VeloFit Physical Therapy

VeloFit Physical Therapy

VeloFit Physical Therapy was founded with a vision to provide a true one-on-one environment for patients to receive individualized care to meet their goals

Velofit's personalized care is completely guided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy which ensures quality treatment when you need it the most. What sets VeloFit apart from other run-of-the-mill PT clinics is that you receive full one-on-one hour long treatments to meet your goals at a much faster rate. We operate as a fee-for-service clinic and do not participate with insurances to make sure the patient receives what they need without the hassle. Velofit offers the most up-to-date manual therapy techniques, movement re-education, bike fitting and sports performance to meet all your needs.

It’s time to get your fit during the off-season! This is the time to do it. Hit us up to get on the books with Anna! #Repost @nakedcycling
Thanks for coming to see me, Mike! Getting ready to ride through the winter on his new Specialized Roubaix Expert like a champ! 👏👏👏

Unreal experience today watching my man Lorenzo Alexander do work today on the field and still have the capacity to give back. Thanks for the amazing tour of a top notch organization @buffalobills It was so cool to have my kids run the length of the field post game and tour the facilities‼️ Thanks Zo 🙏

Getting that fresh autumn 🍂air in my fresh new kit!! @cutawayusa

Up next for your Home Exercise Program 😮 #Repost @andriragettli
Floor is Lava - Parcour 4.0‼️🔥 took me 232 tries!🤯💯 #Parcour #Training #Workout #FloorIsLava #RealMadrid

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Most people have the perception that a disc herniation in their lower back is a life sentence: that they are doomed to a lifetime of lower back pain and subsequent disability. This is a serious myth and it needs to change. Not only do we have data showing quite clearly that disc herniations heal, the great news is they actually heal VERY WELL.
What’s particularly fascinating about how discs heal is that they can do so spontaneously! Also, the more serious the injury, the better it heals. Amazing! So you definitely don’t need to worry about having them forever.
But just because you have a disc herniation shown on an MRI, this doesn’t mean it is the cause of your back pain. This might sound a little confusing, so let’s dive a bit deeper into what we know.
The prevalence of seeing a lower back disc herniation in PAIN FREE PEOPLE--YOU READ THAT RIGHT: PAIN FREE PEOPLE--naturally increases as they get older. For instance, disc herniations occur in 30% of 20 year olds and 84% of 80 year olds.
This calls to question just how much a disc injury influences someone’s pain experience. The answer? It depends on the individual case. So be sure to get checked out by a health professional if you’re not sure.
One thing I can say with confidence: disc herniations are a normal part of life and definitely a normal part of the ageing process. Sometimes they are highly relevant to pain, but often times they aren’t. So don’t worry about it. Chances are if you have one it’ll be just fine.
PS. Discs NEVER slip. Get your facts straight.
Don’t sit still. Make moves!
Nick Hannah, PT
Registered Physiotherapist
Ref: Nakashima H et al. Abnormal findings on magnetic resonance images of the cervical spines in 1211 asymptomatic subjects. Spine. 2015. 40(6):392-8.
Brinjikji et al. Systematic literature review of imaging features of spinal degeneration in asymptomatic populations. Am J Neuroradiol. 2015. 36(4):811-816. @ Reston, Virginia

Free Nutrition Talk

Free Nutrition Talk -

Push your limits and you’ll come out smiling on the other side. 📸:@mauchjustin #quittingisachoice

This girl has been straight killin’ it with getting people happy on their bikes 🚲. She approaches everything with detail and precision. #Repost @apizzle417
Still working on this modelling thing 🤷‍♀️

Learn about how you can shed weight in a healthy, safe and sustainable method. We are excited to host a nutrition talk by @stephmullrd & @millermethod at the clinic on 11/14 @6:30pm. Mark your calendars‼️📆 #Repost @millermethod
People tell us all the time that you can't increase lean mass and lose fat at the same time. Guess what? YES YOU CAN! *
That is always our goal and we have hundreds of DXA scan reports that can show proof of it. *
This one is from our 61 year old female client who lost 2 lbs of fat and increased lean by 1.6 lbs in 4 weeks.
How do you do it? Two things must be in place:
1. An appropriate and customized nutrition plan based on ones resting metabolic rate.
2. An appropriate resistance training program that includes adequate volume and progressive overload. *
We can teach YOU how to create these plans for your clients to get the same results. DM us for more info.

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#metabolismbasedeating #metabolism #fatloss #muscle #hipherndon #healthyfood #healthylifestyle

Funny how I just saw this on @wkwong feed last night and this pops up. This is an amazing exercise for cyclists especially because of the eccentric action (lengthening portion) of the quadriceps. The rectus femoris is a clinically significant muscle since it has both a hip flexion and knee extension component... essential to the pedal stroke of biking 🚴‍♀️ #Repost @physionetwork
Applying new research: the reverse nordic curl exercise 🏋️ New research has shown that this exercise significantly increased the length, thickness and cross-sectional area of the Quadricep muscle group; in particular the Rectus Femoris muscle.

It can be used to prevent quad strains, but may be a solid rehab exercise as well 👍

Did you find this info interesting? We review the latest and most clinically relevant research, and inform you HOW this can be applied in the clinic.
Learn more about our review service here 👉

Study: Alonso-Fernandez et al, 2018 (added in the comment section below). Video by @MeghanCallaway

Another happy fit! 👊#Repost @nakedcycling
Thanks for coming to see me tonight, Ben! Glad we all learned a little something about your Salsa Warbird in the midst. Looks like you're gonna need to get a power trainer now 😂👌 @dominioncyclingphotography
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We will always remember. Praying for hope and peace... 🇺🇸

Half Kneeling Thoracolumbar Rotation with @whatsthatstrap. Love this half kneeling position to improve thoracic rotation, especially for clients with low back pain. Lock in the lower half and no cheating, just stability in the right places.

Rest & Recharge ✅
Apologies to those who have texted and emailed over the past week
I told myself I would never sacrifice my marriage or my role as a father... and I hold true to that even more as a business owner. You can lose yourself and gain nothing
I hope this encourages you to do the same wherever you are. Never lose sight of who you are and always keep family first ☝️

Goal Setting and Fostering Consistent Motivation

New Blog Up on Goal Setting! Check it out. Sean McCoy has a Bachelor's Degree in Health and Exercise Science from Bridgewater College with a certification from the National Strength Professionals Associ

Let’s start a trend on social media to show off how hard you can recover. Tag 🏷, you’re it 👉. Recover hard to find your gainz

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LOVE FIT♾VELO FIT Tri-blend T-shirts are back in stock (now in ⚫️& ⚪️). I may not be hip but these tees are! 👊 @ Herndon, Virginia

📣Our online store is now up and running!

Don’t miss out on this chance to purchase this kit. We will have a size kit by Wednesday 7/31. Message us or email us to let us know that you’ll be coming
No refunds, returns, or exchanges will be available on custom orders. Please DM or email [email protected] for any sizing questions. Thanks everyone!

Excited to be working with @cutawayusa to bring you two high-vis cycling kit options. Safety first, boys and girls ✌️
Online store will be up soon for anyone interested. Stoke level is high ⬆️

I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭. “Do it now!!” Whatever you’re afraid of, do it now‼️ #Repost @vinyardbrad
One of my favorite moments from camp. This is our buddy Tim overcoming his fears and self-doubt and landing a 20” box jump. If you have not heard of Nubability Athletics and its founder, Sam Kuhnert, check them out. They are making a difference in the lives of countless families. I am thankful to be a part of the Nubability family!
#nubcamp2019 #dontneed2 #gameon #inspiration #power #motivation #fitness #fear

Please welcome Anna, bike fitter extraordinaire, to the team! She will be taking on bike fitting clients. Please book online to get on her schedule #Repost @nakedcycling
Ooooh yooou guys! Naked Cycling isn't about cycling naked, and though I wouldn't stop you if that's how you prefer to ride, a cop very well might.
Naked Cycling is about getting to the fundaments of riding a bike: because it's fun and because we feel free. Naked Cycling is about forgetting you're on a machine designed to propel you forward and, instead, feeling comfort, efficiency, and power with minimal risk of injury. Your bike should be an extension of yourself and not a force that you must fight.
Naked Cycling is about stripping down all the discomfort and inefficiencies until you're one with your bike.
But back to cycling naked...I hear Philly is having a Naked Bike Ride 8/24/19! 🤗
#nakedcycling #beonewithyourbike
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At least I got a cool race photo😎. 🙏 Thanks @wednesdaysatwakefield @thebikelane @potomacveloclub for putting on a great MTB race series!
📸: @willniccolls

So excited to have bike fitting specialist Anna Pecora @apizzle417 on board with our team to assist in getting clients comfortable on their @onepeloton bike. Stay tuned for more options to be available for bike fitting at our space! @ Shaw, Washington, D.C.

Apparently talking with your hands gets the point across better 😂 Thanks again for allowing me to speak on this movement workshop! #Repost @gfpilates
Some snapshots from our FMS Workshop. It was so awesome to learn these easy 7 screening exercises for global fitness and some corrective exercises to help! Pilates is whole body integration and it’s wonderful to see the fitness world align. Move smart, purposefully and in all planes! @ Great Falls, Virginia

Date Correction for FMS Workshop! June 23rd!

Date Correction for FMS Workshop! June 23rd! -

#Repost @trustmephysiotherapist
Great post by @embrklifestyle 😊👍
The nervous system is like Pepperidge Farm…it remembers.
Sometimes a better way of thinking about pain when it persists after an injury is to think of it as sensitivity. When our body gets hurt, we become sensitive to certain stimuli because the nervous system is trying to protect us.
This is great when we first get injured because it alerts us to prevent subsequent harm but not so great when our tissue is healed. It's normal to have some sensitivity when coming back from an injury. After all, our brain is just trying to protect us.
However, after a certain time frame, we know that our tissues/muscles have healed. In these scenarios, we should not relate hurt to harm but instead to sensitivity. You can work around sensitivity by gradually re-introducing activities in varied intensities that once provided discomfort.
You're not broken and as long as you are living…your body does a stellar job at adapting.”
This was a repost from a few months ago 😊👍
You can learn more about the nervous system and pain through the various lectures on these topics @trustme_ed 🤓💪

Assisted Reach, Roll, and Lift
This exercise is a great one for those that struggle with postural stability and getting the natural roll of the shoulder girdle during overhead motion. You can see how shaky my shoulder gets during the last several reps on my wonky shoulder
▪️Place strap at a high point attachment and place hands in straps of handles
▪️Face away from the point of attachment and put your hands in under shoulders and knees under hips, then rock back to your heels with your hips
▪️Reach as far away as you can with one hand/arm, rotate palm up toward ceiling and lift arm off floor with palm facing ceiling
▪️Slowly lower arm to floor and return to start position
▪️Keep the body still throughout the movement

🧺Fresher Legs muy rapido. Come and get your recovery on. We use only the best @ntrecovery

Progress is rarely linear but you must trust the process! Great post.
. #Repost @rehabscience
💥𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐧 & 𝐅𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧💥
👍This post from @dr.surdykapt and has made the rounds lately and for good reason. Make sure to read all of it!
🧠The primary reason for individuals seeking the guidance of a physical therapist in an orthopedic or sports setting is usually to decrease pain while improving function. You cannot run because your left knee hurts. You cannot pick up your child because your right shoulder is symptomatic. You cannot sit at work because your low back is uncomfortable. So what do we do?
🚴‍♂️We start by establishing basic goals. You want to run 3 miles. You want to pick up your 40 pound child. You want to be able to sit for 1 hour. That’s the function component, but how about pain?
🏋🏼‍♂️We’d likely discuss that in some capacity as well. You might tell me about the intensity, frequency, duration, or nature of your pain. Maybe your initial goal is complete resolution of symptoms. How do we combine your goals regarding function and pain?
👉It might start with a conversation about expectations. It may be more realistic to focus on your function first even though the elimination of pain is your main focus. If you were previously able to run 1 mile with mild pain, but now you can run 3 miles with mild pain, would you consider that progress? Or what if you were only able to sit 30 minutes because the pain was so intense but now you’re able to sit for 1 hour?
🔎Rehabilitation is frustrating because it’s rarely linear. Some days your symptoms will be better and some days your symptoms will be worse, especially in the early stages after an injury or surgery. It takes patience and commitment from you and your healthcare provider.
✅However, it’s extremely important to keep track of your progress from a functional standpoint as well. If you can do the SAME amount of activity with LESS pain, that is progress. Likewise, if you can do MORE of an activity with the SAME pain, that is also progress. And oftentimes, when the emphasis is placed on functional goals, pain can gradually decrease simultaneously.

Rapha VeloFit VeloFix Ride

Here is the updated turn by turn GPS route for those that are able to make it tomorrow. Wheels up at 9:30am. Rapha D.C. velofix

It's gonna be a hot one so bring proper hydration! 30.0 mi, +1176 ft. Starts in Herndon, VA

29.9 mi Road Cycling Route on Strava

Here is the planned route for the Rapha D.C. Pop-Up this Sunday. Come out and join us. Roll out at 9:30am! If you can't join us, come post ride to check out the new space and enjoy some refreshments with good people! Remember that the velofix van will be there to service any of your bike needs as well. Make the most of your run or ride with Strava Routes. They're community curated and backed by Strava activity data to help you choose the right roads and paths. Learn more

May Newsletter

May Newsletter - We will start the day at 9:30am for a 30-40 mile spin and finish back at the studio with free coffee and snacks provided post ride, and NormaTec Recovery Boots available to try. We will have Rapha clothing and accessories available to try on and purchase. The @velofixnova @velofixdc van will als...

Join us at VeloFit as we host a Rapha pop up on May 19th. We will start the day at 9:30am for a 30-40mile spin and finish back at the studio with free coffee and snacks. We will have Rapha clothing and accessories available to try on and purchase. The @velofixnova @velofixdc van will also be there to address any of your biking needs pre/post ride. Come and check out the studio and get your ride on!

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