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Word of Life Christian Center


The Bible is a compendium of folk tales and fables recounted orally for generations by primitive tribes from the stone age. This is the Old Testament. The new Testes is hearsay since these gospels were written by the faithful not by objective historians of that particular time. There are no gods! === https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/cogs.12138 Keep the Lies of gods away from children! Forcing religion onto minors is essentially a form of child abuse, which scars their ability to reason and also limits their ability to consider the world in an unbiased manner. ''...exposure to religious ideas has a powerful impact on children's differentiation between reality and fiction, not just for religious stories but also for fantastical stories.'' Time to start arresting these liars for their fraud !

Word of Life Christian Center is a non-denominational, charismatic church located in Greenville, PA

We’ve upgraded our equipment and have been working hard this week to be able to provide a higher quality livestream. Join us this Sunday at church or right here on Facebook!

The Blessing - The Worshicken / Elevation Worship

So here's something a bit, um, different to brighten up your Tuesday. Enjoy, the Worshicken... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1ZjB0UOzOg

Hello there! I hope you enjoy my first cover called "The Blessing". Original song by my dear friends Elevation Worship, Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes. Follow me:...

[05/17/20]   So our second livestream went much better than last week. Unfortunately, “someone” started the video on their personal page instead of the church page. 🤦‍♂️ In spite of that, the full video is online and publicly viewable in case you missed it.

So join us right here next week to find out if they’re right when they say third time’s the charm!

[05/10/20]   So our very first livestream this morning left a lot to be desired. We had problems with our Internet connection and camera, so it was late starting and a bit rocky to say the least. Despite all that, we still managed to capture most of the service. We learned quite a few things this morning, so future streams should go much smoother. Thanks for your patience while we get this all figured out.

Word of Life Christian Center

Here is the May Blessing Nook information.

Good Friday

Here is the Blessing Nook information for the month of April.

We’ve been working hard all evening to come up with a way to be able stream worship on our Zoom meeting, and we’re excited to say that we think we’ve found a way! We’re going to give it a try tomorrow morning and see how it goes!

[04/04/20]   !!! IMPORTANT ZOOM UPDATE !!!

Due to some changes in Zoom's security policy, you will now be prompted to enter a password after you enter the meeting ID. The meeting ID is 261-950-6761 and the password is 294525. All of the scheduled online meetings have been updated with an image showing both the meeting ID and password. Please like and share this post so that we can get this update to as many people as possible.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning!

[04/03/20]   Good morning Church family and friends!

If you've been watching or reading the news, you've probably seen some concerning things regarding Zoom, the application we've been using for our virtual weekly services. We wanted to give a brief update on what we've done to help ensure a safe meeting for everyone.

First, most of the issues with Zoom meetings are because of very relaxed default settings. As one example, if you've heard the term "Zoombombing", that's when an uninvited guest joins the meeting and shares objectionable content. This can happen very easily with Zoom because the default settings allow anyone who joins a meeting to share their screen. However, this setting can be changed to not allow anyone to share their screen.

With that example in mind, we have gone through each and every setting in our Zoom meeting and locked everything down as much as possible. By disallowing screen sharing and text chatting, many of the issues that have been reported are no longer a concern.

Additionally, we monitor the meeting very closely while it is in session. Because we want to leave the meeting open for anyone to be able to join us, there is no guarantee that someone wouldn't join with disruptive intent. However, if that were to occur, we have the ability to quickly remove that person from the meeting so that any disruption would be very minimal.

Although these issues and a few others do exist with Zoom, we still feel it is the best tool for running our weekly meetings. The likelihood that we would have an issue is very remote, but we are prepared if something were to happen. We are closely monitoring the situation with Zoom and we would never advise anyone to use something if we felt that it was unsafe in any way.

So we look forward to seeing you all again on Sunday! Rest assured that we have taken many precautions to assure that our Zoom meeting will be safe for everyone.

[04/01/20]   Church family and friends,

Due to the recent extension of the federal guidelines for social distancing, we will be having our services via Zoom online meetings for at least the next 4 weeks through Sunday, April 26. We will be posting a Facebook event for each service so that you can easily join us each week.

Feel free to invite your family and friends to join us! This is a wonderful opportunity for us to minister to people anywhere in the world. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Well, our first Zoom online service was a huge success! We had 42 people on the video call this morning!

Each week we will post our plans on this page until things get back to normal, so make sure to like and follow our page for the latest information!

[03/21/20]   Church family and friends,

As our latest video from Pastor Bill said, we will be meeting tomorrow using Zoom Cloud Meetings. If you haven’t done so already, please download the app so you’ll be ready for tomorrow. The Zoom meeting is open right now so you can test the connection, and I will leave it open until at least 6:00 this evening.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, choose to “Join a meeting” and enter the meeting ID 261-950-6761. If you’re prompted, allow access to your camera and microphone. You can also join from a computer or laptop by going to zoom.us.

Give it a try this afternoon so we can get everyone connected smoothly tomorrow morning!

A message from Pastor Bill about our service tomorrow.

[03/21/20]   Church family and friends,

After some prayerful consideration, we have made the difficult decision that we will not be meeting at the church for service this Sunday so that we can remain in compliance with the current county, state and federal guidelines for social distancing. Instead, we will be hosting a virtual meeting via Zoom video conferencing. Pastor Bill will be posting a video message to our page with more details tomorrow afternoon.

To prepare, make sure you download and install Zoom Cloud Meetings from your app store and create an account so you'll be ready to join quickly on Sunday.

We look forward to virtually seeing all of you this Sunday and we are excited to use this opportunity to continue what God is doing in our church even through these challenging times. Remember, WE are the Church, no matter where we meet!


February 2, 2020 — Word of Life

February 2, 2020 https://www.wordolcc.org/sermons/2020/2/2/february-2-2020



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