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The best in Virginia state. And maybe one of the best in USA. The master, the boss, il Capo Di tutti Capi Mr Khur.

VeloFit Physical Therapy was founded with a vision to provide a true one-on-one environment for patients to receive individualized care to meet their goals

Velofit's personalized care is completely guided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy which ensures quality treatment when you need it the most. What sets VeloFit apart from other run-of-the-mill PT clinics is that you receive full one-on-one hour long treatments to meet your goals at a much faster rate. We operate as a fee-for-service clinic and do not participate with insurances to make sure the patient receives what they need without the hassle. Velofit offers the most up-to-date manual therapy techniques, movement re-education, bike fitting and sports performance to meet all your needs.

Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Rapha CC/VeloFit Mobility Session. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

If you missed the mobility session that I led last week, then don't miss out next Tuesday at 6pm as I host another virtual mobility session geared towards cyclists. This time I'm partnering up with Rapha DC Clubhouse to lead an informative hour of maximizing the hard to reach spots that cyclists typically struggle with. Let's gooo! Please register with link provided! #cycling #mobility Kur Sohn, PT, DPT, OCS of VeloFit will lead an hour long session focused on helping you maximize your mobility. He is a certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in working with cyclists and other athletes to improve their functional strength. Kur will...

It’s all about perspective
You have a choice:
☝️You can either choose to worry
✌️You can choose to be positive
Trust me, this should be the most stressful time for me as a business owner but I am really seeing the positives of finding my routine again and getting in a groove. Self-care is the most important thing right now. If you can take care of yourself mentally then you can give more love ❤️ to those around you. Get outside!

Checking it once👆, checking it twice ✌️.

It was totally my pleasure to meet you Greg. So enlightening to talk tech and more importantly, how to make actionable change! Oh yeah, we did some bike fitting too 😉

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Kur Sohn of @velofitpt What an awesome and enlightening experience to be able to talk tech, hang out and do some bike adjustments.


One of the great things about today was connecting with someone who uses tech the way we do but knows these are just numbers. It is what we DO with these numbers that matters. Today mattered and I am happy to have been able to meet him.

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Just your daily reminder to SEND IT!!!📮

“Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is KUR…” 🎶. Hello👋, I just wanted to tell everyone that during this time of craziness that there is hope. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but there is. You will see humanly acts of kindness that eventually will surface and surprise you. I know the news and media wants to take this time to gain their ratings, etc and catch you with their scare tactics, but it will be okay. We will be alright together
I also wanted to take this time to shout out to all the business owners out there. I remember when I first started this journey as a business owner, I had no freakin’ idea how to navigate it. I never hired a business coach (I still don’t have one) and I learned how to do everything by feel. Learning from my mistakes was the most important thing to understand. Understanding how to deal with failure made me grow. But when a situation like this comes up where you feel like you have no control??? It puts you in a place of humility and desperation. You feel helpless. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine but please look out for those that you know are hurting because of the downturn
So I know this is a hard place for everyone… especially for the small business owners who struggle to even pay rent and pay their employees so I’m using this platform to encourage you to go help out the local restaurants, coffee shops, yoga studios, and bike shops. Be creative and understand that this country is driven by these entrepreneurs who’ve risked a lot to get where they are
Please go support your local business as best you can and help out the people that are scrambling right now. We are all here in the service industry to really make people happy and put a smile on their face. Hoping to change lives, little by little
Peace ✌️

We still over here smilin’. If you need help getting through this time, let us know!
📸: @ymkim24

Not another COVID-19 email🙄🤦‍♀️ -

I posted this over a year ago and how relevant it is right now! We will get through this 👊#Repost @velofitpt
Faith over Fear
With so many things in this world causing a sense of anxiety and uncertainty, you’ve gotta believe in the journey. Have faith and hope 👊

I think this goes without saying, but please stay home if you are feeling the effects of #coronavirus. Education is key 🔑. Unfortunately this virus has exposed a gaping hole in our healthcare system 😤

“Do it by feel...” Is that really a cop 👮‍♀️ out answer?
RPE: Rating of Perceived Exertion
(Modified Borg Scale)
Clinically, I have been using RPE for exercise prescription for clients that are just getting back into training or even functioning while in pain. RPE is a great tool for self-regulating your activity and having the discipline to actually “listen to your body.” So don’t discount the power of simplicity. Here are the pros & cons for using RPE for exercise prescription
🔹It is universal and everyone can understand it
🔹Most commonly used method to get a person to understand their response to exercise
🔹A person/athlete can self regulate an exercise based on how it feels
🔹Don’t need to know an athletes fitness level to prescribe workouts
🔸Does not allow for precise manipulation of physiological response to HIIT training
🔸Duration of exercise affects RPE (longer duration typically yields a lower power output)
🔸Precision is limited to target a response of an exercise if you are targeting aerobic or anaerobic systems
🔸Cannot be used to target precise HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) types

The details matter! @nakedcycling has your back when you need those numbers. The grind is always happening... you just don’t see it 👀#Repost @nakedcycling
The not-so-fun-but-necessary part of the job! 📋 #paperwork

One ☝️ of these is not like the other. DSS: Dead Spot Scores measure the magnitude and locations where the velocity of the pedal stroke is not smooth. Pedaling efficiency is a learned pattern and requires deliberate practice to improve
The graph on the left is of a domestic pro road cyclist and the one on the right is yours truly🙋🏻‍♂️. I’ve got a lot of work to do. What gets measured, gets managed

To be an effective Physical Therapist, you have to learn the art of coaching. I can tell you for a fact I’ve failed as a coach as I’ve learned how to shape my business (ask my past clients), but I’m learning and I know I’m better for it! #Repost @scienceforsport
🎨 The art of coaching 🎨⠀⠀
👉 In this infographic, we highlight some of the key characteristics included in the art of coaching. ⠀⠀
‼️ Don't get us wrong, there is still a science to the art and factors behind the science of coaching are imperative to becoming an expert coach; they all play a key role.⠀⠀
🧠 We are simply highlighting the DIFFERENCE between the art and science behind coaching; each set of characteristics can arguably take months, even years to master.⠀⠀
❓ Would you add any to the lists? If so, please share below! 😎 👇

There are many ways to skin a cat 🐈 (sorry cat lovers). Knowing which weapon to use is key 🔑 when prescribing an exercise. Know your tool and have a reason for why
Split Squat Variations
💊Assisted Split Squat
💊Split Squat ISO
💊BW Split Squat
💊2 DB Split Squat
💊Goblet Split Squat

blah, blah, blah... [Insert why this exercise is good for you here] 😜. Just do it...

〰️Jump Rope: such an easy activity that we used to do as kids but where did it go?
Battling tendinopathy (pathology and pain in the tendon) can be very frustrating
🖐Trust me, I know. I’m training for my first marathon and I’ve had to back off on my mileage due to some nagging calf muscle complex strains. I finally pulled the plug 🔌 a week ago and went by feel to listen to my body and implemented some active rest, isometrics, dry needling and gradual tendon loading. I think I’ve let it heal enough and now started some jump rope for some easy introduction to plyometrics
Once you’re pain free try adding some jump rope (if you are coordinated enough) a couple of times a week to get the tendon loading and build that tissue up again
Jump Rope Routine 🦘:
3 Rounds of
2 leg hops x 10
1 leg hops x 10 Right
1 leg hops x 10 Left
Alternating R&L x 20
Full rest b/t sets
A little goes a long way. 👍

💪 Strong is sexy
❌ Skinny is not
This obsession with being skinny AF needs to be kicked to the curb. Unless you’re getting paid to do your sport, start bulletproofing your body and invest in yourself💰
I’ve been nagging my wife for YEARS to invest in her body and I’m so proud of her consistency over the past month. It starts with small, incremental and sustainable change to live a healthier lifestyle
Here’s our simple workout that we did together today
10-20 rounds of:
👨 Me:
2 KB cleans x 3
2 KB press x 2
2 KB squat x 3
20” rest
👩‍🌾 3 rounds of KB Farmer’s Carries 20 of yards
4 Rounds of Echo Bike 10” on/20” off Intervals
👩 Wifey’s workout:
KB Swing x 5
KB Goblet Squat x 5
👩‍🌾 3 rounds of KB Farmer’s Carries 20 of yards
4 Rounds of Erg 10” on/20” off Intervals

💪 How strong is strong enough?

Having strength standards allows a coach to properly set goals for athletes. The strength demands in cycling/triathlon/MTB/Enduro is very different depending on the discipline. Strength categories are a good start and an important distinction to make in the process of getting athletes more resilient for their specific sport
These strength categories start the discussion on strength and how to integrate it. Too much misinformation is out there and I’m glad that @trainerroad was able to start the process of integrating the strength and conditioning world principles into the endurance athlete world
📝Note that these are the minimum requirement standards that athletes should start with given their discipline
What are your thoughts? Where do you fall? If you don’t know ask us and we’ll get you to a place where you can achieve your goals! 🤝 @ Ashburn, Virginia

This is still a question we get asked all the time. Read up people! #Repost @montanarunninglab
Is static stretching e.g., stretching a muscle for 30 seconds or longer, bad? No, but runners who stretch should do so with the understanding that neither performance or injury-prevention benefits will result. ⁣

Time spent stretching is probably better spent doing resistance training, which has been shown to improve running performance AND tendon and bone health.⁣

Does static stretching improve joint motion? Yes, but it most likely does so by increasing our tolerance to stretching discomfort via central mechanisms i.e., neural; rather than actually making a muscle longer in the long term.⁣

Does dynamic stretching or a dynamic warmup e.g., light jogging, jumping jacks, leg swings; reduce injury? No. What about improve performance? Dynamic stretching or a dynamic warmup seems to improve subsequent running performance and, at the least, certainly doesn’t hinder running. ⁣

Link in bio to source paper. Citation: Alexander, J. L., Barton, C. J., & Willy, R. W. (2019). Infographic running myth: static stretching reduces injury risk in runners. British Journal of Sports Medicine.⁣

⁣ @ Washington D.C.

I got her... 😂 don’t mess with my sprint. No one has as much fun as I do at work. Happy New Year 🎊 err’body!

We escaped with 9’ to spare (and with a lot clues)! So much fun today hanging with the crew! Happy holidays everyone

We escaped with 9’ to spare (and with a lot clues)! So much fun today hanging with the crew! Happy holidays everyone

No F*cking Excuses‼️ #Repost @rehabscience
📚noun: The quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence.
👉Life can be difficult at times and present us with struggles of all shapes and sizes. We may not have control over what happens to us, but we do have a choice in terms of how we respond to tough situations.
🏋🏼‍♂️This video and the many others posted by @fitbunch provide powerful visual examples of what tenacity looks like in human form.

📦 If you’re gonna do box jumps, do it right. #Repost @dr.eddiejo
A little change of pace with this infographic. This post is not so much the usual scientific discussion but rather a reminder of the importance of assessing risks vs. benefits when selecting an exercise or in this case, the manner in which an exercise is performed. I decided to do a simple infographic on the box jump because this is an exercise that is way too commonly misused in many aspects. We've all seen it before especially on social media, an individual attempting to show a great feat of athleticism by stacking up plyo boxes, weight plates, or whatever they can stack up to a height only clearable if the jump was performed with hips overly flexed and knees tucked up way too high. Unless giving off the illusion of an impressive vertical jump is important to you, performing the box jump in such a manner has no useful purpose or benefit, unnecessarily increases the risk for injury, and defeats the purpose of the box jump. I've included a few dos and don'ts in the infographic I feel are important to communicate. To add a bit more detail to bullets #5 and #6, it is recommended to step down from the box instead of jumping back down backwards and quickly jumping back up again (as many do). This would defeat the purpose of using the box jump to reduce landing impact during repetetive max jumps. The box jump IN ITSELF is not a reactive strength exercise. If the box jump is to be incorporated into a reactive strength exercise, it is recommended to use two plyo boxes in series. Perform a depth jump from the first plyo box and land on the second one. Most importantly, with any exercise, common sense is your best friend (I've worked on way too many legal cases as an expert witness involving trainers and coaches instructing clients to perform box jumps like the figure on the left or as a conditioning exercise.... broken vertebrae, concussions, broken ribs, punctured kidneys, bloody shins... You name it).

ConQUADStador aka Spanish Squats 😉
Great diagnostic test and exercise prescription for those who suffer from quad and/or patellar tendon pain
To perform:
▪️Grab a thick super band and loop it around a rack or solid column
▪️Place the band behind the knee at the joint crease line
▪️Squat backwards and maintain an upright spine
▪️Perform 4x45” holds with 1-2’ rests between sets
▪️The key is to feel the burn 🔥 in the quads
Note: If you don’t feel the quads burn, get your trunk more upright and lean back. (I’m a little too leaned forward)

Thankful & blessed 🙏

That’s why we’ve been telling people to change the band location for these warmups! 🤏changes make a big difference. #Repost @physionetwork
⁣Rehab considerations! 🍑

A new study found that band placement around the feet generated the highest amount of gluteal activity without increasing TFL activity when compared to band placement around the knees or ankles (Lewis et al, 2018). We reviewed this study earlier this year.

Reps, reps, reps. Respect the grind 💪

🚨Reminder for this Thursday! We will be hosting a free nutrition talk. Don’t miss out. Stephanie Mull and Dr. Todd Miller will be presenting “5 Essential Tips for Successful Weight Loss”. Please sign up via the website under “Group Sessions”. See ya there!

It’s time to get your fit during the off-season! This is the time to do it. Hit us up to get on the books with Anna! #Repost @nakedcycling
Thanks for coming to see me, Mike! Getting ready to ride through the winter on his new Specialized Roubaix Expert like a champ! 👏👏👏

Unreal experience today watching my man Lorenzo Alexander do work today on the field and still have the capacity to give back. Thanks for the amazing tour of a top notch organization @buffalobills It was so cool to have my kids run the length of the field post game and tour the facilities‼️ Thanks Zo 🙏

Getting that fresh autumn 🍂air in my fresh new kit!! @cutawayusa

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