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Are you REALLY open on Sunday as today's Facebook post says?
Here's an old photo, ca. 1940 give or take a couple of years. The car belonged to Herndon Fire Chief Walter A. Farr. You can see the FD (Fire Department) emblem on the car grill, and sirens, extra lights. The license plate tag 'topper' has CAMP LEE. Chief Farr moved to Petersburg, VA ca. 1941 and worked as a machinist at CAMP LEE. I'm not sure whether this photo was taken at his residence on Spring St. in Herndon, or in Petersburg. His two daughters are pictured, Cathleen (second from the left) and Louise (second from the right). The other girls are unidentified.
Love this Old Town and appreciate all the work of the Herndon Historical Society❤️
Herndon High
Dr Charles Russell, Herndon physician
Herndon library "little helpers" 1931
Benjamin D Utterback obit from Oct 1899. Quite an interesting story of bravery at the end of the War Between the States. Mr Utterback prior to enlisting with J. Mosby was incarcerated as a citizen for conspiring with the enemy. When released he joined Mosby's Rangers.
Postcard. Still there?
Back of picture says Old Stone House, home of Olive Wrenn. Does anyone know where this home is?
Herndon, Va
Fairfax 1909

The official page for the Herndon Historical Society (HHS).

The Herndon Historical Society was founded in 1971. Its purpose, as stated in the Society's constitution, is “…to bring together those people interested in history, and especially in the history of the Herndon, Virginia, area.” The Society established a museum in conjunction with the Town’s centennial celebration in 1976. The museum, which is open from noon to 3PM on Sundays, is located in Herndon’s historic train depot adjacent to the WO&D trail in the heart of the downtown. The museum contains an array of materials and collectables that illustrate the life, conditions, events, and activities of Herndon and the surrounding area. If you would like to become a member of the HHS, please click here: http://www.herndonhistoricalsociety.org/images/MembershipForm_rev2.pdf.

The Society is involved in many activities beyond maintaining the museum. More details can be found in the Society's newsletters (www.herndonhistoricalsociety.org/newsletterminutesarchive.html), however some of those activities include: • THE DEPOT Although the Town of Herndon owns the depot, the Historical Society has from time to time expended funds to help maintain it. The most recent project was the restoration of the original railroad semaphore that is fixed on the depot roof. • HISTORIC HOMES REGISTRY The Society sponsors the historic home registry program designed to increase public awareness of Herndon’s older homes and buildings and their contribution to the Town’s distinctive character and spirit. Once an owner documents the history of the home and demonstrates that it satisfies certain criteria—such as the original structure being 50 or more years old and compatible with the character of Herndon, as well as being of historical or architectural significance to the Town—the application is approved and a request for a resolution is submitted to the Herndon Town Council. Once the resolution, which certifies the historic significance of the structure, is adopted, the structure is eligible to receive a plaque. All documentation becomes part of the Society’s research library, and a picture and brief history are placed on the Historical Society’s website. . Click here for more information about applying for the Registry. • THE CABOOSE In 1989, longtime Society member and railroad aficianado George Moore located a surplus Norfolk and Western caboose, arranged for it to be transported to Herndon, and coordinated with the Herndon Department of Public Works to install the section of track on which it sits. Located adjacent to the W&OD trail—formerly the W&OD railroad line—the caboose serves as a reminder of the town’s rail history. Although the caboose is now the property of the Town of Herndon the Society continues to monitor its condition and to fund the interior maintenance. Following his death in 2003, the caboose was dedicated in George’s memory. In 2008, the interior was restored and the windows were improved to make them water tight. • ANNUAL MODEL TRAIN SHOW Each December for the last few years the Historical Society, along with the Herndon Foundation for the Cultural Arts and the Herndon Chamber of Commerce, has sponsored an Annual Model Train Show. This event—which is held in ArtSpace, Herndon’s community art gallery—features both HO and N gauge model trains. • THE GAS HOUSE MINI PARK In 1999, the Historical Society funded restoration and improvements at the gas generating facility located across from Herndon’s Municipal Center. Improvements included a display that explains how the facility operated, along with landscaping for the mini-park that surrounds it. The park is dedicated in memory of former Society president Larry Clarity, and the benches it contains were donated in memory of another longtime member, Bill Moffett. • AND MORE ... The Society continues to engage in educational and preservation-oriented activities designed to ensure that the public remains interested in and aware of the history of the Herndon area. For example, Society members were actively involved in working with the Town to ensure that the historic “yellow house” was relocated from behind Adams Green Funeral Home to a new site at the corner of Oak and Pearl Streets and made available for sale when it was slated for demolition.

The Historical Society has a speaker online this year since the Depot Museum is temporarily closed. See the link below if you would like to listen to an interesting talk!

In lieu of an in person HHS member meeting this evening, a YouTube presentation is available for your review. Please find details on the attached flier, and access the presentation here: https://youtu.be/60QSzI9ZG2s

In lieu of an in person HHS member meeting this evening, a YouTube presentation is available for your review. Please find details on the attached flier, and access the presentation here: https://youtu.be/60QSzI9ZG2s

Herndon: Did You Know?....
The old stone church at 718 Pine Street, that now houses HRI Associates, was the original St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, dedicated in 1926?

(Photos from the J. Berkley Green Collection of the Herndon Historical Society, and Barbara Glakas).


Remembering Herndon's History: The Herndon Fortnightly Club and Library Association

As promised yesterday ... 🤗❤️📚


patch.com The Founders of Fairfax County's First Lending Library


The Pack Horse Librarians of Eastern Kentucky

This bit of history is not local, but too fun not to share. What do you know about the rich history of our local Fortnightly Library? An article about that coming up next! Happy reading!! 🤗❤️📚


blueridgecountry.com During the Depression, they delivered books and other reading materials in remote rural areas, to people with no other access to the world of reading.


Here are two photos of Station Street (near Lynn Street) from 1927 and 2020. The Chamblin’s Pharmacy building burned in 1969 and was never replaced. The next two buildings are now the home to the Maude salon. The wooden A-frame building in the 1927 photo was replaced with what is now the Mediterranean Breeze building. Lastly is the old 1910 bank building, which was then the National Bank of Herndon. Various building signs in 1927 advertise Victrolas, Rexall products and Whitman’s chocolates. Posters advertise the annual Herndon Day event, fire work sales and movies. Note the hat in the middle of the road. What else do you notice?

Photo credits: National Archives and Barbara Glakas

The Herndon Historical Society misses seeing you, however the Depot Museum remains closed until further notice. We look forward to once again welcoming visitors as soon as it is deemed safe to re-open. Until then, happy history to you!

Vintage postcard c. 1957; Artist - Vara Perterson


Remembering Herndon's History: Historic Street Names


patch.com By Barbara Glakas


Shown here is a portion of the new working telegraph exhibit which includes antique telegraph equipment as well as a computer through which messages can be sent wirelessly. Also, outside the depot is a replica Western Union sign, such as the one that was once on the depot in the late 1800s.

Come see all the interesting artifacts that represent Herndon’s rich history at the old Depot Museum in the heart of Historic Herndon, open Sundays from 12:00 – 3:00. (NOTE - the Depot Museum is currently closed due to the Governor's COVID-19 Stay at Home Order.)

How well do you know Virginia's history? Take this quiz and find out ... good luck! ‍🤗



Herndon Historical Society

The Herndon Historical Society in accordance with Governor Northam’s executive order on March 30th, will not be opening the Depot Museum until after June 10th or when the executive order is rescinded by the Governor. The Historical Society will be looking for ways to interact with the community through Facebook to continue our mission of sharing Herndon history with the community.

Please stay healthy and look for interesting stories etc. on the Historical Society website, www.herndonhistoricalsociety.org or our page.

Herndon Historical Society Board of Directors

herndonhistoricalsociety.org Please look for future events on this website, www.herndonhistoricalsociety.org, or our page https://www.facebook.com/HerndonHistory/.


Remembering Herndon's History: Fire Department's Ladies Auxiliary


patch.com The Ladies Auxiliary formed in April 1930 to support the Herndon Volunteer Fire Department.


These two photos are from c. 1953 and 2015. Located at the southeast corner of Sterling and Rock Hill Roads, the Oak Grove School was built in 1953 and was the last segregated school for African American students in Herndon. The school closed in 1964. In the early 1980s the Town of Herndon bought the building from Fairfax County and put a new façade on it, turning it into the Herndon Police Station. Now the building is home to Herndon’s Zoning Enforcement Office.

Image Credits – Herndon Historical Society and Barbara Glakas, respectively.


Wearing Pants: How Mary Edwards Walker Broke Gender Stereotypes During the Civil War and Beyond | Historic Heroines

In honor of Women’s History Month and National Medal of Honor Day, we invite you to read this article about the only female recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor!


historicheroines.org Mary Edwards Walker is the woman to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for her service during the Civil War,

The Civil War on the W&OD Trail - Herndon

Today is the 157th anniversary of Mosby’s Raid on Herndon Station. Watch the video below to learn more about this fascinating moment in Herndon's history.


This is the fifth segment of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority film "Region Divided: Civil War in the Northern Virginia Regional Parks," produced...


The Herndon Historical Society’s special presentation this Sunday, March 22nd, by Lynn Garvey-Hodge recreating the life of Amelia “Mimi” Walker, woman suffragist, has been postponed. The Historical Society will reschedule the event for another date in the future.

In order to support the recommendations made by State and Federal officials working to contain the spread of COVID-19, the Herndon Depot Museum will be closed on Sundays through the end of March, at which time the Historical Society's Board will look at recommendations to determine if the Depot can reopen.

Please look for future events on the website, Herndonhistoricalsociety.org, or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HerndonHistory/.

On behalf of the Board of the Herndon Historical Society, please stay safe and well.


Remembering Herndon's History: Early Women Voters In Herndon


patch.com By Barbara Glakas

This month is the 157th anniversary of Mosby’s Raid on Herndon Station. If you are a Civil War buff, or enjoy reading about the exploits of Confederate Col. John Singleton Mosby and his band of Rangers, stop by the Historical Society’s Civil War and Mosby Book Sale. Located in the Herndon Depot Museum on Lynn Street, every Sunday in March from 12:00 to 3:00 PM.

Image credit: Mark Sawatzki - Herndon’s First Snow 2020.

The rumors are true - the Depot Museum is re-opening today!! 🤗 Join us for a model train show, silent auction and more! The fun starts at 12:00 and runs until 4:00. We hope to see you there!! 🚂

W&OD 1939

Thanks for sharing, Nikki!


Bob Crockett Video filmed in 1939 from Rosslyn to Difficult Run Bridge


Remembering Herndon's History: 1936 Fire Endangers Elden Street


patch.com By Barbara Glakas

What's in a Name? -- Herndon Elementary School


The What's in a Name? series was created to commemorate, preserve, and educate viewers about the origin of the names of Fairfax County's public school buildi...

You are cordially invited to the Herndon Depot Museum’s grand reopening event for the 2020 season on Sunday, March 1, from 12:00 noon to 4:00 PM! The museum is located at 717 Lynn Street in Herndon, Virginia.

Come take part in the many events that will be happening inside our historic depot museum on March 1st:

Ø Train lovers and children will enjoy our Train Show. Come see the fascinating N-scale model trains running through the beautiful handmade scenery.

Ø Train enthusiasts and antique lovers will also want to take part in our Silent Auction. Up for sale will be antique railroad collectibles such as kerosene lamps, framed stock certificates and photos, railroad spikes, railroad locks and brass keys, model trains and much more! Bidding begins at 12:00 noon and ends at 3:30 PM.

Ø History buffs, children and electronics enthusiasts will love our new Telegraph Exhibit. Antique working telegraph equipment will be set up in our Station Master’s Room. Visitors can learn about Morse code and will be able to send messages on the telegraph equipment!

Ø Navy enthusiasts and Herndon High School band members who went to Normandy last summer will see artifacts exhibited in our new U.S.S. Herndon display. Some of those artifacts were donated by the Herndon band when they returned from their trip!

We hope to see you at the Herndon Depot Museum on March 1st for this afternoon of fun!

Thanks for sharing, Kathy Gaynor!

Herndon Community Television (HCTV)

Life in Historic Herndon. 🤗🎄🇩🇪 #ItsON!

Last month Herndon held it’s first Wintermarkt celebration, attended by over 7000 people! Check out this video to relive the highlights and learn more about this new yearly tradition.


These two photos are from 1954 and 2019. They show Elden Street, from Center Street, looking east. After 65 years, several of the buildings in the 1954 photo still exist (although now have different uses). But roadway, sidewalk and parking situations have certainly improved!

Image credits – The Herndon Observer and Barbara Glakas, respectively.

First Snow 2020

Photos from Herndon Historical Society's post

Mayor Lisa Merkel

Mayor Merkel has made her mark on Herndon’s history, and her influence will shape the Town for years to come. Please join us in thanking her for her service, and wishing her well on her future endeavors.

News for the New Year.....



Remembering Herndon's History: How Elden Street Got Its Name


patch.com By Barbara Glakas


These two photos are from c. 1981 and 2014, taken from the Herndon Depot looking west down the W&OD Trail. What a difference thirty years makes! Note the warehouses and cement factory that once occupied the space that is now taken up by the caboose, Municipal Center, Herndon Library and Town Green!

Image credits - Richard Downer and Barbara Glakas respectively.

The Herndon Depot Museum is now closed for the winter season. We will re-open the first Sunday in March. However, we are still available for private tours and merchandise sales (such as our fabulous Herndon books and wooden Herndon Depot signs, that are still available for pick up before Christmas!). Just send us a private message here or email [email protected] to make arrangements for your event or purchase. Keep an eye on our page as we will continue to post interesting information about Herndon history throughout the winter. Wishing you a happy holiday season and a joyous 2020!

Join us for holiday festivities in Historic Herndon this weekend! 🎄

The Holiday Model Train Show will be Sat and Sun from 10-4, including model train displays at the Depot Museum and the Municipal Building, as well as tours of the caboose! 🚂

WinterMarkt, a traditional German Christmas market, will be Sat from 12-8 on the Old Town Hall Green. ❄️ Just before WinterMarkt opens there will be a live ice carving demonstration from 10-12 near the Depot and WinterMarkt entrances!

All events are rain, snow or shine. ☃️ We hope to see you there!!




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717 Lynn St
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General information

The mailing address for the HHS is PO Box 99, Herndon, Virginia 20172-0099. However the physical street address of the Depot Museum is 717 Lynn Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170.
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