littleton. New, wood-style laminate flooring on the main floor and basement adds awesome appeal. Features galore: White plantation shutters on the main level and master. 2 gas fireplaces (one on the main,...


How to Buy a House in Your 20s—and Why You Really Should

Here's how you can make your home-buying dreams come true much sooner than you think.

realtor.com Curious to know how you can buy a house in your 20s? It's entirely possible if you take these steps.

How To Hang Wall Art Like A Pro | west elm

These tips will show you how to hang wall art like a pro!

Learn how to create a unique wall art display that completes any room. Gallery walls are a great way to express your style with art. Here are some fun + easy...


4 Simple Ways to Invest in Real Estate

No matter how much you want to invest, there's a way to invest that in real estate.

investopedia.com Owning property isn’t always easy, but there are plenty of perks. Here are some ways to invest in real estate.


Owning Property Via a Real Estate Investment Trust

REITs are a way any investor (regardless of investment capital) can get involved in real estate investments.

investopedia.com A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a publicly traded company that owns, operates or finances income-producing properties. REITS come in several different varieties, each having its particular rewards and risks for investors.


Should I Buy an Investment Property?

You can make money on a rental property without running into any issues, but you'd be the exception. Find out how to deal with bad times here.

money.com You may be interested in buying an investment property if you want to diversify your holdings beyond stocks and bonds. While stories of quick flips—buying…


4 Toxic Habits That Sabotage Even the Best Investors

Making goals is easy, following through on them is the hard part. These tips will help you get things done.

biggerpockets.com Over time, these four common habits will bring you down and hold you back. If you want to be a successful investor, avoid these at all costs!


Income or growth: Here are the best neighborhoods for real estate investing

Don't be afraid to step out of you're comfort zone and invest somewhere new.

foxbusiness.com You’re likely not going to find a real estate investment that offers strong price growth and hefty rental income.


Foreclosure vs. Short Sale: What's the Difference?

The processes are completely different.

realtor.com What is the difference between a short sale and foreclosure? They're both options for homeowners who fall behind on mortgage payments.


The First Step To Investing In Real Estate? Just Do It

You won't believe how small of an investment you need to start your real estate portfolio.

forbes.com Spreadsheets, calculations and a five-year plan are important. But the first step is committing to your goal.


3 Tips for Eco-Friendly Gift Giving

Here's how you can make the holiday season a little more eco-friendly.

huffpost.com The holidays are a time of giving. Unfortunately, with massive amounts of gifting in the U.S. comes massive amounts of trash. According to Stanford Unive...

Real Estate Vocabulary

With complex transactions, like real estate, it's important to stay in the loop.

Kris Krohn is here to explain some of the real estate terminology that you're maybe wondering about like, equity or land lord or mortgage and a few other thi...


Worried about the next bear market? Real estate may be your best investment. Really.

How long can this bull market persist? Play it safe.

usatoday.com Most investors harbor a deep mistrust of real estate, given their experiences in the last financial crisis. But things are different now.


Afraid of Selling Your Home Too Soon—and Missing Out on Tons of Cash? Consider This

Many homeowners who consider selling worry about holding out for a better price. Here's why you shouldn't fret.

realtor.com Many home sellers worry that they could be selling their home too soon, losing out on thousands of dollars. Here's a reality check to help you cope.


15 Small-Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Rock Style and Storage

Love your vanity, no matter how small it is. Find which one fits you best here.

houzz.com These floating vanities, repurposed dressers and open shelves offer creative and useful design solutions


Here Is How To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

We need to mitigate the destructiveness of a growing population by being greener at home.

blueandgreentomorrow.com The global population is growing sharply. Unfortunately, this is not good for the environment. We are seeing the consequences every single day. Roger Martin pointed this out in an article on The Gu…


Buying a Remodeled Home? 5 Signs It's a Smart Move—or a Spectacular Flop

If you're planning to buy a remodel, look for these telltale signs before you put down an offer.

realtor.com Wondering if you're about to buy a remodeled dream home or a DIY gone horribly wrong? Do quality control by checking for these five things.


Keep Your Real Estate Investment Strategy Simple By Paying Attention To Three Basics

Three vital basics employed by every successful real estate investor.

forbes.com Amassing a personal fortune through real estate may seem beyond possibility, but it can be done.


From Salon Marketplace: Learn the key to real estate investing with this bundle

Before diving into real estate investment, bone up with these expert-led courses.

salon.com These expert-led classes teach you how to cash in on real estate


The Advantages of Real Estate Versus Stocks

Real estate has outperformed the stock market approximately two to one since 2000.

investopedia.com Real estate investments shouldn't be overlooked as a way to diversify a portfolio and help mitigate risk.


Take Better Real Estate Photos

Did you know that professional photography can help you sell your home faster? Here's a DIY guide.

hgtv.com Attract web-savvy homebuyers with quality shots.


Architect turns four shipping containers into an affordable and eco-friendly home

This beautiful home on Australia’s south coast is made out of repurposed shipping containers.

inhabitat.com Architectural firm Matt Elkan Architect has unveiled a beautiful, eco-friendly home on Australia's south coast, made out of four repurposed shipping containers.


How to Invest in Opportunity (Zones)

There's a lot of money to be made in opportunity zones, as long as you understand how they work.

money.usnews.com New tax incentives are designed to broaden real estate investors' horizons.


How to bring the outside in with nature-inspired wallpaper murals

Need more nature in your life? Now you can bring some home with these outdoor-inspired wallpaper ideas.

housebeautiful.com Take a look at these gorgeous designs.


New Investment Trap: Tapping Your Retirement Accounts For Real Estate Investing

Bad actors are using this strategy to skim your retirement savings.

forbes.com Sharpies want you to own a rental property within your IRA or 401(K). Why that is a very bad idea.


This Home Has Some of the Most Beautiful Hand-Painted Wallpaper Ever

Floral, hand-painted wall paper has breathed new life into this ageing brownstone.

apartmenttherapy.com Kate Worum is a print and pattern designer for Target and one half of the hand-painted wallpaper company She She.


What Is Boho Home Decor? 5 Effortless Ways to Achieve Eclectic Design

This bohemian style of decorating opens the door to many options, allowing you to spread your creative wings.

realtor.com What is boho home decor? If you're partial to mixing prints and colors in new, exciting ways, this is a trend you need to try.


Real-Estate Funds Have a Problem: Too Much Cash

Private real-estate fund managers can't invest their clients money fast enough.

wsj.com Private real-estate fund managers, sitting on record amounts of cash, are finding it increasingly difficult to spend all that money within the deadlines they promised investors.


Five things home buyers should never say

The negotiation begins the second you enter the prospective home.

washingtonpost.com TOWN SQUARE | Want to make sure you get the keys to the house you want? Don't say these things in front of the seller or their agent.


19 Dream Closet Designs

Follow these design tips to get the luxury closet you've always wanted.

hgtv.com Custom storage solutions, convenient dressing areas, glamorous design details – these spaces have everything you could want in a closet and then some. Browse 19 ultra-luxurious and over-the-top closet designs and steal ideas for your own wardrobe.


From Broken To Beautiful: The Power of Kintsugi

Show off your scars with this ancient Japanese art of repair.

concreteunicorn.com Kintsugi — (noun) golden joinery; golden repair When something breaks, we usually throw it away. However, the ancient Japanese philosophy of kintsugi practices the art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold bonding. This 400-year-old technique also known as the 'golden repair,' i...


What is pre-cycling, and why should you be doing it?

If you're looking to adopt more eco-friendly habits, try pre-cycling.

bhg.com.au What is pre-cycling, and why should you be doing it? Pre-cycling is a word that refers to the practice of avoiding items that will generate waste when you shop, and selecting items that can be reused, recycled or upcycled several times.


4 bed/3 bath Home in Englewood for $598,000

The vibe, the architecture, the location....Love this listing. 4 BD, 3BA in Cherry Creek Farm for $589,000. Open, bright and such an amazing floorplan. LOVE IT! Open Sunday, 6/2 from 12-2!

eileenkitkoproperties.com One of the rare and highly desired 2-story, contemporary designs in one of Englewood's most coveted neighborhoods - Cherry Creek East (you'll know why when you drive the mature tree-lined streets). Sits on a huge, corner lot in this amazing location near DTC, lightrail and Cherry Creek State Park an...


7 Tips For the Clever First-Time Home Buyer

First-time homebuyers need all the help they can get.

popsugar.com Buying a home is easily one of the top five most adultish things you can do. As such, it can seem incredibly intimidating, but don't let your insecurities and


Perspective | Why you might want to hold off on that home-renovation project

When construction costs go up, contractors take more jobs, and the quality of their work goes down.

washingtonpost.com If you just can’t wait to remodel, then get multiple bids, many multiple bids. Check references, a lot of them. Make sure the references are recent, and check their online ratings.


Analysis | Desire for outdoor amenities grows among homeowners

Here are some of the top outdoor amenities that buyers are looking for in a home.

washingtonpost.com Backyard kitchens and movie areas are becoming popular options.


A Home Buyer's Guide to Motivated Sellers - NerdWallet

Here are the signs of a motivated seller, which is good news for a buyer.

nerdwallet.com Home shoppers outnumber home sellers in many places. If you’re a home buyer, you need every competitive advantage you can get. That’s why it pays to know how to find…


Real Estate Investing 101 - 9 Steps to Get Started (or Restarted)

This 9-step guide will get you on the right path to invest in real estate.

coachcarson.com Learn how to get started (or restarted) in real estate investing & avoid overwhelm. This step-by-step guide will take you from start to finish in 9 steps.


How Much Money Will You Save Insulating Your Attic? A Whole Lot

Give your thermostat a much-needed vacation by insulating your attic.

realtor.com Insulating your attic could reduce your total heating costs by as much as $417 (for gas) or $1,152 (for oil). Here's why.


The Quick Guide to Every Major Decorating Style

If you had to pick one of these styles, which one would you choose for your home?

thespruce.com What is your interior design style? It can be hard to put into words, but understand popular design trends can help you articulate exactly what design elements you like, and which you don't.


Should You Tour a 'Sale Pending' House? Manage Your Expectations

The term "sale pending" hardly signals that a property is off the market, but you should still manage your expectations.

realtor.com A "sale pending" house may seem like it's off the market, but don't be so quick to write this one off. Here's what it really means when a sale is pending.


These Kitchen Before and Afters Are So Good, You'll Do a Double Take

This is why the kitchen is generally the most important room to improve.

popsugar.com Whether you order in, dine out, or stick to the snacks, the kitchen is an important, functional spot in our homes. The meal-prep space holds valuable tools and


4 Battle-Tested REITs To Help You Sleep Well At Night

Know your REIT's before investing.

forbes.com Strong, scrappy companies like that are survivors, not just because they’re “that good” or “that fortunate,” but because they know how to take care of themselves with whatever comes their way.

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7887 E. Belleview Ave. #175
Highlands Ranch, CO

General information

Hello there! It's Eileen Kitko of Equity Colorado. I work throughout the Denver Metro area (including Mountain Metro all the way to Elbert County). I make it personal. Your needs, wants, desires and concerns become my own whether you are buying your next home or selling your home. I can develop a customized plan so that your search for a home is efficient and fun then I help you every step of the way so your dream home becomes a reality. When you list your home with me, it becomes my personal goal to get it sold, treating it as if it were my own, personal transaction. My specialty is YOU. www.eileenkitkoproperties.com
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