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We are devoted to building better relationships between dogs and people. Clarity-Canine uses balanced training methods with proven scientific techniques.

Clarity-Canine provides canine education courses to the public.

Whiskey practicing his down stays yesterday.

Whiskey Recalls

Whiskey practicing his recalls!

Plato recalls

Plato being Plato 🤣 Working on his recalls and throwing his own flare in there.


Todd trying to engage Whiskey in play. We are working on him having fun and being more comfortable. He is still too nervous to take treats so this is another option we can try.

Meet Whiskey the GSD! He's here for a 10 day camp. Whiskey is a very nervous dog that doesnt always react to situations the way his owner would like. We are working on building his confidence while teaching him correct responses to potentially scary situations.

Plato Treadmill

Plato is learning the treadmill. This is his second time on.

Fritz Treadmill

Fritz working on some treadmill excercise. We usually do an obedience session and a treadmill workout for at least one of our sessions during the day. Once the dogs are fluent with basic commands we can take them out on the field for some fun and recall work!

Plato looking pretty handsome in the sunshine ;)

Charlie practicing his bed stay!

Fritz practicing his bed stay!

Meet Plato the Viszla! He's here for a 20 Day Camp. Here he is practicing his bed stay with former camp girls Scout & Ziva, with their sister Elvira the pitbull. They are her for touch up training while their owners are out of town.

Meet Winnie the lab! She and her new friend Arlo are enjoying their Positive Puppy Socialization Camps! They even got to visit the lake!

Meet Charlie & Fritz! They are brothers from another mother. They are super sweet boys!

Arlo on an outing!!

Jules got to help us clean clean up the training field the other day!

Please welcome new camp dogs Arlo the Texas Heeler and Jules the Doodle! Arlo is here for puppy camp and Jules is here for a 10 day Manners Camp.

Moose took an outing with one of our trainers. Shes working on her loose leash walking and enjoying the spring air!

Moose is working on her leash walking and exploring the world!

Meet Moose the Samoyed! She is here for a Socialization Camp!

We are pleased to announce we will be opening some group activities starting Saturday with the restrictions lifting in our county. This includes IGP Protection Saturday May 9th, and Mondioring Club day on Sunday, May 10th. We will be starting private lessons next week. There will be some limitations:

1. We will be outside only. If the weather doesn't allow us outside we need to cancel.
2. We are still practicing distancing and sanitizing.
3. We ask that if you feel ill or have any Covid-19 related symptoms, please stay home.
4. We do have people that may come in from other states so please be aware.
5. We will not have a restroom available at this time.

We are very excited to see everyone again! Lets keep everyone safe!

Max is doing great getting out and learning new things!

Meet Max the 4 month old husky! He's here for a Socialization Camp. He's already getting out and about! He is working on his leash walking here.

Claire- palisade

Claire training the Palisade for a sport called Mondioring. Here she is jumping 2.3 meters (just under 8ft), the maximum height at the highest level in competition. She is here for a sport camp. She has been coming since she was about a year old.

Just Akira

Akira- 2nd Outing

Akira visited the local Busy Beaver! In this video we were working on her walking and there was a loud noise around the corner. She responded how we would like to see, immediately investigating.

This is a scenario that could potentially be scary for some dogs/puppies. Had she been timid or wanted to retreat we would have given treats near the scary thing or area and turned that into a positive instead of a negative.

Akira working on some leash walking yesterday with Todd. She also was introduced to her tether. We like to use tethering and bed stays to teach dogs how to be calm in the house while still being able to be present with the family. We are also teaching her some crate training that will help her be comfortable in a crate and aid in her housetraining. She fell asleep during our family dinner on her tether last night, this is our goal for tethering!

Akira- 1st Outing

Akira's first outing to Tractor Supply. All we are looking for here is for her to experience new things, be confident, comfortable, and behave appropriately, not barking for example. The goal is to have puppies/dogs neutral in environments.

We do not allow dogs to come greet or people to pet! This is important because we have no control over strange people or strange dogs. We want you and your dogs relationship to be the superstar here. Proper dog socialization is not about them meeting strangers and strange dogs! Would you drop your young child in the middle of a group of strangers and tell them to go socialize? Are you sure you trust those same people to teach your child all the correct responses to said socialization?

Akira did very well and was a super confidant little husky. We are still teaching her, her name means something and we working on a little leash walking!

Akira- Day 1 Recalls

Akira is working on some restrained recalls. She doesn't know her name yet so we aren't adding a formal "come" command. Restrained recalls are a really good way to teach your dog the "come" command. Here we are using kibble and praise as a reward.

Meet Akira the 8 week old Husky! She is here for a Socialization Camp. She is learning her name and being exposed to a bunch of new things! Keep your eye out for videos of this little cutie!

To Our Extended Dog Training Family:

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions there will be changes on how we are operating until restrictions are lifted. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience but this wont last forever! Here are a few changes...

1. We are postponing both our clinics for the month of April. We will be keeping everyone up to date on the new schedule. This includes the Decoy Clinic and the Ecollar Seminar.

2. At this current time we cannot conduct privates or classes. We will re-evaluate in the next couple weeks of when we can start up again.

3. We ARE accepting Camp dogs! Since we do not have contact with masses of people for camps we feel this is still a safe option.

4. We will posting some training videos shortly. They are primarily competition based as we are working our own dogs but there will be relative pet info as well. Videos include puppy engagement, starting place/heel, positions, working the Defense of Handler, all about our Socialization Camp and puppy/adult IGP tracking.

We are still available over the phone, email, or messenger for questions and training advice. Keep on training and stay tuned!

[03/19/20]   Due to the mandated closure of all non-essential businesses we are halting all events and classes at this time. We hope to be posting some training videos soon. We will be updating here when we are back to normal hours. Keep Training!

Meet Robin the Shikoku! She is here for a manners camp. True to her breed, she can be aloof and disconnected. However she is proving to be a very smart, sensitive, and beautiful girl!

Gidget & Xavi

Gidget & Xavier

Gidget practicing her down stay under distraction, baby chicks! Xavier is learning to be calm and comfortable in new surroundings.

Just a reminder! There are no classes tomorrow - Tuesday! Keep training and see everyone next week!

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Clarity-Canine provides balanced canine training courses to the public.

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Whiskey Recalls
Plato recalls
Plato Treadmill
Fritz Treadmill
Claire- palisade
Akira- 2nd Outing
Akira- 1st Outing
Akira- Day 1 Recalls
Gidget & Xavi
Gidget & Xavier





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