Clark County School District Maintenance

Clark County School District Maintenance

Welcome to the Clark County School District Maintenance Department, in Las Vegas, NV. Scan the QR code above to visit our website!

Top 10 Vandalism Sites for January 2013

Maximo WorkOrders submitted by sites show the volume of work split among 387 technicians.

Vandalism Expenses December 2012

A Maintenance Christmas is a special Christmas for a specially chosen school that is in need for the holidays. Maintenance is celebrating its 8th annual Adopt-a-School Christmas. This year Maintenance has adopted Claude Perkins. That means that every child will receive a toy, a book and a goodie bag from Santa Claus. Maintenance also provides 25-18 gallon totes full of food and a turkey to the families in need of a Christmas dinner. All funds to support this mission are obtained from various fundraisers conducted throughout the entire year and everything raised is 100% used toward our school choice. What a wonderful way to give at the holidays, ask our other adopted schools:
2005 & 2006 Mountain View
2007 Robert Lunt
2008 Whitney
2009 William Moore
2010 Cyril Wengert
2011 Helen Herr
All Maintenance employees agree, giving back to the children within our own community is very fulfilling. Merry Christmas!

[10/08/12]   Maximo numbers remain high for September 2012. New work orders for the month totaled 9,455 and completed work orders for the month totaled 8,190. Back in 2010, before RIF, completed work orders totaled 9,428.

September 2012 Top 10 Vandalism Reported

August 2012 Top 10 Vandalism Reported

Statistics are now posted for Maintenance for the 2011-12 FY.

[06/19/12]   June has become a very busy month for the CCSD Maintenance department. Along with the Maximo Upgrade and completed changeover of all sites to SuiteReq, we have also distributed Androids to all our employees. This was done in anticipation of saving $50k by switching to T-Mobile and accessing our CCSD wifi for calls, internet and email. At a point in the near future our technicians will receive their work orders via their email right on their cell phones. In addition, office personnel has been collecting updated inventory on all vehicles and major assets.

We look forward to a new fiscal year and all the great new technology it will bring to the department!

Maximo 7.5 is here! Final rollout date is June 20th!

's cover photo

[04/30/12]   What's New in Maximo 7.5?
At the end of May, Work Management will be giving Maximo an upgrade. This upgrade will have new features and usability enhancements that will make Maximo more user friendly. Although there are 137 pages of new features being added to Maximo 7.5, we will give you a brief demo of some of the most exciting ones.

The new Maximo will have some of the great features that Microsoft Word has like spell check, highlighting and font editing within all long description fields. This means you will be able to format text the way you want to see it. Some of the other features will include an updated look and feel and a faster date/time look up. The browser section has also been upgraded. This will allow users to zoom in or zoom out of the application screens. This feature will make reading some of the content easier.

The Assignment Manager function has been moved to a Tab in the Work Order Module. This way assignment of a work order can be done right from the work order tracking screen using the Assignment Tab. This will enable supervisors and lead technicians to open, plan and assign work orders all in one place.
Heads down data entry is a new feature throughout Maximo 7.5. It will allow the user to continue entering information into the fields without stopping to tell you to correct an error. Once you are done with entry and ready to save, just go back and fix the fields that say they need correcting.

One of the biggest features of the new Maximo is the Ad-Hoc reporting tool. This will allow every user to use the list screen they are on and create a report with all of the information they need, even if it isn’t part of the list. It is quick and easy to learn and once you create a report you can save it to use again later for up to the minute information you need frequently. A lot of information that you can’t get by downloading the list on the screen can be produced by choosing the extra report fields you desire. This will give everyone a custom set of reports all to themselves that they can modify whenever new information is needed.

The new work order request application SuiteReq will be continued with the new version of Maximo. This means that sites putting in work orders will no longer be allowed to prioritize their requests. Priority, shop, work type and names of categories are decided by the answers they select in the request application. This should reduce hard to understand wording, lack of crucial information, duplicate requests, and work orders sent to the wrong shops. We will continue to improve and fine tune this system to ensure it assists technicians in getting the most complete and useful information on their work orders.

Also in the future, our new version of Maximo will allow us to use mobile devices in a more affordable way. We still have a budget crisis that prevents us from providing a mobile Maximo solution to every user, however we are happy to report that new capabilities of Maximo and the devices that can be used will make it a real possibility in the future for our technicians to use some sort of mobile device for accessing Maximo from the job sites.

Congratulations to the Fence and Furniture Repair Shops. A change in their work management has increased their wrench time over 20%! Also, a big thank you to Monica Boyle who has overseen this project.

The Fundamentals: 5 Ways To Cut Costs While Shooting Your Maintenance Effort In The Foot

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From vandalism to motivation, facilities director handles it all with a smile

By Anthony Springer, CCSD Communications

With 357 schools and several offices throughout the valley, Clark County School District’s Facilities Department has their hands and tool belts full every day. Randy Shingleton, the department’s director III, is one of the people that holds it all together.

Shingleton’s supervisory work load includes more than 20 facilities shops, 18 facilities representatives and five regional representatives. With so many divisions and a number of properties to look after, the odds of successfully planning a work week may be lower than rolling snake eyes at a local casino.[Image:3152012_43959_0.jpg]

“There is no typical day, said Shingleton, a 16-year employee with the district. “We deal quite a bit with crises that pop up from day-to-day. One day might be quiet, the next something might be taking off at a school, things breaking down, fire, vandalism, theft. You name it we deal with it.”

One memorable project Shingleton recalls is the effort to restore the three high schools designated for the turnaround project. The renovation and rehabbing necessary at Western, Cheyenne and Mojave became a learning experience for the team of facilities professionals responsible.

“We dealt with all the vandalism that accumulated. Being that they were turnaround schools, Superintendent Jones wanted to make sure those schools were back in top shape.”

The key word in Shingleton’s statement is “accumulated.” The vandalism, built up over the years painted an interesting picture. Shingleton says more money was spent at Western, the result of more reports of vandalism. Mojave and Chaparral had additional work as a result of unreported issues.

“It came as a shock to a lot of people that all these issues had built up at those two schools…our biggest confusion was figuring out what was going on.”

There were no fingers pointed for the disparity of work. Instead of assigning blame, Shingleton used the experience as a conversation starter with his staff to ensure a buildup of repairs doesn’t happen again. A watchful eye today, he says, can prevent a lot of work tomorrow.

“We’ve made some adjustments,” he explained. “We’ve told staff, ‘If you’re out at a site and you see something wrong, we want you to report it.’ Now, every six months, we walk sites and see if there’s anything building up.”

When the subject of vandalism comes up, graffiti or broken glass may be the first things that come to mind. However, Shingleton cautions everyone at school sites to be on the lookout for signs of vandalism that aren’t always obvious.

“The biggest one lately is copper theft. We’ve had losses in the last several years from people cutting the wiring and cutting piping off the roofs.”

Aside from the unsightly damage, wire cutting for copper theft can lead to additional problems. “When that happens, Shingleton explained, “those pipes run your air conditioning. So there’s no air. Even the wiring, if it’s stolen from the lighting units, those could have serious impacts. We’re a little more fortunate than NV Energy that’s lost millions. Our losses are comparably less but it interrupts the flow.”

Shingleton offers simple advice to school administrators: “Get your custodial staff to walk around. If you see cover plates sitting next to poles in the parking lot, something might be wrong. Take a look at the roof to make sure nothing’s been tampered with.”

With so many responsibilities facing his team daily, Shingleton also makes sure to take time out to keep the troops motivated. While he notes that morale has taken a slight hit with each round of budget cuts, he makes time to point out the good things happening within the department.

“It is tough but we try to concentrate on making a big deal on our positives and Rave Reviews. We pat people on the back.”

The department’s employee of the month and employee of the year honors accomplish two goals. First, they recognize the hard work of those in the department and bring the team together. The employee of the year gets a prize each year, Shingleton says.

“We make prize packages through donations. Last year, we gave away a new camera. The year before, we sent an employee and spouse to a hotel with a massage package.”

The approach Shingleton brings to the job is one he learned many years ago during his time in the military.

“My dad was an enlisted guy. The first day I became an officer, I outranked him. It was very humbling to think, “Here’s a guy that’s got 30 years and I outrank him at 20-years of age. I’ve always learned that you can’t take anyone for granted. Every person in your organization reflects on you and makes or breaks you. Down to the custodians in the buildings, everybody here is important to me.”

Maintenance Roof Shop's Wrench time is considered BEST in Class according to Peak Industrial Solutions LLC standards. Asking how they maintain high wrench time consistently month to month..the answer is adding 1 to 2 hours of preventive maintenance to each site work order at the end of their day.

Maintenance received 13,315 work orders in the 1st-7 weeks of this quarter but still maintained 87% compliancy with response times!

CCSD Maintenance Wrench time runs an avg of 50% with an avg of 12% absenteeism.
PEAK Industrial Solutions, LLC states the National Average Wrench time shows 35% is good and 65% is BEST in class.

This graph shows the Accumulative factors affecting the Maintenance department. Over the years, the square footage has increased but staffing has continued to decrease. Overall, Maintenance is striving to do more with less as the wrenchtime (actual work hours recorded at each site) is increasing.

Clark County School District Maintenance

Welcome to the Clark County School District Maintenance Department, in Las Vegas, NV. Scan the QR code above to visit our website!

This Key Performance Indicator shows average response and average completion times for Priority 1 and 2 workorders over approx. 8000 sq. miles.

Maximo WorkOrders submitted by sites show the volume of work split among 394 technicians.

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