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The Letter Critters Talent Show by Chase Taylor, published by Mascot Books, in the news.
Hi I have a question how much do y'all charged to do or published a book and are your pricing expansive or cheap and how do you do payments through money order debit cards or credit I'm trying to get as much information as I can thank you.
Hey Everyone, I have a great book that was published by Mascot Books, and released on March 3! Unfortunately, the pandemic struck, and life came to a halt. However, this would be a great book for your little ones who are home during the quarantine. Check it out at the Mascot Books Website! Thank you!
Published my second book, ages Pre-K thru, with Mascot and it was a great experience. Keira in the Mirror. Although no longer on print at this time I still get allot of positive feedback since. Go figure. Here is a free listening for your children read by yours truly. Also author of A Glimpse from Christmas Past/ Audible or book/ E*Read at Amazon etc...
Hello! I’ve organized a virtual reading of the book you published with me, and would love to have you promote the upcoming Facebook Live event here as well. Wishing all good health! Here are the details:
On the 10th anniversary of Matt Brown's life altering injury, alter your life by reading LIne Change and learn how his positive attitude and unquenchable thirst to walk again continues to lead him down the path to recovery.
Author Elaine Bamford will be reading her recently published Mascot book, A Cup of Loving Kindness in Charlottesville, VA at New Dominion Bookshop on Saturday, Jan. 25th at 11:00.
Grateful that my newest book, 'Not Yet,' is now available
Happy book birthday (tomorrow) to SKY DRAGON! Congrats!
Hi everyone. I will try to keep this post short. I self published a children’s picturebook on Amazon through Createspace a couple years ago. I had a lot of issues with getting the paperback file right and eventually gave up on the project. I now self publish non-fiction medical books and fiction novels successfully therefore I am not looking for a publisher. My illustrator did a great job with the pictures, but we had a communications gap and I was told the issues were multiple layers in the pictures? I am trying to get a cost on an illustrator (not necessarily US based), but English as a first language is preferable. Are there people in this group who specialize in converting children’s picturebook files to various platforms including print and kindle complete with fixing upload issues? Thanks in advance
Such a fun time launching the second book of the Darlene the Drama Queen series! This time, Darlene tackles the issue of bullying.
Stop, Look and Listen you won't regret it A Glimpse from Christmas Past/ Available also in Book and E*Read

Mascot Books is a full-service hybrid publishing company dedicated to helping authors at all stages of their publishing journey create a high-quality printed or digital book that matches their vision.

Mascot Books is a full-service, multi-genre, independent book publisher and distributor. Mascot Books is a hybrid publishing company headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. The company publishes a variety of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, children's, cookbooks, and coffee table books. Naren Aryal co-founded Mascot Books in 2003 with the publication of "Hello, Hokie Bird," a children's book about his alma mater’s mascot. After a successful initial title, Aryal left his job as a corporate attorney to start Mascot Books. Since inception, the company has published more than 2,500 titles. Mascot Books was recently featured in The Washington Post.

“Write down things you are grateful for.” With Beau Henderson & Lauren Mosback

How does one achieve #mindfulness? #MascotAuthor Lauren Mosback was interviewed by Thrive Global about her counseling services, developing mindfulness in the pandemic, and teaching children early on about coping and #wellness skills. In her book “My Sister’s Super Skills,” Lily teaches her younger brother David about all the super skills to improve his bad mood. Lauren introduces empowering skills to promote positive social and emotional development and achieve an emotional growth-oriented mindset.

We’re also sending happy vibes to Lauren for “My Sister’s Super Skills” and “In Grandpaw’s Pawprints” being finalists in the 2019 LITTLE PEEPS Book Awards! As you practice mindfulness, you will begin to notice and appreciate more and develop a grateful mindset. And as you learn to slow down your body and calm your mind, you will be able to more clearly see the simple things in life — such as the beauty of nature, the laughter of a child, […]

The flavorful, and often overlooked, foods of Sri Lanka

Nom nom nom... we’re thinking of #MascotAuthor Mary Anne Mohanraj's Sri Lankan American cooking in “A Feast of Serendib.” Our tummies are craving the dark roasted curry powder, wholesome red rice and toasted curry leaves, coconut milk, and chili heat.

Learn more in The Port Charlotte Sun's piece about the origins of Mary Anne’s culinary delights and her mother’s influence for her latest book. There might even be a delicious recipe waiting for you! Mary Anne Mohanraj missed a lot of things when she went off to college, but the thing she was most homesick for was her mother's cooking.

September Book Releases – Mascot Books

Happy Thursday! We have some exciting September book releases. From essays on parenthood to a children's book on the first person to ever leave the earth, we might just have your next read. We have seven new books just for you! Make some of these (or all of them) the last of your summer reads.September’s Featured Title: 18 Things College Students Need to KnowBy Renée BaileyGetting ready for college can be so exciting. You’re putting in applications and getting responses. You’re ...

New children’s book helps teach lesson of love

Y’all ready to join Ruth on a rural North Carolina farm? From feeding the farm animals to riding her dad’s tractor, you can practically hear Ruth’s southern accent in #MascotAuthor Nancy Youngdahl's latest book in her series “The Ruth Adventures: Life on a Farm.” Read about Nancy’s motivations behind her new book and her 10-year career as a writer in the Mooresville Tribune. Nancy Peek Youngdahl, who was born and raised in Mooresville, has released her third children’s book, “The Ruth Adventures: Life on the Farm.”

Children's book based on twin brothers' adventures is published posthumously by author's sister -

This month, Patricia David published “The Adventures of Kiko and Pez” in memory of #MascotAuthor and her sister Jane (Cookie) Jimenez, who wrote the book before passing away. This goofy, hilarious children’s book is a story of a single mother raising competitive and adventurous twins who face a series of challenges in every activity they come across. All of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be made to the American Cancer Society and to her twin boys for their education and well-being.

Read more about Jane’s dreams of writing a book in Central Jersey Newspapers. SOUTH BRUNSWICK – A loving woman who is missing her younger sister decided to publish the sister’s children’s book posthumously to continue her legacy. Patricia David, of the Monmouth Junction section of South Brunswick, published a new children’s book, “The Adventures of Kiko and Pez” o...

Arlington teacher publishes first children's book

Start your Monday off by reading Arlington First-grade Teacher and #MascotAuthor Katherine Picarde’s feature in Wicked Local
on how her new book is based on her own fears as a child. “The Little Ouch” is a story of a little girl named Penelope who is overcome with negative emotions as she awaits a doctor’s appointment to get her flu shot.

“The Little Ouch” launches in the next few months! When Medford resident and Arlington first-grade teacher Katherine Picarde thought about an idea for a children's book, she thought back to her childhood.

Author celebrates Saratoga County hometown in new book 'Stillwater'

#MascotAuthor Mary Jo Hazard - Author reveals the inspiration behind her new book “Stillwater” and all that’s next for her in The Saratogian. As a number one Amazon bestseller, "Stillwater" is a 1950s coming-of-age story that follows twelve-year-old Grace and her two best friends during one hot summer of surprises, heartaches, and fun under the watchful eyes of the townspeople. Some of the challenges they experience include mental health, suicide, divorce, and domestic violence.

Read all about it and go pick up your next summer favorite! SARATOGA COUNTY, N.Y. — California-based author Mary Jo Hazard is celebrating the success of her new book, "Stillwater," available now.

PAWS and THINK Books

Rumor has it that Weaver from PAWS and THINK Books meets a new pup while learning about good sportsmanship. Find out on the Hearty Pet podcast where #MascotAuthor Miranda Mittleman discusses her new book in her book series “PAWS and THINK! Be a Good Sport.”

Check out our Hearty Pet Live podcast!🎥

You'll hear all things PAWS and THINK! and hear about our new book character, Tucker!🐶

Children Write Their Own Endings, Harlem Community Remembers a Vet

Looking for something fun and educational to do with the kids this weekend? Starting today at 5 pm EDT and airing through the weekend, #MascotAuthor Howard Eisenberg will be featured on Spectrum News NY1's segment “Acts of Kindness.” The feature will discuss Howard’s “Dinosaur in the Elevator: A Guess Who Book,” a write-your-own-ending book about twins who embark on an adventure with dinosaurs. Learn more about the Guess Who Books at Guess Who Zoo.

Watch the segment here: Here are some acts of kindness amid the pandemic.

August Book Releases – Mascot Books

Check out our new August releases just in time for the dog days of summer! Enjoy one of our titles while soaking up the last of the summer sunshine. Check out our new August releases just in time for the dog days of summer! Enjoy one of these titles while soaking up the last of the summer sunshine.

Weaver is back for more fun! Preorder the newest book in the PAWS and THINK Books series, 'Be a Good Sport' by Miranda Mittleman today.

PAWS and THINK! Be A Good Sport is available for Presale NOW!🐶📚

Use promo code SPORT at checkout to receive 15% off your order for a limited time!

Details about our virtual launch party coming soon🎉

Indian American Teenager Riyani Patel Pens Book with Anti-bullying Message

Mascot Author Riyani Patel shares her perspective on writing, being a teenager, and living with Tourette's Syndrome. "The 'Terrible' Bullies" is Riyani's second book, and anti-bullying is a central theme throughout. Look out for "The 'Terrible' Bullies", which will be released this November! Three years ago, Riyani Patel, an Indian American student from the San Francisco Bay Area, Calif., wrote her first book. In August this year, the 15-year-old will be releasing her

‘Can You See My Scars?’: Samuel Moore-Sobel Tackles Scars—Seen and Unseen—in a New Memoir - Loudoun Now

Check out Mascot Author Samuel Moore-Sobel’s feature in Loudoun Now! His memoir, "Can You See My Scars?" is about overcoming physical and emotional trauma after a life-changing accident.

"Can You See My Scars?" is available for pre-order on Mascot Books now and officially releases September 1! Samuel Moore-Sobel is 26. He has a great job and owns a home at an age when many of us

July Featured Title: Stillwater – Mascot Books

Our July featured title is Stillwater by Mary Jo Hazard - Author

A coming-of-age story set in an idyllic village in upstate New York in the 1950s, Stillwater is the perfect summer read. This young adult novel follows twelve-year-old Grace and her two best friends during one hot summer filled with surprises, heartache, and fun under the watchful eyes of the townspeople. Trigger warning for themes of mental health and suicide. Our July featured title is Stillwater by Mary Jo Hazard! Since the novel’s release on July 7, it has been regarded highly.

Show #114 – J.D. McCabe

Check out The Third Gift: My Dance With The Devil-And Her Mother on The Eric McKenna Project, which has had thousands of views since the episode aired last week. The Third Gift is author J.D. McCabe’s surprising story and memoir, available now! Eric sits down with Entrepreneur and Author of ‘The Third Gift’, J.D. McCabe. J.D. shares the story behind the book. How his family, career and nearly his life was destroyed by manipula…

Mascot Books: Our July Book Releases

It's release day here at Mascot Books! Check out our July releases below and maybe find your new favorite book. A new month means new releases! Check out our July releases below and maybe find your new favorite book.

Weekly Roundup: Best Vitamins, Books, Games + More! 6/21 - 6/27 - Mom's Choice Awards

Congrats to “Please, Look Up at Me”, which was featured in a weekly round up of best products by Mom's Choice Awards.The book, a recipient of the Mom’s Choice seal recognizing excellence, encourages children to spend less time looking at their screens. "Please, Look Up at Me" will be available soon. Intentionally Unplugged This week’s roundup of Mom’s Choice Award winners features toys, children's books, vitamins + more!

Mascot Books Launches New Publishing Service, Dear Kids Books

We’re excited to announce a new publishing service, Dear Kids Books. Dear Kids Books is for parents and elders who want to share their legacy with their family’s next generation—through a beautiful, custom-made book. Learn more at

Be sure to check out the inaugural book Please Open In the Event of My Death available now! HERNDON, Va. (PRWEB) June 29, 2020 -- Mascot Books Announces the Launch of Dear Kids Books

Local teacher's first book was a story she wrote for her children 30 years ago

“The children are attracted to the things Sondra Byer leaves behind each time she leaves for one of her trips. Throughout her time away, Byer leaves projects involving stuff she's collected throughout her travels. Those items become a sort of museum in the school's library.”

#MascotAuthor Susan Schwartz was recently interviewed about her upcoming book “The Secret of Sondra Byer’s Second Grade Class.” Susan talks about the inspiration behind the book and why the project is so close to her heart.

Get your copy here: LOWER MERION -- Nearly 30 years ago, Susan Dezenhall Schwartz of Merion and a teacher at Barrack Academy in Bryn Mawr, wrote a children's story for her daughters about a

Becca’s Feat on Feet: Mascot Books' June Featured Title

“My advice to you is to find your World Marathon Challenge. Find whatever it is that you are passionate about. Dream big, take chances, and always believe in yourself. Because, when you do, anything is possible.”

Our June featured title is Becca's Feat on Feet by marathon runner Becca Pizzi! We talked with Becca about being the first woman to compete in the World Marathon Challenge, her inspiration behind the book, and her philanthropic endeavors. Our June featured title is "Becca’s Feat on Feet" by marathon runner Becca Pizzi! Read on to see our full interview with Becca.

Book Production Delays (And How You Can Fix Them)

Whether you have a specific release date goal in mind or are just ready to get your book out into the world, you want to ensure that your book moves through the production process smoothly.

While some delays are out of your control, there are some steps you can take to work with your production editor and have your book sent off to the printer and onto bookstore shelves as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Read our new blog to learn more! Learn how you can work with your production editor to make the book production process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible!

Summer the Firefly - Mascot Books

Dive into summer with "Summer the Firefly" by Vikki Lynn Smith!

With beautiful illustrations and delightful passages, "Summer the Firefly" brings the woods and the animals in it to life as they anticipate the best season of the year.

"A Stranger in the Clearing", the second book in Vikki's "In the Woods" series, will be releasing later this year!

Get your copy of "Summer the Firefly" here: by Victoria L. Smith   King Deer has a feeling it’s going to be a very special day in the Woods. The animals are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the year’s first firefly. Even Sequoia, the friendly golden retriever who lives near the Woods, has come in for

#mascotauthor Miranda Mittleman is hosting another giveaway!

Her book series, PAWS and THINK Books, aims to teach children important lessons about friendship, honesty, accountability, and kindness!

Learn more about the giveaway in the post below!

❌Contest Closed!❌
Congratulations to our Winner Laura Gardner Margiotta!👏👏👏

Thank you all for participating! Please keep an eye out for more PAWS and THINK! updates🐾📚

⭐️🐶⭐️It’s GIVEAWAY Time!⭐️🐶⭐️

We are giving away one of the first autographed copies of our brand new book! We’ll have our paws on it soon🐾📚

To Enter:
1️⃣ Like this post
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The winner will be announced on Tuesday!
Good luck😄

“It is one of those stories that stays with you. It’s the kind of story that makes you think about when and how you were brought up; about how you live your life with and for others; about what you feel is important and worth working for."

#mascotauthor Vickie Morrow has recently hosted a number of successful book chats and signing events for her book, "The Age of Blessing".

Get your copy here:

Standing with Our Black #MascotAuthors

At Mascot Books, we believe that authors from all walks of life deserve a platform to tell their stories and make their voices heard. We champion diversity, welcome new perspectives, and encourage our authors to bring new ideas to the table.

We stand in solidarity with our Black #mascotauthors, and want to take this opportunity to showcase some of the incredible voices and works they've shared with the world. We stand in solidarity with our Black #mascotauthors, and want to showcase some of the incredible voices and works they've shared with the world.

5 Steps Curating a Media Outreach List for Your Book

New blog alert!

In light of COVID-19 and limitations on signing events, many authors are turning to alternative forms of marketing and promotion—social media & brand building, virtual readings, and editorial coverage.

Deciding on which media outlets to contact and pitch to for editorial coverage can be a daunting process to a first-time author.

Our latest blog outlines some key steps to building the perfect media outreach list for your book! Deciding on which media outlets to contact and pitch to for editorial coverage can be a daunting process to a first-time author. Read on for our tips!

Let's Take a Hike - Book Review — The Modern Female Hiker

"A fun, family friendly hiking book for anyone planning an adventure to Nantucket."

The Modern Female Hiker recently published this awesome review of "Let's Take a Hike: 7 Family-Friendly Trails of Nantucket" by #mascotauthor Leslie Bains!

Get your copy here: Let’s Take a Hike is a fun, family friendly hiking book for anyone planning an adventure to Nantucket (one of my favorite places to visit year round, but especially in the summer).

Mascot Books: Our June Book Releases

Dive into summer with our June book releases! From fun children's titles to nonfiction, our new releases have something for every summer reading list. Dive into summer with our June book releases! From fun children's titles to nonfiction, our new releases have something for every reading list.

WHALE OF A TALE - Nantucket Magazine

"My main goal is to bring happiness and fun to all the kids, parents and grandparents through Tuckey’s adventures."

#mascotauthor Captain Robert Cameron was recently interviewed by Nantucket Magazine for his Tuckey The Nantucket Whale children's book series.

The latest installment of the "Tuckey" series, "Flag Football with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale", released earlier this year. Get your copy here:

Go Tuckey! A quick chat with children’s book author, Robert Cameron. N MAGAZINE: How did you discover Nantucket? CAMERON: My wife, Margi, had been coming to...

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