The National Nurses in Business Association

The National Nurses in Business Association

A professional association for self-employed nurses and nurses in business providing up-to-date business opportunities, business education, a national voice, and a networking arena for collegial support amoung nurse entrepreneurs. Founded in 1985.

The National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) is dedicated to advancing and promoting nurse entrepreneurship by: encouraging nurses to develop, grow, own and manage their own businesses, developing local and national opportunities for nurses in business and serving the networking and educational needs of our members.

Mission: Mission is encouraging nurse entrepreneurs to develop, grow, own and manage their own businesses. Developing local and national opportunities for nurses in business. Serving the networking and educational needs of our members.

Joy, Peace & Love, this and every season!

Christmas Unplugged

#Nurses, I attempt to do this each year, the first time being 2014. From Christmas Eve, I really try to unplug from all my electronic tethers for the 12 Days of Christmas. I don't post as much as I usually do and I am curious to know what you think? (PS I don't make it 12 Days, but I try) What about you this holiday season? [fb_button]

Nurse Entrepreneur News ~ 12 Social Media Predictions ~ 15 Goal Ideas to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever!

#Nurses, I highly recommend reading the article "15 Goal Ideas to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever" in our last issue for 2019 newsletter. Our lives benefit from balance and these 15 Goal Ideas will help us work towards the best life we can have. There are other important announcements and updates as we bring 2019 to a close. NNBA Newsletter

Board Games a Major Win for the Brain

This is great news #nurses, especially during this time of year! When our daughter was younger we played so many games, but our favorite was Gobblet and we still play it. What is one of your favorite games and are you still playing? Playing board games such as chess, cards, bingo, or crossword puzzles appears to keep the mind sharper in old age.


Important reminder- The Call for Speakers closes December 30th for NNBA's Annual Educational Conference. Info here and this link gives the details #nurses, save Sept.25-27, 2020 on your calendars and be sure to join us!


#Nurses Business Success Tip - Marketing Media Kit- Your phone rings, or you receive an email requesting an interview, podcast, article, appearance or you are asked for an opinion. Are you ready? Create a file, preferably electronic, that contains the following items for an effective media kit:
• Personal Biography – one page, one paragraph and three sentences
• Company History – brief story of how you started your business or career in #nursing
• List of articles and appearances
• Your Photograph that is high quality and resolution
• Endorsements and Testimonies
• Signature – how you want your name to appear
You have opportunities to go back and fine tune or update your content. Having a media kit on file that is easily accessible gives you the confidence in being ready, placing your best foot forward, and never missing media opportunities!

#Nurses Business Tip – Repurpose your content in new formats to reach broader audiences, get more traffic and improve your visibility. I’ll use podcast content for these 6 examples. 1) Redistribute and reimage your podcast on several social media channels. Post it on FB, LI, You Tube, Instagram and Twitter. 2) Convert your podcasts into a different format such as a transcript. 3) Take a new angle off of the podcast content and run with it providing a deeper dive into a topic. 4) Turn your podcast content into an Infographic. 5) Email link to your podcast and distribute to your email list. 6) Take the content of several podcasts and create an e-book or book. Consumers consume and learn differently. Be sure to provide a variety of media and methods to reach more people with your message. #NurseEntrepreneurs

Almost All Nurses in Survey Are Happy They Chose Nursing

The results from the Medscape Nurse Career Satisfaction Report are in. Keep in kind, only 10 thousand out of 3 million #nurses filled in the survey and maybe that says something too. Dissatisfied nurses were asked what their plans were. They said pursuing a new path within nursing was a popular choice. Many #NNBA members have done just that, they love #nursing and found entrepreneurial ways to express it! However, fewer are satisfied with the level of educational preparation they chose. CRNAs were the group most financially prepared for retirement.

Jason A. Duprat

When I met Damion Keith Jenkins at the NNBA conference in 2017, I knew he was going to be very successful as a #nurse entrepreneur. It has been such a pleasure plus inspiring to watch The Nurse Speak's growth. I highly recommend Damion's educational services for nurses NCLEX preparations. In Jason A. Duprat's podcast Damion outlines his entrepreneurial journey over the past couple years. He keeps it real, from the side hustle to now full throttle! Congratulations!

✅ Join me on Facebook Live when I interview Damion Keith Jenkins on Wednesday, 12/4 at 2pm ET. Damion is a Masters Prepared Registered Nurse, NCLEX Prep Expert, Nurse Content Writer, Educational Consultant and he has a real passion for nursing education! Damion is the owner and operator of The Nurse Speak, LLC. – a nursing education and consulting company and blog. 👨‍⚕️

Damion specializes in providing individualized NCLEX Prep tutoring services for new graduate nurses, especially those who have experienced unsuccessful attempts. 👍 Damion's mission is to increase the number of nurses entering the profession by helping them develop strategies for NCLEX success!

Damion also offers high-quality, up-to-date writing services and public speaking engagements and presentations for a variety of conferences, organizations and nursing- related companies. ☺️

NNBA Nurses Business News ~ Fastest Path to Become a Millionaire ~ How to Create Your Own Info Product 🎅

#Nurses, you don't want to miss this issue filled with curated articles, tips and opportunities for nurse entrepreneurs! Deadline for #NNBA2020 speaker's proposals included. NNBA Newsletter

Thanksgiving message from Michelle DeLizio Podlesni
“You have set yourselves a difficult task, but you will succeed if you persevere, and you will find a joy in overcoming obstacles. Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost." – Helen Keller
During my reflections this Thanksgiving, I think on how my business is continually blessed with challenges, obstacles, fears, and discomforts. Sounds crazy being grateful for problems, right? Years back, when I was in the Navy, there was an expression our instructors used many times during boot camp, “What doesn’t break you will make you.” Said another way in a song by Kelly Clarkson, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.
Being a business owner is a big commitment that can be commensurate with the reward…perhaps not as quickly as you had hoped for and that’s where perseverance comes into play. What I am trying to say is being a business owner will bring up all sorts of emotion and issues that you previously were not aware of. There is something about everything being on the line where you have ultimate accountability and risk. Even though we are choosing independence, we need to be okay with being vulnerable and recognizing the areas that we are dependent. This includes being dependent upon our customers for valuing our product or service, on coaches, mentors, and our friends and family to love and support our ambitions; just to name a few.
So I am choosing this Thanksgiving to be thankful for those obstacles and problems that we all encounter. With every problem, comes the solution, with every challenge comes the growth. Without fear, we would never experience courage and without adversity, we would never appreciate abundance.
Thank you #nurses! Happy Thanksgiving

The Hottest Franchise Categories of 2020

#Nurses Business Tip - there are several business models nurses need to familiar with before choosing the one to start their business. A franchise business model is well worth looking into and may be the right fit. For example, when my husband and I started our senior care company, we chose a franchise model because we had moved across the country, were not networked, and had recently had a baby. We wanted the support and structure of a franchised system. The franchise is still going strong and we sold our franchise location several years later profitably. Here is a great list of those franchises that are expected to do well in the next year and beyond. This list also gives you good information on what consumers are buying. Get to know 347 franchises in trend-topping industries that will continue to boom next year (and likely beyond).

Workplace Study Press Release

#Nurses Business Tip - Employers are investing in creating greater benefits. Well-being programs seen as more vital to attracting and retaining talent, boosting employee morale, according to the 10th Wellness and the Workplace Survey. As a nurse, I am especially encouraged to see more employers investing in Health & Wellness Programs. Nurses that are H&W Coaches, Patient Advocates, and nurses that have specialty practices devoted to mental health, have a myriad of business opportunities serving employer groups, third party administrators and self insureds. #NNBA's ranks are filled with nurses devoted to patient's well-being and mental health. #nurseschangelives 10th Wellness in the Workplace survey of 544 U.S. employers shows well-being programs seen as more vital to attracting and retaining talent, boosting employee morale

Nurses Business News ~ Nursing Innovation on Fire ~ Mission is Bigger than Ego ~ 11 Ways to Negotiate Better

#Nurses, be sure to click below to read one of my favorite issues of NNBA News There is a full write up on the NNBA Shark Tank Competition with pictures and details you don't want to miss. There is the CALL for Speakers for #NNBA2020 and the Shark Tank Competition application. Great articles and the link to #NNBA2019 Conference pictures! Enjoy and let me know what you enjoyed most!

10 most in-demand medical specialties & average base salary: Family physicians were the most in-demand specialty for the 13th year in a row, according to physician search firm Merritt Hawkins' annual report of clinician recruitment incentives.

#Nurses Business Tip- articles that outline the most in demand medical specialties are helpful when planning our services, programs and products. We always need to be aware of numbers and market conditions to know that our business solutions will be viable and able to sustain income. It also helps us in taking an existing product and making tweaks so it is more marketable. For example, if you are in the elder care marketplace, perhaps you have content on Parkinson's, a progressive nervous system disorder, that would be valuable to your hospital community. Why not approach their community outreach coordinator offering your content as a workshop for families? Since Neurology is one of the top 10 medical specialties, they would be able to highlight their department, educate the local community, and you would be seen as a trusted expert resource. Family physicians were the most in-demand specialty for the 13th year in a row, according to physician search firm Merritt Hawkins' annual report of clinician recruitment incentives.

#Nurses Business Success Tip - There are hundreds of economic opportunities in the healthcare marketplace. Select one or two of them that are best suited to your strengths and marketplace needs.
If you haven't read, I would recommend reading Strengths Finder 2.0 from Gallup and Tom Rath, which includes an assessment to identify your strengths.

#Nurses, a dream without a plan is just a wish. Wishing is not a strategy for success. Don't be intimidated about business planning, some are as simple as one page. Here is a start, I do ______, for_______, so that they are/have _______and this_______is how they work with me. We'll help you move forward to make your dreams your

Everyone Has a Hidden Genius. This List Will Help You Name Yours Now

#Nurses, here's an easy way to name your Genius. There is great language in this article to assist you when you describing your Genius! #NNBA2020 Everyone Has a Hidden Genius--Find Out What Yours Is Now

NNBA Nurses Business News ~ Success Mindset ~ What is Social Media Marketing?

#Nurses, fantastic primer on social media marketing, a great refresher too. November is National Family Caregiving Month, for those of you that are caring for family members, know that you are so appreciated, even if the family member is unable to tell you. As I said in the Newsletter, family caregiving is some of the most difficult work you'll ever do and perhaps the most rewarding. Click below to read this issue. NNBA Newsletter

Steve Jobs Said 1 Thing Separates Successful People From Everyone Else (and Will Make All the Difference In Your Life) - Inc. - Pocket

Brief article and #nurses, do you agree with this one thing? Thank you Clifton Joullian, The Nurse Farmer for sharing with me! One simple decision—and one simple word—will never let you down.

I have been listening to podcasts, watching interviews and speaking with lots of #nurses. A very common statement is "Why did I wait so long"? If you want to start a #nursing business, know that YOU CAN DO THIS! At, thousands of nurses have done just that! #NNBA2020

Mark Cuban is (bleeping) mad about healthcare. Here's what he wants to do about it

I can't say I agree with everything Mark Cuban said in this article but #nurses I love his concept of disrupting drug companies pricing by finding a manufacturer and creating a 'Costco' type model. #NNBA2020 LAS VEGAS—Mark Cuban isn't just mad about healthcare, he told an audience of thousands of healthcare entrepreneurs and executives at the HLTH conference Monday evening. He wants to use his own muscle to help burn many of the core elements of the business model to the ground—starting with insuran...


#Nurses Business Tip - Regardless of the changes in technology the market for well-crafted messages will always have an audience. According to Harvard Business Review, the number one criteria for advancement and promotion for professionals is the ability to communicate effectively. What does it mean to be an effective communicator? You need to get your message across and be understood by decision-makers who will find value in your message. Remember the following 3 elements of face-to-face communication: words, tone of voice, and body language. Believe it or not, body language and tone of voice carries more weight then the words we say. In creating your message, be sure to cohesively deliver it through the power of your voice, it's tone, and corresponding body language. Together, these elements will increase the effectiveness of your communication. #NNBA2020

Nurse Business Tip: It is best to start a new business because you find an unmet need in the marketplace and you have a competitive advantage that matches your experience rather than trying to come up with an idea that will revolutionize the marketplace. #Nurses make great business owners because they are great problem solvers. Solving a problem, effectively, efficiently and profitably is the best business. #NNBA2020

Outsiders Are In: The Cleveland Clinic Innovation Summit Evolves | HealthLeaders Media

Totally agree with William Morris, MD, executive medical director, Cleveland Clinic Innovations. "Healthcare disruption will come from all angles. This environment is so opportune for #nurses interested in business entrepreneurship.#NNBA2020 The 2019 Summit reflects the changing healthcare landscape, as startups and outside players expand the realm of innovation beyond research, clinical care, and technology to challenge the status quo.

Start Your Book Webinar - Pat Iyer

#Nurses, do you have a book trapped inside of you? Be sure to join Pat Iyer's FREE Start Your Book Webinar
DATE: TONITE – October 17
TIME: 8 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central, 6 PM Mountain, 5 PM Pacific
Join me for free online training called: Start Your Book: Master the First Critical Steps. I’ve made millions of dollars from the doors opened by her books.
What You Will Discover:
• The critical questions to ask yourself about writing a book
• How to set your goals for what YOU want to get out of being published
• How to take the guesswork out of determining your topic and audience
• How to face your fears and concerns so that you can move past them and enjoy the rewards of being a book author
I'm looking forward to seeing you on the live broadcast at 8:00 PM Eastern TODAY, 7 PM Central, 6 PM Mountain, 5 PM Pacific. Click below to register! Patricia Iyer Start Your Book: Master the First Critical Steps Webinar Sign UP You want to write a book, but you wonder:. How do you capture an audience – what are people interested in? How do you choose a topic and best convey your message? How do you get it started? How do you find the time to write?   Get t...

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