It's been a while, but feeling motivated to share...tempeh stir-fry with peppers, spinach and zucchini 😊

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Carrot Cake anyone?
Made some carrot cake for my awesome book club and reserved a bit for a few carrot cakebites. This recipe is the 💣! No sugar. Tons of fresh carrots. If you have a hankering for yummy, decadent, gf vegan carrot cake- go make @minimalistbaker’s recipe ASAP!
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Serious Salsa
-when you have to clean out the fridge of a *few* too many veggies bc upcoming travel. I hate wasting good veggies!
Cherry Tomatoes. Onions. Cilantro. Lime. S&P.
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Breakfast Prep!
Anyone like to make their breakfast the night before? Anyone up for a stress-free morning?
Toss all of this with some nut or seed milk and tomorrow your breakfast, complete with all the feel-great nutrition you want, is ready and waiting! And you will be all set and powered up to propel happily and strongly through the day! So don’t just sit there! Get up, go into your kitchen and prep for tomorrow! And another idea! 💡Make 3 at once and you’ll have breakfasts for the next 3 days! Maybe that means you could even sleep 20 minutes later?!⏰
#goodideas #timesaver
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Plagues From the Animal Kingdom

Super interesting! DNA sequencing reveals a lot! Cancer... Lyme... all ancient diseases!

wsj.com The coronavirus is just the latest of many deadly diseases to cross over to human beings from other species.


Inside NYC's Private New Wellness Club, THE WELL

... yet another reason to love NYC

marieclaire.com This is peak #wellness.

Snack Attack?
I got your back!
Toss a bunch of veggies, fruit, nuts, dips and anything else that you have on hand o to the biggest platter you can find. And call that dinner! Or book club fare- your choice!
#bookclub #snack #snackideas #snackboard #balance #cleaneating #dc #eatclean #gf #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyliving #healthysnacks #igdaily #love #nom #plantbased #vegan #vegetarian #bookclubofinstagram

Ready to make some changes in your lifestyle? Call me.

Where is your environment set up to help you stay on track and where does it trip you up? What can you do to make your actions automatic around food, exercise, and stress reduction? You can design your life for automatic success.⁣

Strategies for Healthy Life Design⁣

- Plan your meals.⁣

- Arrange the foods so that the healthiest ones are the most accessible and appealing. ⁣

- Cut up veggies and fruit and have them in little glass containers stacked for easy access. ⁣

- Stock healthy snacks (such as nuts, seeds, or grass-fed or organic turkey, beef, or buffalo jerky) so that they are easy to grab on the go when you’re in a hurry.⁣

- Make grocery shopping a weekly ritual.⁣

- Keep healthy snacks around.

Green Goodness!
Hadn’t juiced in a while bc for me it’s more of a summer thing buuuuuut I had an amazing one at our local organic market the other day that I *had* to copy. So I did.
Juicing is not something I’d recommend daily, as it can spike blood sugar levels and doesn’t have much fiber. But as an occasional treat, it’s certainly a healthy alternative to sugary drinks & other snacks. Another tip- i usually don’t drink it all at once. Instead, I’ll sip on it through the day and maybe make this 16oz last 2-3 days even. Making it yourself is the way to go since you can make sure not to use any added sugars.
Simple➡️ 3 small apples. 2 oranges. 3 large handfuls spinach. Mint. Ginger.
So fresh + light + zingy + nutrient dense.
If you own a juicer- make this. If you own a blender- make this and strain the pulp with a nut milk bag/cheesecloth.

Wishing I’m back in Tokyo-
#matcha #tea #tokyo #tysons #teatime #oatmilkmatchalatte #balance #dc #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthytea #love #nom #plants #vegan #friday #weekendvibes

Wishing I’m back in Tokyo-
#matcha #tea #tokyo #tysons #teatime #oatmilkmatchalatte #balance #dc #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthytea #love #nom #plants #vegan #friday #weekendvibes


11 healthy events to attend in February

Healthy in NOVA!

northernvirginiamag.com No, this list isn’t just about workouts. Here, find health and wellness events that will provide benefits for every aspect of your well-being.


Are you getting enough calcium?

Especially lately, good to research!

mayoclinic.org Considering calcium supplements? First figure out how much calcium you need. Then weigh the pros and cons of supplements.

Vegan & GF Scones - chocolate raspberry and cherry almond @oearthbakesglutenfree
@unionmarketdc !
DC days are back for me as healed hip = walking DC again! 🏃🏻‍♀️Today’s adventures took us from brunch @busboysandpoets in U Street corridor/14th street over to Union Market area for these delectable scones! If you’re looking for gluten free baked goods- pls check out this scrumptious and healthyish place!😍
#dc #dcvegan #vegandc #gf #vegan #gfdc #dcfoodie #dcmoments #healthyish #healthylifestyle #balance #healthyfood #health #igdaily #love #nom #plantbased #snacks #healthysnacks #veganfood #vegetarian #yum #unionmarketdc

Road Trippin’!
Packing healthy trail mix for some fun travel ahead!

But nope- not for me this time! These were packed by a certain @joshkatz who’s about to traverse his own trails!
Mixed nuts, seeds & fruit make for good quick energy! Jam packed with healthy fats, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and blood sugar stabilizers, these mixes will ensure you blaze those trails with all the good vibes!
Happy trails, @joshkatz !

#trail #trailblazers #trailadventure #roadtrip #roadtrippin #healthytravel #travel #travelphotography #travelblogger #traveling #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthy #igtravel #plants #snacks #healthysnacks #snackideas #goodvibes


Load up sweet potatoes with chickpeas and tahini for a new favorite dinner

motivation monday!
healthy & delicious dinner idea!

washingtonpost.com Overview Ingredients Steps Overview If there’s one thing better than a baked potato, it’s a twice-baked potato. You know the drill: You scoop out the cooked flesh, mix it with some cheesy-fatty goodness, spoon it back into the shells and bake again until it’s bubbling hot and browned, maybe ev...

Swipe right➡️
Incredible all-vegan brunch experience today @equinoxdc on our minication - highly recommend!
Chef Todd Gray is doing good things in DC!
•Truffled white bean soup
•Red and golden beet salad
•Japanese eggplant and rice noodle salad.
•Just egg scramble
•House made granola and almond milk
•chocolate cupcake


7 Healthy Brunch Spots Around DC

Fav meal of the day! I’m going to one of these tomorrow- guess which!

washingtonian.com Eat and drink well while keeping those New Year's resolutions.


What to Know Before Resolving to Eat Less Meat

Celebrating Veganuary?

wsj.com As popular campaigns like “Veganuary” fuel New Year’s pledges to cut back on meat, nutrition studies show conflicting findings about the health benefits.

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Arriving bright & early 1/1/20!
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[12/31/19]   Pause & Reflect
Appreciate your proudest moments & greatest accomplishments of 2019


These Will Be the Biggest Food And Health Trends of 2020

Interesting and good trends here-

cookinglight.com What food and health trends should you expect to see everywhere in 2020? Here are our predictions.

This. It’s all it takes, and in 4 minutes you’ve got yourself a homemade hummus that is wayyy better than any store-bought I’ve ever tried. Trust me. I was actually about to have some of the S****a brand, which I usually think is fine. But then I realized, why settle for fine? It’s so quick & easy- why not whip it up and really enjoy my snack?
1 can chickpeas
1/3 c chickpea juice
2 T tahini
3 t olive oil
Juice of ½ lemon
S, P, cayenne, smoked paprika & cumin


Supermarkets Pick Fruits, Vegetables for Healthy Growth

...things that make me happy...

wsj.com Produce is an increasingly important source of sales growth for food retailers including Walmart and Kroger. They are catering to shoppers keen on fresh food.

🕎happy Hanukkah
cauliflower zucchini latkes.
baked. sort of against the point- yes. but good. I guess since there are thousands of spellings of Chanukah/Hanukkah/Hanukah/Hannukkah... there can be equal numbers of latke recipes?
healthy & happy Hanukkah!
#happyhanukkah #happyhannukah #hanukkah #channukah #chanukah #healthyhanukkah #dinner #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #health #gf #igdaily #love #plants #vegetarian #latkes #hanukah


25 Little Ways You Can Practice Self-Care Every Day

Self-Care Sunday!
What’s your fav way to self care?

womenshealthmag.com No, you don’t have to Instagram your bubble bath.


Exactly How to Have a Healthy Weekend (That’s *Actually* Fun, Too)

have a healthy holiday plan? it is possible to have fun at parties and stay healthy!

shape.com Yes, you can still have the pancakes at brunch!

Green Milk💚
Ever had it? Don’t knock it!
Protein. Calcium. Fiber. Antioxidants.
Sesame. Macadamia nuts. Cashews. Mixed greens. Banana. Vanilla. Cinnamon. Water.
Use frequently & generously!
#veganmilk #healthymilk #mylk #vitamix #vitamixrecipes #nutmilk #balance #dc #gf #healthylifestyle #health #healthyfood #healthyliving #igdaily #love #nom #plantmilk #plantbased #plants #vegan #vegetarian #veganrecipes #healthandwellness @ Waytogohealthy

White “Chicken” (Jackfruit) Chili
-took Monique’s @ambitiouskitchen recipe & tweaked to make vegan.
Sub jackfruit for the meat, pull it apart after cooking- just like the chicken, add in mushrooms for a vitamin d boost and voila! Delic dinner!
#healing #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyeating #balance #cleaneating #dc #gf #igdaily #plantbased #vegan #vegetarian #jackfruit #chili #veganchili #healingfoods

Announcement! New *Free* Group Starting!
-Accountability Buddy Club; or ABC-
Staying healthy during the holidays can be hard. We all feel it in one way or another. Sometimes it seems one day you are on track, checking off all the “healthy boxes” and the next- you feel awful and can’t quite figure out what happened. Or maybe it’s more of a gradual slide for you, with one little thing here or there that suddenly becomes big things.
Whatever it looks like for you, I’m creating an accountability group for the 30 days, taking us from Mon, Dec 9 to Fri, Jan 3.
We will have our own group on FB.
It will be a safe, supportive space from which we can all gain health help, wisdom, tips, probably some laughs, community, and most of all- accountability.
Once daily, you will post briefly about the 4 topics provided. This is designed to be simple & no pressure- just supportive, thought-provoking and helpful.
I will have periodic health prompts and be moderating the group.
Questions? LMK.
Group starts Monday!

Vegan Antipasto Skewers
-for some very good friends & very fun cocktail party.
Thx Jasmine of @sweetsimplevegan for your inspo, and for giving me a recipe I can make entirely while sitting down!
Olives. Cherry tomatoes. Artichokes. Pepperoncini. Mushrooms. Marinated tofu cubes in my parsley tahini dressing.

#hiphealing #hip #hippie
#balance #cleaneating #dc#gf #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthyeating #healthcoach #igdaily #love #plantbased #plants #vegan #vegetarian #party #partyfood #cocktails #manhattans.


11 Wellness Retreats to Check Out Now | Jetsetter

Anyone want a little WTGH field trip? Any one of these- anytime.

jetsetter.com Around the world, “wellness” has become the buzzword of choice for hotels courting a global audience of yogis, fitness fanatics, and stressed-out workaholics in need of some serious R&R. From Arizona to the Alps, these 11 hotels and resorts are getting the well-being trend right, and prove that ...

Thanksgiving WOW today!
~as we all start thinking about & planning our thanksgiving feasts, let's not forget our health!
~some simple swaps that will seriously satisfy~

💚Healthy Cookie Dough💚
We all need a healthy dessert in our lives and this one you should go make right now. Full of fiber and protein!
Super simple.
Blend 1 rinsed can of organic chickpeas with: 4 t maple syrup, 1 t blackstrap molasses, 1 t vanilla, 2T almond butter. When smoothish, toss in some best quality choc chips and pulse. And then go 👅 the bowl. And thank me. And you’re welcome.
#healthydessert #vegandessert #gfdesserts #balance #protein #cleaneating #dc #gf#health #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyeating #igdessert #love #plants #raw #chocolate #cookies #cookiedough #vegetarian #vegantreat #vegancookies

today's Word Of the Week is really more of a WOWzer!
introducing the newest superfood: acorns?
read on...

Potato Leek Soup!
~ simple sublime sipping soup series subsists~

Chocolate - Peanut Butter Discs
Happy Healthy Halloween!
See previous post for recipe!
Easy peasy & oooohh so good.
#chocolate #candy #vegancandy #veganhalloween #veganrecipes #vegantreats #veganchocolate#balance#dc #gf #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyrecipes #love #nom #dessert #treats #vegantreats #healthytreats #makethis

Tricky temptations around, & don't know what to do?
Have no fear - I have the promised treat for you!
Not one, but two healthy treats you should make,
And leave all the junk for someone else to take.
Each treat only takes a few minutes to prep,
And I promise will leave you with better pep in your step!

[10/30/19]   Spooky Snack Attack?
I Got Your Back!
Healthy Chocolate Crack Snack Hack
-coming tomorrow-

Today's WOW: SOUP!
thanks to all who participated in my Soup vs. Salad survey last week! since the voting was close (60% of you want soups; 40% want salads), today is the start of my
Soup Series.
and because i aim to please, eventually i'll switch to a Salad Series!


Perspective | Is chocolate healthy? Alas, the answer isn’t sweet. Here’s why.

No more tricks about chocolate. And maybe this is a lame way to say Happy Halloween, but...
it’s the FLAVANOLS that give chocolate its health benefit, and you’d have to eat an excessive amount of chocolate to reap this, which would then lead to risks of weight gain (duh), hypertension, diabetes, etc etc. You get the idea.
And, apparently some of the chocolate “research” studies have been industry-funded.
Takeaway- eat a very small amount of the darkest possible, and treat it as a treat!

washingtonpost.com The flavanols in chocolate could have potential benefits. But you’d have to consume a ton to achieve that.

Figgy- Oat Cookie
Crispy or Chewy? Which cookie team are you on?
Here we have a super chewy / slightly crispy healthy & delicious treat.
Simple ingredients-
2️⃣fig jam- (fig, chia, cinnamon, vanilla & water)
3️⃣choc chips
4️⃣baking soda
5️⃣chopped figs
Bake at 350f for 25 min.
So much taste in a simple little cookie.


Hold on to your honey buns: American vending machines are getting healthier

... “The new healthier options will replace sugar-based beverages with water and non-sugary beverages, and will include apples and bananas, fresh food prepared in USDA-certified kitchens, baked (not fried) chips, string cheese, nuts, dried fruits and “...

washingtonpost.com Vending machine operators say they will boost their share of string cheese, low-sugar bars, dried fruit and nuts, ensuring that one-third of their offerings are healthier.

[10/24/19]   quick poll- please vote!
fall cooking is here! which would you rather see more recipes & posts of: soups or salads?

Today's WOW: Apples


Food can help control some chronic health conditions, in some cases eliminating the need for drugs

Food & lifestyle habits can help against disease, and I can help you develop a healthy lifestyle!

washingtonpost.com What you eat can help with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, though many people pay little heed.

More Energy.Less Stress.More Health.

www.waytogohealthy.com Reach your health goals! Increase energy, reduce stress, lose weight, and achieve a healthy overall balance in life. All simply and while having fun in a personalized, educational and motivational program! Why let another month slip by? Take action today!

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