Logo's Taxidermy

Logo's Taxidermy


This Buck was injured in a fight with another Buck approximately a week or so before I killed him... the wounds on his right shoulder were puncture wounds made by the times of a rival during a sparring match. Logos Taxidermy preserved the scars perfectly. I have also seen pheasant mounts and other bucks that Corey has done... All were absolutely flawless. πŸ¦ƒπŸ¦†πŸ¦Œ

State of the art taxidermy services by Corey Logo. www.logostaxidermy.com

taking a moment to post some pics for you all to enjoy!

I just finished competing at Pennsylvania State show with this grouse I did for a customer , It won 1st place in the Masters Division , 2019 State Champion Bird, Ruffed Grouse Society award and the Jack Wilson Memorial Award for the best bird mount.

if you have not seen a buck in the woods yet , then here are a few to look at!

Wow this Common Loon was a privilege and an amazing project that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hired me for.
Just a note for anyone who is not aware , you can not hunt or kill these birds ... "very illegal'', this bird was found dead and a special permit had to be acquired and now will be put on display for educational purposes .

10/23/2018 for all you bird lovers!

[10/08/18]   I will be holding a class this Friday 10 /12 at 6pm to demonstrate how to cape out a deer head , and things you need to know due to the rules in place for transporting deer and species that carry CWD into the state of Pennsylvania . Keep in mind you cannot even take an out of state deer to a processing place unless it has been quartered up in the state in which it was harvested from and all the potential parts that hold the disease is removed . Again I welcome anyone who wants to learn this process if you or someone you know is planning to go out of state to hunt in the future. Also no taxidermist in the state is allowed to take an out of state head unless it has been caped and the skull plate removed . PM me if you plan to attend, it will take approximately a half hour to go thru the process.

[10/03/18]   Due to the concerns of CWD and new laws in effect about the transport of animals that carry the disease , I will be holding a hands on class here at the shop to show you how to cape out a head and remove antlers to safely transport across state lines . I will post dates as heads become available . Please use these resources I'm offering to your advantage to further prevent the spread of this disease . Anybody is welcome to attend this . If you have any questions please feel free to PM me . Keep watching for dates as they become available.

Today we have a Chain Pickerel and a Drake Canvasback .Enjoy!!

Here is a 1/2 life size whitetail wall mount that i think deserved a spotlight by its self . This is on job that made me really proud to know that this is what I do for a living .

8/28/18 pics of the day. I'm working on everything !

08/22/18 Enjoy !

Sorry everybody , I have not posted any pics in awhile . I have been so busy here in the shop working . So here are a few to start out with . I have a BUNCH more to follow!

One at a time , I plug away adding another piece of art to a happy hunters trophy room!

Monday pics for your viewing pleasure

This is a continuation from yesterday of the deer that I have to remount of more garbage poor craftsmen ship I found . 16 penny nails to hold the skull plate down , a pound of staples and pins because no glue was used , the skull plate still had rotted meat on it and the skin was stapled and had not been sown. And to top it off as I had rehydrated the skin in the sink what came crawling out but dermestid beetles , for those who don't know those are the ones that eat and destroy a mount , they were there for obvious reasons with meat on the skull plate and an un tanned skin .
So with all that being said , I have no problem with a man or woman who puts forth honest effort to put a mount together , but if someone can do this and charge a guy a price , well....shame on you !
We once had a standard that had to be met , a certified board to be licensed in this state to weed out people that did this kind of garbage and by no means is it the customers fault , some people just don't know or understand the proper work of this trade .

So I have to remount a whitetail for a customer that had to learn a tough lesson. As I am just beginning to tear this mount apart I'm finding the skin was never tanned #1 biggest no no in taxidermy 2nd the ear butts were packed with excelsior, and not clay .. why ?? This is 2018 not 1918 . Bottom line is you go cheap you get cheap and end up paying the price twice . I don't expect to get every deer in nor do I want every deer but instead I want all of you to be educated in what to look for when you pick a taxidermist to do your next mount . Good taxidermy costs for a reason , I hate to see people waste money on a piece of garbage they are ashamed to show anyone . There are a lot of people out there just trying to make a quick buck at your expense..
Make sure you ask questions, view their work , quality takes time .

I did this Indian warrior head with a snow goose wing , they look really cool done with a turkey wing.

Duck , Duck , Fish!

Its a Fishy kind of day!

This was a complete reconstruction on the left side of a rack . The wonders of what silicone , plastic , epoxy , paint and knowledge can do .

When I have to work the weekend , this is the work I enjoy doing.
You will never see a frown on my face when I'm in my happy place!!!

Wednesdays works of art, The pic of the Whitetail does not show off the true beauty, this piece stands 6' on the base and as for the Blue Goose I'm jealous cause I've yet to shoot one.

I only have one pic to show today , because I can't really post anything that I am taking to the Pa Taxidermy Championships until after the show.

Here are a few more cool things to look at today

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who brought their trophies here and put their trust in me this past hunting season, it was a busy season. I also want to thank everyone for their patience ,as you can see when the time is taken on a mount and not rushed the results are incredible. So here are a few more mounts that are going to make some people very proud to show off.

I have a bunch to post so we will keep the pics rolling!

Time to post some more pics, I'm a little past due.

Photos from Logo's Taxidermy's post

Here are some tips if you decide to cape your deer for mounting 1 st pic shows the back of a deers front leg . Always make you cut on the back of the leg following where the white and brown meet . Continue the cut behind the arm pit not in front , very important. It pic #2 you can see how it looks after the cut is made to each side and is laid out flat . If you have questions or are not sure feel free to message or call . Hope this helps

Tuesdays pics

Saturdays pics

todays pics are a Stag, Ram , and a happy beaver

This is something new starting this season to inspire all you duck hunters. Winners will be picked notified and announced on this page at the end of January . So Share this with all your duck hunting friends!

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