Bear Barbell Olympic Weightlifting

Bear Barbell Olympic Weightlifting

Creating weapons grade Olympic Lifting humans.

Bear Barbell was started with an immense desire to create a higher standard of living for those in the community of Rexburg. Bear Barbell isn't just a fitness system it's a community. In our community you will definitely be pushed harder than you will anywhere else, but you'll also never be left behind or looked down upon. There's no judgement here that's not up to us. But there is motivation and encouragement for everyone that comes through the front door to become their very best selves.

Super pumped about my new reading material I got for Christmas!! @coach_brettb @drandygalpin @iamunscared are some of my favorite authors/idea leaders so this should be pretty great. #coach #crossfit #fittness #coaching #read #bookstagram #books #learningsomethingnew #deeproots #growyourrootsdeep #beasherpa #breath #physio #physiotherapy #dptstudent #earnyourturns #beresilient

5 rounds
On the 3 minutes
3 front squats 315#
3 deadlifts 385#
One of the hardest heavys ive had in a ling time. #crossfit @crossfitembody

First sub 3 Fran I've ever had... fun and terrible all at the same time. #crossfit #fran

300# power clean PR and cheat of choice virgils root beer and ice cream snickers #crossfit

Last time i did a back flip i was about 15 lbs lighter but i guess it's still there. #crossfit #backflip #saturdaynight #crossfitembody

Came in the mail a couple weeks ago. #CrossFit #L2

Hmm that improved a little. #crossfit #grace #cleanandjerk

Weakness day. 3 rounds of 10 BW bench and 3 15' legless rope climbs. Then farmers carries 225 each hand. 'Twas awful #crossfit

Big 1 mile run PR for me today. At least 10 seconds off my previous best. And it was freaking hot! #CrossFit #itworks #shootingfor5:20 @crossfitembody

Gotta love lifting on turf... 1 clean+2 front squats+1 split jerk at 275# love me barbell. #crossfit #cleanandjerk #squat @crossfitembody

Feel all grown up

Well this is happening.

@lorilikes2lift has been putting in a lot of work to improve and the hard [email protected]@starting to pay off. Before her knees wobbled like a baby giraffe and she's pretty stinking solid. Hard work always pays dividends especially when you're willing to do the boring stuff even when you don't want to. #olympicweightlifting #momswholift #cleans

I don't often publish my own fitness goals. I think it's been because deep down I don't want to fail in front of those I coach, but that's absurd, (especially since I decided to succeed). I want to be the best I can and being held accountable is the only way I can reach anything even close to my potential. #crossfit #goals #fitness #finallyhealed #thanksjesus

I suck at push ups and box jumps. Thanks @crossfitembody for consistently programming everything I hate since i've moved here... Just wait until Wednesday and I'll return the favor at the barbell club. #crossfit

So did Murph with a weight vest today for the first time. It was terrible and hot and very fitting. Much has been sacrificed for us and our freedoms. We need to remember those who have given everything for us. Even though out gesture is minimal being uncomfortable in remembrance of them keeps us humble. @crossfitembody #thankasoldier #thanksjesus #freedom #crossfit #murph #hotparkinglot

Well since moving to Henderson this is the first video that I've received from any of the people that I coach remotely. Nice work @rhondalh12 finishing up the last cycle with 205 for 2. #olympicweightlifting #squats #backsquat #momswholift

Snatched 225 yesterday which is another post injury PR. Still 15 pounds off of my previous PR but I'll take it. Then hit 5x5 back squat at 295 which before murdering my knee wouldn't have been anything to write home about, but doing all of that pain free is a huge milestone for me and I'm grateful I'm able to keep doing what I love to do! #crossfit #olympicweightlifting #reebok #thanksjesus

Jerked 305 this week which is the first time I've had more than 300# over my head since before my knee injury and it was nice and easy. On another note I'll miss our little garage gym when we move. It's been nice working out with just @kand_e but it'll be nice to join the @crossfitembody community as well.

After 10 hours of judging at @kulakcrossfit for the #kulakkombat competition I was too beat for a metcon but some heavier cleans were in order. This is 315 (I know bad video) which if I had made the jerk would've been a pre injury PR (in nanos) but I wasn't planning on jerking it until I stood it up. So I'm happy with it. #olympiclifting #oly #cleanandjerk #crossfit #garagegym

@rhondalh12 with a nice pr save on those toes. Next time it will be perfect. #olympiclifting #weightlifting

Cleaned 305 on Wednesday. Which is the first time I've been over 300 since I was injured. Still 20 pounds less than my pr but it was easy and I was just nanos so I can't complain. #olympiclifting #crossfit

Mobility with Daddy. #parentingwin #crossfit #olympiclifting

23x2 pause overhead squat. This is the most weight I've overhead squatted since I partially torn the ol' patellar tendon in November. It felt pretty ok. #crossfit #olympiclifting

Well this is exciting. Hopefully the level 3 will be following soon(ish) after. #crossfit

Looks like we are heading to Vegas! Well Henderson actually but that doesn't sound quite as exciting. Looks like we'll be moving sometime between mid April and May. Been great coaching in Idaho but it's time to move on.

Jack is so excited that the new cycle is up!

Had a bit of a freak knee injury the first weekend of November and partially tore my left patellar tendon. This is 345 which is the most I've done since then. No pain with any movement now it just gets a little stiff if I have to sit for a long time. #garagegym #crossfit #reebok #squat #barbell #backsquat #notperfect #almostrecovered.

Squats and burpees with my miniature humans #crossfit #family #parentingwin #garagegym

Box Basics

Tag the strongest girl you know.

Johnny Cash just putting up some weight. #barbell #olympicweightlifter #olympiclifting #crossfit #cleanandjerk #johnnycash #reebok

3powers+3high pulls after a 20min EMOM of 2clean+3front squats. This is no time to mess around. @rhondalh12 @lorilikes2lift killing it on the daily. #oly #olympiclifting #olympicweightlifter #powerclean #barbell #momswholift

Mountain meltdown here we come! #crossfit


Tomorrow's workout. Sorry I didn't have time to post the new cycle I've been traveling all weekend. #oly #olympiclifting #olympicweightlifter #olympiclifting #barbell #snatch #squat

Nice little side stop on the way back from my DPT interview.

This is a big tent daddy we could put so much stuff in here. All my toys and mommy and daddies things and Audrey too. It's all about big tents in the living room when mom's not home. @kand_e

Body weight deadlift (pretty close) for like 10 reps!
That's my little man. #weightlifting #crossfit #olympiclifting #olympicweightlifter

Molly dog laying by me while I'm doing mobility. She seems about as enthusiastic about it as everyone else who hates mobility. If you love moving and living you might want to learn to love mobility too because without it you won't be doing much moving or living in the long run. #crossfit #mobilitywod #mwod #dogsofinstagram #weightlifting #olympiclifting #oly #olympicweightlifter

A friend may or may not have made a kettlebell and barbell on his 3D printer and gave them to me. I may or may not have pulled an old action figure out of the basement to make him lift. Anyway here is the new cycle.
#oly #olympiclifting #olympicweightlifter #olympicweightlifting #cleanandjerk #crossfit #barbell #soldier

Forgot to post the new cycle but here is tomorrow's workout.

@lorilikes2lift doing really well on the EMOM snatch doubles @78% from yesterday. You'll notice that her hips are rising a little early. As in just as the bar breaks from the ground. She wasn't doing this the whole time but it arose after fatiguing. While this is common for all lifters when they are tired what isn't common is when someone gets a fairly serious back injury and keeps their nose to the grind doing EVERYTHING their coach tells them to do and keeps their leg strength up improves technique and keeps mobility. All with a smile (although I'm convinced it was sometimes a fake smile and she actually was flipping me off while I wasn't looking.) Moral of the story is regardless of innate ability athletes who are coachable and show up for the grind even when they are told to do the most boring things possible (seriously her rehab was like parade status boring) and get the work done those athletes progress. Until we all get that we're just faking it because we aren't proving that we really want to reach our goals. So thanks for the example @lorilikes2lift (I'll need it for my own rehab) BTW after I pointed out what she was doing she fixed it immediately. #oly #olympiclifting #olympicweightlifter #olympicweightlifting #momswholift #snatch #barbell #rexburg #crossfit As per the usual I will go back to being mean to you tomorrow so enjoy this bright spot while it lasts.

@rhondalh12 hitting some snatch doubles from the power position today. Her speed has increased 10 fold and as a result her footwork has become foundational. You can see this pretty well in the first rep in that everything is pretty vertical and snappy. The second was a little loose in the bottom because of loose shoulders which is something to notice because no matter how solid your foundation is if your upper body isn't where it needs to be things can go wrong. Anyway good work R-Honda #oly #olympiclifting #olympicweightlifter #momswholift #snatch #barbell

Just a reminder we only have the 8 am class tomorrow as Max and I are doing a clinic at Teton CrossFit.

The new cycle which carries us through Christmas is up! We're focused on strength and dialing consistency so remember "Presence is intensity."

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