Jen Taylor's Simply Health

Jen Taylor's Simply Health

~Healthy living is a privilege we embody by making choices that enhance our mind, body and spirit~Welcome to Jen Taylor's Simply Health:)

5 years ago and it popped up on FB this morning. I was in the best shape of my life right before I got pregnant with my fourth child😳And it wasn’t just my body that was in shape! My mind was in shape! I had a positive routine with no excuses. I just woke up and did what I needed to do. But what you don’t see in this photo was how I managed my food. I never cut anything out😬I used portion control, was eating less sugar and incorporated more vegetables and proteins.

I need to get back to having more motivation and get on a positive schedule! How about you?

December 28! Not waiting for January 1 to start. My goal is to complete this program by my 40th Birthday😝

Time to start a healthier and happier journey❤️

Anyone want to try?😜

I was making blueberry muffins and heard this guy counting. What I nice surprise!😊👍 Do your kids enjoy working out?

If you like the idea of eating healthier and buy a bunch of veggies that just sit in your kitchen, be creative! Veggies rot pretty quickly so be sure to consume them everyday. I’ve had peppers, onions and asparagus in my fridge for a week and noticed they’re going bad. I chopped them up and used them as toppings for my whole wheat, organic mini pizzas!😊😊😊

Eating is always about balance. You can still have pizza, just add a side of veggies! If you need a sandwich then add lettuce, tomato and wheat bread. There are always solutions to living a healthier lifestyle and your body will thank you for it❤️

[01/10/18]   21 Day Fix Total Body cardio done✔️
What workout is on your Wednesday agenda?

Cutting out big carbs has been life changing! And by big I mean bread, pasta and white rice. Below is my couscous salad with asparagus, tomatoes and scallions, all tossed in balsamic vinegar😊I eat a small portion with chicken or beef for lunch or dinner.

Wishing everyone a productive weekend!❤️

Everyone starting over in 2018? I started over December 26 and going on day 10 of feeling great! I know my body and the foods that take away my energy and put on the unwanted lbs😳Pasta, bread and rice are a thing of the past for me, bye-bye! I have replaced rice with cauliflower and upped my meat and veggie intake. To be honest I’m fuller longer!


Organic Cauliflower fried “rice”😊😊with....

2 Egg whites & one egg yoke
Sodium free soy sauce
Peas & Carrots
Sesame oil & Sesame seeds

[11/07/17]   When you open your fridge what do you see? If greens, fruit and proteins aren’t there then you won’t achieve the positive results your body seeks. You can’t just exercise and get results! You need to make healthy food choices to get a healthy body❤️Throw out that soda, you don’t need it😉

Stay healthy for your family!❤️

Everyday can be challenging but what's more challenging is feeling down in the dumps. Take time to exercise 30 minutes and just be mindful of what you eat. I ate broccoli salad today but also had pasta! It's ok!! Moderation with some give and take. Do it and teach your kids👍😘Smile, live, love, eat, exercise, repeat👍

[09/07/17]   You know it's an awesome workout when your eyes start sweating!😳#isostrengthchisel

There are 2 seconds between these photos. Left photo my posture is straight and I'm using my core. Photo on right, no core.

Omgoodness can we ladies sit around and be critical about ourselves! I look in the mirror and see cellulite, love handles, stretch marks and saggy skin. Well I'm 38 and a mom of 4...but I workout regularly. I remind myself that I exercise to feel good and to have energy, not to be perfect. This is my body and I'm damn lucky to have it! You are lucky to have yours! Take care of it, be positive and just do your best❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I have had MANY ups and downs in my life! But how you treat your body says a lot about you. I've lost and gained 10-15 lbs here and there, worked out and not worked out, 4 pregnancies and binge eating😳

After all that my advice to you is to keep going! Exercise for you, no one else👍❤️😘Eating healthier options to feel your best! #dontgiveup #staystrong

I haven't posted any progress photos in a while!! From February until now I've been switching between Body Beast and P90X. Very slow progress and I started with light weights due to a back Injury last Fall.

Shoot for progress ladies, not perfection!! Your body is a piece of art you will work on for the rest of your lives. Be kind to it, be smart and work a little everyday towards feeling your best💪🏻❤️

[06/06/17]   My workout program so far for this week...100's

100 of each: 5-8 lbs (Monday)💪🏻
Shoulder Press
Bicep curls
Calf Raises
Triceps Extensions
Hip Ups
Inner Thigh Scissors
Pull ups with bands
Push ups

100's Tuesday:💪🏻
Standing Arm Extensions front & side
Oblique crunches
Standing side leg raises
Tricep Dips
Chest Extensions
Calf raises
Dead Lifts back & hamstrings
Kneeling back leg kicks

[05/25/17]   What I've learned about working out for the past 9 years!!!

Go In!
Go heavy and hard!
Go home!

Workouts don't have to be 2 hours long everyday. Try 4 days a week of heavy weight training with 2 ab workouts and 10 min of cardio. I find faster & longer results without the exhaustion of exercising everyday. Weight training burns calories longer, not to mention it makes you feel empowered!👍😜❤️

#motivationmonday Feeling good about yourself is more important than looking good. Cut out the food that's holding you back from feeling your best😘

I started yesterday! #youcandothis

It's been too long since I've posted anything! I've been working out actively since 2009 and I've had my ups and downs (10-15 lb weight gains here and there). I'm a mom of 4 and I've never used my pregnancies and kids as excuses to not take care of myself. But since early October I have not exercised due to back issues. When told by my chiropractor to not workout for 2 months I immediately got teary eyed😢Today marks the first of starting over and I completed Brazil Butt Lift day 1👍😳 Holy Moly I had to take about 4 mini breaks in one 1/2 hour workout. But that's what you do if needed!! I have put on 6 unwanted Holiday lbs and am ready to focus on my new outlook for 2017!!

☀️Summer Bodies are created in the winter👍

Friday Workout with this Lil guy💪He literally threw himself on the floor and had a tantrum until I turned The Hammer on! #fitkids #masterhammerandchisel

Tips on feeling good at the Beach😀💪:

•Lots of water
•30 min workouts minimum 4 days a week (Weight training burns calories around the clock, cardio 2× a week)
•Incorporate veggies with every meal
•No carbs after 6:30 pm
•Do not skip a meal...maintaining energy requires food intake.
•NO soda or Liquor (sorry😕)

IT'S NOT ABOUT BEING SKINNY AT THE BEACH IT'S ABOUT BEING HEALTHY! When we feel confident it radiates to those around us😁 Below is just a 10 lb difference in 1 year at Beach time following the birth of my fourth baby in May 2014. I felt great because I was following the above tips on how to stay healthy👍You can do it😄

[06/10/16]   After all these years P90X still rocks my world!💪💋What is your "go to" workout? #lovemesomeweights

Transformation Tuesday😨 These photos are only 13 months apart and when I think about how fast the time went by, I'm so glad I used it wisely. You are not in competition with anyone else but yourself! If you're unhappy, tired and need motivation then just start. It's the hardest part but you can 100% change the way you feel! I never thought I'd enjoy working out at home but it's become a healthy habit these past 3 years😀

⬇3 weeks post baby #4

TGIF! Day 3 of a new glute & core workout! Done in only minutes at home, super helpful for busy moms😉But what you are fueling your body with is also important if you want positive results.

•Fruit and or veggies with every meal
•Snack on yogurts, cheese, apples
•7 to 8 hours of sleep at night
•Try not to snack late at night

Your days will not always go as planned so just do the best you can!

Couldn't help it!😂😂😂😂😂

Little steps everyday lead to big results! Even in just a couple months you can change your life. #dontgiveup #stayconsistent #transformationtuesday #beachbody

Starbucks is addicting for sure but you can always do it in a healthy way👍They have amazing fruit refreshers that are low in calories, have caffeine and taste awesome!🍓

Some of my best friends😂They make me feel good, make me stronger, are always there for me and never let me down😚❤

~💪Have a Fit Tuesday💪~

I have fallen off the wagon more times then I can count....but when I get back on I always ask myself "why did I ever stop?"!!! Workouts are fun!👍Feeling good is amazing👍Being strong and focused should be a way of life👍

It's NEVER gonna be easy, but it WILL be worth it. Just start and trust the process. Be patient and consistent. Short 30 min workouts a day will get you where you need and want to be😊

Eggplant pizza with organic sauce😄🍆
I've Been wanting to make these for a long time and they did not disappoint!

Super healthy and filling!!

TBT to January 2015 to April 2015! What a difference you can make in just a few months! All we have is time so why not use it to build a healthier, happier YOU😆

#max30 & #t25 took just minutes 5 days a week to transform my body. I still ate, I still had rough days but once you start your body craves exercise! What an amazing feeling!😁👍💪

Master Hammer & Chisel almost complete! Can not say enough positive things about this program😁Working out only takes a small fraction of your'll feel great, have more energy and be on track to living a healthier life👍

Have A Fit & Healthy Tuesday!💪

If Breakfast for adults is crucial in setting a healthy tone for the day, then is also applies to our children. They will repeatedly do what we do so It's important to lead by example. Here are some helpful replacements in raising healthy children...

Do's: Water
Side of fruit and/or veggies with
Every meal
Home cooked meals
Daily vitamins
Dont's: Soda of any kind
Sugary cereals & Juices
Fast Food
Desserts everyday

Flex Friday! Taken August 2015 when my little nugget wanted attention during post Body Beast photo session lol!😂

Lift weights ladies, it does a body good!😉

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