Gate City United Methodist Church

Come take a look at Gate City United Methodist Church, learn about Jesus and God's unending and merciful love.

Our Weekly Schedule:
9:45 a.m. Sunday: Worship
10:45 a.m. Sunday: Sunday School
6:00 p.m. Sunday: Youth Fellowship
6:00 p.m. Wednesday: Bible Study

[04/02/18]   Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, April 3, for lunch here at the church. We're having chili beans, cornbread, roll ups, and desserts. We'd love to see you!

[03/23/18]   On March 26-30, our church is hosting the Holy Week Services. Each day the service begins at 12:05 and lunch is served at 12:30 in our Fellowship Hall. It's such a special time of worship. We would love to see you!

[02/05/18]   Join us for a free lunch Tuesday, Feb. 6 from 11:30-1:00 at Gate City United Methodist Church. We’re having 2 kinds of soup, grilled cheese, cornbread and dessert! Hope to see you tomorrow!

[01/17/18]   Due to the cold weather and lingering snow roads, Bible Study and Choir Practice are cancelled for tonight. Stay safe!

[11/07/17]   We have applebutter for sale. $7 per pint. It was made in a copper kettle over an open fire. It's delicious!

[10/26/17]   Christmas Cart applicants will have another opportunity to sign up on Wednesday, November 1, from 10-noon at Gate City United Methodist Church.

Christmas CART of Scott County

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Christmas CART is a project of churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals in Scott County that provides children’s Christmas gifts and a box of household cleaning items to families in need in Scott County.

In late October, Christmas CART volunteers will be taking applications for the Christmas CART program. Applications will be taken at our local United Methodist Churches. Location, dates and times are listed on the back of this letter. Please note dates and times are subject to change. Applications WILL NOT be available at other locations like they have been in the past. To sign up for Christmas CART you must bring the following information with you to one of the locations listed on the back of this letter:

1. Picture ID (for yourself. You must be the parent or have proof you are the legal guardian for the children you list in your household)

2. Proof of current Scott County address, if different from your picture ID address. (electric bill, water bill, phone bill, cable or internet bill)

3. You will need to know clothing sizes (shirts, pants, underwear) for the children in your home ages 14 and younger.

4. We will ask you for an idea of what type of toys your children like.

DO NOT sign up for Christmas CART at more than one location. If you are not the legal guardian, you should NOT list the child on your Christmas CART application. All applications must be approved by Christmas CART staff before being processed. Christmas CART is for low-income individuals and families living in Scott County, VA only. You should only sign up for Christmas CART if you have not registered for Christmas assistance from another agency.

Christmas CART 2017
Sign up

Midway United Methodist Church
Monday, October 16, 2017

Nickelsville United Methodist Church
(Note: Please come to the back of the church)
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Weber City
Holston View United Methodist Church
Tuesday,October 17, 2017

Fort Blackmore United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dungannon United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 18. 2017

Gate City United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Three Bells United Methodist Church
Monday, October 23, 20217

[10/06/17]   Good morning from Gate City United Methodist Church! Our church is hosting a meal for the Football team and the Cheerleaders today around 3:15 to celebrate homecoming and to cheer them on. If you would like, drop by the church and wish them good luck!

[09/18/17]   Gate City United Methodist Church is hiring a part-time housekeeper. You can email your resume to or mail to :
Gate City United Methodist Church
255 Walnut St.
Attn: Staff-Parish Relations Committee
16 hrs/week
$10-12 per /hr.
Clean the interior Church facilities (all cleaning supplies provided) as per
Ensure the appearance of the Church fosters a warm, welcoming experience
Respond to appropriate requests from the Church staff, and expect occasional
modifications to work schedule to accommodate church activities.
Previous cleaning experience is preferred
Represent the professionalism and Mission of the Church in the Community
Service oriented
Good verbal communication skills

Our Youth are sponsoring a meal and movie this Sunday evening beginning at 5:30. The menu is tacos, baked potato and salad bar. You will have a choice of movies: "A Case for Christ" or "The Shack". We always have a good time and really hope we see YOU!

[07/13/17]   Just a Reminder about our special Service of Healing Sunday at 9:45. This is going to be a wonderful time. Also, Pat Loggans and Kristen Whitt Smith are providing music. You will be blessed by this service. Please join us!

[07/11/17]   We are having a special Service of Healing during our regular 9:45 Worship Service this Sunday. We would love to welcome you to our church! We love to see new (and old) faces!

[04/22/17]   We have a great service planned for tomorrow morning at 9:45! The. Youth are leading the service and will be sharing some of their experiences from Resurrection. They also have some beautiful music planned for us. We would love for you to join us!

[04/13/17]   We would love for you to join us this evening at 7:00pm for a Maundy Thursday Service, as we prepare for Jesus' death and resurrection.
Easter Sunday starts off with a Sunrise Service at Holston View Cemetery at 7:00am. Then join us for the Worship Service at 9:45am, followed by Sunday School at 10:45. We have a great service planned. Hope to see you!

[03/27/17]   We are looking forward to Holy Week Services April 10-April 14. Every service will be at First Baptist Church in Gate City at 12:00 with a lunch provided after the service. Hope you'll join us!

[03/15/17]   We hope you're having a blessed Lenten season, and getting ready for Easter. Our church would love to have you join us in worship.

Holy Week services will be held every day at First Baptist Church in Gate City at 12:00 noon starting on April 10 and running through Good Friday, April 14. Each day will have a special speaker and then lunch will be served. It's a special time in the season, and we hope you will plan to attend.

[03/01/17]   The Ash Wednesday service scheduled for tonight at Gate City United Methodist Church has been cancelled due to the weather.

[01/28/17]   The family of Margaret Fugate Brown will receive friends at the church from 11:00 to 1:00 today. The funeral service will immediately follow.

[12/22/16]   Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 5:00pm
Christmas Day 11:00am

Please join us. We would LOVE to have you, and you will be greatly blessed!

[12/13/16]   We would love to have you join us for our Christmas services (and all the other as well):

Cantata on December 18 at 7:00pm

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on December 24 at 5:00pm

Christmas Day Worship at 11:00am

Madison was looking great for Homecoming, and showing lots of spirit!



[09/21/16]   Don Herbert will be singing here Sunday 25th at 5:00pm. Come and enjoy this concert!

[09/13/16]   GCUMC has an opening for a custodian. The job is for 40 hours per week, and offers $10 per hour. You may mail your resume to Gate City United Methodist Church, 255 Walnut St. Gate City, VA 24251, or you mail email it to

[07/28/16]   PRAYER REQUESTS
You can now text or email prayer requests at any time to

[07/14/16]   Administrative Assistant
Gate City United Methodist Church is seeking a part-time Administrative Assistant for approximately 20 hours per week. The successful candidate will possess good telephone and people skills as well as strong skills in Word and Excel. This person must be familiar with utilizing social media for announcements, updating the church website, etc. Please mail or e-mail your resume to:
Gate City United Methodist Church
Attn: SPRC
255 Walnut St.
Gate City VA, 24251

Closing date for acceptance of resumes is July 22, 2016.

[05/29/16]   Discernment in a Broken Body
S U N D A Y , M A Y 2 9 • R E A D L U K E 1 8 : 2 6 - 2 7
The church is not perfect. Sometimes we wish it were.
Sometimes we even think it is. Moments of Christ in
action through the church move us to joyous thanksgiving.
Other moments painfully remind us that the church is made
up of persons like ourselves. We are the body of Christ, the
church. And we carry all of who we are into the church. So it
should not surprise us that the body of Christ is broken and
fractured. The conflicts, halting discipleship, fragile faith,
timid witness, and qualified commitment are a natural outgrowth
of who we are as individual Christians.
While we may look at the church in its various expressions
with joy at times and dismay at others, we must
remember that new life is possible. Transformation can
begin today. Resurrection power is available to us and can
be invested in the church this very moment. With God’s
help we can initiate change this very day!
This is true because our first line of defense against further
brokenness lies within each of us. My efforts to stop the
brokenness and to take the first step to reform and transform
the church must begin with me. My prayer for a holy church
marked by righteousness and love can be answered only as
I yield my life to the way of Jesus Christ and the power of
the Holy Spirit. The transformation begins with me. What a
liberating thought! I am not powerless and without options.
With God’s help I can surrender my life to the transforming,
life-giving power of the Holy Spirit and in that very
moment begin the journey toward the wholeness and faithfulness
I want to see in the church.
O God, I give my brokenness to you; reform and transform
me for your purposes. Amen.
—Rueben P. Job
From A Guide to Spiritual Discernment

[05/28/16]   Pray without Ceasing
S A T U R D A Y , M A Y 2 8 • R E A D 1 T H E S S A L O N I A N S 5 : 1 2 - 2 8
Pray without ceasing. It’s a tall order. But we at The
Upper Room place Paul’s admonition at the head of all
we do. Considering ourselves as hosts of the place where
the world meets to pray, we facilitate a global wave of
prayer that travels the world each day just as surely as the
sun. And now that the sixty days of prayer for The United
Methodist Church and its 2016 General Conference draws
to a close, it is my great privilege to invite you to continue
praying with Christians around the world as we all go on
toward perfection.
What does it mean to pray without ceasing? The particular
forms will look different for each of us since each
person bears the divine imprint in a unique way. But the
intent behind our prayers makes us one. We pray in order to
yoke our hearts and minds together, striving to see through
the temporal to the everlasting. We pray to join ourselves in
the divine trend toward righteousness, justice, and peace.
We pray to participate in the intimate relationship of the
Trinity, to love more fully as God loves.
At The Upper Room we believe that prayer infuses the
rhythms of each day. We strive not to remove ourselves
from the world in order to pray but to weave our prayers
into the fabric of our fleeting lives. We stand at the intersection
of being and doing, bidding inner lives outward and
outer lives inward. As you return to your homes around the
world, we invite you to join us each day where the world
meets to pray. Tell us the tales of those who labor among
you. Breathe peace in your community where chaos swirls.
Help the weak. Pray with us and know that the world is
praying with you.
Gracious God, we join our voices in ceaseless praise and
prayer. Amen.
—Shawn Bakker

[05/27/16]   Choosing Life with God
F R I D A Y , M A Y 2 7 • R E A D M A R K 9 : 3 3 - 3 7
We know Mark as the freight train evangelist. Just reading
his first chapter without pause can leave us nearly
breathless. By the time we get to this point in the Gospel, not
only have many actions been recorded but the word immediately
has been peppered throughout. This is no sit-down story. Jesus
is on the move—healing, teaching, exorcising demons, feeding
the hungry, and on and on.
Then something happens to bring it all to a halt. Is it a runin
with Pharisees? A scrape with the Sanhedrin? Is it fatigue or
weariness or disillusionment? It is none of these things. In the
middle of chapter 9, the center of the Gospel, everything comes
to a halt because Jesus perceives that his disciples are talking
about their own greatness. Jesus sits down—one of the few
times in the entire Gospel—and teaches his disciples.
It is very important to notice that the one thing that slows
down the pace of this Gospel is the evidence of selfish ambition
on the part of Jesus’ disciples. Who is the greatest? Who is the
best? Who is on top? Who is more special? When Jesus sensed
that this was the subject of their conversation, he sat down.
Think for a moment about what makes you “sit down.”
What leads you to set aside whatever you are doing and look
the other person in the eye? For Jesus, it may have been his
concern that the very heart of his teaching and witness might
be misunderstood, overlooked, or forgotten.
Jesus sat down, called the Twelve, and said to them, “Whoever
wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all.” This
is important; this is critical. In a nutshell, this is discipleship.
O God, grant me ears to hear this word of Jesus. Beginning
now and throughout this day, give me courage to live it!
—Paul L. Escamilla

[05/26/16]   The Loving Shepherd
T H U R S D A Y , M A Y 2 6 • R E A D M A T T H E W 1 8 : 1 0 - 1 4
We Christians have a penchant for making the simplicity
of our faith downright complex. We desire to
have spelled out in detail what we are to do, when, toward
whom, how often, and when we can stop. For Jesus, rules
simply illustrate how to live a faith not governed by rules.
My favorite story concerns a tiny gray lamb. The other
sheep ostracize her for being different and, in feeling
unwanted, she comes to believe that she is not worthy of
being wanted. If she is dumb and unlovable, then it hardly
matters what she does. Whether thoughtful or mischievous,
she will never belong. This heaviness descends over her
until there comes a day when she doesn’t care anymore—so
she wanders off. The farther away she drifts, the more certain
she is that if the other sheep do notice, it will be with
a snicker of “good riddance.” Night comes, and the darkness
is darker than she recalls it ever being before. She hears
strange noises. She is cold, hungry, and frightened.
But sometime during that shivering night, the lamb
dares to believe that she hears within the harsh wind a hint
of a familiar voice, even the sound of her name. It is the
shepherd who has left the ninety-nine because of her.
The frightened lost lamb fears she is within seconds of a
sound thrashing or worse. But there are neither angry words
nor a blow from the shepherd’s staff. Instead, he lifts her
gently, wraps her in his own cloak, and after a long embrace
puts her securely on his shoulders, saying, “I’ve missed
you!” The shepherd himself understands what it means to
be scorned and abused. And so home they go, enjoying the
love and warmth of each other.
Shepherd of all, hold me in your warm and loving embrace
until my fears subside. Amen.
—W. Paul Jones
From Becoming Who God Wants You to Be

[05/25/16]   Please join us for any of our services!!
Our Weekly Schedule:
9:45 a.m. Sunday: Worship
10:45 a.m. Sunday: Sunday School
6:00 p.m. Sunday: Youth Fellowship
6:00 p.m. Wednesday: Bible Study

[05/25/16]   A Prayer of Intercession
W E D N E S D A Y , M A Y 2 5 • R E A D I S A I A H 5 5 : 1 - 9
O loving Christ who waits for us all
to move forward,
to change inward,
to love outward.
Wait now with me as I long and learn to become
more like you.
Guide me to wait with the lost,
to stand with the weak,
to have a heart for the brokenhearted.
• for all who await news from runaways
• for expectant parents
• for wisdom
• for gentleness toward yourself and others this day
—Pamela C. Hawkins
From The Awkward Season

[05/24/16]   Release and Resolve
T U E S D A Y , M A Y 2 4 • R E A D M A T T H E W 1 8 : 2 1 - 2 2
In my ministry as a pastoral psychologist, I have had the
privilege to be invited into churches to help them heal a
long-standing conflict. Underlying most of these is the fact
that people are holding on to old hurts and dissensions, feeling
afraid to express their true emotions to the one who hurt
them. Instead, they voice their concerns through the gossip
grapevine and develop unrest at a covert level throughout
the church. Only when a safe place is made for all to tell of
their wounds and to start letting go of the bitterness due to
the lack of forgiveness can energy flow again toward healing
and wholeness.
Peter asks Jesus how many times he has to forgive someone
who harms him. He figures that his answer of seven is
very generous and goes above and beyond the usual expectation.
Jesus surprises him by saying in effect, “No way,
seven is not enough! You have got to forgive continuously.”
Jesus also commands them to love one another.
If we truly love one another and ourselves, we will let
go of any desire to hold a grudge or bitterness. We will seek
to resolve conflicts directly with the one who hurt us rather
than taking revenge or destroying someone’s reputation.
In our time together at General Conference, conflicts
surely have arisen. Where are you holding on to some hurt
or dissension? Where do you need to resolve an issue with
a brother or sister? Where, as the church, do we need to heal
divisions so that we can truly be the body of Christ, united?
Gracious Healer, help us to forgive as we have been forgiven.
Teach us to see one another through eyes of love,
and grant us the courage to resolve conflicts and let go of
bitterness. Amen.
—Denise McGuiness

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255 Walnut St
Gate City, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 14:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 14:00
Wednesday 18:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 14:00
Thursday 10:00 - 14:00
Friday 10:00 - 14:00
Sunday 09:45 - 11:45
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