Seedling Theatre Company, Henderson, NV Video June 29, 2018, 8:40pm

Videos by Seedling Theatre Company in Henderson. Seedling Theater Company, is a performing arts conservatory and venue for children and teens in Henderson, NV. STC--Where young performers are grown.

Finale number for Disney Sings camp. So C.U.T.E. (P.S. Coco’s our favorite soundtrack at the mo)

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Ever wonder what goes on at Seedling after the last show of the weekend? Celebrating Kalena’s birthday!

Our unique week-long camps fit your family's summer schedule and ignite your child's imagination. See what makes our theater so special--enroll today!

Be a part of our world...
The Little Mermaid returns this Spring to all Seedling musical theatre classes! Check out this production from last summer. Register now to reserve your child's spot! Photography by Meg Ruth Photo

Finale number for Disney Sings camp. So C.U.T.E. (P.S. Coco’s our favorite soundtrack at the mo)

Pint-size performers sing Disney's hits at this week's camp
Our adorable little stars in their vocal camp recital this morning. Thank you to our wonderful teachers Nikole York and Bridgette Long for creating such a darling showcase.

Seussical is coming this Fall to Seedling!
Here are two of our amazing teachers Nikole and Kimbur performing The One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz and Amazing Maizie. Auditions for our Showcase cast are July 9th. Call for an afternoon audition slot. 702-286-7242

Notice me Horton from Seussical
One of the songs from our upcoming Fall semester's musical production "Seussical the Musical" sung by Kalena and Gilbert

Who knew that launching junk onto the stage would be the highlight of our after-party?

Seedling Sing Along Feb 27
Last Thursday's 6:05 Sing-Along--love that these kids are always enthusiastic about everything :)

Thursday Night 6:05 Sing-Along
THIS is why I love my job. And why our studio is THE BEST The Seedling 6:05 Sing-A-Long

First week of Spring Semester! Our new Showcase Cast of The Lion King doing a first read-through. Phenomenal group of talented kids--I can't wait 'til May 4th and 5th to see the end result.

Behind the scenes at our Showcase cast dinner break between their matinee and final performance of Peter Pan Jr. It’s non-stop 24/7 with these kids. We love it! They can’t wait to kickoff Lion King in a few weeks....can you tell?

Harry Reid's "Yesterday"
Awesome show last night for Ms Britni's private vocal students!

First day of our new semester--our Teen Musical Theatre class is getting to know each other--in an unconventional way!😁

Adventures Camp video
Adventures on Stage Camp with our Sprouts on Wednesday. We made this trailer for a fictitious movie called Super Kids to the Rescue! It's a riot.

Day one of Improv camp--I feel like taking video constantly. This is such a fun class, I just want to sneak in and pretend I'm one of the kids. Thank you Darren Pintura and Derek Shipman from Vegas Theatre Hub for coming out our way to run this awesome camp! Their show is this Friday night at 7 pm--admission is free. Come spend an evening of interactive comedy with us and see these awesome kids in action

First day of camp for the cast of The Adventures of Little Red Robin Hood--taking a break with some theatre games. These kids are so amazing, can't wait for their show on Saturday 1:00pm (open to the public, admission is free)

Cast party Into the Woods
This is our 4th grade Little Red Riding Hood, Kami Johnson belting out Evanescence at our cast party Saturday night after the the show

Improv with the older kids would go for hours if it were up to them :) So many talented kids are finding their way to Seedling. It's such an exciting time!

Our Sprouts are some serious performers in the making!

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