Foothills Montessori School

Foothills Montessori School

A private school in Henderson, Nevada. We offer a dynamic, hands-on education in a stimulating and welcoming environment. Welcome to our community!

Our Philosophy: Dynamic and participatory environment to foster critical thinking Low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure ample attention Multi-age classroom structure to encourage student mentorship Individual progression without peer competition Our Four Pillars: -Academic Excellence -Universal Values -Global Understanding -Service

Mission: Foothills Montessori School provides children (ages 3-14) with an exceptional education that teaches to the whole child. Our program is based on the time-tested, well-balanced Montessori method; our environment is nurturing, respectful, challenging and inspiring.

To all the special women in our lives...we celebrate you!

Congrats to Ms. Erica for being recognized by Endeavor Schools as a leader in Positive are so deserving of this award and we are appreciative for all you do!💕

The FMS Student Council, accompanied by Ms. Kim, prepared a dinner for 30 guests at the Las Vegas Ronald McDonald House for the 7th consecutive year. Since 1998, the Ronald McDonald House has provided temporary housing for families receiving medical treatment for their children. Cooking at the Ronald McDonald House has become a favorite of the students as they see and feel the direct positive impact their act of kindness has on the families. Each student was delighted to provide a home cooked meal for the current residents and to help bring some positive, communal support to families in need.

Thank you to our beloved FMS families, your generosity during teacher appreciation week was remarkable and is matched by the delight we feel in teaching your children. We appreciate your daily interest and support in helping us create a memorable learning experience for your children. The creativity and effort by TAW chairs, Sofia Montano and Stephanie Foster, was extraordinary. Thank you again to all of our families, what a magical week!

Sharks in the desert? Who ever heard of such a thing? We did! The FMS primary students (ages 3-6) stepped into the aquatic world found at Mandalay Bay, better known as the Shark Reef Aquarium. We began our trip walking into a rainforest where we were met by the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo Dragon. Then our eyes fell upon a boa constrictor curled up on a ledge with fish and sea turtles swimming below him. We learned that catfish taste food with their whiskers and sharks like to eat lettuce! Moving into the area of hammer head and leopard sharks, we felt how graceful the fish world is where their swimming and movement is like one continuous dance. Our fingers gently touched the back of the horseshoe crabs and sand sharks. Then we set our eyes on the luminescent bodies of the jellyfish as they swayed gently in their tank. The children were captivated by the power and grace of the animals around them.

Last week was extraordinary for our third grade students, as they boarded a bus and headed to San Diego. The adventure began with an afternoon check in at the world class, San Diego Zoo and an after- hours, private tour of the facility. Students and their parents slept over at the zoo giving them a chance to listen to the nighttime noises of elephants, lions and giraffes. The sleepover experience was followed by a hotel stay on the beach in La Jolla where students played in the water, watched beautiful sunsets, and cooked s'mores on an open campfire. A visit to the Birch Aquarium, part of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, book ended the excursion where students received detailed lab lessons on the plant and animal life found in the ocean. What an amazing trip!

Solved 25 cubes in three minutes, thirty-seven seconds...congrats to our middle school Rubik’s cube team!

Mother's Day Tea on Friday, May 10th to celebrate our amazing FMS moms...
P1 & P4: 8:30am
P2 & P3: 9:30am
E1: 12:15pm
E2: 1:00pm
E3: 1:30pm
E4: 2:00pm
E5 & E6: 2:30pm

Middle school students (7th-8th grade) toured southern California beaches, science museums, the Descanso Gardens, Griffith Observatory, the Museum of Tolerance and had an afternoon college experience on the campus of UCLA. Every spring, FMS middle school students celebrate the end of the school year by taking a weeklong trip together. It is an opportunity to build community, to see important sites, and often learn firsthand about science and history concepts covered in class during the school year. The tour of UCLA was especially meaningful to the students because their teacher, Ms. Erica, is an alumni and she could add her own personal experiences of her time as a student.

The Hidden Risks of Avoiding Risky Play Because of you I never stray too far from the sidewalk Because of you I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt -Kelly Clarkson My mom jokes around that this should have been her...


Raising a mentally strong kid doesn’t mean he won’t cry when he’s sad or that he won’t fail sometimes. It means they'll be able to tackle all the challenges life is going to throw at them. 💪

With sweet and caring attention, Coronado High School Spanish students helped facilitate the annual FMS Spanish immersion party. This celebration is facilitated by Ms. Maria (E3) to acknowledge the Spanish language learners enrolled in two primary and one lower elementary classrooms. Our high school neighbors came to FMS and ran all of the stations set up in three classrooms, the multi purpose room, and on the playing field. These high school students utilized all of their Advanced Placement Spanish skills and were easily able to engage our students. It was delightful to watch all ages communicate using Spanish and the willingness for each group to interact with the other. In addition to facilitating the decorating of wooden maracas, fans, and sun catchers, Coronado students brought musical instruments, books, and several matching activities which challenged and reinforced the Spanish fluidity of our students. A beautiful morning was had by all!

May Events...
4/29-5/3 - Middle School Field Trip to LA
4/29-5/2 - 3rd grade Field Trip to San Diego
6th - Shark Reef Field Trip (P3& P4)
10th - Mother's Day Tea
14th - 8th grade luncheon
15th - Westward Ho Performance (E6)
16th - Westward Ho Performance (E5)
16th - Lower El End of Year Picnic
16th - Primary Field Day
17th - Kindergarten Late Night
20th - Lower El Science Fair
22nd - Elementary & Middle School Field Day
22nd - Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony
24th - 8th Grade Graduation - Active Play away from Passive Screens

Screen Free Week April 29th - May 5th Active Play away from Passive Screens

Upper elementary students (4th - 6th grade) visited one of the most productive gold mines in Nevada history. The Techatticup Mine, located in Eldorado Canyon (about 45 minutes away from school), was actively delivering precious metals from 1861 through 1942. An integral part of early Nevada history, mining was a highly dangerous profession. Walking into the Techatticup Mine, students got to appreciate how rustic the accommodations were, and how rough it was to live and work in Camp Nelson during that time. Traveling from the mine to the Colorado River, students were able to see the steam boat route that was used during the 1800’s to deliver all the supplies used at the camp. This experience provided our students with a living example of the history they are currently studying, and gave them a deeper understanding for Nevada’s past and the people who helped shape it into the community it is today.

Three ideas early childhood educators can take from Montessori schools Early childhood educators can learn a lot from Montessori schools. Here are three ideas they should adopt for our youngest learners.

When the second of two brain tumors left Kelsey Tainsh paralyzed on the right side of her body, she lost her competitive wake-board status (2nd in the United States, 3rd in the World), her ability to speak, use her right hand, and the peripheral vision on her right side. As Kelsey explains, it was her “worst day.” And yet, she had food, shelter, medical care, and a family who loved her, realizing she had it better than most people in the world. It was this realization that became the pathway for her recovery and adaptation to using her mind and body in a new way. Kelsey visited FMS elementary and middle school students (1st - 8th grade) oozing charm, honesty, and direct sharing of her life story; demonstrating to us a person who has learned to embrace her disabilities and to find peace in knowing that “all of us are going through things we have no control over.” With humor and enthusiasm, Kelsey exhorted her audience to be “ok with failure,” try again, and to appreciate the differences between each one of us which are the best part of ourselves.

We love Teacher Appreciation Week💕

Why ‘lawnmower parenting' is like robbing your kids — and how to actually help them The recent “Operation Varsity Blues” scandal is an extreme example, but this parenting tactic is more common than you may think. Are you guilty?


Instead of asking the children to share, we have a simple rule—if someone is working with something, it is not available. 🚂

Astrocamp, located on 80 acres of land in the alpine village of Idyllwild, California, is an ideal place to explore science, technology, engineering, and math. FMS’ upper elementary students (4th - 6th grade) tackled the challenges of building a rocket ship that could be launched effectively in the air, then moved on to constructing windmills whose power generation could be measured. Time was spent immersed in a swimming pool as a team of students tried to communicate with each other non-verbally underwater as they reconstructed a tower. Team building is an underlying theme woven into the Astrocamp experience. Our students experienced this directly when they helped each other to climb up a pole to do the zip line challenge and also when they helped each other to activate the sky coasters (another “up in the air” activity). What an amazing experience!

4th - 6th grade field trip

4th - 6th grade field trip

#beethechange #beethesolution

Congratulations to the award winners at Green Our Planet's Giant Student Farmers Market last week! Foothills Montessori School won Most Garden Team Spirit with their bee-inspired crafts and costumes. The effort and creativity put into Goolsby Elementary PLT earned them the Best Booth Decor award. Cynthia Cunningham Elementary grew a whopping 8.8-pound radish that stole the Heaviest Vegetable award, and the originality of Sierra Vista's mixed garden-media artwork won them Most Unique Item.

Green Our Planet's Giant Student Farmers Market at Downtown Summerlin was presented in partnership with The Howard Hughes Corporation.

Bees have taken center stage this year for the upper elementary students (4th - 6th grade) and their work with Green our Planet. Students, under the guidance of Farmer Danielle (from Green our Planet) and Ms. Kerri (E6 teacher), planted “bee friendly” plants in the gardens on campus. Students also made solitary bee homes to attract and support the bee population. It was harvest time this week for the FMS gardens, as several students headed to the Green our Planet sponsored Farmers Market earning first place for school spirit! Students had a great time selling handmade beeswax candles, lavender soaps, bee themed bracelets, headbands, and ample greens while raising $270 for the FMS gardening program. Well done!#beethesolution #beethechange

School closed April 15 - 22, classes resume April 23

Can’t stop the fun...

Seeing the early childhood of Dr. Jane Goodall presented on the Smith Center stage, lower elementary students (1st-3rd grade) were treated to a production of “Me...Jane - The Dreams and Adventures of Young Jane Goodall.” Early in Jane’s life, she showed a curiosity for the natural world and sat one day near her mother’s chicken coop to find out exactly how a hen lays eggs. It was this willingness to patiently and quietly observe animals in their natural habitats which led her to her trailblazing work among wild chimpanzees. Jane Goodall celebrated her 85th birthday this week and is still actively pursuing her passion for speaking up and supporting species that can’t speak for themselves. Her life is a model of integrity, grit, and the willingness to follow her dreams. All of these attributes came through to our students as they enjoyed the inspiring story of one of the world’s premiere scientists of animal behavior (Ethologist).

Exciting morning getting ready for the classroom color challenge hosted by student council...such fantastic school spirit...a huge shout out to Ms. Maria for leading the dance party!💕

Sam Argier

Such a treat for our lower elementary students (1st-3rd grade)! A big “thank you” to Ms. Brenda for inviting this special guest.

I had a blast taking "Weather on the Road" to Foothills Montessori School in Henderson. Thank you for inviting me! #WeatherOnTheRoad Southern Nevada Water AuthorityFOX5 Las Vegas

The Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary has been a fixture in Las Vegas for nearly 50 years, giving a home to a wide variety of birds including cockatoos, macaws, peacocks, ostriches, and emus. Other animals found at the sanctuary include llamas, goats, and pigs. Primary students (ages 3-6) visited the sanctuary to see and hear the birds up close. With beautiful feathers displayed and squawking and talking at full volume, students were bedazzled by the birds. Many of the birds were once family pets who had been trained to interact with people, as we made our way around the room we heard “hello,” “want a cracker?,” and whistling. Primary students are studying birds this month, so it was helpful for them to see and hear beautiful birds in person.

FMS middle school students (7th-8th grade) traveled 50 miles north to the Moapa Valley to visit a small, organic cooperative farm called Quail Hollow Farm. It was an entertaining and productive field trip, as students were encouraged to be hands on while interacting with the animals and actively help with many daily chores. There were goats to be milked, and newly hatched chicks to be cuddled. Students pulled weeds from rows and rows of garlic and onion plants. They also transferred three months worth of rabbit droppings to the compost pile! Every year, middle school students make the pilgrimage to the farm to offer their services and to experience some of the daily chores needed to keep a farm healthy and productive.

Service Learning/Garden Elective Field Trip...
We want to send out a BIG shout out and THANK YOU to all of our students and parents who attended our field trip to Coronado High School. We couldn't be more proud of your hard work and efforts. Our volunteers collected trash and spread fine ground rock cover to create a beautiful pathway that will reduce dust through the Coronado garden. Coronado High School is home to the largest school orchard in the Clark County School District; it includes apple, lemon, plum, peach and pomegranate trees. Mr. Gary Manning, a special education teacher who started this garden in 2014 to help his students learn job training skills, was very impressed and also sends his appreciation. Great work!




Campus happenings...
1st - Guest Author (primary)
2nd - Smith Center Field Trip (lower elementary)
2nd & 3rd - Broadway Junior Musical, Mary Poppins
4th - Gilcrease Field Trip (P1 & P2)
4th - Techatticup Mines Field Trip (E6)
4th - Parent Child Night (primary)
5th - Student Council Assembly
10th - 12th - Astrocamp Field Trip (upper elementary)
11th - Gilcrease Field Trip (P3 & P4)
12th - GoP Student Farmers Market
15th - 19th - Spring Break, no school
22nd - Teacher In-Service, no school
23rd - Kelsey Tainsh, Guest Speaker (1st - 8th grade)
24th - Techatticup Mines Field Trip (E5)
26th - Spanish Fiesta (P1, P2 & E3)
27th - Team Sue Parking Lot Sale
29th - Shark Reef Field Trip (P1 & P2)
29th - 2nd - San Diego Field Trip (3rd grade)
29th - 3rd - Los Angeles Field Trip (middle school)

Upper elementary students (4th-6th grade) discovered the triumph and tribulations of building their own railroads to reenact the construction of a transcontinental railroad. Students worked in groups and were given limited supplies i.e. wood slats, styrofoam pool noodles, tape, etc. The goal was to work together to build their tracks to meet in “Promontory Point” where the golden spike would be laid. Historically, English was not the dominant language used by the workers which were Chinese and Irish immigrants. So for the first 10 minutes of the simulation, students had to figure out different ways of communicating with their fellow workers. Trade posts were set up (like they were historically) and when students answered trivia questions correctly, they were given extra building supplies such as twine and cardboard. Students experienced first hand the challenges of navigating through undeveloped land to build and connect the two railroads, giving them a deeper appreciation of the historical significance of this engineering and social feat.

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