Antioch Baptist Church - Gaston, South Carolina

Antioch Baptist Church, Gaston, SC. Established 1858. New Church Building, 1956. Homecoming: 3rd Sunday in October. Rev. Calvin Snelgrove, Pastor.

Rev. Calvin Snelgrove, Pastor. CONTACT: 803-754-2824 home cell phones: 803-318-3148 cell phones 803-348-2824 PLEASE feel free to contact Pastor Snelgrove or Mrs. Luci if you have prayer requests or any needs. If you'd like to submit photos to upload, please send them to [email protected].


[07/29/19]   Hello church friends & family! I am incredibly proud to announce that all of our youth have completed their 2019 Summer Testimony Experience. In honor of their achievements we will be taking them, as a group, to Carowinds! They will be wearing GFSS (God Family School Success) shirts customized to reflect our church youth group & their achievement. The design isn't quite complete yet, and unveiling will be a surprise for the children. As a church family we are asking for your help & support to fund this trip! The youth will be having a fundraiser to raise monies for the tickets, custom shirts and transportation. I'm conducting a poll to see what fundraiser you'd most be interested in supporting. The children and I appreciate you all very much for the opportunity to share their testimonies and for your continued efforts in supporting the ABC Youth!

What a mighty God we serve!

THE CALLED TOUR - Avalon with Reagan Strange | Lancaster, SC

They're back! Avalon is coming to Lancaster! Don't miss The Called Tour w/ special guest Reagan Strange! Use pre-sale code "called" at THE CALLED TOUR featuring Avalon with special guest Reagan Strange

Big Daddy Weave

Lauren Daigle, Valdosta, GA, Wild Adventures Theme Park, June 29;
Big Daddy Weave, Sumter, SC, July 13, ;
Lauren Daigle - September 21, Franklin, TN, The Park at Harlinsdale Farm;
National Quartet Convention - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee,
LeConte Center, September 22-28, Info: 800.846.8499,
Danny Gokey - October 13, Lexington, SC, Lexington Baptist Church;

October 18, MercyMe Imagine Nation TourMore Info
Fri • Oct 18 • 7:30 PMColonial Life Arena, Columbia, SC

October 21-23, 2019, Celebrators Conference – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, LeConte Center, Info: 800.374.1550,, with Dr. David Jeremiah and Charles Billingsley.

October 24 - Aiken, SC, Tenth Avenue North,

November 1 - Sidewalk Prophets at The Harvest- These Simple Truths Tour - Lexington, SC,

The Gaither Vocal Band is coming to Aiken on November 7

December 15, 2019, Lynda Randle, Graniteville, SC, Christian Heritage Church.

Please let me know if you hear of any concert anywhere in the southeast, or otherwise (somewhere you're REALLY interested in.)

VBS 630-830

Incredible performance this morning by the choir!! What a blessing!

Hallelujah Christ Arose!

Antioch Baptist had its first Good Friday service. It was a great service and we could feel the spirit of the Lords blessings!

[04/17/19]   Good Friday Service at 630pm at Antioch Baptist April 19

[04/17/19]   Come celebrate the Glorious resurrection of our Saviour at an Easter Sunrise Service at 7 a.m. breakfast to follow immediately afterward and a musical cantata at 9:30 we look forward to seeing each of you doing this most wonderful time of a Christians life. HALLEUJAH PRAISE HIS WONDERFUL NAME!!

[04/17/19]   Luke 24:2-3. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.

All are welcome! There will be multiple hunts for age groups. Bring your basket and comfy shoes! The WMU ladies will serve finger foods.


[03/07/19]   We ask for prayer for the family of Sam Lucas.
Sam went to meet his Lord and Saviour last night march 6 , 2019 around 6 p.m. we will keep you updated on the the funeral events as soon possible . Please pray for JuanitaAND HER SONS AND FAMILY. Mr. Sam has been bedridden 11 years so it's going to be very difficult transition for

Update on funeral. Sunday at 2pm visitation and funeral at 3pm caughman harmon off 302 hwy

Hey friends and church family as most of you know my church youth is a huge part of my life and our youth program means a lot to me. A friend of mine has put together a fundraiser to help get our youth funds built up. Each tote will be $40 which includes tax and shipping, $14 per tote will go directly to our youth group! These totes are amazing and I have several myself that I have used for so many different things. If you are interested in purchasing a bag and supporting our Youth group please comment below and Tori will be in touch or you can pm Tori Sightler directly and she will help you! Thank you for your support!
-Ms Laura

A little Monday morning perspective. Thank you Precious Lord for sending us Jesus and for loving us no matter how far we fall.

Joy for You Every Day

What if you really could follow the money?? What if someone had determined a way to make money from a terminated baby?? Has someone figured out a way to make money from abortions?? Think of how the medical community keeps an organ donor ‘viable’ until the organs can be harvested?? What if associations that plan parenthood were more in the business for the money and not the goodwill of the mother??

If a baby is 'terminated' before birth, then these new laws (ny) on late term abortion, and/or termination during the birth process, prevent the person who terminates the baby from being accused of a crime on a baby (semantics).
This allows the 'medical waste' (the baby) to be sold piecemeal (arms, legs, organs) for the medical value of the body parts and the stem cell value (umbilical cord, placenta, etc.).

And then again, what if those that advertise that they are in the plan of parenthood, were more interested in population control, similar to what China mandated years ago?? Something to think about??

Hosea 4:6 says,(KJV): My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.


The Way Of The Warrior (Live) by Graham Cooke

Are you a Warrior? Give this a listen...

This is an excerpt from the teaching series The Way Of The Warrior (Live Version) by Graham Cooke. This series (available on CD and MP3 at www.BrilliantBookH...

[01/28/19]   Gotta share with everyone! God is moving! He is working and He is faithful! Two of my students were baptized this morning and two gave their testimonies in front of the whole congregation! Four of my kiddos making life changing moves today!! Alexis and Michael I am overjoyed to share this journey with you both!! I am so incredibly humbled and proud!! Testimonies were given by two of my most shy children..Gabby & Kansas...this is HUGE. They were so moved by Marcell Lowman and his testimony on Wednesday night that they felt completely lead. Not sure if yall have met these kids...proding does not work on them..they were LEAD to share!!! After such an awesome morning service, my two shy girls volunteered to sing tonight at PM service! Gabby and Kansas! I am so proud of yall!! Not only did they sing, they sang beautifully!! They're enjoying Lauren Daigle-You Say and Avril Lavigne-Head Above that's what we sang...neither are easy songs! I cannot begin to tell you the changes that God has brought to my life and to witness these children grow and bloom with true JOY in their hearts is more than I can factor into words! Thank you Lord for such sweet blessings!! My heart is so full where it used to be so broken! You can't stop the blessings God has for you!! They are so much bigger than the pitiful plans we make for ourselves! Please keep our kids in know when you start walking in faith how the devil loves to stir! Pray protection and strength for them as they navigate their Faith.

Chins up, Hearts open!
Ms. Laura

Most of ya'll know that the Sunday School & Teen Bible Study kiddos have been working on their personal testimonies...For each child that completes their testimony (draft, verbalize, relate with Bible verse, and share) I am partnering with a schoolmate of mine, Marcell Lowman at GFSS, to reward that child with their very own personalized GFSS Hoodie. I am incredibly excited about this! GFSS stands for: God Family School Success! Super special thanks to Marcell for coming up with this camo & rose gold edition just for me to help encourage the kids! Love it!! God has truly blessed the SHS Class of 97. Nothing better than seeing your classmates excel and be successful! The children will be able to pick their own shirt and design colors. Please join me in encouraging our ABC Youth! ❤-Ms. Laura

Antioch Baptist Church contributes to a church in Togo, South Africa. These are some photos of the congregation as they receive French translated Holy Bibles. They are a wonderful group of people and we feel so blessed to have this opportunity to witness in Togo. If you have any questions please let me know. Love, Pastor Calvin

Our church met their Lottie Moon goal ! This is 2nd year in a row!
Each light represents 20.00. So we met and went over our 1000.00 goals
I personally thank each of you who made THIS possible Pastor Calvin

David Wheeler (3/27) - Liberty University Campus Church

Dr. David Wheeler, a Professor of Evangelism for both Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Liberty University, spoke on March 27, 2013 at Campus Church o...

Wishing you a blessed and bountiful New Year.

Jesus is The Reason.

This is an excellent tradition to begin with your children, grandchildren etc! Let's remember the reason for this blessed season!

The Story | Watch the Film We all long for a better story... This story changes everything!

[10/18/18]   Update on Jacob Jackson:

Y’all!!!! The respiratory therapist was passing by to check on Jacob and she saw him move his arm so she came out and got us...after we were back a few minutes he moved around a bit and acted like he wanted to cry when we explained to him where he was, Kelsea Williams came in and was talking to him and loving on him, she reached down and kissed him and he puckered his lips to try and kiss her back!!!!! ❤️ Needless to say, we were all crying happy tears including his respiratory therapist as she saw him do it too.

This is from Erin Jackson Tackett's page.

[10/16/18]   Update of Jacob Jackson:

Update: A “friendly” pneumonia was detected but these great doctors had him on antibiotics for it before it even grew out so very thankful for that!
They are going to focus more on his mental status this week now that we are almost finished putting him back together, hopefully only one more surgery for his abdomen.
Continue to pray for his brain to wake on up and pray against any kind of infection that would try to come against his body!
Love you all and thank you all so much for everything! ❤️ #jacobstrong
On a side note...if you are sick or have been sick please please refrain from visiting until you are well. We are doing everything possible to keep him from being exposed to illness

[10/16/18]   Day 1 of working in Tallahassee is in the books. We accomplished a lot! It is very intense here and very hot. At 630pm it was still 92 degrees. So many people are still without power...going on 6 days without it. They are very appreciative of our help. 4gLTE service is very very spotty so I'm delayed getting texts and fb messages. The local Walmart was completely out of some meats, fresh veggies and almost all fruit this evening. Restaurants, the ones that are open, are all packed because most folks still don't have power. Heading to bed because we are starting our work day at 545am tomorrow. Thank you Lord for blessing us with a very productive, positive work day. We pray that tomorrow will echo today and that our positivity and energy will swell with each passing day. Thank you for your mercy your grace and all your blessings (especially some awesome new work friends!!). Amen. Good night everyone, thank you for your prayers and happy thoughts, we definitely need them! Xoxo Laura

[10/15/18]   Yall, please be in prayer for the many communities hit by Michael. There are literal tent villages in downtown Tallahassee.

[10/13/18]   Please pray for my dear friends Darren and Dawn Ford & their boys. Darren was severly injured on Thursday.

Posted by Dawn:
Just wanted to let everyone know Darren had a bad accident Thursday. He was loading a scissor lift, it flipped on its side and it slung him about 10 feet, he hit the concrete. Darren broke his femur bone going into the hip right at the ball. They did surgery Friday morning and put 5 screws to hold the bone back in place. He fractured his pelvis in 5 places, 7 staples in his head, has a small puncture in his lung. His lung has dropped down some so they put a tube in his lung. He is at Richland on the trauma floor. Today he is in alot of pain and asked for no more visitors for the day.
If everyone could please say a pray for my sweet Darren. I would really appreciate it. ❤🙏

[10/12/18]   #prayforjacob

Update on Jacob Jackson

Update: surgery went well this morning to close his abdomen they almost got it closed but probably will be able to next time. Talking about putting a trach in since hasn’t become alert enough to take him completely off the vent. Kidneys are still having a hard time so he will continue to get dialysis. MRI did confirm a little damage to his brain but we are still trusting God to take care of all that.

Continue to pray for his healing and for the nurses and doctors for guidance, they have been so wonderful for him.

Tonight at 6:30! Join us!!

[10/09/18]   Update on Jacob Jackson:

Today is day number 8 after this horrific nightmare! Today we need prayer for the surgery on Jacobs elbow to go well, Jacob to become more alert, dialysis to go well again and all of his vitals to remain stable. All of his bodily functions are settling down and functioning but just having to readjust after all of his trauma! Today is going to be a great day for Jacob! Agree with me in prayer for all these things to come forth in the greatest name known to mankind Jesus Christ of Nazareth! #jakestrong #prayforJacob

Update from Cindi Jackson...

[10/02/18]   *UPDATE IS IN COMMENTS*
Please keep Jacob Jackson in your prayers. He was seriously injured in a head on collision.

Historic pictures of Antioch with some historical documents.

Historic pictures of Antioch with some historical documents.

All Sunday Services (am & pm) have been cancelled. Please be safe and pray for all those impacted by this storm.

Every Wednesday night at 630pm! Youth Bible Study! Come join us!! This lesson is our midweek pick-me-up! It bridges our Sunday School lesson from the prior week and sets the tone for the upcoming weeks lesson!

The Youth are collecting school supplies year round for our adopted teacher Mrs. Nicole Ellisor. There is a silver tub in our classroom if you'd like to contribute! Pencils, glue, markers, scissors and paper are great suggestions, especially now that they are marking them down to clearance prices in stores! Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and go far to assist kids that are less fortunate. This is an amazing opportunity to share blessings with kids who need to experience Gods love!

Special thanks to the ladies who contributed to the backpack program! We packed up 10 packs for kids in need right here in our area. They will be given out by the teachers and the guidance dept at SES. Nicole was kind enough to deliver them for us. Each pack had loose leaf paper, note books, a ruler, crayons, colored pencils and a pencil box. Let's be sure to remember these children in our community. So many are, at or below, the poverty level. Many attended the 1st day of school in handmedowns. Some of these kids lack basic hygiene supplies. I am proposing that our next drive be to make up hygiene kits for boys/girls. When teachers recognize a child in need they can discreetly give a kit to them. We definitely need to be praying for and supporting our teachers and educators. I am in awe of their grace and dedication. Thank you again for contributing! You may have provided a backpack for the next great inventor, doctor or pastor! Jesus loves the little children, and so should we. 💜

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1477 W E Jeffcoat Rd
Gaston, SC

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 18:30 - 20:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday 10:00 - 13:00
Other Religious Organizations in Gaston (show all)
Providence Baptist Church - Gaston Providence Baptist Church - Gaston
977 Meadowfield Rd
Gaston, 29053

Providence Baptist Church is an ABA mission located in Gaston, SC with a heart for reaching Gaston and the surrounding area with God's plan of salvation.

Fish Hatchery Road Church of God Fish Hatchery Road Church of God
3249 Fish Hatchery Rd
Gaston, 29053

Service Times: Sunday 10:00 am Sunday School 10:45 am Morning Worship 6:00 pm Evening Worship Prayer Monday 6-7 PM Wednesday 7:00 pm Worship Service

Gaston Evangelical Church Gaston Evangelical Church
1340 Mack St
Gaston, 29053

A congregation of imperfect people who are constantly learning from Jesus the unforced rhythms of His grace. The whole Gospel for the whole person.

Christian Fellowship Baptist Church of Gaston, SC Christian Fellowship Baptist Church of Gaston, SC
4625 Highway 321
Gaston, 29053

"Where everyone is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord" Pastor Jim Crowell

Trinity Baptist Tabernacle Trinity Baptist Tabernacle
1101 Old Sandy Run Rd
Gaston, 29053

Sunday School 10:00 am Sunday Worship 11:00 am Sunday Evening 7:00 pm Wednesday night dinner 6:15 pm Wednesday prayer meeting 7:00 pm

Heyward AME Church YPD Heyward AME Church YPD
983 Old State Rd
Gaston, 29053

The Awakening Ministries The Awakening Ministries
1063 Meadowfield Rd
Gaston, 29053


First Baptist Church of Gaston First Baptist Church of Gaston
121 Oakey Springs Dr
Gaston, 29053

First Baptist Church of Gaston the caring place!

Carlos Ortiz Carlos Ortiz
2700 Feather Run Trail
Gaston, 29169

Carlos Ortiz fundador del Ministerio Profetico Caminando Con Dios. Ministro de Sana Doctrina desde los 13 años Dios lo llamo a Predicar Su Palabra

Kolaiah Ministries Kolaiah Ministries
220 S Main St, PO Box 807
Gaston, 29053

Kolaiah Ministries is dedicated to opening the eyes of all those that have it in their Spirit to hear the truth about how they worship.

Amazing Love Outreach Church Amazing Love Outreach Church
1621 Highway 6
Gaston, 29053

"God's Amazing Love Touching Lives" Visit our website at

Hidden Valley Golf Club Hidden Valley Golf Club
147 Excaliber Ct
Gaston, 29053