Alley Valley Baptist Church

Alley Valley Baptist Church
Services every Sunday at 10 A.M. and 6 P.M.
Bible Study on Wednesdays at 7 P.M.
Pastor George Gibson
Everyone Welcome

[08/01/17]   Everyone please continue to lift Brandi Tate in your prayers, she has worsened in the past two days. Let's lift her and the entire family in your prayers.

[07/26/17]   Please remember Brandi they moved to ICU stepdown bottom part of lung collapsed. I Thank God for my church family .And know they are there for you when you need them and for the Love God and put in their hearts.

[06/12/17]   Prayers warriors please remember Rita Fansler dad Odas Qualls in your prayers for he is in the hospital.May God Bless you all.

[05/30/17]   I am asking all prayers warriors to please call out the name Sid Darnell and Wanda Blair in your prayers tonight and to please keep them in your heart and in your prayers for they are in the hospital,Sid Darnell is in ICU.May God Bless You All !!!

[05/23/17]   Please pray for a friend son he is having surgery to have lung removed. His name is Kash Kiser . Pray for family too. Thank you May God BlessYou

[04/16/17]   Due to a death, service have been cancelled tonight April 16, 2017.

[04/11/17]   I have so many on my heart that is sick or in a lot of pain due to shoulder and back trouble or that have had surgery or in the hospital, or got cancer or a illness, God know what there health problem is,so please lift their name up in prayers that God will reach down and touch there body that they may be heal if be his will,for we got a all mighty God that can do all things if be his will, their names are Charles Taylor,Wanda Edwards,Virginia Grizzles,Trish Gibson,Kourtney Dockery,Pasty Dockery,Jordan Glover and Hunter Powers and Willie Neeley,i know that there are more for there is so much sickness going on so if you know someone who is sick or going through something please lift there name up for we do have a all mighty God and he hear our prayers when we pray truly from the heart for all who is sick or going through something and let us remember all that is out here lost in sin that they will be save before it to late and please remember all who has lost a love one this pass week or so.I pray that God will Bless all of these that is on my heart that they shall be heal and that God give them peace,comfort and rest and i pray that God will Bless you all.

[04/11/17]   Alley Valley Baptist Church is having a Sun Rise Service and breakfast afterward and Easter egg hunt and snacks for the kids Sunday it all will be starting at 7 a.m. for Sun Rise Service with breakfast afterward and around 12 for the Easter egg hunt and snacks,so anyone who is planning on bringing something for breakfast you can bring what you want to,like scramble eggs,sausage,bacon,ham,gravy,biscuits what every you want to bring will be find and if you can have it in a crock pot so it will stay warm and anyone that is planning on helping out with the Easter egg hunt you can bring boil eggs if you like or plastic eggs fill with candy or what every you want to put in the plastic eggs for kids and if their any way that you can have them already ready for the egg hunt Sunday we would really appreciate it or if you don't have time to fixes the eggs with candy some from church are getting together Friday evening to fixes the plastic eggs up so who every want to drop off their they can drop them off or who want to help us get the plastic eggs fixes up for Sunday we will really appreciate the help, if you want to help or just bring some and drop off to be fixes we will be at the church around 6 p.m. and we will be having snacks for the kids Sunday along with the Easter egg hunt,so if you want to bring something for them that will be find,like chips,cookies,cakes what every you would like to bring to help out will be deeply appreciated.May God Bless You All !!!

[04/11/17]   There will be a Sun Rise Service Sunday Morning At Alley Valley Baptist Church starting at 7 a.m. then there will be breakfast served afterwards,then we will be having regular church service starting at 10 a.m .We will also be having a Easter egg hunt for the kids after church service around 12 noon.Everyone Welcome.May God Bless You All !!!

[04/07/17]   To all the ladies at Alley Valley Baptist Church,the ones that want to help cook and take food to Wayne sister Rita house Sunday for after the grave side service please contact me at 276-940-1504.We will meet at the residence of Rita Smith around 1:30 or 2 to set the food up for the family for when they get back from the grave side.God Bless !!!




4128 Hill Station Alley Rd
Gate City, VA

Opening Hours

Wednesday 7pm - 8pm
Sunday 6pm - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 12pm
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