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Taxpayer sold a four family flat that she has been renting since January 1, 2006. The cost basis that was used for depreciation was $137,753. During the fourteen years that taxpayer owned this real property she has had more than one offer by someone wanting to purchase it. Spring of 2019 she was offered $272,000.00 This time she accepted the offer and the long term gain on the property was $190,192.00 I am writing this primarily to have input on whether I have handled this income properly. Also to ask if there is any way to save the taxpayer any money on taxes. According to my calculation the taxpayer(age 79) owes federal government $31,814.00 for taxes. Total taxable income for 2019 is $203,312 The tax rate I am using is 15% Taxpayer has $13,981 for Income from an IRA and $16,162 of her social security was considered taxable.
My question concerns a Partnership. The partnership began 1/01/2018 and is operated on a part time basis by three partners The first year was very simple and they had a profit of $308.00. The Partnership markets socks over the internet. 2019 became a little more complicated. One of the partners dropped out of the partnership as of 12/31/2019. The partner who started the business presented the Partnership with a bill for reimbursement for $54000.00 The breakout is as follows: Tutition $44,395.77, Macintosh Desktop IMAC $2,436.94, costs for business use of his home $1,037.51 and the remainder is for miscellaneous office expenses, travel and business meetings. The partner gave me a document(27 pages I believe) giving the reason the tutition should be considered deductible for business expense. Thus far the most I have been able to find is the possiblity of amortizing this expense over a fifteen year period. Can someone point me to the tax law on a business situation such as this or give me some suggestions on how to handle. The tutition was paid for by the company where the young man works. I have been told that the amount they paid was included in his income on his W2 as taxable income They have not given me a copy of the 1098T or the W2 showing the income reported as tutition
Hi, I am a tax preparer in Houston, Texas and will like to know if your program also helps small tax practices like mine acquire and train interested people to start their own Individual Tax business. I am looking at expanding my tax business to about five locations this and I will be glad if your program offers such training. Thx.
The online courses are excellent!
I do recommend the income tax school
Does the live chat start automatically?
Muj taleem ni mila rhi ha plz muj taleema delao
Hi! I'm working with a company that provides tax advice for all 50 states and I'd like to take a course on state income taxes. Do you have a course or courses that cover income tax for all states that have income tax?
Just called for information about your school. I appreciate that the person I spoke to was transparent. I'm trying to decide between your course and Liberty Tax. I've heard nothing but good things about your school, but there's a small chance Liberty MAY hire me after I take the course - so I don't have to find clients right away. The representative I spoke to said that she understand that the possibility of a opportunity - in lieu of trying to find my clients, certainly has an appeal to it, and that it may be the best way to go. I appreciated her candor. I feel that I will definitely be taking be one of your classes in the future.
what courses do you have in Southern California
I do taxes in New York, does the classes, self training and employee training apply to my state laws or just California?. I want to take classes and also give classes to a few perspective people to do taxes.

The national standard for tax preparation training, providing e-learning to tax, accounting and financial services professionals. Find us on Twitter: @TaxSchool

The Income Tax School (ITS) is the national standard for tax preparation training and provides e-learning to tax, accounting and financial services professionals. ITS also publishes student textbooks and instructor guides for classroom instruction by firms that provide in-house tax preparation training, as well as colleges and career schools. ITS is certified as a private career school by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV). The School currently offers more than 40 online income tax preparation training programs nationwide, ranging from 3-hour Continuing Professional Education (CPE) seminars to 30-80 hour courses, as well as the prestigious 180-hour ITS Chartered Tax Professional-CTP ® certificate program. In addition to tax preparation training, The Income Tax School also offers a Career Center, an Internship program, Retreats for tax business owners and Tax Practice Management manuals to help people get into the tax preparation industry and assist those who are already in the tax business. History ITS was originally developed in 1989 to meet the tax training needs of Peoples Income Tax, Inc. a tax preparation firm with multiple offices located in Richmond, Virginia. Charles McCabe, President and CEO of Peoples Income Tax, knew from past experience that it’s difficult to find qualified tax preparers on a seasonal basis. After working as Regional Director for a leading national firm for nearly 20 years, he knew training tax preparers in-house or “growing your own tax preparers” was the best solution. Starting in 1993 we made our tax school materials available to individuals as a way to learn taxes and to businesses as a way to train qualified tax preparers in-house. In 2001, ITS launched its online tax school and now teaches tax education to students nationwide and beyond. Many students are beginners who are learning taxes for the first time. However, we also have EAs, CPAs and CFPs that take our courses for Continuing Professional Education. Tax Business Owners Over the years the tax school materials have been refined and have been available for individuals and businesses since 1993 as a way to learn taxes and train qualified seasonal and year-round tax preparer in-house. Why send your employees and prospects to the competition when you can train them?

Mission: The Income Tax School is dedicated to providing useful information and resources to tax school students, tax professionals, tax business owners and tax school instructors to ensure their success.

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If you have been laid off from your job due to COVID-19, we would like to offer you a discount on your purchase with us. Our ITS Customer Care team will contact you back with the additional information required to qualify for this benefit. Learn more at

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Check out this article where our CEO, Chuck McGabe, gives his take on creating a successful online course! WHEN YOU BUY THROUGH LINKS ON OUR SITE, WE MAY EARN AN AFFILIATE COMMISSION AT NO COST TO YOU. PLEASE READ OUR DISCLOSURE TO LEARN MORE. Have you created an online course or digital training? Are you now having trouble generating leads to your opt-in forms? It's difficult to get people to opt-in or....

The material from our comprehensive tax course is completely online! Here is why that benefits you:

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Start your journey to Enrolled Agent today! Learn more about how you can become a #taxpro here:

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