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On the 10th anniversary of Matt Brown's life altering injury, alter your life by reading LIne Change and learn how his positive attitude and unquenchable thirst to walk again continues to lead him down the path to recovery.
Author Elaine Bamford will be reading her recently published Mascot book, A Cup of Loving Kindness in Charlottesville, VA at New Dominion Bookshop on Saturday, Jan. 25th at 11:00.
Grateful that my newest book, 'Not Yet,' is now available
Happy book birthday (tomorrow) to SKY DRAGON! Congrats!
Hi everyone. I will try to keep this post short. I self published a children’s picturebook on Amazon through Createspace a couple years ago. I had a lot of issues with getting the paperback file right and eventually gave up on the project. I now self publish non-fiction medical books and fiction novels successfully therefore I am not looking for a publisher. My illustrator did a great job with the pictures, but we had a communications gap and I was told the issues were multiple layers in the pictures? I am trying to get a cost on an illustrator (not necessarily US based), but English as a first language is preferable. Are there people in this group who specialize in converting children’s picturebook files to various platforms including print and kindle complete with fixing upload issues? Thanks in advance
Such a fun time launching the second book of the Darlene the Drama Queen series! This time, Darlene tackles the issue of bullying.
Stop, Look and Listen you won't regret it A Glimpse from Christmas Past/ Available also in Book and E*Read
Now at Glimpse from Christmas Past Also in Book or E*Read at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads etc...or at mist online bookstores. Available in book, E*Read and on Audible at Amazon and most online bookstores.
Check out this past Mascot authors Christmas story now in Audible
Thought I’d share some photos from a book signing I did in Dublin Ireland today with my new book, Darlene the Drama Queen Raises the Curtain on Bullying. It’s an epidemic and my goal is to arm our youngest kiddos with self confidence using positive affirmations and positive reinforcement techniques so that if they find themselves in a situation with a bully, they’ll be able to turn themselves into shields using simple & effective words but mostly, the power of confidence!

Mascot Books is a full-service hybrid publishing company dedicated to helping authors at all stages of their publishing journey create a high-quality printed or digital book that matches their vision.

Mascot Books is a full-service, multi-genre, independent book publisher and distributor. Mascot Books is a hybrid publishing company headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. The company publishes a variety of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, children's, cookbooks, and coffee table books. Naren Aryal co-founded Mascot Books in 2003 with the publication of "Hello, Hokie Bird," a children's book about his alma mater’s mascot. After a successful initial title, Aryal left his job as a corporate attorney to start Mascot Books. Since inception, the company has published more than 2,500 titles. Mascot Books was recently featured in The Washington Post.

Mascot Books' February Featured Title: Chemo Muscles

"Resiliency is about mustering our inner strength and resources, and channeling our human spirit.”

Our February featured title is "Chemo Muscles: Lessons Learned from a Psycho-Oncologist and Cancer Patient" by Dr. Renee A. Exelbert!

Renee answered our questions about her inspiration behind the book, her advice to cancer patients and their friends and family, and her plans for the future. Our February featured title is Chemo Muscles: Lessons Learned from Being a Pyscho-Oncologist and Cancer Patient by Renee A. Exelbert, Ph.D.!

Happy Tea Tuesday! Our Novel-Tea Book Club Pairings with Elden Street Tea Shop and Scrawl Books are finally here!

Starting tomorrow, swing by the Elden Street Tea Shop to get your copy of "Anna Incognito"— perfectly paired with Crème Earl Grey tea!

To learn more about this collaboration, check out our recent interview with Rachel Eisenfeld, owner of Elden Street Tea Shop:

The Dos and Don'ts of Pitching Your Book to Retailers

Pitching your book to retailers for in-store placement consideration and events is essential for book promotion and sales. To a first-time author, this process can be difficult to navigate.

We’ve outlined our dos and don’ts for pitching to retailers to make things a little easier! Pitching your book to retailers is essential for book promotion and sales. Check out Mascot Books' dos and don'ts to retail pitching below!

Love Lives Through Everything.

"In fact, he believes — no, he knows, by virtue of his own human experience — that the power of love pushes on and perseveres even after the heart itself has beat its very last beat. Even in death, love lives."

Happy Valentine's Day! Grab your tissues and check out this touching and compelling article written by Mascot editor Kristin Taylor. Even through death.

Why the Mascot Books Model Works for Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers can be good candidates for traditional publishing deals—but is that the best option for them in the long run?

We outlined our top three reasons why the hybrid publishing model is great for social media influencers! Although social media influencers can be good candidates for a traditional publishing deal, the hybrid model can be the better option in the long run!

A new literary prize will award over $100,000 to a North American writer. The only criteria? No men

"Male authors have historically been awarded far more often for their work than women, even as the number of published works by men and women evens out. Nonbinary authors are recognized far less."

This interesting article by CNN discusses the upcoming Carol Shields Prize for Fiction, which will recognize female and nonbinary authors! The Carol Shields Prize in Fiction will award over $100,000 to a North American woman or nonbinary author beginning in 2022. That's substantially more than most other major literary prizes, which are largely awarded to men.

Column: San Diego author Laura Preble turns a germaphobe into a heroine you'll want to hug

"OK, so Laura Preble’s new novel, 'Anna Incognito', is not your usual love story. Which is perfectly fine, because Anna is not your usual heroine."

#mascotauthor Laura Preble was recently featured by the The San Diego Union-Tribune for her newest book, "Anna Incognito"!

P.S. Snag your copy of "Anna Incognito" during our first novel-tea book club pairing with Elden Street Tea Shop on February 25! Laura Preble signs copies of her new novel, 'Anna Incognito,' at Warwick's bookstore on Sunday, Feb. 9

Mascot Books: Our Full List of February Book Releases

With 42 new titles, our February releases have something for every reading list!

Check out our full list of February releases at the link below! With 42 new titles, our February releases have something for every reading list! Check out our full list of February releases below.

Blog: How to Develop a Writing Timeline to Meet Your Publication Goals

You’ve decided you want to embark on the creative, rewarding, and sometimes frustrating journey that is writing a book—and, you’ve decided when you want to publish it. The next step is developing a strategic, realistic writing timeline that gives you enough room to fully develop and redevelop your manuscript while also ensuring that you hit your release date goals!

Check out our sample writing timeline at the link below! Check out our guide to developing a strategic, realistic writing and editing timeline that meets your book publication goals.

Children's Book 'Just Bunny and the Great Fire Rescue' Is a Tribute to FDNY

"They are part of the fabric of New York, and I don't think they get enough credit for what they do. I wanted to write this book as my own 'thank you' to them."

#mascotauthor Jeanne LaSala Taylor recently appeared on Spectrum News NY1 to talk about her appreciation for New York firefighters and her new book, "Just Bunny and the Great Fire Rescue"!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the NYFF Burn Center Foundation. An author honors FDNY in children's book.

What to Say to Someone With Cancer

"Don’t tell bad-news stories or be falsely optimistic. Do offer to organize closets or send eight pints of ice cream."

#mascotauthor Lynda Wolters was recently featured in this compelling article by The New York Times for her book, "Voices of Cancer"!

Lynda Wolters Don’t tell bad-news stories or be falsely optimistic. Do offer to organize closets or send eight pints of ice cream.

For the CommuniTEA: Elden Street Tea Shop and Mascot Books

"It is essential to keep Herndon a fun and unique destination spot—and if the tea shop can help facilitate more unique activities by collaboration, we are going to continue doing just that!"

We recently interviewed Rachel Eisenfeld, owner and founder of Herndon-based Elden Street Tea Shop! We chatted with Rachel about her quarterly charity program, her favorite books, and our upcoming collaborations together.

Read on to learn more about our new book and tea pairings with Elden Street Tea Shop and Scrawl Books, launching Tuesday, February 25! We sat down with Rachel Eisenfeld, owner of Elden Street Tea Shop, to chat about her quarterly charity program our upcoming collaborations together!

Mascot Books' January Featured Title: Our American Dream

“I hope that America continues to be a beacon of hope for immigrants from all around the world. I hope that the idea of the American Dream—the idea that you can come to a place, work hard, create opportunity for you and your family regardless of background—remains a perpetual part of America’s narrative."

Our January featured title is Our American Dream by Fiona McEntee! We chatted with Fiona about her experiences as a naturalized U.S. citizen and an immigration lawyer, her inspiration behind the book, and her hopes for America’s current and future immigrants.

Read our full interview with Fiona at the link below! Our January featured title is Our American Dream by immigration lawyer Fiona McEntee! Read our full interview with Fiona below!

Vikings Going The Distance To Reach Fans Beyond Football

"A portion of proceeds from 'Where’s Viktor’s Mustache?' also go towards providing additional books around the community, said Clemens. Whether it’s disadvantaged youth who are facing challenging circumstances or schools that use it for their students, he hopes that they get to read this book and have it change the way they’re feeling that day."

The Minnesota Vikings' new book, "Where's Viktor's Mustache?", is connecting with fans and helping to give back to the community. We are honored to have worked with the Vikings on this amazing project!

Get your copy of "Where's Viktor's Mustache?" here: Projects like their AR-friendly commemorative cup, "Where's Viktor's Mustache?" book, and Pass or Play game have helped the Minnesota Vikings off-the-field.

Get ready for the NFC Championship this Sunday with #mascotauthor Marnie Schneider's newest book, Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog: Gameday in Green Bay!

Get your copy here:

Football Freddie & Fumble the Dog-Gameday in the USA

New Year's Writing Resolutions with Mascot Books

We are all writers. Whether you write short stories, blog posts, or full-length novels, we all have room to grow and improve upon our prose.

From mastering the semicolon to developing the perfect hook, ring in 2020 with our New Year’s writing resolutions! We can always improve upon our writing. From mastering the semicolon to developing the perfect hook, ring in 2020 with our New Year’s writing resolutions!

Mechanicsville mom publishes parenting advice book - ‘They Say Parenting’

“I think we should trust our gut, trust our pediatrician, go with what works and feel good about how we’re parenting and know that we’re doing a great job no matter what."

Lauren Jumrukovski appeared on NBC12 last week to talk about her recent book, They Say Parenting!

Get your copy here: Any parent knows that any parenting choice can come with supporters and naysayers, and most likely a little bit of guilt.

This is incredible! #mascotauthor Miranda Mittleman has donated over $6,000 of the proceeds from her PAWS and THINK Books to charity!

To learn more about Miranda's Charity of the Quarter program, visit

To purchase books in the PAWS and THINK series, visit

Our Charity of the Quarter program has been a HUGE success and it is all thanks to YOU!🙏
Every book purchased has helped us give back to these amazing organizations that help children and animals. Thank you for helping us help others! We are excited to see what 2020 has in store for PAWS and THINK! and we could not be more appreciative of your continued support!❤️🐾
Author Miranda Mittleman✍️
Maryland SPCA💚
Baltimore Humane Society💙
Cool Kids Campaign💛
BARCS Animal Shelter🧡
Reading Is Fundamental (RIF)💜
We Rescue Love, Inc.🖤
Dreams For Kids DC❤️
Believe In Tomorrow💓
Wings of Love, Kuwait❣️
Humane Society of Washington County💘
Mascot Books📚
Mom's Choice Awards🏆

How one divorced couple is successfully blending their families

“People need to realize that we made the decision to get married and have a child, but our kids can’t be stuck with the emotional bill."

Earlier this morning, #mascotauthors Nikki DeBartolo and Ben Heldfond appeared on Good Morning America to talk about their recent book, Our Happy Divorce! Congratulations to Nikki and Ben for this amazing feature!

Get your copy here: Nikki DeBartolo and Ben Heldfond got divorced, but successfully blended their families together by putting their son first.

Author of ‘Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All) talks book, anti-bullying

"It leads to a nice, important conversation about being bullied in a way that doesn't feel forced."

#mascotauthor Lori Orlinsky and her daughter Hayley appeared on WGN Morning News to talk about Lori's recent book, Being Small (Isn't So Bad After All)!

Get your copy of Being Small (Isn't So Bad After All) here:

Lori Orlinsky, Author CHICAGO — When Lori Orlinsky's daughter was in pre-school she was bullied by the other kids for being small. Lori knew what that was like — she's 5 feet 1 inch tall — she's been small her whole life. So she wrote a children's book called “Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All).” Lori will ...

Mascot Books: Ring in 2020 with our Janauary Book Releases

New year, new me, new resolutions! If reading more is one of your New Year's Resolutions, then we've got you covered.

Check out our full list of January book releases! Happy New Year! If reading is on your New Year's Resolutions list, then we've got you covered. Check out our full list of January book releases below!

Why We Love P.E. by #mascotauthor Jerome Jones has been awarded the Gold Mom's Choice Award! Congratulations, Jerome!

Get your copy of Why We Love P.E. here:

Mom's Choice Awards Healthy Kids Books

Congratulations to #mascotauthor R.B. Schimmel for winning the 2019 Best Indie Book Award in the Children's cateogry!

Get your copy of The Way to Be From A to Z here:

The Amazing Adventures of Super Dreidel - Mascot Books

Happy Hanukkah! Celebrate with The Amazing Adventures of Super Dreidel by Howard Eisenberg!

This is the first installment in Howard's new WRITE YOUR OWN ENDING series. Two pages are left blank in the middle of a pivotal moment in the story, giving readers the ability to use their imagination and create their own adventure.

Get your copy of at the link below!

Guess Who Zoo by Howard Eisenberg   Rachel and her brother Randy didn’t know when they built a Super Dreidel for Hanukkah that it would fly them thousands of years back in time and into the middle of a war. They didn’t know it would help the Maccabees win it. But then

Darlene the Drama Queen Book Launch

Earlier this month, #mascotauthor Mel O' Drama celebrated the launch of her second book in the Darlene the Drama Queen series, Darlene the Drama Queen Raises the Curtain on Bullying!

Pre-order your copy here:

Darlene the Drama Queen

Mel's second children's book 'Darlene the Drama Queen Raises the Curtain on Bullying' sees Darlene tackling the issue of bullying, giving advice & techniques...

#mascotauthor Andy Toro gave a special presentation on Olympic Day at Matthew Maury Elementary School!

Andy's incredible memoir Chronicles of an Olympic Defector will be released this March! Pre-order your copy here:

How border crossings and ICE arrests are popping up on the pages of children's books

#mascotauthor and #Immigration lawyer Fiona McEntee is part of #CNN’s new feature on children's books that speak out on Immigration.

Get your copy of Our American Dream here: Inspired by the political moment and their own experiences, a growing number of authors are writing children's books about immigration.

Local author's book benefits DAWGS prison program

#mascotauthor Mercy Hansen Mize was recently featured in an article for The Daily Local News for her new book, Samson's Tail!

Get your copy of Samson's Tail here:

Samson's Tail Book DAWGS Prison Programs PLYMOUTH — When Mercy Hansen Mize went online looking to adopt a shelter dog she not only gained a beloved new family member but a worthy cause and a second

"See the world through Weaver's bright eyes,
With each new day valuable lessons arise.
Life is funny and can change in a blink,
So always remember to PAWS and THINK."

There is only one day left to enter the PAWS and THINK Books giveaway!

UPDATE: ❌Contest Closed❌ Congratulations to our winner, Shelly Katzef Brezicki!🎉

⭐️⭐️⭐️It’s GIVEAWAY Time!⭐️⭐️⭐️

We are giving away an autographed set of PAWS and THINK! Books before we head into 2020!

To Enter:
1️⃣ Like this post
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3️⃣ Tag a friend for 1 extra entry
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The winner will be announced on Friday!

In the Jewish Heart of Pittsburgh, Mister Rogers Was Actually Our Neighbor – Kveller

"Perhaps this is Mr. Rogers’s greatest legacy — for the Pittsburgh community, and for the increasingly scary world at large: That in our darkest hour, with compassion and kindness as our guide, we can still find our way towards the light."

Last month, #mascotauthor Dorit Sasson wrote this compelling article in light of the "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" movie premiere.

Dorit Sasson, author I’m sitting in a sold-out first weekend movie premiere of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, delighted by the fact that this movie was filmed in my Pittsburgh neighborhood, Squirrel Hill. It’s an upscale, multicultural neighborhood — far more diverse today than it used to be — that is also...

Mascot Books' December Featured Title: Joy of Financial Planning

"We have a chance to transform our pessimism into optimism; our confusion into clarity, our passion into action; and our potential into real life success."

Our December featured title is Joy of Financial Planning by Jason Howell! We chatted with Jason about his extensive political and financial career, his involvement as an alumnus of George Mason University, and how we can reclaim our American Dreams through financial planning. Mascot Books' December featured title is Joy of Financial Planning by Jason Howell! Read our full interview with Jason below.

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