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Support services for attorneys, businesses, public consumers, signing & closing, title, escrow, and financial/lending companies.

Let me help you! Paralegal and mobile notary signature services provided to your company in an efficient, reliable, cost-effective and professional manner. Over 18 years experience and it shows! From court pleadings to real estate closings, LGL Paralegal & Notary Services is there for you.

Mission: My name is Stacey Burns. I am a paralegal & notary public providing paralegal, transcription and outside closing/mobile notary signing agent services to local title companies, local law firms and national title/signing companies.

[10/06/17]   I have been so busy that I have SO neglected my page! Hope everyone else in the industry is just as busy! With obtaining my title producer license last year, I was able to super expand my client base!

Please take note that I do travel to local reahb/nursing-home/long-term care facilities to efficiently and correctly notarize your loved one's much-needed paperwork (wills, POAs, etc).

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What is HARP and Why Does the Government Want Homeowners Reading This?

[01/18/16]   I have been so busy that I have SO neglected my page! Hope everyone else in the industry is just as busy! Next up is getting my title producer license (hopefully this upcoming week)!!!! Looking forward to expanding my services :)

[08/28/15]   Love when title companies contact me directly! The upcoming week is filling up with refi and purchases! Seriously, if you do not partake in social media, you are missing out - easy peasy way to promote your business! Have two new title companies that are not on here -- gotta put a bug in their ear ;)

[08/25/15]   Yikes! Take a vacation and then making up for it all night long! So glad that LGL is SO busy and in demand! I promise all of my clients to return phone calls, emails and texts by tomorrow early morning! Stacey

[08/15/15]   Witnessing safe deposit box drills -- love it! Love my friends at Fulton Bank and Diebold! My regular title companies have been keep LGL hoping throughout the summer! Taking a much needed week off (ssshhh...except for two closings that my hubby doesn't know about yet LOL!!!). When you have a top client, you do what is necessary to keep them happy!!!

[07/28/15]   EOM was insane! Could only close so many loans in a day! Very happy for a very busy day today ...and, actually, since late last week!

[06/18/15]   Sorry for not posting more -- but I have been slammed! From purchases to refinances to safe deposit box inventories -- LGL has them covered! Also picked up a new law firm client! Very happy about that!! Thanks, as always, for supporting LGL!

[06/01/15]   Does not matter what day of the week it is -- LGL works pretty much 24/7! Provided Estate Planning forms and notarized same for a client today; printing out loan packages for this week; and finally finalizing my next marketing blitz :) Hope you all had a wonderful week! Remember, LGL is here to help with all of your needs ranging from loan closings; paralegal services; safe-deposit box inventories and so much more! Stacey :)

[05/22/15]   LGL has been so busy -- which I love! Thankfully tomorrow I was able to block my schedule -- and will be heading outta town with my three babes (Logan, Grace & Landon -- see -- LGL ;) with my hubby to our cabin in the woods! Happy early Memorial Day Weekend my friends! Please say a prayer for all fallen soldiers on Monday! Fly your flag high! Stacey

[05/16/15]   Wow, what a week it has been! Closings have been coming in left and right! Very blessed for the business and clients that LGL has! Next week, I have six closings scheduled already! When it's good...it is so good!!! Don't forget, LGL Paralegal & Notary Services is dedicated to providing first-class service from real estate closing transactions; law firm assistance; safe-deposit box inventories; debt settlement; reverse mortgage applications and loan closings; and more! Enjoy the weekend!

Jersey General Salsa Company

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[04/24/15]   The printer is working overtime tonight! Six closings on board for tomorrow -- EOM is here in full force!!! (Secretly counting down until I head to our cabin on Saturday morning with my three kids as I am so going to need it!!!) LGL Paralegal & Notary Services is thrilled and blessed to have such an outstanding client-base!


Jersey General Salsa - New Jersey award winning salsa

Finally sitting down - grabbing my book and a bowl of crunchies! Thanks http://jerseygeneralsalsa.com/ for making my late-night snack that much more yummy! This EOM has me so insane!! Thanks to all title companies who got it together -- so far!! Happy EOM!!!

jerseygeneralsalsa.com Award winning New Jersey mango salsa by The General Salsa Company


LGL Paralegal & Notary Services

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[03/06/15]   Even though the weather was horrendous today and my van got stuck and needed a tow out of a massive snow pile, LGL got the job done! Refinances complete and even made a law firm contact while trying to dig out my van at a closing!


Woodloch Resort | All-Inclusive Family Vacations in the Poconos Mountains, PA

As the Publisher/Editor of Princeton-Hamilton Macaroni Kid, I had the privilege this weekend to check out our latest Macaroni Friend - Woodloch Resort! Hands down, the Resort certainly earned and deserves their 1st place spot as the #1 All-Inclusive travel destination is within the US according to TripAdvisor! My family (five members) were welcomed upon our arrival; shown to our fabulously huge room; the event calendar for the Resort was such that we simply did not have the time nor energy to do it all (thank you Woodloch)!! You actually caused my three babes to pass out cold at dinner because they were so busy during the day with all of the events and activities!!!) I will be posting video, pictures and my full write-up this week, but trust me -- this is one Resort that you must go to! Again, I feel very honored to be able to share my families' weekend at this local resort! Hats off to the Woodloch Resort www.woodloch.com

woodloch.com Woodloch Resort of Pennsylvania offers all-inclusive family vacations, group getaways and corporate retreats, featuring delicious meals daily, spacious accommodations, amenities and nightly entertainment.

Vino & Palette

LGL has been super busy! I love busy!!!! Make sure to show some Facebook love to a dear friend of mine and her page!!! https://www.facebook.com/VinoPalette?fref=ts

Don't look for us in the typical studio setting. Experience the V & P difference on location in restaurants near you (Robbinsville, Hamilton, Princeton). Events are only as scheduled here on FB or inquire about our mailing list: [email protected].


Woodloch Resort | All-Inclusive Family Vacations in the Poconos Mountains, PA

Looking to book a fabulous getaway this winter and for Spring Break? Look no further! You simply must check out Woodloch Resort in the Poconos!!! They are a premiere US destination and were recently voted #1 by Trip Advisor!! http://www.woodloch.com/

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'He has always been our hero' - Family mourns N.J. restaurateur killed in Florida mall shooting

This is just heartbreaking. Prayers to his family from LGL Paralegal & Notary Services.

nj.com Coppola, head chef at Padrino's Bistro & Italian Steakhouse in Hamilton, was shot to death Saturday at a Melbourne, Fla., mall protecting a woman he did not know


LGL Paralegal & Notary Services | Hamilton, NJ 08610

At least it's Friday night! Still working though! LGL never stops!!!! Just scheduled two closings for Monday morning. Have two tomorrow as well and a phone conference with a law firm in Ewing looking for a contract paralegal! Business is good; have to love that!!! http://www.lglparalegalandnotary.com/


[01/07/15]   Sharing the love!! https://www.facebook.com/ENNABACHELORNOTARY

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[12/24/14]   LGL Paralegal & Notary
wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season! Many blessings for the New Year!!


Click here to support Help Amy beat Cancer by Chris Merrick

Get the HOLIDAY SPIRIT and help a local Sunnybrae family in need!
Please join us at Friendly’s Restaurant this Friday, December 12 between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. to support The Dobrigna family. Friendly’s has agreed to donate 20% of each bill to help this wonderful family!
We are reaching out to all our friends and family who have the blessing of good health, and enough money to pay the bills and put food on the table. This is truly a blessing as not all can be so fortunate. This holiday season, we are putting forth efforts to assist The Dobrigna family and help ease the stress associated with an unexpected health issue.
The Dobrigna family has seen some difficult times this year as Amy Dobrigna was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer early in 2014. Amy and her husband Carlo live in Hamilton and have two beautiful children, Vinnie and Angie, in Sunnybrae Elementary School.
Since her diagnosis, Amy has had multiple surgeries and cancer treatments which continue to this day. Being unable to work has created a financial strain and any assistance we bring her and her family would be greatly appreciated!
Amy and Carlo volunteer countless hours at Sunnybrae Elementary School and Sunnybrae Little League. Carlo has also voluntarily adopted the entrance into Groveville on Church Street and is responsible for its beauty as we enter our quaint village.
With the holiday season upon us, please count your blessings and give thanks for all good in your life. As some of us struggle to survive, be reminded that you and your family have good health and that we should always help those who are in need!
The restaurant is located at Route 33 and Washington Boulevard in Robbinsville (on the Hamilton border, next to St. Gregs Church). Kids meals are $5.99 and $6.99 and include a drink and great ice cream. Adult meals are reasonable--a hamburger with one side is $7.49.
In the event you are unable to attend, a fund-raising account has been created and any donations would be appreciated. To make your online donation, simply used the following link:
Thank you and have a wonderful Holiday!

gofundme.com We are looking to raise money for our friend Amy who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. Her and her family's entire life changed when she went to what she thought what was to be a routine breast exam, but resulted in her having a double mastecomy. As she continues her fight to...

[12/07/14]   Fellow notaries -- what are you doing now to market to more clients? Let me know! LGL is very happy to have a solid schedule this upcoming week between law firm files and closings. Still in the process of creating marketing material to hit banks as far as safe deposit box witnessing goes! How do you market your business?

[11/30/14]   LGL Paralegal & Notary Services is excited to offer our newest service! LGL can assist individuals, banks, financial institutions and estate attorneys with “witnessing the opening of safe deposit boxes”. LGL is very happy to announce our first established corporate account! For more information as to this service and associated fees, please send us a message!

[11/16/14]   Thanks for the new likes! Even though it is the weekend, it does not mean that the work stops! Tackling four law firm files (two motions; an adoption petition and a guardianship petition!) and confirming the four refinances and a loan mod signing on base for next week! And it's Saturday!! LGL goes above and beyond!

[11/14/14]   First refinance of the day done! Now on to a reverse mortgage application appointment!

Been so long since I posted! I have been super slammed -- which is always a wonderful thing! Closings, loan mod signing, reverse mortgages and more -- LGL is there for you! I just notarized quite a bit of nursing school applicants's applications -- one person finds you, and then the rest follow! Fabulous new contact! Sharing this event that I host for my children's school! Anyone in NJ should SO check it out! Great time and chance to win some super designer handbags!!!


Vote for TRAVIS LADA - HAMILTON, NJ in the 2014 National Mobility Awareness Month Local Hero...

Been so long that I updated my page...been busy with this, that and so much more...if you see this post, then please, help me help a friend!

mobilityawarenessmonth.com Everyone has a story to tell. Help us spread the word of National Mobility Awareness Month and the opportunity for Local Heroes to win a Free 2014 wheelchair accessible vehicle.


LGL Paralegal & Notary Services | Hamilton, NJ 08610

LGL Paralegal & Notary Services provides traveling notary public services for elderly, sick, disabled citizens. We will travel to a location of your preference within the New Jersey counties of Mercer and Burlington! For more information about our services, visit www.lglparalegalandnotary.com


[10/25/13]   While the business has had its ups and downs with the market, happy that I am still averaging five to seven closings a week! Starting my class next week to obtain my title producer license so hoping that will boost my client base!

[09/19/13]   Four closings today --- toss in groceries, kid school fundraising and more...just another typical day!!! #lovemylife

[08/28/13]   Summer has slowed the business a bit...since my three kids and me are all home together! Love that and love looking forward to a continued flow of work into the fall!! So blessed to be able to run this business, make a living out of it, and still have the time for my most important people...my husband and three babes!

[07/03/13]   LGL Paralegal & Notary Services has been very busy! But wanted to take the time to wish everyone a very very safe and happy Fourth of July!! Blessings to you and your family for a wonderful holiday!


Jersey Girl - Network 33

jerseygirlnetwork33june11.eventbrite.com Join us for our quarterly Jersey Girl - Network 33 event. Our Purpose: Increase our personal and business networks and improve and grow our...

[05/17/13]   Been very busy lately!!! Cannot complain -- business is good and life is great! Enjoy the weekend!

[03/20/13]   No slow down this month!!! March has been totally insane!!! Love it and love my clients!!! Thank you for putting forth your trust in LGL Paralegal & Notary Services!!!

[03/11/13]   Looking for a cost-effective way to advertise within your own community? Look no further!!! The Kisthardt Elementary School is hosting it's 3rd Annual Spring Bingo and Tricky Tray Gala on April 19, 2013. By simply donating either a good/service, gift certificate or purchased item in your business’s name, your flyer, brochure, business card, etc. will be included -- not only in our swag bags, which will be distributed during the event -- but your business name and logo will appear both in the Gala brochure and sponsor poster which will be displayed for everyone within YOUR community to see!!! For more details and to sign up for this amazing opportunity, please call me at 609-372-7815!

[02/23/13]   Business has kicked my butt this week! Closings done for today -- three refi's tomorrow and Monday, Tuesday and Friday are already booked! Looks like another busy week to come!!

[02/17/13]   Been a very busy few months!!! This week's schedule is crammed!!!! Still appointments available though if you need a closing handled professionally, expertly and flawlessly!!


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[01/08/13]   Busy day; busy night -- five refi's tonight (thankfully one borrower, 9 total investment properties they are refinancing between tonight and Monday!!).

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