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We are Colorado Leadership Institute, a provider of business training services in the Colorado Front Range area. Our goal is twofold: To assist clients in reaching their full personal and professional potential, and to help companies of all sizes realize their full potential with engaged and fulfilled employees.

CLI is involved in developing strategic skills for management at all levels in order to enable them to achieve their business goals. Our professional development workshops challenge, encourage and inspire individuals to develop and refine 10 core leadership skills in order to improve profitability. Because profitability is maximized through the productivity and performance of all team members, superior leadership skills are essential in a constantly changing business environment.

Mission: Our mission is to improve the lives of leaders and the employees they lead!

Start the new year off by being proactive & delivering projects on time; don't make excuses & procrastinate. Walt Disney knew how important it was to take charge of your own destiny & shared his thoughts on delivering results. #beproactive #deliverresults

The Leadership Habit: Transforming Behaviors to Drive Results

Are you looking for leadership inspiration? Jumpstart your leadership journey with The Leadership Habit, written by Crestcom CEO, Tammy Berberick. Gain valuable insights and tactics to create better habits when managing and leading your team. The 10 essential skills to transform the way you lead The Leadership Habit provides the framework for patterns of behavior that will transform the way you lead. By articulating a clear, well-defined standard of what it means to be a leader, this book condenses volumes of advice and opinion into 1...

EN 01B Deliver Results The First Time Featuring Andy Bounds

How much is inefficient re-work costing you? Take a sneak peek into our module "Deliver Results The First Time" with Andy Bounds: #crestcom #deliverresults #efficiency #traininganddevelopment

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Do you have an onboarding process for new hires at your company? How do you learn about their leadership needs? Here are five questions to consider asking new hires to ensure productivity and engagement. #newhires #onboarding

How Your Organization’s Experts Can Share Their Knowledge

What could a "knowledge cascade" do for your organizations efficiency? #HBR #growth #knowledge #teaching Amplify your team’s smarts.

Leadership Health Assessment - Crestcom International

Do you see inefficiencies in the workplace or see little to no innovation due to fear of change? Take our leadership health assessment to see how and where you can improve! #crestcom #leadership #management #traininganddevelopment Crestcom's leadership health assessment helps companies determine areas for growth. Contact us today & learn more about our management training programs!

Does your New Year's resolution help you overcome a plateau? #motivation #growth #brucelee #traininganddevelopment #strength #discipline

How to Be the Coach Your Team Needs

Becoming GTY (Greater Than Yourself)

How many of you have "be more kind" or "treat others with more respect" as a New Year's resolution? How can you be Greater than Yourself in this New Year? #coaching #mentor #support #crestcom #growth

Be a coach and mentor, not a boss #coach #mentor #crestcom

Start the year off right and invest your time with Crestcom's complimentary Leadership Skills Workshop. We bring the session to you! Learn more:

Steve Farber - Fear is a Good Thing

Have you experienced fear in any moment of your career? It's not a bad thing. Learn how fear is actually good, explained by Crestcom faculty expert, Steve Farber.

Did you set goals for yourself this year? Focusing on what you're doing right is equally important as acknowledging what you're doing wrong. Read these four tips to overcome the challeneges of meeting your goals:

This month in Crestcom's BPM® program, we are excited to present "Be the Coach They Need" & "Deliver Results the First time." Find out more: #crestcom #traininganddevelopment #leadership

What are your personal goals for 2020? Take action and don't allow fear of failure to hold you back from success. Read below for The Leadership Habit quote of the day:

EN 12B Peak Performing Leaders Featuring JoAnn Dahlkoetter

Having trouble focusing and running low on energy? Take a moment to watch a preview of one of this month's modules, "Peak Performing Leaders," featuring Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Crestcom faculty expert.

Book Review: The Convenience Revolution - Crestcom International

Have you ever considered the impact of convenience over price? Shep Hyken's book, The Convenience Revolution, shares insights about how convenience has changed the customer service industry. "Convenience is King. When you make it easier for customers to do business with you, they will reward you with their money, their loyalty..."

[12/25/19]   Merry Christmas!!!! May your day be filled with joy!

How do you keep members of your organization accountable? With our no-cost Leadership Skills Workshop we help you identify issues and teach your team to implement habits that will raise performance. Request a free workshop:

How to Conquer Workplace Procrastination - Crestcom International

Are you browsing your newsfeed instead of working towards that important deadline? Don't ruin your productivity by procrastinating. Read these 5 tips to make your workload manageable: Even the most hard-working employees can procrastinate if they aren’t mindful of it. While procrastination initially feels good...

How Do Leaders Manage the Tension Between Pride and Arrogance?

How do you prevent the strength of pride from becoming the weakness of arrogance? #managers #selfgrowth #crestcom #traininganddevelopment SUMMING UP: James Heskett's readers agree that leaders can and should influence whether an organization crosses the line from pride to arrogance, and that it's possible to lead close to the line without crossing it.

Life is about consistent self-reflection and growth, what can you do today to improve the world? #selfgrowth #reflection

How to Maximize Time Management

How you persevere through difficult times defines your character. In what ways do you push through painful moments to get the job done? #strength #discipline

Most Managers Don’t Know How to Coach People. But They Can Learn.

Do you coach your employees, or are you just a boss to them? Read the article below to see their insight into coaching! #coaching #mentor #crestcom #leadership #traininganddevelopment Most are just telling their employees what to do.

Keep your drive for personal development alive as 2019 comes to a close! Zig Ziglar shares his thoughts on why a hunger to learn is so important. #leadershipinspiration #motivation #newyearnewyou

How to Build More Strategic Teams - Crestcom International

Do you know how to create a more strategic team? Need help finding out where to start? Click here to learn tips on how to build a more strategic team: #strategy #teamwork #leadershipstrategy Too often leaders want their teams to be more strategic but don’t recognize that they are the roadblock in making their team more strategic...

Microlearning - Magnet Visualization

What is your strategy to pull you through tough projects and meet your deadlines? Our subject matter expert, Dr. Dahlkoetter, talks about how she helps athletes with their mental stamina. #leadershipmindset #traininganddevelopment #leadershipdevelopment

Magnet Visualization with Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

This month in Crestcom's BPM® program, we are excited to present "Conflict Resolution Techniques" & "Peak Performing Leaders" Find out more: #crestcom #traininganddevelopment #leadership

4 Common Causes of Workplace Conflict

Do's & Don'ts for Managing One's Time on the Job

How do you continue to grow as a leader? Leadership is a journey, not a destination. Read below for The Leadership Habit quote of the day:

Approximately 70% of people have experienced imposter syndrome at some point in their career. Read here to learn the causes and how to overcome them: #crestcom #leadership

Do you practice the three elements of effective behavioral change? It's a process, not a single event. #leadershipdevelopment #behavioralchange #crestcom #leadership

09B Decision Making Featuring Kyle Craig LP Promo

Are you able to understand and manage resources needed now and the future? Watch a preview of one of this month's modules, "How Leaders Shape Decisions," with faculty expert, Kyle Craig. #crestcom #leadership

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