Foothills Montessori School

Foothills Montessori School

A private school in Henderson, Nevada. We offer a dynamic, hands-on education in a stimulating and welcoming environment. Welcome to our community!

Our Philosophy:

Dynamic and participatory environment to foster critical thinking
Low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure ample attention
Multi-age classroom structure to encourage student mentorship
Individual progression without peer competition

Our Four Pillars:
-Academic Excellence
-Universal Values
-Global Understanding

Mission: Foothills Montessori School provides children (ages 3-14) with an exceptional education that teaches to the whole child. Our program is based on the time-tested, well-balanced Montessori method; our environment is nurturing, respectful, challenging and inspiring.

A component of academic success at FMS is for our parents to be well informed of the expectations students will encounter as they make major transitions from one plane of development to another. Each of the major transitions brings an expansion and deeper exploration of the curriculum, including increased expectations of students functioning more and more autonomously. The best way for families to prepare for these transitions is to attend the re-enrollment information meetings provided by the faculty and intended for the parents of currently enrolled students. These meetings are excellent primers for knowing in advance what will be expected of students as they move into higher grades for the 2019-2020 school year and are ideal platforms for asking specific academic questions of the staff. Thank you for appreciating the importance of these meetings and for helping to directly support your child through these transitions. Please refer to the meeting schedule below:
January 30 @ 5:00pm - pre-K students moving up to Kindergarten (children must be 5 by September 30th, 2019)
January 30 @ 6:00pm - 6th grade students moving up to 7th grade (parents of 5th grade students are also welcomed to attend to learn more about the middle school program)
January 31 @ 5:00pm - Kindergarten students moving up to 1st grade (lower el)
January 31 @ 6:00pm- 3rd grade students moving up to 4th grade (upper el)

Monthly Events...
14th - Joe Odhiambo Assembly (1st - 3rd grade)
18th - Valley Forge Simulation (middle school)
21st - No School, MLK Day
22nd - Smith Center Field Trip (middle school)
24th - NAEP Testing (8th grade)
30th - Re-enrollment Information Meetings (5:00 kindergarten, 6:00 7th grade)
31st - Re-enrollment Information Meetings (5:00 1st grade, 6:00 4th grade)
31st - Mountain Man Assembly (4th - 6th grade)
31st - Clark County Museum Field Trip (E3 and E4)

Happy 2019 to all of our FMS families! May this new year usher in good health and abundance for all. As we look ahead to the second half of our school year, may we have a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation for all of the many gifts that each one of us has. Let us invest deeply in the strength of peace and the power of being kind to one another. May the path of learning be ever new and ever expanding in front of us.

As the chilly weather ushers in the change of season, we are warmed by the prospects of spending time with our families and friends. Winter break is such a special time for reflection on the abundance each of us enjoys in our lives. May the joy and bounty of this season knit our families closer together, giving renewal and warmth to our larger community. Thank you for playing an integral part in helping us to create the FMS Montessori experience for every student at our school.
School Closed from December 24th - January 7th...
School Resumes on January 8th...

Campus fun during spirit week...numerous sightings of Coach Bob and Ms. Karen as students and faculty dressed as a staff member💕😂

Lower Elementary students (1st - 3rd grade) are studying North America, including famous Americans. With research and book reports under their belts, students gave their audience topical clues as to who they might be. Audience members were asked to identify the famous American, and due to the ample visual clues and specific historical facts conveyed, the audience successfully identified all the famous Americans. A full range of influential people were portrayed including Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Neil Armstrong, Sacajawea, and Thomas Edison. Festivities rolled on as the students and their families sang holiday songs, and enjoyed cookies and hot apple cider.

FMS’ garden elective class visited the Bellagio Conservatory to witness the science and art behind the magnificent indoor garden. Much like the techniques used to decorate the Rose Parade floats, natural materials such as grains, seeds, and whole plants are used to create the themed floral displays. It takes a dedicated team of hotorculturists to care for the plants used in the conservatory on a daily basis. Students also had the opportunity to release ladybugs outdoors. Ladybugs are encouraged in a garden as they love to feed on aphids and other destructive insects, and help keep the plants healthy.

Upper elementary students (4th - 6th grade) raised over $600 at the PTO holiday bazaar for the non-profit organization called “Bead for Life.” “Bead for Life” was founded in 2004 by three women, who while visiting Africa, purchased some paper bead jewelry from an enterprising Ugandan woman. As they placed the jewelry over their heads, a larger business idea was growing. One that for over 15 years has created a viable pathway for Ugandan women to raise themselves and their families out of poverty; first by making the jewelry and then by enrolling in a business training program giving them the tools and confidence to start their own sustainable business. We appreciate all the FMS families who supported this worthy cause, and commend the students for helping Ugandan women make a better future for themselves one bead at a time.


1. “I saw you working hard.” 💪 Praising your child’s hard work, rather than her results, helps instill a growth mindset where she believes she can improve through her own efforts.

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Green Our Planet

Veggies always taste better when they are spiralized! The students at Foothills Montessori School enjoyed a chef demonstration with Executive Chef Jennifer Murphy and her team from Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen at Caesars Palace. She demonstrated how to make vegetable spaghetti using fresh veggies and herbs from their school garden and also discussed the importance of eating fruits and vegetables🍝🍆🥕

Three members of the Las Vegas Fiber Arts Guild visited with lower elementary students (1st - 3rd grade), sharing the art of spinning sheeps hair and cotton into usable fibers. Each of the members brought their own spinning wheels and many samples of raw fibers. It was explained that the natural length of the plant or animal fiber will determine how much spinning is required to make it a usable material. Cotton is relatively short in length and needs more spinning than silk, which naturally has longer threads. This is an organization that has been knitting, spinning, and weaving materials since the mid 1960’s. Lower elementary students have been studying Colonial Days, so it was a delight for our children to see the craft brought to life.

CBS News

SMARTER TOYS: iPads may be the trendy item for toddlers now, but a study just found that old-fashioned toys are far better for their development.

Campus Happenings...
4th - Green Our Planet Chef Demo (2nd & 3rd grade)
6th - Famous Americans Presentation (E2 & E4)
7th - PTO Holiday Bazaar & Crafts
7th - Gardening elective field trip to Bellagio Conservatory
7th - Service learning elective field trip to Sunrise Center
13th - Famous Americans Presentation (E3)
21st - Half-day dismissal
24th - 7th - Winter Break, no school
1/8/19 - School resumes

Soap4Hope | Everyone Deserves a Fresh Start.

We are beyond proud of our students' servitude and I am truly thankful for the entire FMS team for vesting so much time into our children's social and emotional development. This email warms our ❤...

Dear Karen,
My name is Nancy and I met several of your students at the Project Connect event on November 20th. I was there with my son's charity, Soap for Hope. It was our first year at Project Connect and we were not informed that we would not be getting any help at our booth. So, when 3 charming young men came to our table and started setting up and organizing the table, I was completely taken off guard.

After some introductions and clarifications by Brooke Wahlquist, we got underway. As a parent of a 25 year old and a 16 year old, I have some experience with children. I was also a cub scout leader for 4 years and a Sunday school teacher for 10+ years. I have run many of my own businesses and done more conventions then I can list here. So, with some experience with children and conventions I just want to say how IMPRESSIVE your group of students were. Nolan, Ben, Grace to name a few, outstanding! The way they interacted with myself and our Soap for Hope team was courteous and professional. They quickly grasped a new system of doing things from last year, incorporated it and executed it. And then their dynamic with the homeless population and the dignity with which they served the clients was heartwarming. Their help was so excellent we actually left the booth to go help with the event where they were short volunteers.

I am sure what I am telling you is not a surprise. That level of an intelligence and competence must be fostered and instilled at your facility. I just want you to know how impressive and helpful all the children were from Foothills Montessori. And I wish I could remember all their names as each one was so earnest. Thank you for allowing your students to help with Soap for Hope and making our event so smooth. The students really made a difference.
Nancy Maseng An Interview with Sean Maseng – The Soap for Hope Podcast November 2018

The beauty of Red Rock National Park became a real life classroom for FMS’ Kindergarten students this week as they hiked the Children’s Discovery trail. Studying desert plants and animals has been a key feature of this month’s curriculum. The students saw indigenous Paiute Indian pictographs, ancient juniper and joshua trees, and beautiful rock formations. The teachers were delighted to point out a tree that smells like butterscotch!

As the children walked the ancient pathway, they were seeing rock formations millions of years old (and some older) immersed in the delicate ecosystem of the desert. Smelling a ponderosa pine tree and desert sage were among the favorite things the children experienced. The teachers kept a sharp eye out for the varied animal life which makes the desert oasis their home including foxes, lizards, coyotes, tortoises, and wild horses. Fun was had by all, and we thank our parent chaperones for their support in making this trip a success!

“Energy is neither created, nor destroyed, it is just changed from one form to another.” The first law of thermodynamics was on full display as the lower elementary students (1st - 3rd grade) attended an assembly aptly called “Extreme Energy.” The principles of light were discussed, including how it generates heat. Potential energy became obvious as the host held up a candle lighter. Nothing was happening simply by holding it, but when the presenter pressed down on the button with force, suddenly a flame appeared demonstrating the lighter’s kinetic energy. Kinetic energy was further demonstrated as the host used heat from a bunsen burner to raise a large paper bag vertically. The thermal body camera drew loud positive reactions from the students as they were able to see heat radiating off the host. Focusing the camera on a low lit bunsen burner revealed that quite a bit of hot air was rising off the flame. The loudest reaction from students came when a special balloon was popped, releasing its stored energy and generating a loud sound wave of released energy.

For the 6th year in a row, FMS’ upper elementary students (4th - 6th grade) collected jackets, pants, shirts, hats, and blankets for homeless people living in Las Vegas. Our students then participated in the 25th annual Project Homeless Connect, an event sponsored by the Nevada Homeless Alliance, where much needed winter clothes were distributed to those in need. It was a humbling experience for our students, while distributing clothing and toiletries during the event. We are grateful for the generosity of our FMS families and were touched by the volume of your donations. Thank you for contributing to this cause!

Thanksgiving Break from 11/21 - 11/23. We wish you most of!

Lower elementary students (1st-3rd grade) got a taste of Colonial times (from 1601-1776). Students were immersed in activities that would have been common to children of the Colonial time period. Everything was handmade, requiring patience and an eye for detail. Games included threading a large button on a string and then making it spin around, dropping clothespins into a jar, and playing jacks. Corn was a new vegetable introduced to our forefathers, so students also sampled corn muffins. Doll making, including a set of clothes, was a popular activity. When students were asked about their impression of being a child during Colonial times, they commented that following the norm of “children are to be seen and not heard” would be very difficult for them to follow.

The love of reading books was explored with a representative from “Animal Tales, bringing books to life.” Each story was briefly described to the primary classes (ages 3-6), followed by presenting live animals to the children. In “Hello Universe,” the protagonist is a boy with a young guinea pig as his close companion. After giving us the basic premise of the book, a guinea pig was brought out to the delight of the children. Brief descriptions of each of the animals also helped the children learn about the animals. “Jungle Book” brought out two corn snakes (snakes have no eyelids, or ears and they feel vibrations via their tongues), while “Charlotte's Web” featured a young, shy tarantula (full gown is the size of a dinner plate). The showstopper was two, docile kitties who were held lovingly in our student’s arms, as they helped represent the books, “Pete the Cat” and the “Warriors” series.

Green Our Planet

Congratulations to the award winners at Green Our Planet's Giant Student Farmers Market last week! George E. Harris Elementary won Most Garden Team Spirit by charming the judges with their pilgrim-inspired costumes, while the effort and creativity put into Robert Lake Elementary School's booth earned them the Best Booth Decor award. Marc Kahre Elementary grew a whopping 37.4 pound pumpkin that stole the Heaviest Vegetable award, and the originality of Foothills Montessori School’s upcycled plastic-bag goods won them Most Unique Item.

How do you capture the attention of 30 teenagers in history? If you are Ms. Erica, you channel King George III of course.

FMS middle school students (7th - 8th grade) visited one of the most productive gold mines in Nevada history. The Techatticup Mine, located in Eldorado Canyon (about 45 minutes away from school), was actively delivering precious metals from 1861 through 1942. Our students toured Camp Nelson, and entered the mine to witness visible gold flakes in the walls. Students even did a little digging of the quartz deposit still accessible in the mine. Having a first hand experience of seeing where gold and other metals originate gave students a greater appreciation for the periodic table and how it is divided between metals to the left and non-metals to the right; applying this knowledge to their current chemistry studies.

Recent neuroscience research has shown that our brains are capable of growing and developing our whole life time. Furthermore, approaching the teaching of mathematics using a ”growth mindset” and embracing mistakes/struggles actually strengthens the synapses in the brain to learn more deeply. These are some of the cutting edge concepts being applied by researchers at Stanford University. Recently, Ms. Amy and Ms. Danna, FMS lead teachers of 4th - 6th grade, had the privilege of attending the training facilitated by Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University and co-founder of “You Cubed.”

What they learned is that many students feel limited in their abilities to grasp and perform mathematical functions when they rely on traditional tactics of memorization of facts and developing the ability to produce right answers in a timed manner. The science shows that “many of our mathematical concepts are held in our visual and sensory motor memories.”* So by giving greater emphasis on visual and physical mathematics, students are using more of their brains to actually grasp underlying math principles. When it comes time to test their knowledge, students who have used this process have performed better than their peers relying on traditional teaching methods. We can actively stimulate the visual representation of math concepts such as graphing equations and using pictures to represent computations which takes nothing away from getting to the right answer, it simply expands the way math concepts are presented and then understood.

To further explore these concepts and see the research on this innovative approach to teaching and learning mathematics, we encourage you to visit the You Cubed website at

*Journal of Applied Computational Mathematics: J. Boaler, L.Chen, C.Williams, M. Cordero

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Baby Bongard
Project Imagine
Mindfulness...Kindness...Growth Mindset...
Your gift...their journey...our future...
Upper Elementary at UNLV Basketball Game
Ms. Erica cheering on our Falcons!
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